Neil Monheit, Principal








NYC Department of Education

– Present (10 months)foundations academy

Assistant Principal

NYC Department of Education

– Present (4 years 6 months)Norman Thomas High School

Associate Professor of Educational Leadership

Mercy College

– Present (2 years 10 months)

Instructor for courses leading to NYS certification in School Building Leadership

Associate Professor of Graduate Studies in Special Education

Daemen College

– Present (4 years 6 months)Brooklyn

Instructor for courses leading to NYS certification in Education and Special Education


Technological Advancements

– Present (1 year 8 months)


Huffington Post

NY Post

NY Magazine


  1. Oh He's a Failure!

    No classroom experience, AP of a failed school and has a pending sexual child molestation allegations.

  2. He Is The Worst Principal Ever. Anywhere He Goes Turns Bad

  3. Just found out he’s the new principal at my child’s high school he needs to be removed ASAP pending sexual allegations someone pleases tell me what to do

  4. Call 911 !!!!!

  5. he my principal

  6. This is freaking crazy I don’t believe its safe for him to work around students. He is my sons Principal and I’m not happy after seeing this

  7. Terrible principal! Cannot do anything right. Does not care about black children.

  8. Suzanne is continuing her reign of terror at GPATHS as the VP under Neil Monheit another school killer. It was a thriving school at the beginning of the year but is now closing to merge with Automotive. The majority of the school staff are relieved as they would be leaving anyway so as not to have to return to the school next year under her and her partner in crime.

    Attendance went down severely, applicants to the school are a trickle and there are fights almost everyday in the halls. Suzanne yells at teachers, staff and students alike and doesn’t do any real work herself. Monheit has implemented policies that hinder teachers, stagnates learning and frustrates students.

    I wonder how the both of them still work for the DOE as every school they have worked in has closed and the staff they work with say the same things about their incompetence.

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