Principal Iris Blige Fordham Arts High School

Principal Iris Blige Fordham Arts HS


Iris Blige

Fordham Arts High School (Roosevelt Campus)

BRONX NY 10458

District 10


Iris Blige became the principal of Fordham Arts High School in 2004.

By 2009 there was a very large rally held by the community to have her removed.





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  1. Iris Blige, Fordham Arts. Most hostile environment I’ve ever worked in. Has several teachers spying on the staff.
    Put the Chapter leader in a closet (seriously).

    • I was assigned to this school for 8 weeks recently and I must confirm that Iris Bligh is the devil and her AP Michael Johnson is her demon hell dog. They are the tag team of evil. The staff actually makes the sign of the cross when saying her name. No joke. This woman will stare at you and not respond when you say good morning. They are extremely anti teacher. There is currently no dean or chapter leader at this school. All the teachers on staff are TFA and terrified of them both. They blame the teachers for student discipline issues and say nothing to students who hit teachers, curse teachers out, etc. Do not let her trick you into signing an agreement to teach provisionally. She makes teachers sign everything. Don’t sign anything. Best advice if you are unfortunate enough to be assigned to this school is to do coverage work only and avoid them at all costs. Working here in any capacity is the fast track for losing your job. The environment is hostile and everything bad said about this principal is true. Even the students hate them both and will quickly say so. Working at this school is suicide. Why is she still principal? She is a travesty!

      • This was my experience in Boston. The bully socio-path principal had the VP at her side as the false witness. She had “lieutenents” -corrupted fearful teachers turning on colleagues. Evil was also the only adjective used to describe her and her tactics. This is bullying and report it to the NY Healthy Workplace organization. Teachers are by and large the largest community of bullied employees. I told my colleagues that were bullied out to not step foot in another school because a false evaluation leading to firing would await you- based on what I witnessed at my school. Use your technology, make videos, take photos, open your laptop and make I-movies.

      • what is wrong with you , its not their fault you dont do your job . I am a student a FHSA and Ms.Bilge is very nice and so is Mr.Johnson . I think that your opinion on them is un nessesary and you shouldn’t go through lifee with that disgusting view of other people . Oh , and while your hating on Ms.Blige , they pay her a load of money and Mr.Johnson also .

      • What a shame the doe keeps this woman is place. The entire building at roosevelt, not just the school itself hates this woman. If you go to the library and speak with people in the library you will find out that the ENTIRE building cannot stand this woman and they all stay far away of this devil creepy piece of garbage….Why does the DOE have principals in place that act like they are the devil in disguise……The woman has the guidance counselor in the main office with the office workers doing counseling….her AP MR. Johnson is challenged if you know what I mean….

        • That guy McCray seemed to me that stands in the hallway by her office is her bodyguard. I think she doesn’t trust him though either. When I was in that campus and school. He ran a tight ship in those hallways being her watch dog. Then finding out from the Libarian and they Counselor. She hate him also and he’s just a Dc37 worker school aide. He will always talk about social equality, white privileged or African American studies or his college. Pretty much he’s going to be a professor definitely maybe a teacher. He never had anything bad to say about bad about her. What he did say he respects her like a mother. What a fool!

  2. Iris Blige is a criminal; Google her name, Virginia Barden, Raqnel James, and keep in mind that the press never even got the full stories and the true extent of her crimes. Do not EVER agree to a position at Fordham High School for the Arts in the Roosevelt Campus, your career will be destroyed within a couple of years; and don’t EVER enter her office without a witness, not even to say good morning. Ms Blige is very treacherous and liable to make her AP of the moment write up a fictitious report about you. Then police will come and remove you in handcuffs.

  3. staff is completely afraid of the woman who scorns at staff and kids,,,not a sole in the building likes her….evil woman who has been known to practice witch craft and using her spells in the school!! Get her out…

  4. It is very distrubing to learn about the misfortune all our teachers must face. I thank all educators who are in the classroom and deal with all this stupidity. I guess no one really understands how this all disrupts our childrens education. I hope the very best for all you educators. May our mayor come to light and stop all this nonsense. God bless you all.

  5. staff is completely afraid of the woman who scorns at staff and kids,,,not a sole in the building likes her….evil woman who has been known to practice witch craft and using her spells in the school!! Get her out…

  6. Staff. Do what they did with Lyons at Mavad. Take a vote of no confidence. Have her removed from the doe. Rise up! Rise up! Rise up!

  7. Revenge of the teachers

    This piece of work is infamous in my Roosevelt campus “school” too. Her and that pretentious Afro hair fruit with the purple bow tie. That’s right, you know who I’m talking about!

  8. I found out that when the protest was planned in 2009, Blige called an assembly and threatened to cancel the prom and the senior trip. She also said that any senior who participated in the protest would forfeit their senior dues. I informed an attorney friend, who contacted Blige and told her that if she even attempted to implement any of the threatened sanctions, he would represent the students pro bono against her. Students participated, no sanctions were imposed.

  9. Hate her so much. She never tries to have a connection with students and treats everyone, student and staff….LIKE TRASH!!!!! F I R E H E R!

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