Pierre Orbe

Pierre Orbe, Principal

Pierre Orbe

DeWitt Clinton High School, District #10 (Bronx)


  1. http://nypost.com/2017/04/23/principal-repeats-grade-fix-trick-that-got-last-one-ousted-staff/

    Grade changing. Intimidating staff. Sending emails that threaten consequences to staff. Eroding grade integrity. Stripping kids of real learning by pushing grade recovery instead of attendance of classes.

  2. This principal is very unorganized, unprofessional, and doesn’t know how to run a school. He tries to put in policies and regulation such as “hallway sweeps” which means if you are running late to class after the bell rings all teachers must close their door and students in the hallway are taken to the deans office for a 2-day suspension. Just for being late to a class you get suspended! He I afraid of the children in the school , doesn’t interact with them, he just walks pass without saying a single word. He tries to make students lives a living hell. He needs to be fired from being principal or the DOE needs to inspect the school and finally shut it down. He leaves the teachers to do everything for themselves doesn’t help them at all. He threatens them. What kind of principal is this that you want to run a high school? Student run wild and are out of control and fight frequently! But they don’t get suspended. You can get a 5-day suspension for bringing a phone into the school ! The DOE needs to fix this school immeadiately or shut it down!!

  3. Same cart, new driver, same results. Was VERY unimpressed in my one meeting with Mr. Orbe.

    Unfortunately, instead of accepting that the problems at Clinton may actually have to do with the quality of the students and lack of support from the administration, the DOE is implementing its usual solution – get rid of the entire staff save for the principal, bring in younger, cheaper teachers, and pretend that this will magically solve the school’s problems.

    It’s sad how these DOE hacks – first Taveras and now Orbe – have been allowed to destroy this once-great institution of learning.

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