Meri Yallowitz


Meri Yallowitz, Principal

Metropolitan Diploma Plus High School

School Number:





School Hours
Student Enrollment:
Grades Served:

09, 10, 11, 12, SE


Parent Coordinator:

Patricia E. Clark

PTA President:

Sally Allen

Police Precinct:
Geographic District:
High School Office






Family Leadership Coordinator:
Cleon Mclachlan
Family Support Coordinator:
Carolyne Baldassano
Education Council President:
Melanie Mendonca



  1. Principal Yallowitz was extremely abusive to me and other teachers. The school was run like a dictatorship.

  2. Ms. Yallowitz is abusive to staff and the reason that many teachers have quit or left. She runs the school like a dictatorship.

  3. Principal Yallowitz encourages easy passing and cheating. If you’re not willing to do these things to boost test scores she will make your job teaching there a nightmare.

  4. Ms. Meri, as she likes to be known by, likes everyone to think that she cares for the students, but really all she cares about is how she is perceived by her higher ups. The turnover of teachers is ridiculous, 80% of her small staff was new, including myself. No consistency and no honesty.

    • I was discontinued and rated ineffective by thus horrible woman so I know how you feel. My MOSL test scores were both highly effective in state and local measures. Hopefully I win my appeal. Something really needs to be done about her and this school.

  5. Sold false dreams

    Meri recruits new teachers selling them dreams of supportive environments. When I was hired she made me believe that the students were out of the movie Dangerous Minds, however I never had a problem with the kids. Most of my stress stemmed from her and her micromanagement ways. This needs to be addressed one way or another.

    • I was given a piece of black construction paper and told to cut it out in squares for my classroom tiles because they had none left. I was made stay after cutting squares and tape printer paper onto the construction paper. I did my best to accommodate Ms. Judy and spent a few hours on the task. Afterwards, Ms. Meri complained to me that I should have used two sided tape and gave the task to the secretary. What a horror story it was working at this place. Meanwhile, teachers that cheat and the few that stay are given special treatment. Mr. Koulis tries to scare teachers about cheating and going to the union. This place is a diploma mill and should be looked into by the DOE.

      • Meri is a micro manager who prefers to hire fellows so she can dictate how they should teach and what their classroom must look like. She removes teachers creativity and passion to teach. She creates conflict with all the teachers and the only way for staff to avoid conflict is to do whatever Meri tells them to do, even if it means undermining other teachers, bullying the new teaches and making accusations against the new staff of either not doing their ob or taking about other staff to create tension. The atmosphere is toxic. It contributes to new teachers wanting to quit teaching all together.The lies, abuse of teachers and students is unbelievable for a school atmosphere.The union rep does absolutely nothing to support the teachers as she is only concerned with the principal.The amount of disrespect is disgusting and the DOE must look into this fake environment. The school appears to be so wonderful and that is an disturbing lie. It is a horse and pony show. A circus where the main attraction is for hallways to look engaging and show off to visitors from other schools or superintendent. The same task will be performed in every class period to the point of boredom that the kids are not engaged but are forced to act like they are for the visitors. Students are accused of stealing with no proof and embarrassed by so called mentors who are NO WAY MENTORS as they engage in criminal activities outside the school that the students know about. he circle of TEAM MERI shuld be ashamed of their behavior with other staff and students I can continue for 10 more pages but will not due to not wanting to continue to remember how I was also treated in this psycho ward of a school. It is a dangerous environment which causes teaches to cry on their desks on a regular basis and call out sick due to the emotional strain of having to deal with such a toxic environment.Every year there is an extreme turnover in staff and the DOE should have already investigated the abusive work environment.Teachers working with no teaching licences and some how it is fixed for them!!!!Forcing students to only take one regents at a time which they say is best for the student but it is really to extend the students stay as long as possible so the school continues to get paid for as long as they can instead of assisting students to achieve their diploma sooner.Please someone look into this school and the administrators and union rep who promote this negative school environment.

  6. To describe Meri Yallowitz in a nut shell, she’s a horrible person who treats her staff like crap. She power trips daily and creates unnecessary situations in the school. Staff and Students dislike her.

  7. Meri is called the GODFATHER due to her bullying type of mentoring!!!!!!

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