Monique Mason

J.H.S. 131 Albert Einstein

School Number:


BRONX, NY 10473



School Hours
Student Enrollment:
Grades Served:

06, 07, 08, SE


Parent Coordinator:

Beatrice Rivera

PA President:

Jannieka Benjamin

Police Precinct:
Geographic District:
Community School Office



BRONX, NY 10462



Family Leadership Coordinator:
Jean DePesa
Family Support Coordinator:
Donna Murphy
Education Council President:
Eduardo Hernandez


  1. Ms. Mason is highly abusive to staff and administration that she does not personally like. She is known to blatantly exhibit favoritism for certain teachers and administration and disdain for those who do not make it into her golden circle. During my time at IS 131 I have seen her target teachers she does not like until they either quit or until she builds a bogus case against them and has them terminated. Ms. Mason does not just remove teachers from her school, she goes for full on discontinuance so that the teachers are no longer able to work in her district and essentially become blacklisted in every other district in the city.

    Ms. Mason likes to state that she has an open door policy, however, when a teacher she is not fond of utilizes this policy she immediately becomes annoyed by their presence and tries to dismiss the teacher and their concerns as quickly as possible. It is common knowledge around 131 that no one should get on Ms. Mason’s bad side otherwise they will face consequences. Union representatives have stepped down from their posts so as not to get on her bad side, and the current union rep at the school will only push or fight for the teachers to a certain extent to avoid retaliation. Ms. Mason has lost close to 40 teachers during the 4 years she has been principal of 131.

    Ms. Mason has little control over the kids at the school which is evidenced by packs of students roaming the halls all day long causing havoc. Students bang on classroom doors and glass, walk into other classrooms to bother students and disrupt lessons, verbally and physically assault other students and teachers, and there are students who sell and smoke marijuana in the school staircases and while Ms. Mason is aware of all of these things nothing is done. The school went from having 3 dedicated full-time deans and detention to having one part-time dean and detention once every two weeks for no more than 12 students, and next year there will be no dean and no detention at all.

    Ms. Mason frequently allows her personal feelings for teachers to get in the way of her objective leadership. It is frequently stated at 131 that a teacher will know how their observation will go based on what her mood is when she walks in. The staff is constantly on edge, the morale in the school is at an all time low, and teachers are always worried about getting bad observations and losing their jobs. IS 131 has become a toxic place to work and no one there is safe aside from those who have somehow made it into Ms. Mason’s golden circle.

  2. Ms. Mason is a very bad principal, she decides who will stay or go in the DOE. She had targeted several teachers and have basically ruined their careers just based on her emotions.. That is not what a good leader is.. The school is overrun with rowdy children roaming the halls, smoking, cursing and fighting and nothing has been done to change that..

  3. I am happy I came across this site and so happy I came across this “administrator’s” name. So many years, so many principals but she takes the cake. I have to say I’m surprised that Ms. Mason is on here, considering she Instills fear and intimidation into her staff. Where do I begin? Let’s start from the beginning. I want to let everyone know what I am writing are facts. I will start with working in a school with zero support. None. Nada, zip, zero, zilch. The students run the school and they know it. Former principal didn’t allow this. Working in that school is pure evil. I knew my time was up and was so happy to leave. Teachers are told to “write up all incidents,” then are questioned as to why there are so many write ups. It doesn’t matter about the write ups, nothing is done to the students. At most, they are sent to a room in the school, that is open once a week and is monitored by a retired, very close friend of the principal who is “F status.” With that said, let’s get to the school’s quality review. Monique takes pride on the B rating that her teachers achieved for her, but will never give teachers the credit. Monique states, “See that B in the wall, I got that B.”
    There has become a clear divide in that school. You’re either in the in, and you will get a friendly heads up when your informal may be or you’re on the outs, with a big target on your back, walking on eggshells in fear of admin being sent in to sabotage you and your lesson. I can go on and on. I will make it simple ….
    Clear favoritism- Demonstration teachers doing 3/4 coverages a day in addition to the $12,000 a year extra they get
    No consequences for student action
    What’s said in a meeting with Monique is never what is written
    Unfair observations
    Teachers have been physically injured but can’t report in fear
    Deaths in family and teacher told when mother died “better be here Monday”
    Hair salon in Monique’s office
    Frequent breaks with the secretary and Monique
    Complains about budget but there’s a huge table full of food for some committee
    Monique’s unprofessional language in after school meetings

    I don’t feel like reliving these moments anymore. The school and Monique put me through hell my last years in the 131 school. I will tell you that I keep in touch with some amazing colleagues (there aren’t many there, many backstabbing, liars you cant trust) bless the baby Monique had. Sounds to me like post partum depression has hit Monique and it has trickled down. So happy I got out of there. I hear horror stories and see videos of the fighting that goes on and the language used. The school should be looked at.

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