Principal Beth Lubeck-Ceffalia, The Conselyea School

Principal Beth Lubeck-Ceffalia
P.S. 132, The Conselyea School
320 Manhattan Ave.
Brooklyn, N.Y.11211


She has a lawsuit up against her for forcing children to have PE classes in a non-DOE building full of mold and asbestos! See here and here.

This principal banned the song “God Bless America.” Isn’t that insane? If you disagree, sign the petition!

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  1. After teaching PE for 5 years with an impeccable record I was retaliated against by my principal and set up for termination (in rubber room 19 months now with 3020a charges) when I brought to her attention that she was sending me and my students to teach physical education in a non-doe building up the street covered in us Asbestos, mold, rats, peeling lead paint no school security etc. and since she told me to keep my mouth shut I complained to OSHA to protect my students who ultimately shut the facility down until corrections were made.
    I endured 3.5 years of daily retaliation and harassment, reams of falsified disciplinary letters and falsified U observations as well as U end of year ratings which resulted in a pay freeze since 2010

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