Jennifer Losquadro

Jennifer Losquadro, Administrator

J.H.S. 167 Robert F. Wagner

School Number:




School Hours
Student Enrollment:
Grades Served:

06, 07, 08, SE


Parent Coordinator:

Sheila Gonzalez

Police Precinct:
Geographic District:



333 7 AVENUE



Family Leadership Coordinator:
Jennifer Greenblatt
Family Support Coordinator:
Julie Lam
Education Council President:
Shino Tanikawa – Oglesby


  1. “Bullying teachers schoolwide
    Huge turnover
    Decisions made by principal and APs
    Little to no interaction with students
    Concerned about looks not kids
    Encourages teachers to pass children .
    Teachers have been emotionally abused ( especially older teachers)
    Creates an environment where teachers are afraid to do snugging that might be different .
    Teachers are getting sick from the anxiety of the principal or APs walking into their room at anytime to do many informal . Very intimidated.
    Tells teachers that if they don’t like her school go find somewhere else.

    Doesn’t know gradewide curriculum and relies on AP to do work .
    Manages the school of 1400 from her office.”

  2. I have been bullied , made to feel incompetent and left the building crying many times because of Ms. Losquadro.
    She puts ion a good show for the superintendent , quality
    Review and Carmen Farina. Everyone is so afraid she will
    Take revenge on you, they stay quiet . She is a very mean
    person . This has been going on for years and she gets away with it. I just heard she has been asked to mentor new
    principals in the district . I feel sorry for these new otincipals because kids are not important to her ; how the school looks and is perceived is her ONLY concern . I’m hlF k am out of that horrible environment and teaching in a nurturing , collegiate school .

  3. I was at Wagner for many years and the school environment changed. Ms. Losquadro exhibits an egregious amount of favoritism when determining ratings and responsibilities. She is overly lenient with her favored teachers and too harsh to her targeted ones. She chastises certain teachers for actions, but turns her head when her administrators or favored teachers commit worse offenses.

    There is a specific group that she targets. Too many of my fellow teachers were targeted. Targeted teachers receive unfairly low ratings and are frequently forced to leave the school or retire.

    As teachers, we tried to create a supportive environment where all students could succeed. Ms. Losquadro does not create the same type of environment for her staff. She creates an environment of fear, anxiety and depression for those that she has deemed as targeted. The way she runs the school is unprofessional and counterproductive. She has caused many strong teachers to leave the school or feel as though they should not contribute. Her bullying is impacting the education of the students and she should be stopped.

  4. I’m sorry, but I do not agree with the comments at all. I spoke to many teachers before I took the job at the school. Nobody had a bad word to say. She has done an observation in my room. I didn’t feel threatened. In my first year, I had personal problems with a family member being ill. I have felt supported by her personally as well as other members of administration. Otherwise, I don’t feel like I am a favorite or that I am targeted. I feel like she is a professional.

  5. Verdict is still out. Many teachers seem happy here–I’m sure some aren’t. Same was probably true where I came from where coteaching was an afterthought.

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