Principal Kattia Cuba

Kattia Cuba, Principal

Lucero Elementary

1425 Walton Avenue, Bronx, NY 10452


In addition to being a bully who does not adhere to Special Education law, Ms. Cuba apparently is a Pinterest fan!

District Family Advocate Phone:


Cluster Name:

Cluster 01

Network Leader:

Quail, Maria



Community School District:


Community School District Office Phone:


Community School District Office Hours:


Community District Superintendent:


Education Council President:

Marilyn Espada

Police Precinct:



  1. District 9 Teacher

    Cuba had no administrative experience before becoming the leader of this brand new school. She is an incredibly ineffective leader who takes out her own feelings of inadequacy on her teachers. She tries to silence teachers in her school through use of fear tactics. She bullies teachers involved with the union. She dishes out ineffective ratings to teachers who ask for more support with their students. There was a high teacher turnover rate after the school’s first year of existence, and this year a very well regarded parent coordinator in the district quit without even giving two weeks’ notice, because the high level of stress at this school was affecting his health.

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