Reginald Landeau, Jr.


64-20 175 STREET
QUEENS NY 11365 Map
Phone: (718) 358-2005
Website: Click here
Admissions: neighborhood school/gifted program
Principal: Reginald Landeau
Neighborhood: Fresh Meadows
District: 26
Grade range: 6-8
Parent Coordinator: SUSAN CHANG


  1. He is a bully and corrupt. The fire department came because he left a hot plate on too long. He broke NYS gag order regarding speaking about a state exam. He is a liar as well.

    • It is interesting that you are referring to an event that happened years ago, and yet this comment is from a few moths ago…credibility…NONE

    • Just because he set fire to his office some years back doesn’t negate the fact that he is a pathological liar and a horrible bully. Reggie Landeau Jr takes pride in trying to destroy people’s careers, but it’s his career he’s spoiled. “Inspire” is his consulting business? This man is no inspiration unless a person wants to become the worst kind of person.

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