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Dr. Carla Ling, Principal

P.S./M.S. 20 P.O.George J. Werdann, III

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01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 0K, PK, SE


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Jael Jones

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Sandra Hidalgo

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Shahnaz Islam

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  1. The new principal at PS/MS 20 is extremely disrespectful to parents, kids and teachers. It’s only October and I have witnessed her yell and scream at kids about not wearing the school uniform. When picking my kid up I heard her yell at a teacher and then put her hand in the teachers face. The teacher is clearly pregnant so I felt really bad for her. She tells parents their kid “better wear the uniform” to school. This is the 3rd child to go here and I’m thinking about taking her out. The teachers look miserable and I know my kid is because she’s tired of Dr. Ling always yelling at her teacher. Something must be done.

  2. This woman was sent from Central to clean house as the last principal was a dottering idiot holdover from a previous regime. Ling is verbally abusive to students and staff. This coupled with an ineffective buffoon uft rep who only cares for his own incompetent skin, has created a disgusting feeling of dread amongst staff and students. Office of Special Incestigations has been alertwd to this and soon enough the media will too. Such a shame. Great staff being tortured!

  3. This new principal has single handedly brought down an entire staff in the matter of 8 weeks. Working in the building for many years now I can say i’ve never seen such low moral as I pass by my co workers on a daily basis in the hallways. I was able to work under the two previous principals and although they too had their downfalls, nothing compares to the unprofessional and arrogant nature that Dr. Ling brings to the building everyday. I’m not too sure where she gets this pompous attitude from but based on her incorrect use of the English language on a daily basis I would hope it’s not coming from her elite educational background. We are down a handful of teachers since September, I think we’ve had 5 leave our building so far and I would be shocked if the number stops there. With effective and meaningful leadership comes loyalty it’s as simple as that. 20 has great potential… it’s unfortunate that she will be the reason it does not strive.

  4. Dr. Ling is a disrespectful, unprofessional, tyrant. She doesn’t care who she disrespects and usually does it in front of other staff members. The district/superintendent placed Carla Ling in PS/MS 20 to clean house but what they don’t realize is that Dr. Ling doesn’t know what she’s doing. She’s not ready to be a principal especially one of a failing school. Yelling and bullying her staff into wanting to leave isn’t going to raise the reading scores. It’s obvious that she wants to get rid of certain staff members by the way she bullies and overloads them with excessive amounts of work when others are not. She’s unfair with the distribution of the over time/per session in the school and gives untold amounts of overtime to her friend the Parent Coordinator, Ms. Jael Jones who is also rude to staff members and parents alike. PS 20 is in deep trouble and with Carla Ling’s so called leadership it doesn’t stand a chance.

    • I strongly agree with what you are saying I’ve witnessed it myself Dr.ling is verbally abusive with students, teachers, and staff. Staff members have shared with me that Dr.ling makes everyone uncomfortable and never allows students that misbehave with the potential of doing good to explain themselves and their behavior she likes to assume things without asking what happened Dr.ling be putting her hands in students faces which is disrespectful I don’t think she is fit for the position of a principal when even her staff members dislike and feel uncomfortable around her she goes off on students for wearing hoodies especially in this type of weather and conditions she should understand but again she has failed to communicate with the people around her honestly she should continue to be the principal at 20 considering that she brings nothing to the table and does not cooperate with the other people at school which is why she is disliked by many

      • *shouldn’t

        • This is Carla ling the new principal at PS/MS20 and I disagree with all you people and what your saying and saying I assume things but Your assuming things by saying I’m bad just because you heard people say things about me looking foward to meeting all of you guys who talk bad about me 🙂

          • Ling you are NOT professional at all. Please resign as leader of PS MS 20. You are not ready. You would be great working at a fish market where you can wag your fingers and speak like a sailor. You are a disgrace to the profession.

          • Wow i totally DONT agree with you! Bitch

      • shut up bitch! 🙂

  5. The problem with Dr. Ling is that she thought (and still thinks) she came to the building having the upper hand. What she doesn’t realize is that everyone in the building knows exactly who her soldiers are and they happen to be the most unreliable sources in the building. She walks around with this smug look on her face like she knows the ins and outs and background of every teacher/ staff member in the building. It’s actually comical at this point because she really thinks she’s got it covered. I will say the first two weeks of school she had a small chance at making a significant change but that very quickly changed when she made decisions and treated people in the building based solely on these preconceived judgements. She belittles and disregards the staff members who were always willing to do the most in the building and as a result of this has left herself with a very small group of teachers that actually respect her; she has completely lost the trust of the teachers who have been so loyal and willing to do the most through the years. This lack of respect may also come from the ways she continues to contradict herself especially when it comes to what should be happening in the classroom. It is very clear that her time as a teacher did not span multiple grade levels yet she makes it seem as if she has all the answers. She puts on her smiles and greetings when the right people are in the building (like the superintendent or district union rep) however on any other day you’re lucky if you get eye contact let alone a greeting from her. She is clearly not ready to be a leader. She is more concerned with creating the facade of a leader than she is with actually making a difference.

  6. Dear Reader,

    I am a teacher, mind you that I’m not considered “Highly Effective” by the measurements of bureaucracy, but I have an obsession with learning and a genuine internal desire to help others improve themselves and their abilities to think and express their thinking effectively. That said, take what I have to share under those considerations.

    I believe we as teachers are inherently givers. We give if our time, our talents, and our intellects every day we show up to work. We are not perfect. We are human beings with weaknesses and flaws, but we strive to maximize what we have going for us to the benefit of our students who are also imperfect human beings. Every teacher at 20 has strengths and talents that should be valued and allowed to bless the lives of those children entrusted to our tutelage every day they make it to our classrooms.

    Too many outlets seek to belittle and disempower us as a collective group. We are vilified and blamed for all the political (politicians) and societal (systemic) problems in the school (microcosm) and the world (macrocosm). But, we are NOT the problem by and large. Value us and trust us and we will help make change happen to the benefit of those who employ us (our children).

    In our school there are teachers who are musicians, scholars, writers, athletes, leaders, salespeople, networkers, artists, poets, gardeners, knitters, bakers, business owners, parental role models, etc… Do not diminish our worth. Trust our skills and abilities. Support us with resources. Build our areas of weakness (we ALL) gave areas with growth potential. Lead by example and with kindness and love (refer to MLK Jr. for definitions of the 3 types of love).

    Thanks for your time and attention!

    Soapbox Needler

  7. 20 needed some changes. But, will those changes actually happen under this new leadership? Based on events happening in the building already since the start of 2017 school year; I would place money on a solid and unrequivocal NO.

    Disruptive and disorderly students continue to not face appropriate consequences for their outrageous conduct. Nowhere in society can civil conduct be thrown out the window without chaos in its wake taking over. Why don’t we teach our children from the outset that actions have consequences and the consequences can be positive (PBIS) or negative (detention or removal)? Administrators fear negative reports. These children feel empowered because they know from the pattern that they gave the upper hand.

    Unlike Upstate school districts with diverse student populations that recognize that having appropriate negative consequences matters as much as having positive rewards, 20 fears getting bad reviews for reporting troublesome student behaviors. Some upstate school districts have two-hour after school detention, and kids know that even small infractions do not get brushed under a rug. Small infractions add up and a number of them equate a larger infraction warranting detention. 20 doesn’t believe detention serves any purpose.

    Students also need things to look forward to or participate in at school. School for many is the only source of social interaction. Where is the discussion of athletics and arts opportunities? The whole child is not just a test score. We must have positive cultural and artistic experiences to motivate students to maintain high academic standards. If you don’t meet expectations then you will not be allowed to partake of the bounty.

    Lastly, teachers are the instruments of change. They are not just cogs in a dysfunctional machine. They are important and deserving of respect and a supportive environment. Children are depending on their knowledge, understanding and love more and more as societal pressures and dischord continues to mount. School must be a sanctuary from the turmoil of the outside world. Teachers must feel how valuable they are to oiling the machine and increasing its value and output. Any leader who does not understand that the teachers are not just cattle to be driven will not succeed in the long run.

  8. Quality educators are on the move at 20. They are looking for and securing upstate jobs one by one at an increasing rate of attrition. Not because they do not love their students!!! They are leaving because they are treated with disdain and their best attempts are met with distrust.

    Educators are willing to take pay cuts to work in more supportive environments and to be trusted and given adequate supports to perform at optimal levels. Watch in the upcoming weeks to see who 20 loses. It will be a loss.

    But, congratulations to the amazing educators who have left and are met with accolades and praise in districts who understand the value they add to the staff in knowledge, skill set, perseverance and ingenuity. The Bronx is a training ground in many ways, but so is a battlefield, and triage measures are not enough to keep an educator’s heart beating forever!

  9. Dear Dr. Ling,

    Since you have made it a point to be completely unapproachable within the walls of 20, please read and listen to the concerns. Your staff is not happy and that is a direct result of your approach. We can not understand why a person would choose to come into a brand new building wanting to cause such negative vibes amongst their staff. As educators, the first thing we should know and remember is that relationships work best when there is both trust and respect. This is a mindset that we must have towards our students as well as our colleagues. How do you expect for change to occur when you have single handedly isolated, bullied and embarrassed a large majority of your staff? This is not the way a professional operates and it’s mind baffling to think that an administrator would find this to be effective.

    You have made comments to many people in the building about the effectiveness (or lack thereof as you have put it) of your staff; you have no faith in your teachers and these ideas have been created in your own mind- why is this? Why not give everyone a shot to prove themselves instead of creating this “got ya” atmosphere in trying to catch your teachers falling short of your unrealistic expectations. You have some very valuable educators in your building so much so that they are being chosen from large groups of applicants in more prestigious districts.. they are all leaving. In years prior, we’ve had vacancies unable to be filled but as far as I can recall we’ve never had teachers leave 20 at the start of a school year.

    Also, keeping in mind who your “informants” are, what do people have to gain when talking negatively about others? Everybody in the building is well aware of your relationships with certain people. Have you ever thought that maybe these people are speaking from a biased perspective? That maybe taking the words of others as truth is the biggest form of self-insult that comes?

    20 is in need of change and support. As the buildings leader this should be your priority.

  10. Dr Ling,
    I want to see you succeed at PS/MS 20 because when you succeed the children succeed along with parents and staff. But here’s one thing I know, if you have to win over a school by dividing people you’re not going to be able to lead them. You won’t be able to unite them later. Because that is how you started, Dr Ling. Instead of our culture in the school reflecting our children’s values you are single handedly infecting our community and staff. Instead of looking for ways to work together and get things done in a practical way you are a leader who is deliberately trying to make staff angry. To demonize people who have different ideas. To get staff all riled up so that they leave and sadly some have and more to follow. Because this provides a short term tactical advantage for you Dr Ling. And that’s what makes this kind of ‘anything goes’ leadership just so damaging and corrosive to our school. It’s just as cynical as leadership gets. It’s not going to create culture, it’s not going to educate kids and it won’t educate teachers. Why are you deliberately trying to misunderstand your staff and be cruel to them by demonizing them?

    Sadly,that no matter where you go, you add NO value to the people around you. You do not cultivate leadership in others and cannot manage and lead the staff you are responsible for.

  11. “Let’s see what class do it bests!!!!!!”
    –actual message (grammatical/spelling nightmare) appearing in the middle school hallway on enlarged poster with administratir names on the letterhead.

    Who needs some education?

    “Let’s see which class does it best!”

    • Administrator–typo

    • Disgusted With Double Standards

      Dr. Ling

      It seems that your parent coordinator needs to go back to school to improve her grammar among other things instead of wasting the schools money paying her overtime to make mistakes. It’s laughable how you use the most inexperience, uneducated and most likely person to make mistakes to do your overtime assignments rather than to use staff members qualified to do the same work at an accurate and faster pace. Dr. Ling assigning Ms. Jones to do work she has never done before because she’s your friend is cronyism. You who have been sent to 20 to “clean house” are guilty of the same thing. You give Ms. Jones unlimited overtime (according to what Ms. Jones has previously stated) because you like her company. It’s all over the school how she stays late with you everyday. It seems that the superintendent and the powers that be should look into this budgetary abuse and “clean” your house! Clearly you are incapable of running a budget professionally without any impropriety and favoritism. I have one question to ask you “are you related to Ms. Jones”…..hmmmmmmm?

    “The Most Important Leadership Competencies, According to Leaders Around the World” on Harvard Business Review

    Don’t take teacher’s words for the qualities of a good leader, after all, what do teachers know? We’re just teachers who’ve gone through years of schooling, taken competency tests, and actually had to lead classrooms of some of the most adorable but also challenging people to guide and direct that could scare of the most seasoned government official or member of an inheritable ruling position.

    Read what successful world leaders have to say in the subject (not just one perspective culturally)!

    You’re most welcome!

  13. Love references to ideas and articles that can make things better! Here’s my contribution:

    “How The MBTI Can Help You Build A Stronger Company”–On

    “About 80% of Fortune 100 companies rely on these types of tests to build stronger, more effective teams and healthier organizations.

    Information from personality tests help companies better understand their employees’ strengths, weaknesses and the way they perceive and process information. There are 16 Myers Briggs personality types and once that is determined, an employee usually has a better understanding of the best way to approach work, manage their time, problem solve, make decisions and deal with stress. Here’s how businesses can use MBTI data to build stronger more successful organizations:” (read the article to know how it ends).

  14. Despite what is going on at 20 nothing will be done. Dr. Ling was sent to clean house so the higher ups do not care how it’s done they just want it done. Someone made mention of her C-30 hearing however no one on that panel will have the balls to speak against her. Her own AP’s are afraid of her and will not speak a dishonorable word against her. Her practices have divided a school and will continue to do so. Even the UFT rep is afraid of her. He says he isn’t but everyone knows he’s lying; pitiful. On another note I agree with the above commenter the kids at 20 have gotten worse. They are extremely disrespectful and yet there aren’t any consequences. Soon they will run the school and we’ll have to bow down to their demands. This is my 8th year at the school and I’ve never felt like leaving until now.

    • This notion of being sent to “clean up” is not necessarily true and the reason I say that is because I know for a fact she was one of many people who interviewed for the position and unfortunately the admin’s in the building had a say on her being hired. Also, the idea that she was sent to us gives her too much of an upstanding reputation; she’s got nothing to offer the school. Let’s not give her more credit than what she actually deserves. She definitely has her connects but ruffling this many feathers between teachers, staff, students and parents these concerns can not go unaddressed or unhandled. We all have voices and need to use them to make sure 20 is pointed in the right direction of effective leadership. Let’s try to have some more faith in our system and especially of the teachers in our building. The school doesn’t need to be cleaned up in that aspect, it needs the right leader with the right intentions.

  15. My friend teaches at a top-notch private school, this school brings in amazing guest speakers. Ms. Lahey, author of a best selling parenting book, also used to teach at the school. I am in the process of reading her book now. It is really helping me as a parent and as an educator. More importantly, and the reason I am posting this, I think her message could help with the leadership in any school in any district.

    I think the following applies to the best school leaders as well as the best parents. Autonomy, competence, and connection are key to a school that functions at a top-notch level whether in the wealthiest, the poorest or somewhere in the middle of neighborhoods. Teachers need intrinsically to feel motivated to do what they do every day because the payoffs and the witch hunts make teaching less desirable as a profession than some of the dirtiest jobs (think outhouse collection or plumbing).

    “In her New York Times best-seller, The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed, Ms. Lahey addresses the overparenting dilemma and how to encourage kids to be intrinsically motivated so they actually enjoy learning. She talked to the Rowland Hall community about three things kids need to be intrinsically motivated: autonomy, competence, and connection.

    First, she said, “kids need to control more of their own stuff.” To get kids to do their homework, for example, parents need to set clear expectations and relevant consequences, then back off. “The more control you have over your homework, or the more control you have over your social life, or the more control you have over your sports stuff, the more invested in the thing you’re going to be,” Ms. Lahey told students in the morning.

    Competence, Ms. Lahey said, is “confidence based on experience.” She cited growth-mindset guru Carol Dweck, whose work permeates the Rowland Hall culture. At this school year’s convocation, students, faculty, and staff donned pins with the word “YET” to reflect the idea that if you believe success comes as a result of hard work, you can succeed at any task, even where you’ve previously failed (i.e., “I haven’t mastered the new vocabulary words, YET”). When teachers and parents avoid praise for intrinsic intelligence and instead reinforce the process of learning, Ms. Lahey explained, kids benefit from a growth mindset and are more likely to work hard to solve new problems that come their way.

    Ms. Lahey snuck in some valuable tips for students: “If you’re going to cram for something the night before, use flashcards.” They help you “own the information” and move it from your short-term to long-term memory, she said. But don’t make the flashcards at the expense of extra sleep, she cautioned: “Sleep is is where memory consolidation happens. So if you have a choice between turning off the light and going to sleep, or going through those French conjugation tables one more time, go to sleep.”

    As the final piece of the motivation puzzle, Ms. Lahey explained that students need an emotional connection with their parents, and they need to feel connected to the subject matter they’re learning in school. Ms. Lahey told parents to love and support their kids regardless of their performance. Whether your child comes home with an A or a D on a test, treat it the same. “Questions are the same: What did you do to get that grade? What did you try on this one that maybe you’re not going to try next time?” she said. “If you can make your talk about the process and less about the product…you can actually make them believe you when you say that what you care about is the learning and not the grade.” Students also have to understand that what they’re learning is relevant and will help them accomplish things that matter out in the real world. She talked about using the TV show MythBusters and YouTube channels Vi Hart, Vsauce, and The Brain Scoop to show kids entertaining, real-world applications of complex subjects.”

  16. I am heartbroken seeing what is happening at 20. I no longer feel that 20 is a place for me. Dr. Ling has made sure to let her staff know that we are incompetent and need to learn the “right” way to teach our students. Everyday I step into the building thinking how it has changed throughout the years. Teachers used to be happy here. Now all you see are glum faces trying to make it through the day let alone the week. I am not sure what Dr. Ling thinks she is going to accomplish by making the teachers feel incompetent. Our children come to us the lowest in academics and social skills I have ever seen. Without true support and collaboration, PS 20 will only spiral downwards in reading and math scores. The “gatcha” approach is not going to create better teachers, just stressed out teachers. I’m not sure if anyone important is listening to our cries for unity and collaboration but I surely hope so. There are extraordinary teachers at 20. It would be a shame to see most of them leave at the end of the year. I hope change in administration is soon to come.

  17. Sad, really sad to see how a so called doctor is minimizing experienced teachers, parents, and students at 20. Every staff member is feeling extremely tired with no motivation at all, getting to a place we used to love knowing that another hard day is waiting. Forcing teachers to use methods she wants forget about if it works for our kids, the most valuable part of education is being destroyed daily by that disrespectful woman. She abuses teachers’ personal space, impose her presence and is constantly harassing and abusing teachers, paras, school aids, parents, and our valuable kids. How long is this going to continue? How many more good teachers are we going to loose? How low our pride has to go because an arrogant, disrespectful individual plays with people’s values?

  18. A new teacher, who in my opinion, has what it takes to make an impact shared with me that she is so unhappy with the treatment she has received that she isn’t sure she wants to stay in teaching. That’s after 2 months in the looney bin! She hasn’t even had time to shed her baby teeth, and she’s already feeling like she can’t see herself teaching long term. No teacher is perfect, but getting your teaching feet under you can take 5 years. That’s research-based, but administration needs to support and develop not criticize and break new teachers (and old).

  19. “Support” Definition: to agree with or approve of (someone or something) : to show that you approve of (someone or something) by doing something. : to give help or assistance to (someone or something)

    “Support Visits” Definition: to pick apart or disapprove of non-important details; to intimidate by number of administrative bodies in a room; laptop usage, incessant copying of everything written for the lesson; ongoing note taking and scowls

  20. AP/Teachers/Concerned/Anonymous/Shocked/Disappointed/Sad/Me

    I have seen no one who steps up and help outside the scoop of their job at 20 in the 10 years I have been there. The mind set is who I’m going to help that’s going to get me the furthest to my goal. 20 has always been about what can be done for me. The staff makes a fool of themselves. They point and laugh, while the kids are in the back ground watching and listening to them talk about one another and tearing each other down. They also see the staff tearing the students down as well. Great job way to go. What are we really teaching our kids, well that it’s okay to make fun of the people you work with and not help. That is why there is bullying, the kids see it in the adults. Lead by example. Why should they be nice when they clearly see the educators do it first hand every day for the past 10 years. Everyone has their faults. If everyone own their faults perhaps 20 will be ok. Working together like a family. The great oh 20 Way is to belittle and cut down your co workers the best you can while smiling in your face while stabbing you in the back.
    I guess we all have a little of Donald Trump in us….yeah thats,real ugly. Not one of us can say we have not done something ugly. Going into 2016 school year they replaced 15 to 17 teachers…talk about teachers leaving because of the leadership in the school. My god that’s alot….going into 2017 a great number left as well. Some of the teachers that reminded was those who was highly favored. Right now we all look like a joke even before Dr. Ling all our names are associated with this failing school. What we have tried to teach these kids the past 3 years FAILED.

    • Notice how this is the only comment that speaks negatively of the teachers at 20? It sounds like you’re one of those people who are part of the problem to which you’re referring. As far as teachers “stepping up” outside of their job description there are plenty. Not sure which floor/office you’ve isolated yourself to but your vision is clearly blurred. There are slackers and foul play no matter what profession you’re in and to say that 20 was made up of perfect teachers would not be accurate but a large majority of our teachers are hard workers who are willing to help their students while creating and maintaining professional working relationships with our colleagues. You are just the type of person that gives us a bad name… the type of person to so quickly point your finger and make outlandish judgements. Sounds like you’re comment here has a very different motive than everyone else and that takes away from the credibility of your words. And I will be that person to say I’ve never done anything ugly (nor have the teams that i’ve worked with who share the same concerns for the well being of their students) so speak for yourself and take your own advice and lead by example. I don’t see your experience improving with such a pessimistic point of view. Sounds to me like you’ve had a bad experience in one way, shape or form and this is your pathetic attempt at retaliation. Don’t take away from the purpose of this blog which is to receive the help and support we need that we are not getting from the new administration.

    • Are you a staff member with writing skills like those? That’s shameful and needs immediate re-education.

  21. Well I to have worked at 20 for many years and I don’t believe that bashing the new admin is going to fix a problem that has existed at 20 for many many years. Blaming the new admin for preexisting problems shows that no one is willing to take ownership of their own behaviors.Dr. Ling is being called disrespectful and rude well I do know that we have an A.P. that has been rude and disrespectful to staff, students and parents for many years and yet here we are without a shout out to her.Overtime was never an option unless you were part of her selected few and now its offered to others and that seems to be a problem? Oh yes and lets not forget the hiring procedure at 20, If you knew her, her daughter or grew up around the corner from her you are hired!!! This building looks like a bad version of the Stepford Wives. WE all have a job to do so lets get it done! Some of us have not really worked in years and I understand that change is hard. Being held accountable for what you were hired to do is very difficult to handle when you were allowed to run amuck for soooooo long.

  22. You must be one of the new admin’s insiders because to even remotely compare anyone else in the building to Dr. Ling is ridiculous. The morale of the building in two short months has completely hit rock bottom. And correct me if I’m wrong but the vancancies in the building have always been made available to the public AND the other admins never took initiative to fill them on their own. Your purpose is obvious, maybe you should start a separate page.

  23. you clearly also must be the old admins insiders

  24. No one at 20 is a robot created by a husband. By the implication, you are judging teachers based on appearances. Attractive people can have great intelligence. As can unattractive people be brilliant thinkers. Intelligence and ability are not interconnected with physical appearance.

  25. Such a shame. This blog was created for a specific reason. Leave it up to this bitter attitude to try and take it off it’s course.

  26. Right the previous comments were clearly not bitter!!! Just the 20 WAY!!!

  27. Definitely not an “insider” but strongly against “us vs. them” mentality.

  28. As is everybody else’s on this blog. The “us vs. them” has been created by the militant approach Dr. Ling has had since she walked in the building. Aside from her comments about no teachers in 20 being effective. She has been the one to create this mentality and it is up to us to fight back so that we are no longer targeted as what’s wrong with 20.

  29. Researchers call the ability to express oneself without fear of negative consequences “psychological safety.” A recent study found that positive relationships in the workplace can facilitate employee-learning by helping workers feel safe to take the risks that are an inherent part of the learning process.

    So what can administrators do to cultivate positive relationships with teachers that will contribute not only to their improvement, but also to a positive, more effective school environment for everyone?

    The research is resoundingly clear on this: model, model, model. It’s the trickle-down effect. Just as teachers are expected to act as role models for students, administrators must model the kinds of behavior that create positive relationships amongst the staff. Here are a few specific tips:

    1) Admit your mistakes. This sends a message to teachers that it’s okay for them to make their own once in a while, too. A study of 51 work teams illustrated that those who felt safe and supported were better able to handle and learn from failure.

    2) Be open to receiving feedback. Teachers are under constant scrutiny in today’s educational landscape. Teachers and administrators need to work together to create a happy and healthy school culture. Therefore, the feedback loop needs to work both ways. Psychological safety for teachers and schools can be too easily and thoughtlessly destroyed (e.g., the recent grading of teachers in the Los Angeles Times and New York Times).

    3) Validate teacher uncertainty. The complexity of teaching often makes teachers uncertain about the choices they make to best serve their students. Administrators who acknowledge their own uncertainty create a school culture where it’s safe for teachers to experiment and learn from each other. Results of a study that involved 55 interviews of leaders showed that leaders who admitted they did not have all answers validated their own followers’ uncertainty which led to a culture of experimentation and open dialogue.

    Building positive relationships amongst a school staff does not happen overnight, but the effort it takes is well worth it. In the end, a school culture where everyone feels safe to express themselves and learn from each other can only lead to a better education for the students.

  30. “I have seen no one who steps up and help outside the scoop of their job at 20 in the 10 years I have been there.”

    This is the biggest misstatement on this entire blog! If you’ve had your eyes shut, let me share what mine gave seen:
    1. Teachers bringing in their children’s outgrown clothing for students in need.
    2. Teachers buying uniform pants for children who were wearing floods ever day and being teased.
    3. Teachers helping kids with their work in their lunches.
    4. Teachers sharing food and snacks with children who report being hungry.
    5. Teachers making special treats and holiday gift bags for their students.
    6. Teachers writing notes of encouragement to students in need of some cheering up.
    7. Teachers helping parents fill out documents and applications that were hard for them to understand.
    8. Teachers donating to collections for other sick co-workers.
    9. Teachers bringing in items to share when the security guards put out a call to help a young mother of twins.
    10. Teachers bringing in clothing and baby items to share with educational assistants who make less than teachers.

    I could go on and on! Open your eyes, remove your filters, check your orecinceived notions and prejudices and start SEEing the good things teachers do for others at 20!

  31. When you study great teachers… you will learn much more from their caring and hard work than from their style.

    – William Glasser

  32. A crude, simple reality…teachers at 20 are being persecuted by administration. Group of 4 leaded by Dr ling entering the classrooms taking notes of everything they think is wrong, NEVER a positive feedback, asking for lesson plans to criticize every component evenot though they didn’t “observed” the whole lesson, can that be called a professional, supportive feedback??? Our kids are learning, we know our kids, sorry I can’t say the same about Dr Ling and the APs, the worse teachers’ enemies. B Cuevas for example loves to put teachers against each other, she’s enjoys destruction of teacher confidence, NEVER has something positive to say about a lesson…I wonder…can she be effective providing demonstration lessons??? And for that matter all of them Dr ling and the 3 APs, can they come to a classroom and model a lesson that includes all their demands???? I don’t think so but, I will invite the teachers at 20 to ask for model lessons from Dr ling, BB, BC. IK….who’s willing to start????

  33. The Truth Hurts...

    This is why our schools are failing now because of you people who are cowards and name droppers aka snitches I know the streets so..
    We need more professionals like Dr. Ling to crack that whip on you lazy old buffoons need to retire. I remember when I went to public school over 35 years ago the staff really cared about the schools the students so instead of backing up your new principal you talk crap about her Anonymous what cowardness we need more Principals like ling. Oh here’s a fact most of the staff at this school are racist how are you going to be racist against your own people and others in general in this modern day Your just to old to hack it you need to retire and as for the rumors you people act like children.. Hey save our children..DR Ling… We need Principals like Joe Clark to get serious with these idiots that are hindering our schools from success. Such a sad day when adults are crying like babies you all should be ashamed of your selfs .shame shame shame…….

  34. I believe your comment is anonymous as well. Maybe you need to add to your 35 year old education and realize that in today’s modern day there are guidlelines and rules to follow as a leader which do not include “cracking the whip”. In case you didn’t know, that mindset was done away with a long time ago and now there are things called labor laws which protect the hard working people of America including teachers. What makes her better than everyone else to walk around the building with her negative demeanor? How can we back her up when she has absolutely no hope
    In her staff and has blatantly stated that? She believes her teachers are incompetent. What do you suggest? Do we sit back and allow her to treat us as if our time and money spent on our own educations mean nothing? That when we work countless hours analyzing the data and rewriting lessons to meet our students needs that we can never be “effective” in her eyes? When we arrive at school even before she does and leave hours after students are dismissed without the per session that you my dear are receiving that it all is wasted time? I can’t imagine that you’re a professional in the classroom because based on the way you’re speaking it is clear that you have no concept of just how much work goes into planning and preparing to educate the students as best you can. You’re one of those “teachers are out by 3:00 and off for the summer” kind of people that have no grasp on what providing a true education is really like and based on your horrific approach at the English language, I’m assuming your educational experience was the complete opposite of what we are trying to do which is to effectively teach our students. You must be involved with hanging those flyers around the school. There is no room for your ignorance on this website.. the purpose of this is to make a change for the better not shine a light on the embarrassments of 20 as you have so clearly done for yourself.

  35. crack the whip
    verb (used without object)
    to demand obedience, hard work, or efficiency from others in a harsh or stern manner.

    This is a direct reference to slave drivers. Is it really the goal of anyone in education to treat teachers like slaves?

  36. Are there any competency exams required of support positions like paraprofessionals, family workers or school aids? Not like the multiple tests required of educators, apparently.

  37. Providing a “true education” does not have to entail staying extra hours at work and/or working summers. So to make that statement is absolutely ridiculous. You are upset with Dr. Ling on how she has made her assumptions without truly getting to know us yet you are doing the same thing. You don’t know what other obligations people have, yet you too judge.

    I’m not saying Dr. Ling’s methods are correct, however, as a school we need to band together instead of fighting amongst one another. Many in the building do not set a good example for the same students that we enter that building to serve everyday. Many do not speak and I agree with the other commenter many are racist and it’s disgusting. If our main objective is to help our kids excel then that’s where we need to channel our energy. Remember there is strength in numbers and our voices are powerful so instead of just posting (which is a good outlet) we need to voice our concerns as a collective body to Dr. Ling.

    The previous commenter made a valid point instead of hiding behind your computer, phone or any other device say it directly to her. And, before anyone ignorant has something to say, YES, I have spoken up for myself and will continue to.

    • Maybe you should re read that thread because nowhere in that comment did I say a true education comes from working extra hours. Those were two very separate points. Also, no judgements have been made on my part. I am responding to every point being made. What judgements were made there may I ask?

      I too have voiced my dissatisfaction and frustration about the way we are spoken to/treated and guess what? My concerns were responded to in the same unprofessional manner. So, thank you for your overtly insightful advice however many of us have gone down that road and to no avail which is why we find ourselves here.

      Everyone has different feelings about what is going on just because some are different than yours doesn’t make them wrong. So before you suggest your very basic “solution”, know that you are not the only one who has tried to take the bull by its horns and handle these situations in-house prior to coming here to voice concerns.

    We need to spend some serious time reflecting about our own internalized biases. We all have them (not sure about yours? Consider taking this test!). And if we are working to understand our biases, then we can begin to mitigate their effects.

  39. Your words: “You’re one of those “teachers are out by 3:00 and off for the summer” kind of people that have no grasp on what providing a true education is really like.” Perhaps you need to not only “re read” but “remember” what you typed. And, “basic solution” you obviously have reading comprehension issue but I digress. Continue to remain narrow minded in your thoughts, words and position while the masses attempt to elevate the school.

  40. Outsider looking in

    I am a teacher at another school but came across this because I know teachers and parents of students at PS 20. As an outsider looking, I must say that immediate attention must be taken to look at what is going on. Clearly all parties involved are frustrated. To me, the atmosphere being described is toxic and definitely impedes learning, not only for students but for everyone involved. I’m sure all the causes for blame are valid, but why not explore some of the solutions as suggested by some in the posts – i.e, speakers,team building, even having a mediated discussion and/or survey about what’s going on.

    This is the kind of thing that makes our profession look bad. From the posts I’ve read, it sounds like there are a core group of people, though, who really care and who are eloquent and intelligent, so I’m confident you will be able to figure this out. Good luck PS 20!

  41. Thank you Carla Ling, 20 just lost another great teacher, what a leader you are! Your level of abuse, disrespect & unprofessionalism is making teachers leave our kids…is the superintendent looking at this by any chance????

  42. “.. Hey save our children..DR Ling… We need Principals like Joe Clark to get serious with these idiots that are hindering our schools from success.”

    Joe Clark (from Time magazine)

    1. Authoritarian/Disciplinarian
    2. Restored Cleanliness/order–that’s a positive!
    3. Tossed out troublesome and low achieving student (300 plus)–think this approach was child-friendly?
    4. Treated teachers like inferior beings–no dialogue
    5. Did not improve test scores (state took over his school)

    Still want him to help out the teachers you refer to as “idiots”?

  43. We might not appreciate Administration’s style and tactics, and there isn’t much that we can do about those legally, but we can NOT tolerate UFT/Contract violations. We have legal rights and a contract (written agreements) that give us something more than anonymous words on a blog to use to protect educators. Read and memorize key areas of our Contract. Take appropriate actions on areas that are violated. Stand unified in our contractual agreements.

  44. We Need Time to Perform at Optimal Levels!

    Teachers in Finland and Singapore are not spending their at-home time grading and planning in isolation. They have time to do these things during there workday and in collaboration with teams of teachers. American teachers on average spend 12 hours at-home doing tasks higher performing countries build into the teachers’ workloads. The main reason or difference—RESPECT for the profession and the intellectuality that good teaching and reflection and analysis and crafting and planning and reassessing and inventing and spicing things up entails.

    “[Academic literature] shows that the things that keep teachers in the profession, among them, are working conditions,” said Burns. “And the kind of factors that are important to teachers and working conditions include the support from leadership, opportunities for collaboration and decision-making within the school, and access to resources for teaching and learning. So creating the conditions, including time for collaboration, I think, is an important factor in maintaining good teachers in the profession and lowering attrition rates.”

    Snyder has a theory for why a much lighter teaching schedule hasn’t caught on in many American schools—one that he admits may sound abstract: “I think there’s a different notion in Singapore, and in Finland, and in other places where they think that teaching is actually complex, difficult work, cognitively engaging and challenging. [This is] as opposed to, ‘Well, you know, anyone can teach. We just tell ‘em the right words to use and the right way to do it … and it will be done.’ But it’s not the way it works.”

  45. So much has happened with her as the leader of PS 20 and she’s not even appointed yet. If the PS 20 community thinks its bad now, you wait! It’s only going to get worse.
    Ling has a plan. She has made it clear that her plan involves eliminating many of those who she may feel are dead weight and who do not care about the students. That plan will become a harsh reality for so many teachers. The reality is that she has not shown anyone how much she cares about the children. How can the staff believe she cares when shes being so rude and degrading to those around her? I wonder what are her ideas for the future of the school? She presents herself as a power hungry administrator. Ling has this constant need to let those around her know who is in charge. We get it! It’s you!! Everyone knows you read this blog. Take some of the advice being given to you and communicate better with your staff. You don’t need to put anyone down to let them know your the boss lady.
    Now lead! Lead by example. Be the type of leader that inspires others to want to do better by their students. Lead in a way that puts smiles on people faces. What is the purpose of making people around you feel bad about themselves? There is a way of letting people know that it’s time to step up their game without making them feel worthless.
    I still have hope. I still wish for the best. I hope you don’t completely disappoint us all.

  46. And so it continues. You wouldn’t believe it if you weren’t right there in the mix of the chaos. Grades 6, 7, and 8 were invited to the auditorium for a review of PBIS. Students were uncontrollable to say the absolute least. They walked in to the auditorium with hoodies and without uniform right passed the principal NOTHING WAS SAID. While the Dean attempted to review the PBIS “motto” which includes respecting each other, the students spoke over one another, yelled, joked, and laughed as if they were at recess. Dr. Ling did nothing about these embarrassing behaviors. Instead, she made a few “shhhh” noises and sat back. This is extremely disappointing considering the teachers are being reminded on a daily basis to encourage the uniform policy. In fact, some teachers have been reprimanded that too many of “their” students are out of uniform. How are we supposed to fight these battles with the kids daily yet they can walk passed Dr. Ling and have nothing said to them? This “assembly” was put together in order to get the students used to being together in the auditorium in preparation for a College Access for All assembly today…

    Well, unbelievably today was even more out of control. A group of adults came to our building (being paid a ridiculous amount of money) to introduce the college process to our middle school. Our principal was missing for the first 20 minutes of this gathering which elevated in noise level and bad behavior as the minutes passed. Dr.Ling walked into this circus as kids were out of their seats, throwing their pom poms, yelling over one another, and totally disregarding the group attempting to get their attention. In typical Dr. Ling style, she walked to a corner of the auditorium not even making her presence known and sat amongst a group of students. She said absolutely nothing about the embarrassing and out of control behavior of her middle school students. She allowed the group of adults to fight for silence to no avail and after about 10 minutes of this, got up and WALKED OUT of the auditorium!!!! The best part about this is her mentor was with her!!!! What is going on? Where is the leadership? Where is the direction? Where are the consequences for poor behavior? You can continue to reward “good” behavior with this ridiculous PBIS but what’s going to happen when these unacceptable behaviors worsen? Who will be to blame? Let me guess, the teachers? This is not the first time Dr. Ling has ignored a situation that she can’t handle. The difference today is she didn’t have anyone else to cross the dirty work for her.

    When a principal walks into a room there should be a presence that comes with them. The students should know to show respect and should have some fear for the consequences that might follow these types of behaviors. As a teacher it’s extremely disheartening… why are we going to fight these battles when our principal turns a blind eye to them?

    Positive reinforcements are great however consequences for poor behavior are just as important. All bark and no bite, such a shame.

  47. Progress Perhaps?

    Maybe some progress as she referenced a fabulous book on Mindset in last newsletter. Now to apply it to students and staff members. People grow when conditions are conducive to growth mindset thinking!

  48. Looking for a REAL Leader

    In hopes that the superintendent is reading this blog please come in to our building and speak to the staff. Disorganized leadership and spitting at the wind is how this new principal operates. It has been about 4 months and of all the things an administrator should hold in high regards, rules are not one of them. I hope District 10 has a better candidate for the job than what we presently have.

  49. Dr. Ling is the most disrespectful and obnoxious human being I have ever encounter in my life!!! When someone approaches her to speak to her, she doesn’t have the decent courtesy to acknowledge you, she doesn’t give you the opportunity to speak, and dismisses you without listening to what you have to say.

    Dr. Ling needs to do the following:

    Respect Others
    · I respect others by actively listening to what they have to say.
    · I respect others by being nice and treating them the way I want to be treated.
    · I respect others by accepting everyone including their choices and opinions.
    · I respect others by welcoming them and making them feel like a part of the community.

    The principal is promoting the above statement at the school, she suppose to be the role model for students and staff. However, she’s the first person to break all the rules when it comes to respect!!!!

    Dr. Ling needs to look up the word “RESPECT” in the dictionary for the definition, and take a course on mannerism!!!!


  50. Gianna Martinez from other comment is an adult

    That was not Gianna Martinez you guys just put peoples name to get them in trouble that could’ve been a parent named Gianna martinez

  51. My math teacher doesn’t like dr ling every time she’s literally screaming in the announcements my teacher imitates her and it’s funny when she or he imitates her

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