Magaly Paz, Assistant Principal

Magaly Paz, Assistant Principal

MS 302 (District 8)


Magaly Paz on the right next to Liza Ortiz (Principal MS 302, also on ANOI List) on the left


  1. Discontinued Teacher

    Magaly Paz is the henchman of Liza Ortiz. Whenever Ortiz wants a teacher to be unfairly attacked and harassed, she sends in Paz.
    Paz berated and belittled a twenty-year veteran teacher in front of the students. Paz was upset that the class was acting crazy though the class was put together for the purpose of acting crazy. Ortiz wanted to know why students in the class were walking out of the class without permission and were on camera roaming the hallways. The teacher had asked Paz for help with the difficult to handle students and was given no assistance other than being told that the students were the teacher’s responsibility by Paz. The class was called section 15 and did not show up on the schools official roster of classes. The class was assembled in October of 2013 from the most difficult to handle students in the 8th grade and given to the veteran teacher to make the teacher’s life hell so that the teacher would quit. The teacher was targeted due to high salary and had never been rated unsatisfactory. Then the teacher was given section 15 and rated ineffective during every observation by Magaly Paz. No teacher in the building could control the class. It consisted of 22 of the most difficult to handle students many had IEPs. The teacher that was forced to teach the class did not have special Education License and was mandated to teach four subjects to the students. When the teacher was out due to a medical issue and the students broke into the teacher’s locker, Paz wrote up the teacher for losing a school computer and the student’s portfolios even though the teacher was out during the break in with medical documentation. Paz would yell at the teacher to do their job in front of the students when the students acted up. Paz would never confront the student because Paz knew the student would not listen to her, so Paz would yell at the teacher.

    After dealing with section 15 for a whole year and being rated ineffective, the teacher was given science schedule without a science license. After having the science schedule for two months, the teacher was moved into their license to teach ESL, because the school was told to provide pull-out services to the students that arrived in the country recently. The teacher was dropped onto a new program and then Paz observed the teacher after only a week of knowing the students and gave the teacher ineffective in every component. Paz had the nerve to write that the teacher was ineffective because the teacher confused two student’s names after only knowing them for a week.

    Paz was removed from her last AP post after having a mental lapse due to the students not listening to her and her not being able to perform her AP duties. Now she attacks teachers and hides behind the principal that only had two years of classroom teaching experience.

    Teachers at the school refer to Paz as the crazy cat lady behind her back because she forces teachers to look at pictures of her cat dressed up as people. I personally saw a picture of her cat wearing lipstick and it wasn’t for Holloween.

    Every time a teacher asks Paz for help her go to response is let me ask Ortiz.

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