Principal Jose Vinales of the Academy for Language and Technology

Principal Vinales

Principal Vinales


Jose Vinales, Principal

Academy for Language and Technology

1700 Macombs Road

Bronx, NY 10453


Jose Vinales, a former AP in excess with no teaching experience, became head of ALT in November 2013. He was cited by former staffers as being a bully and an ineffective manager.













  1. We use to call him the Dough-Boy of Columbus.

  2. This guy is known to let crooked stuff happen under his watch. Kids don’t get proper SETTS services and he bullies SpEd teachers to signing off illegally on IEPs. The school has been investigated for financial misconduct constantly and the former principal was alledgedly removed bc of this. V is currently being looked over for Regents scrubbing: giving our ELL students unlimited time to complete their exams.

    Turnover hit 50% this past summer (it used to be 65% so I guess it’s a slight improvement) but teachers are bullied and there have been complaints that V favors white teachers.

  3. Man ooohh man I love Jose. He used to beat the crap out of the little minority kids back at Columbus H.S. Never taught a day in his life (literally). He was a Good Shepards Counselor at the YABC program and then he was paying people to do his online classes. Now he’s a principal and his x-wife is still at the Columbus Campus. Sad that Jose got so fat. What a disgusting, fat bastard. Another typical ghetto fabulous rice n bean eating stinky bum. Perfect for the DOE.

  4. Concerned Educator

    Viñales beat up a kid at ALT like 4 years ago. OSI was called in too. Funny that because Jose was the hatchet man for Arisleyda Ureña when she was told to investigate the charges, she brought in a few gutless cronies to testify that Viñales never laid a paw on the kid. The charges were unsubstantiated. corruption funny?

  5. Oh man!!!! Honestly I cannot believe how this guy became the principal. I worked there when he first started working there, and we all knew what he came there for. He went as AP but he knew he was not gonna be an AP for long. Knowing that Ms Urena was not very familiar with many things she was not allow to do, he let her and at times advised her to do certain things he knew it was illegal, but at the end of the day it was her ass on the line not his because he was a simple AP. I feel sorry for Ms urena because she is a great leader just didn’t have much experience on how to lead an entire school and of course this guy put many things on her head on “how to make the school better” knowing that she will get in trouble and then be the principal.
    He is gonna pay for it one day!!!!!! Just feel sorry for those kids who have no clue how the system works because most of them are fresh out the boat and don’t speak a word of English. Can you believe he sent kids back home because they didn’t have the school survey???? Parents thinking that their kids were in school safe, and those poor kids walking around the streets and scare to go home because they were in “trouble” at school

    • He’s a nasty piece of work. It’s run like a military school which in and of itself isn’t bad but the underhanded things going on! As an ATR I had a rough time there. He and Ms. Orbin are disgusting! Feel so sorry for the children most were nice.

    • You dont even know whst u saying

  6. He is a nasty piece of crab that only knows how to give detention and to treat the students bad and he also wants to control everyone’s life and with his AP who is another piece of crab and rude woman.

  7. Do not work for this school. You will regret it. Your teaching career will be over. Everything people has said here is true and there are even worse things to be said.

  8. Ask students what they think. Mr. Viñales is a great principal. I graduated from Alt.

  9. He is an asswhole I regret going to that school I wish I could go back in time and be able to choose another school. He once offended my mother by saying that she had not given me good manners at home. Hate him hope he pays for everything he has done. Douchebaggg

  10. Lisa Fuentes who was no peach of a principal herself put him in that spot. What comes around goes around! That’s exactly why the system is tainted, filled with inept Latinos who aren’t familiar with protocol!

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