Reginald Landeau, Jr.


64-20 175 STREET
QUEENS NY 11365 Map
Phone: (718) 358-2005
Website: Click here
Admissions: neighborhood school/gifted program
Principal: Reginald Landeau
Neighborhood: Fresh Meadows
District: 26
Grade range: 6-8
Parent Coordinator: SUSAN CHANG

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Former Staffer

He is a bully and corrupt. The fire department came because he left a hot plate on too long. He broke NYS gag order regarding speaking about a state exam. He is a liar as well.


It is interesting that you are referring to an event that happened years ago, and yet this comment is from a few moths ago…credibility…NONE

Michele Manno

Oh there is plenty of credibility to Landeau’s deception and cheating. If his lips are moving, he is lying.

Michele Manno

That hemorrhoid is still principal longer after he planned. No one wants to advance him because he’s ill equipped to lead. His reputation in the district is horrible and most principals want nothing to do with him.

Michele Manno

Just because he set fire to his office some years back doesn’t negate the fact that he is a pathological liar and a horrible bully. Reggie Landeau Jr takes pride in trying to destroy people’s careers, but it’s his career he’s spoiled. “Inspire” is his consulting business? This man is no inspiration unless a person wants to become the worst kind of person.

Karen Johansson

You sound so foolish. Where is this proof and WOW the level of hate you have… must be someone who pretends to be his friend and is actually a hating enemy?? So sad, from 2011 to 2017. God Bless