Monique Mason

J.H.S. 131 Albert Einstein

School Number:


BRONX, NY 10473



School Hours
Student Enrollment:
Grades Served:

06, 07, 08, SE


Parent Coordinator:

Beatrice Rivera

PA President:

Jannieka Benjamin

Police Precinct:
Geographic District:
Community School Office



BRONX, NY 10462



Family Leadership Coordinator:
Jean DePesa
Family Support Coordinator:
Donna Murphy
Education Council President:
Eduardo Hernandez


  1. Ms. Mason is highly abusive to staff and administration that she does not personally like. She is known to blatantly exhibit favoritism for certain teachers and administration and disdain for those who do not make it into her golden circle. During my time at IS 131 I have seen her target teachers she does not like until they either quit or until she builds a bogus case against them and has them terminated. Ms. Mason does not just remove teachers from her school, she goes for full on discontinuance so that the teachers are no longer able to work in her district and essentially become blacklisted in every other district in the city.

    Ms. Mason likes to state that she has an open door policy, however, when a teacher she is not fond of utilizes this policy she immediately becomes annoyed by their presence and tries to dismiss the teacher and their concerns as quickly as possible. It is common knowledge around 131 that no one should get on Ms. Mason’s bad side otherwise they will face consequences. Union representatives have stepped down from their posts so as not to get on her bad side, and the current union rep at the school will only push or fight for the teachers to a certain extent to avoid retaliation. Ms. Mason has lost close to 40 teachers during the 4 years she has been principal of 131.

    Ms. Mason has little control over the kids at the school which is evidenced by packs of students roaming the halls all day long causing havoc. Students bang on classroom doors and glass, walk into other classrooms to bother students and disrupt lessons, verbally and physically assault other students and teachers, and there are students who sell and smoke marijuana in the school staircases and while Ms. Mason is aware of all of these things nothing is done. The school went from having 3 dedicated full-time deans and detention to having one part-time dean and detention once every two weeks for no more than 12 students, and next year there will be no dean and no detention at all.

    Ms. Mason frequently allows her personal feelings for teachers to get in the way of her objective leadership. It is frequently stated at 131 that a teacher will know how their observation will go based on what her mood is when she walks in. The staff is constantly on edge, the morale in the school is at an all time low, and teachers are always worried about getting bad observations and losing their jobs. IS 131 has become a toxic place to work and no one there is safe aside from those who have somehow made it into Ms. Mason’s golden circle.

  2. Ms. Mason is a very bad principal, she decides who will stay or go in the DOE. She had targeted several teachers and have basically ruined their careers just based on her emotions.. That is not what a good leader is.. The school is overrun with rowdy children roaming the halls, smoking, cursing and fighting and nothing has been done to change that..

  3. I am happy I came across this site and so happy I came across this “administrator’s” name. So many years, so many principals but she takes the cake. I have to say I’m surprised that Ms. Mason is on here, considering she Instills fear and intimidation into her staff. Where do I begin? Let’s start from the beginning. I want to let everyone know what I am writing are facts. I will start with working in a school with zero support. None. Nada, zip, zero, zilch. The students run the school and they know it. Former principal didn’t allow this. Working in that school is pure evil. I knew my time was up and was so happy to leave. Teachers are told to “write up all incidents,” then are questioned as to why there are so many write ups. It doesn’t matter about the write ups, nothing is done to the students. At most, they are sent to a room in the school, that is open once a week and is monitored by a retired, very close friend of the principal who is “F status.” With that said, let’s get to the school’s quality review. Monique takes pride on the B rating that her teachers achieved for her, but will never give teachers the credit. Monique states, “See that B in the wall, I got that B.”
    There has become a clear divide in that school. You’re either in the in, and you will get a friendly heads up when your informal may be or you’re on the outs, with a big target on your back, walking on eggshells in fear of admin being sent in to sabotage you and your lesson. I can go on and on. I will make it simple ….
    Clear favoritism- Demonstration teachers doing 3/4 coverages a day in addition to the $12,000 a year extra they get
    No consequences for student action
    What’s said in a meeting with Monique is never what is written
    Unfair observations
    Teachers have been physically injured but can’t report in fear
    Deaths in family and teacher told when mother died “better be here Monday”
    Hair salon in Monique’s office
    Frequent breaks with the secretary and Monique
    Complains about budget but there’s a huge table full of food for some committee
    Monique’s unprofessional language in after school meetings

    I don’t feel like reliving these moments anymore. The school and Monique put me through hell my last years in the 131 school. I will tell you that I keep in touch with some amazing colleagues (there aren’t many there, many backstabbing, liars you cant trust) bless the baby Monique had. Sounds to me like post partum depression has hit Monique and it has trickled down. So happy I got out of there. I hear horror stories and see videos of the fighting that goes on and the language used. The school should be looked at.

    • Yeah but all she do is use her staff. Ms. Mason is a user once she gets what she wants it’s done she’s a very Evil person.

    • Not to mention she has two young kids from a married man who she takes care of that’s why she never has any money she’s always broke i heard that she Gamble’s at the casino (Empire) in Yonkers near her home. How convenient

  4. It is very clear that the comments made about Ms. Mason are from bitter teachers. Nothing is mentioned about how the school has turned around in the past years for the BETTER not the worse. The previous comments are very exaggerated. As an employee at the school I have seen Ms. Mason bring out the best in her teachers. She strives for our students and her expectations are that her staff strives for them too. Ms. Mason has developed teams in the building so that their can be cohesiveness in the curriculums across the board. She gives to her staff anything they may need if it will help them in their jobs. Trust me if a teacher was discontinued it wasn’t because of her but on the person that was discontinued. Own it stop blaming others. As mature adults is it really necessary to slander someone’s name. If you left the school and moved on good for you I wish you all the best but it is wrong to say nasty, unprofessional words about someone. How can someone comment on other people’s situations without knowing all the details. How about the compassion that Ms. Mason has shown to so many individuals that may have lost loved ones or have sick ones to take care of. All schools have their ups and downs because we are all imperfect individuals and every personality does not get along but to be vicious in words at someone is just immature and unprofessional. Grow up and continue moving on like you have and let go. We work for a community and for children and it’s our job to do our job to the best of our ability. Being a Principal is not an easy job. Decisions have to be made with the best interest of the students not always us. You think about what you want for your children and I know it’s the best. Ms. Mason wants that for our students. What YOU don’t see is the fight she gives for our students to have the best because she knows they deserve it. Obviously it was something that the disgruntled teachers above could not handle. A change was needed in the building and we got it. The building is beautiful and warm. We constantly are commented about it. I know that the pride that I have at I.S. 131 is shared by many. Including our Superintendent.

    • The only one that’s saying these things about her is someone that’s really close to her in the school or at home. She not a GREAT PRINCIPAL we definitely had better.

    • Not to mention she has two young kids from a married man who she takes care of that’s why she never has any money she’s always broke i heard that she Gamble’s at the casino (Empire) in Yonkers near her home. How convenient

    • No more bullying

      This sounds like her good friend the secretary that’s writing this no one will agree to what you’re writing ask them all you have to do is ask the staff they will tell you the same thing so miss secretary please stop writing lies naturally you’re going to say these things about her because you’re her friend you’ll do things together stop lying tell the truth she’s supposed to be a role model for the school act in such a way she needs to be looked at in anyone that’s reading this if you wants to know the truth just ask the staff. You talking about bitter teacher who made her bitter why was she bitter it had to been the Principal that made her that way and it’s not only her I see they are several people making these accusations about this lady Miss Mason I hear she’s a big bully well someone needs to set her straight

    • Take a back seat. Your a friend of hers.

    • Her and the superintendent are BUDDIES. Please spare me you’re nonsense. Spend a day in that school. She could care less about the students or teachers. She loves the power trip. She’s disgusting. Making sexual advances and when one refused to act on she targets. She’s a racist and a bigot. Karma is rearing its head. So many vacancies. She will be demoted soon. There are many lawsuits that have been filed against her.

  5. Ms.Mason is a terrible human being. She has no integrity. She has a very jealous streak about her. If You are young and attractive, beware. She will come after you and get you out her school. Ms. Mason borrows money and receives gifts from the staff so they can stay in her “Good Grace” and not be terminated or excessed. The moral in that school is ridiculously low, no unity.

  6. Get a life people….. you all sound like disgruntled children that didn’t get their way. Unreal to speak about someone that you know nothing about. Slandering someone is petty on your part. You people only make yourselves look pathetic… if you feel that you were wronged then grieve it. But to put her children in your comments are low and vile and speaks a lot about YOU as an individual. MOVE ON and GET OVER IT.. if you left than good be gone. All of you sound crazy. Be the adult people you are suppose to be and continue with your lives. If your happy than act like it. SMH Nothing but the best to you all. But just stop the madness it’s not necessary..

  7. What a world we live in!!!!! Shameful. How dare someone say those things about the Principal, Ms Mason. Totally untrue accusations about her. She is a very hard working individual who goes the extra mile each and everyday. People need to stop talking so negatively about her and do their job and mind their business. DO YOUR JOB AT THE SCHOOL AND STOP STIRRING UP MESS.


  8. What a world we live in!!!!! Shameful. How dare someone say those things about the Principal, Ms Mason. Totally untrue accusations about her. She is a very hard working individual who goes the extra mile each and everyday. People need to stop talking so negatively about her and do their job and mind their business. DO YOUR JOB AT THE SCHOOL AND STOP STIRRING UP MESS.


  9. Can’t believe those comments. What a bunch of crap. Ma Mason keep doing the fine job you are doing at the school. We know the type of person you are. We know how you care about your students and staff. Anyone can come ask us at the school about our Principal.

    • Ma Mason, you hit the nail on the head. Have you heard how she speaks to her students and teachers??? Curses them out, goes after teacher’s jobs who are competent.

      I hope they investigate the baby shower that was thrown for her in lieu of mandated professional development. Per contract gifts cannot be accepted. However, teacher’s spent 50+ dollars on this POS principal. She can’t even speak properly.

      Your days are numbered, Monique. Pick and choose your battles. Iwe don’t know how you lay a clear head to sleep. We are so happy to be out of TOXIC 131. Keep the charges coming, they’re conning back twofold.

  10. It is very unfortunate and petty to speak of Ms. Mason’s children and attempt to diminish her character, this kind of negativity only reveals that you have nothing substantial to say against Ms. Mason as the schools’ principal, and her abilities to lead the school towards success, if you have to go to the gutter to spew untruths about her personal life. Your “go – low” tactics only expose your inadequacies as an educator. If you don’t move kids, plan rigorous common core aligned lessons and conduct yourself in a professional manner Ms. Mason will deal with you. Simply put if you are not doing your job (and that’s any job) you will be disciplined, reprimanded and given concrete expectations for improvement, that is her job. While those of you who are busy getting personal, Monique Mason is centered on students growth and teacher development and cultural vibrancy. Since Ms Mason has been principal she has improved the school’s culture, provided relevant staff development and has raised student achievement. This is a difficult profession and not everyone can handle the pressures and perform as an effective teacher – it is not for everyone. So instead of a cowardice attack on the character of Ms. Mason who by the way works tirelessly for our students and rolls her sleeves up right with us and makes her high expectations known – you should instead reflect on your own personal work ethic and make necessary adjustments to improve your practice. Then you won’t need to “go low” – you will be high-ly effective.

  11. Stop this madness! Get a life. Stop hating on Ms Mason. Really???? If you’re so unhappy pack up your things and go to another school ….if any school wants you

  12. So unprofessional. So low. So many lies. so undermined sooooooo why don’t you leave?

    Get out and take your evilness with you

    • I have been an educator at 131 for so many years. I’ve seen it all, principals moved on or up and a principal removed. Someone mention “when the formal principal was there this didn’t happen” Let me tell you about that FORMAL principal who was actually removed. It wasn’t any better when he was there, 131 went downhill when he took over. I liked him as a person but was NOT a good leader. I remember stepping out of the class room and students were walking the hallways and running around. I hear him say “stop running” the students responds was “F*** you” was that dealt with? No! Because that same student was on the basketball team. The same formal principal allowed one of the assistant principal Mr. Acevedo to fool around with another staff during the time school was in session. Where was this assistant principal when you needed him? The moral at 131 was already gone before Ms. Mason. That FORMAL principal that was removed never gave us the opportunity to make per session. He had his people only a hand full who milked all the per session. Ms. Mason gives us the opportunity with Saturday school, extended day Math and ELA tutoring, and a week during the winter break. So let’s talk about us educator. We were to lay back with our FORMAL principal who also hung out on the second floor or in front of the main office with the custodial worker and talked about women and cars during the time students were walking the halls. As the school progressively worsened other educators made that decision to leave, some already had in place before Ms. Mason took over. Now we have a Strong Woman and we didn’t like the new structure she set in place. Let’s start with us educators, attendance/ lateness, lesson plan, bulletin boards, and class room structure. We blame administration for students behavior “no support, and students walking the hallway” Hmmm, but what are WE doing wrong in the classroom, why can’t we keep those students engaged. We feel we shouldn’t, too much stress is not my job, and my job is only to teach REALLY!!! My meeting with Ms. Mason overwhelming because of my lesson plan, or observation. I couldn’t expect or cared about her opinion. I was angry, pitter and ran my mouth with colleagues. This summer I had to reflect on myself, to be effective I have to be 100% truth. I will no longer back up any comments on this page. I am ashamed to be part of it when I read of Ms. Mason’s children in the attempt to diminish her character. Who cares who she’s with, I would like one person to tell me they have young kids working for doe and is loaded with money, I must be doing something wrong. I’m sorry but gambling at the casino (Empire) in Yonkers is not against the law, you were there so you should know. What she does in her personal life is none of our business. This was taken too far. How convenient all these posting are after you were let go, how good of a educator are you? As educators is it necessary to slander someone’s name using their kids? Uncalled for and very low. So the next time you group yourself in Ms. Moro-Sullivan’s office think about “why an assistant principal like her discredit Ms. Mason or others, has anyone thought about that? Look at the community we work in, is a difficult profession and not everyone can handle the pressures and perform as an effective teacher. So if you can’t handle it GET OUT, if you’re gone stay gone. Instead of listening to Ms. Moro-Sullivan’s gossiping with the other think how effective you are in the classroom, just remember a good teacher can inspire hope in the worse student. We gave up because we focused in the gossip and in the new leader that came in with structure. If you’re gone stay gone, move on if you can’t that means she’s doing her job.

      • Bravo. Well said.

        • It is a shame that this website exist and allows disgruntled employees to personally attack someone children and their integrity.
          As a professional whoever is doing this should be ashamed of themselves and get a life. Whatever Ms mason does in her private life she is entitled to do without being judge not to mention that all that is being said are lies and innuendos. So sad!!!!!

      • Wow backing out your own self. It very clear that you wrote this Mason

    • Lol really how much are you getting paid or how much food are you getting. Let’s be clear people stop trying to put this lady on on your imaginary pedestal no it’s not being petty it’s not being childish it’s someone that wants to speak out loud and didn’t have the opportunity till now do you really think that we’re going to do it in her face no our jobs are on the line so naturally we say what we have to say on this site freedom of speech that’s what it’s called we are entitled to our opinion stop trying to make it look like we’re starting trouble and stirring the pot will speak in the goddamn truth

  13. Well said get a life go enjoy your summer

  14. Stop hiding behind anonymous only the weak does that as Michelle Obama says when they go low we go high take your poison with you and good luck

  15. Correct. “When they go low we go high!”

  16. The amount of vile and disgruntled BAD teachers spreading libel on here is astonishing. It’s always the worst teachers who put their effort into bashing administration instead of into their teaching and love of the students. Ms. Mason wants the best for her students and wants teachers who truly care and plan effectively! The fact that they’re writing on here anonymously shows that they’re cowards, which denotes a lack of integrity. The vile and libelous content shows proof of their poor characters, proof that you don’t want teachers like these with ‘your’ children. The horrible writing and grammar mistakes show that these teachers never should have been allowed to teach in the first place. The nasty, toxic, morally bankrupt, illiterate teachers commenting here are not making the world better for any child. They should seek another profession, move back to their parent’s basement, or get a job at McDonalds.

    • Quite the contrary, it’s Monique’s friends and those who think she is doing this superb job who have many grammatical errors. She is a cold, heartless woman. “doing her job” … my ass. There’s a way to go about doing your job. She comes in late, leaves early, gets her hair done in her office, a few hours at the shops around the corner with her sheep of a secretary. Don’t worry fellow current and past DOE teacher’s, we know we busted our asses and bent over backwards for this coward of a woman. I just can’t believe the things I have read on here. I thank my Lord every day I got out of there. Let’s face it , Anil the useless union rep was in her pocket. He wants to be an AP so bad l …

  17. Keep up the good job you’re doing Mrs Mason. You know what you do for the staff and students and many others know also.

    Scores are up! Good feeling in the school.

  18. the goings on in this school are really deplorable. There is no support from any administration no dean no in house and minimal suspensions. Everything turns into an “I gotcha” and teachers are forever harassed. Good teachers left because they just could not live under the reign of mason any longer. Every year more and more teachers leave moving onto different schools not because they want to but feel like they have to concerned that they will be her next target. Under the UFT contract principals cannot dictate how lesson plans should be written but if your plan is not in the format mason has required you get an ineffective rating for your observation so she can tell you how to write your plans. She’s openly admitted in meetings that she can tell you how to write your plans if you get An ineffective rating on that component of the Danielson framework. It is truley disgusting how she treats her staff and how people working in that environment live in fear of her and her wrath. She is completely inappropriate and speaks negatively about students and demoralizes staff in front of others and in meetings. The staff at this school has no voice and are not able to voice any opinions in fear of what the consequences from mason will be. The union has no standing in this building. The union rep will not file grievances or support teachers in doing so. The turn over rate is getting out of control just last year she lost 5 teachers after the school year ended and 1 during the school year. This seems to be a common trend for mason loosing teachers mid school year. This year a new teacher only lasted 3 days and quit (if that doesn’t speak volumes about the school and working environment than I don’t know what does). Ms Mason has given power to her principals secretary (she is also the payroll secretary) who thinks it’s appropriate to tell staff “it’s not her job” when they seek advice or guidance when there are payroll issues. This secratery is rude and does minimal work. If she was not the principals “bestie” her behavior would not be allowed. She is completely unprofessional. Ms Mason is absent frequently strolling into school late or leaving early, her time card never reflects her comings and goings. Time to check those cameras DOE you have an employee manipulating the system. If the superintendent only knew what really was going on behind those school doors she would be appalled. The teachers in this building make those test scores move not Ms Mason and she needs to recognize that. The school unfortunately is in a downward spiral. Mason often gives the anology that this school is a ship and she’s the captain that drives the ship. Wake up your ship is sinking and it’s because of you. Her staff works in fear and she is a giant bully. Her precession money is spent on having the art teacher do her daughters art projects and having her secratery do her online Christmas shopping. Ms Mason we all know you’ve stolen money from the school sprecifically from the seniors dues and you should be ashamed of yourself. A longtime staff member and trusted employee had been in charge of the schools back accounts before she even came into power. Once he listed money missing from the account without a trace his position collecting and depositing senior dues was terminated. Something to hide? Let’s give credit where credit is due. Teachers in that building not only teach but deal with astonishing student behavior and serious pushback from administration. Instead of harassing her staff Mason should be kissing the ground they walk on. Without them she would be nothing.

  19. Just enjoy your four-day weekend and stop with this trash. You must be very bored. Get a life. Stop the nonsense. Live and be happy.

    Every dog has its day.

  20. So I still work at 131 and have been there since Mason has started as well as the principal before. I have to agree that the principal before had horrible management and the school was in horrible shape. And with that Mason has instilled some fear in these kids and some better organization in the school.
    However, she is a bad leader. The same fear she puts on kids she puts on staff. In every school there are favorite of principal and I am sure Mason has hers but there are more who dislike her than do. It is true there has been a mass Exodus of teacher since her coming and the main reason is because of her. She is very confrontational and has instilled a very unsupportive system for teachers. She is late more than on time and you can go days without seeing her (which can be good since she is not very nice). Anyway. She ain’t the worse I had. But def top 5

  21. Wow she’s stealing money now so that means she really is addicted to gambling because if you have to steal money from your own school that means you’re spending it somewhere else like gambling or supporting a married man wow how about that she needs to get her life together or she will be demoted someone really need to look into this

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