Matt Guttman

Matt Guttman, Assistant Principal

High School of Graphic Communication Arts.




EEOC Lawsuit


  1. Words cannot express how awful it was to work under Guttman. The man has no ethics. The principals he worked under, Resnick and Lyons, asked him to go after older teachers. Someone with a conscience would not oblige. Someone with a conscience would object to age discrimination. This man has none. As such, he led a campaign of harassment against many dedicated educators over 40. He also harassed anyone else who questioned his techniques of intimidation. Moreover, he engaged in test tampering and pressured teachers to change grades to increase graduation rates. If he were an educator in Atlanta, he could be facing jail time. However, in the DOE, the man was only slapped with a fine, and got to keep his job. It’s this kind of culture…where teachers are held to a high standard but administrators are held to a very low one, which creates an atmosphere of extreme dysfunctionality.

  2. Oh, and he completely fabricated some of his informal observations. Multiple people I know that worked under him in the 2013-14 school year received developing observation reports when Guttman never even came in their rooms! The man was so careless that he made up an observation report for one of my colleagues when the woman was on a field trip! He was a lazy fraud!

  3. He also harassed a colleague of mine who was overweight. He repeatedly told her she was “fat and disgusting.” The fact that he felt he could talk to a subordinate like that is horrifying.

  4. time for a change

    A Social Studies teacher retired from HSGCA in disgust over the test tampering taking place. Guess who was AP of Social Studies then??? Guttman!

  5. Discontinued Teacher

    “Matt Guttman, under the leadership of Brendan Lyons, falsified teacher evaluations. One teacher was on a field trip on the day that Guttman supposedly “”observed her.”” He also gave a teacher an ineffective evaluation for a lesson that a substitute did when he was absent!

    On top of this, Guttman has a history of doing the principal’s dirty work, no matter who the principal is. He was also named in a lawsuit against former principal Jerod Resnick in regards to age discrimination. Search for his name on this website:

  6. Guttman is bad news. A true snake. Small in stature. Whimp.

  7. Protest this man. Document his dirty tricks. Record him anonymously. Rise up! Rise up! Rise up!

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