Monique Toran, AP, PS 92K

Monique Toran

P.S. 092 Adrian Hegeman.  601 PARKSIDE AVENUE, BROOKLYN, NY 11226




  1. This A.P. is a most highly favored avatar to the principal. Even before ascending to her current position, as quasi administerial coach she betrayed hints of who she is now. She makes very liberal use of the “disciplinary conference” to debase and degrade teachers and otherwise cow them into line. She is a micro manager extraordinaire collecting teachers tests that are administered to students in class. Teachers are given a thumb drive and are forced to record mountains of student data on an excel spreadsheet.

    Recently she mercilessly forced two veteran teachers into retirement. There health was comprised and they could no longer take the harassment and abuse.

    Enough for now.

    • Oh, oh. Don’t look now, but it seems like she’s vying for the principalship that will soon be vacated by Diana Rahmaan. There is no teacher that doesn’t shudder in fear at this prospect. If the new superintendent doesn’t change course, we can expect much of the same if not worse. People like Toran are more interested in shoring up their very fragile egos than school improvement. Expect things to go down hill real fast if she takes Dirty Diana’s place.

  2. Well, Toran didn’t make it. PS 92K has a new interim acting, similar to the old, principal. Toran has found herself flailing and miserable. The rumor is that she may want out. She has not found favor with the new administration and has found herself markedly marginalized. She has found herself replaced in her role as the next in command when the principal leaves the building. She is not a happy camper but not unhappy enough to ease up on her teacher tyranny. That continues and teachers continue to secretly loathe her. Let’s pray that she gets assigned to one of those coveted principalships that she so desires…but not at PS 92K!

  3. It’s a shame about Toran. But Robinson and George seems to be the top tricks one gives the principal information, while the other does his dirty work, at least with dirty Diana you knew what you was getting.

    • I think by “Robinson”, you meant Brenda Robertson the other assistant principal. Yes, I would tend to agree. She is the new devil’s henchman. With the other individual that you mention, while I would agree with you whole heartedly as being the she and he-devil’s acolyte in need of improvement, this person is not an administrator. Unfortunately in an environment like the one at PS 92, you are always going to have these kind of non-administrator type operatives that are simply trying to survive and save their own skin. As for these cannibal types, just you wait and see. Their day will come.

    • I disagree becuse I went their and so far it’s a great school and ms. Toran is not a bad assistant principal becuse she made everything more fun for the students and she starting to make out school even better

  4. Let’s just blame this trash in district 17 on the powers that be, on those whom placed a group sneaky dishonest people amongst us.

    • Whoopee! Yesssssssss! She’s gone! She has indeed received the booby prize, a principalship at 394K. Good riddance and all the best. Staff, polish up those resumes.

  5. Yes, Toran is at 394k, and things are not going well. Toran is stressing the entire staff. From the other comments above, she’s had a lot of practice. I hope she doesn’t last. They need to retire her. She is not the type of person to motivate or establish a growth mindset among staff or student body. She has thus far displayed extremely poor planning and reasoning skills. I question why she was given the task of building up and improving 394. Her methods to date are having an opposite effect.

  6. Update. Torah was removed from 394. She was Principal (I.A.) a little over three months. Interesting. Makes one think about the reason(s) for removal.

  7. The reasons? They matter not. They’re just simply details. I doubt that anyone familiar with Toran and her ways are shocked by this latest turn of events. This outcome was presaged right here in earlier postings. This, I believe reflects very poorly on the superintendent. One must question his judgement that he would knowingly install one so fatally flawed in a principalship? He definitely couldn’t claim ignorance. I mean, I ask you? You’re going to pluck an assistant principal from a forever focus school and plop her down at the helm of an equally failing school?

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