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Former Staff member
“At the end of April, after only being observed twice during the entire school year, I was told by the assistant principal that the school was going to file for my discontinuance and that they were already looking for the teacher that was going to replace me the next school year. Immediately after these threatening statements, I was repeatedly harassed by the AP in the form of disciplinary action meetings related to incidents between students that occurred either during recess or after dismissal, which are times when students are not under my supervision. Another one of these meetings was about an accusation that stated that I didn’t follow through with coaches’ directions presenting evidence of my work with the coaches, who did not cooperate with me to refute the charges against me. There was another meeting scheduled to accuse me of not reading an email that was sent to me at 6:00 pm regarding last minute changes that were supposed to happen earlier the next morning. These acts of harassment encouraged me to decide to resign from my position from PS 369 at the beginning of May, fearing that no matter what I did, they were determined to give me… Read more »

“I retired a year ago, before I intended, as our new principal (named above) was rude, disrespectful, and unprofessional toward me (and many others).Although I am an early childhood educator, I was placed in fifth grade, a clear indicator of what was in store for me. Thus, I left.
As an adjunct professor at Lehman College and a facilitator for the Bank Street and DOE pre-k collaboration I care intensely about the students and colleagues that I left behind and have become aware of many incidents in which my former colleagues have been bullied and forced to leave. (I sent you a letter I wrote to Michael Mulgrew with details). I will simply say here that last year SEVENTEEN educators left the school and this year at least six and probably more have moved on.”

Current Teacher
At the end of her first year as principal of 369x, 17 educators fled, seeking new assignments. At the end of this year I have heard that already 10 teachers are leaving, and possibly more before school begins. Why? In my and many others’ opinion, she abused her power. An example: In the first month of her working at our school I requested a meeting with her to ask for assistance in two areas: as a kindergarten teacher I was required to administer approximately 70 one on one assessments for twenty five students and asked for some assistance. Her reply: “You mean you are NOT CAPABLE?” and had the ap write that down. I then asked for help in getting students with IEPs their appropriate services. Once again she scolded me, telling me that, if a school didn’t have the proper services they had to be creative. Rather than respond verbally I wrote a letter to the union describing the nasty way I was addressed when I asked two very reasonable and professional questions. Ten months later when she placed me, a veteran early childhood educator in the fifth grade!!, she told me it was because I had trouble with… Read more »


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