Dr. Natalia Garcia, PRINCIPAL, PS 145M

Natalia Garcia, left.

P.S. 145 The Bloomingdale School

150 West 105 Street Manhattan, NY10025


This principal is known for writing letters in the file of senior teachers to bully them out of her schools after previously having no disciplinary/adverse ratings in their files.


  1. Gisela Justicia Wenger

    I worked for almost 32 years in the public school system and prior to that 2 years in Puerto Rico (with an impeccable teaching record) so that a newbie Doctor Principal can start writing me up for no logical reason. She also trageted other teachers and staff as well but i guess i was her lucky number. In less than 4 months she wrote 3 letters that would go to her principal file and my file as well. The 3 i was requested to bring UFT representation due to probabilities of disciplinary action. She claims the performances i presented lack professionalism and the children looked awkward. Our school population has lots of ELLs, special ed and ICT classes that have children with a great amount of behavioral, emotional and learning challenges which i always welcome. I encourage good behavior but expression is unique. I guess she expected the “Stepford Children”. She also says she does but doesn’t admit her own flaws and mistakes. It got to a point that the situation was hardship to my health that’s why I decided to retire and continue my music teaching passion somewhere else. Although, deep inside I would like an apology I don’t want see this happening to others.

  2. Concerned Parent

    Why does Dr. Garcia always has a nasty attitude. Never does she smile but yet here we see that she is human instead of a fucking demon. She has a nasty disposition and its not very friendly. To see that a latina who works with ethnic families does not know how to interact with us. It makes her look like she thinks she is better than us. News flash your just human you fucking cunt.

    • She is nothing but a nasty lonely old lady. Why is she in a school building
      I have evidence on her. If anyone is thinking of legal action let me know and I will testify. She wants to be called dr. I understand she talks down and fights with everyone. She needs to be removed and a principal with intelligence needs to be in place”
      A concern citizen

    • I hope you don’t use that language around your children.

      • I do hope Chevy goes through with the Colorado Diesel. I want a truck that can handle a light RV in the hills and not cost me a arm and a leg to buy. It would be nice to have a truck for a daily driver that get better than 14 MPG. We shall see!

      • I have a client who was scammed by Incentive Leisure who has recently been targeted by Mediation Solutions – I think her responseis to suspect that this is just another scam on the basis that if it looks like a duck……I have asked a legal connection of mine in Leeds if he has come across them and will post if any feedback comes from that

      • That’s a cunning answer to a challenging question

  3. Concern Tax Payer

    The so called Dr. Garcia comes from a school that she was an administrator that closed due to her incompetence. Nasty, mentally unbalanced. Her home life is miserable thus she takes her issues out on teachers. I would never allowed any child in my family near her. Teaches and parents unite. File complaints and request for a school audit. Find out the regulations for a demonstration in front of the school. She should never be near a school building. Teachers and children need to be protected.

    • Wow! Concerned Parent, 7/4, Anonymous, 7/11 and Concern(ed) Tax Payer, 7/12.
      You can rant and rave all you want, it’s a free country after all but check your work before posting. Your “points” are made even more laughable with all those typos!!!

  4. Dr. Garcia is not a very outwardly Welcoming, she does not smile often and does have an overall serious demeanor. With that said, that is not a quality all people possess naturally and is not a reflection of her job as a principal at all, her job is to improve the school. She was brought into a school that had crumbled and came in to pick up the peices. She is slowly but surely improving all aspects of the school it is clear she has the children’s best interest at heart. As a parent I can happily say that the school has positive changes in all aspects and I am looking forward to what is to come. Not liking the principals demeanor does not take away from the quality of work that is being put in. As for my personal experience the principal has always been very kind!

    Parents need to look at the bigger picture

    • People, no need for such language and personal attacks!
      Dr. Garcia inherited a real mess and has been busting her butt to get 145 back on track. If you want your boss hugging and kissing you when you come into the building go somewhere else. We are all there for the students and should focus on them instead of all this petty crap.
      Channel your energy for something more positive!

    • I totally agree, Dr.Garcia is making positive changes, the children’s intrest is her number one priority and if you don’t like it please find the nearest exit!

    • What a great school year, I wish Dr.Garcia would have come into my child’s life sooner the music and dance program are absolutely fabulous!

  5. Former colleague and fan of Dr. Garcia

    I am so disappointed in the negative comments that I have read about Dr. Garcia. I have worked with Dr. Garcia in two schools and she is known in both for always being courteous and professional. She has created many strong relationships with students, parents, and teachers. As a teacher she worked endlessly to inspire her students. She created academically challenging lessons, and a safe,comfortable, culture within her classroom. As an assistant principal, she assisted myself and many other teachers, in more ways that I can mention. She brought her classroom expertise and her true understanding of the multiple responsibilities a teacher has, to her job. I knew she understood from experience exactly where I was coming from. I found her to be approachable and fair. Whether I was frustrated by a student’s behavior or stumped by a particular lesson, she was a great support. She always welcomed questions and appreciated and nurtured a team effort. She welcomed our input as educators and cared about our concerns. She also helped foster a collegial relationship between colleagues -helping us use one another’s strengths as resources or inspiration-. I remember when I heard she was becoming the principal of PS 145- she definitely had her hands full, but she would never admit that. She would beam with pride and excitement about the opportunity that she was given to be the principal there. She spoke/speaks of so many wonderful changes and opportunities she would like to bring to the school. It is unfortunate that her current staff and parents that chose to write such negative comments about her, don’t realize what a gem they have. I guess that doesn’t matter though because in time, her efforts will shine through the muck that was splattered here. I often find that people don’t appreciate that positive changes often require hard work and also for one to step out of their comfort zone- thank goodness that is not the majority! To those of you who are unsure of Dr. Garcia’s intentions- don’t be. She is not afraid to work hard or ask her teachers and students to do the same. But rest assure that the results will be beneficial to the community they serve- you know, the students. Times are changing, demands on our children are nearly unbearable, be greatful that you have someone capable and invested in your school-students, staff and parents. I wish Dr. Garcia and I were still working together, it would be an honor to have her as my leader.

  6. As a teacher, it is disconcerting to know that you taught children for thirty years and you have yet to understand basic grammar rules. You are an example of why the public has such little faith in the teachers of public schools.

    • That is so irrelevant. Have you ever thought, that when you spill your thoughts you that least you worry about is spelling. If you did not understand the context then then you have processing problems.

  7. The so called Natalia Garcia is reading the comments. She is writing all the positive comments about herself. She is worried. She knows she is dishonest. So far there are two of us that have filed complaints with Office of Special Investigation. If you are a teacher, parent, Para Professional, and Garcia has committed a crime against you please contact Office of Special Investigation phone number 212 510-1500. I will personally sue her. She should not be allowed to get away with her crimes against teachers.

    • Agree!! Be careful all, open your eyes. You never know whom or when she will select her next target victim. Protect yourselves, support each other and stick together. That’s power.

  8. Retired Administrator

    For your information. Dr. Natalia was an ATR Supervisor. This means she lost her job at one point. These incompetent administrators were to supervise teachers who were excessed from their positions. Dr. Garcia was nasty, mean, and illiterate. This was her perfect position to talk down to professionals, disrupt a school, and attempt to get teachers fired. Her appearance was horrible. She looked homeless. The garbage in the DOE does not get thrown out it gets promoted. Imagine she is a principal.

  9. Hates liers. It's about community!

    I have seen first hand the issues that have risen out of Garcia’s take over of the school. Not only has she bullied teachers, but parents as well. Furthermore, she pays no heed to needs and requirements of the special needs students of ps 145. To the point where she has blatantly avoided speaking with parents and advocates, when meetings are requested. Mind you, I’m not a parent at 145. My god children attend as well as many of the children of my friends and colleagues. I often take my god-children back and for from school. Hence my personal foresight, which lead me to sending my own child to PS 75, where special education is a priority. Whomever is posting the positive above needs to get out of denial and see things for what they really are.

    • Parents and teachers unite. Go to the N Y Times and to CBS News or NY 1 and tell your story. Plenty of people are out there that have plenty of negative things to say about her. Imagine neglecting special Ed students. She needs to be terminated .

  10. Parents, If your child is not receiving services and their IEP is being violated and Garcia refuses to discuss your child’s problem you can call 311 and file a complaint. Also call Office of Special Investigations to inform them of the broken law 212-510-5100. E mail Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. E mail Mayor DeBlasio. Teachers once you see Garcia committing an offence or you are being harassed by her call Office of Special Investigations. If parents are not getting anywhere, call The NY POST, Daily News, contact a nightly news station. She refuses to help Children in need. Don’t be afraid of her. A group of us have plenty to testify about her.

  11. Why does this idiot principal hate Latinos. She talks down to teachers. Will not help Special ed Students. Her interest is being mean. She has ruined so many teachers careers and has neglected children who need special instructions. The community should have her arrested for being prejudice.

  12. I can say that I know her personally as well as professionally. She was arrested for not paying her tab and causing a fight at a bar years ago. She was sent to a “rubber room”. Don’t take my word for it. Just do your research. In the time I knew her she was very nasty, and a bit racist as well. I am not surprised by the comments regarding her attitude.

  13. A teacher she went after

    Need information on Garcias arrest and when was she in a rubber room. Please help the u rated teachers so we can have this criminal prosecuted and go after her for monitory rewards.

  14. She would have been in the rubber room sometime before 2009. I don’t have access to that type of information, but from what I know it was before then. As far as the fight at the bar, it was basically an issue where she was asked to leave because her and the party she was with, was causing a commotion. They ended up leaving without paying their tab. They were followed by the owner and police was called. This led to an arrest and then she was disciplined. Hence the rubber room. That is all the information I can give you. I am sure if you reach the right channels, you will find this was documented. Stuff like this always has a paper trace.

  15. b******* f****** programs ain’t s***

  16. Are you nuts? You just cut and pasted from the website love fraud.com.
    Where is your ability to read, analyze, and write your own thoughts.
    Where are you skills, so called teacher?

  17. Dear ANONYMOUS,
    We know who you are. Why don’t you stop using this site as a sick way to express your feelings and your anger and go see a psychiatrist. If you had interpersonal skills you would not have to use this as a venue to constantly attack someone that you don’t like. Eventually you will be found out and charged with slander.

  18. It’s sickening and disgusting to see grown professional ADULTS, as yourselfs have time at all to bully, belittle and slander someones character without reasonable cause. If you as teachers were reprimanded, take it as constructive criticism to better yourself and your work towards improvement. Not to hide behind a wall to manipulate and create hate… the very thing you teach your students not to do. Very hypocritical! You’re so focus on pointing a finger, instead four fingers are pointing right back at YOU. If you want to get psychological you should first work on yourself before you blame others. I’ve seen a shift in the school towards improvement. FOCUS on the positive and stop trying to play God… because in the process you’re slacking because you don’t come close. Dr.Russo has work very hard to bring order and productivity in the school, if you don’t like it find a different job field. All you’re doing is delaying the opportunity available for these kids that count on you. I thought you guys were a bit more wiser “Together we stand, divided YOU FALL”… remember that!

    • Do not worry. What goes around comes around. Maybe that is why the school was just told they it is failing. Sadly, everyone will suffer.

  19. This bitch…

  20. https://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20131121/upper-west-side/three-uws-schools-receive-f-grades-on-doe-progress-reports

    Actually, I’ll correct you Rita. They’ve become a “focus school” which means the school will receive more benefits to bring further improvement to the students academic achievements. See statistics before you judge! I’ve posted a link above to further remind you of where the school was before Dr.Russo. I agree on one thing…Karma! I hope the same negative energy you’ve directed towards the school community and what Dr.Russo is working so hard to achieve… be upon you and your home.

  21. I’m hearing that Natalie Russo is leaving P.S. 145, and the school will be closed going forward. is that true?

  22. I heard a sub Para is assigned to a student by Dr. Garcia . This student does not require any special needs, and this is illegal

    • Whom should I report it to?

      • DOE Administrator

        Commissioner Condon’ Department of Investigation
        80 Marian Lane
        20 floor
        NY NY 10038

        Hotline Phone. 877 888 8355

        They will help you on Garcias abuse. Children should not be exposed to this language

      • A person who knows law

        The superintendent and chancellor may bury Garcia’s verbal abuse. I have seen this multiple times.. Report her abuse to media or Commission of investigation. Superintendent and Chanceller are mandated to report this verbal abuse. The commission with set up 3020A charges. Hopefully Garcia will be fired. You do not have to give your name. Just give them the facts. Garcia is watching these posts and may be stating that she has been reported in an anonymous reply.

  23. Dr. Russo exhibited inappropriate language in front of the students and staff during a rehearsal. She screamed “I’m tired of this shit”. Students and staff looked on in shock after hearing her words and she said “yeah, I said it, I’m tired of this shit”.

    This behavior requires an investigation and appropriate consequences. Students and especially the staff needs to be protected from further wrath from Dr. Russo.

    • Report incident to NY Post Education reporter

      Phone 800 552 7678

      Call NY 1
      Call CBS. NBC. ABC

      Verbal,abuse to children is a crime. They will help the teachers and children

      I hope Garcia was recorded by someone

      • From my understanding, there were plenty of witnesses, students, and staff. This situation was shared w/the superintendent and chancellor. Once they are informed, they are expected to do an investigation.

  24. Этот язык не имеет бизнес в школе от кого-либо.

  25. A sub para with unknown future . Playing games with Graica

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