Kimberly Shelley, PS 385X

Kimberly Shelley

PS 385X (The Performance School) 750 Concord Village West, Bronx, NY 10451


Kimberly Shelley is a bully administrator who has a passion for targeting older, experienced teachers. She also likes to target teachers she has a personal vendetta against. Targeted teachers get Ineffective ratings no matter how hard they try to meet her demands. Shelley sends consultants to come watch targeted teachers, under the guise of ‘providing them with support.’ Later of course, these same consultants write these targeted teachers as ineffective.


  1. Kimberly Shelley is still an interim principal. The school lost all the early grades and was third to fifth this year and each succeeding year will have one less grade. The school has only 2 more years of existence and she is trying to ruin the careers of any teachers whom she does not like. She has been a bully all year long. She has made constant demands on bulletin boards if she didn’t approve of the color scheme, or if she wanted more details added–just to make her look good when the Superintendent came to visit. She had teachers have the children do work over and over to show off bulletin boards—thus, the work was not authentic and teachers were so stressed they would end up demanding more and more from children who had already done their best. Ms. Shelley is constantly walking into rooms with her network people to watch teachers, and then later to criticize them—never having a positive thing to say. Targeting veteran teachers and some whom she just did not like, obviously for personal reasons. Targeted teachers getting Ineffective ratings no matter how hard, trying to meet her demands. Also having a zillion consultants come watch targeted teachers, under the guise of ‘providing them with support.’ Later of course, rating them ineffective. Some of the consultants (who had an agenda), were disrespectful and obviously sent to demean and break down morale and not to support. Then of course, these consultants were scheduled to meet with teachers during their prep. times– adding more demands to their schedules—which extra work now definitely would have to be done after school hours. Taking ALL the teacher’s preps away constantly and then demanding extra last minute work. Discipline problems galore in this phase out school, and each time, the teacher had to do all the work of disciplining and consequences. Neither the principal nor the AP were ever in the yard helping with any discipline. And, whenever called for any classroom incidents, giving the teachers extra paper work to discourage them from reporting. She and her AP, A. Martin, tried to brush all incidents under the rug and whenever possible were quick to blame teachers and to talk disrespectfully to teachers in front of parents. They would, whenever possible, try to get the students and parents to blame the teachers for any mishaps. She made it obvious to the parents and students that she was not on her teacher’s side.

  2. Now that school is getting quality review and numerous visits by state officials and others checking on the status of a closing school, the principal is demanding additional excessive paperwork to cover herself. Data binders, data analyses, individualized data for each student, additional progress reports (additional to report cards), and report cards needing comments for each subject (in the past comments were only written for the whole report card at the end of it and included all subjects). No one can keep up with her incessant demands and with the numerous deadlines teachers have to adhere. It seems each day we are responsible for handing in some kind of document or papers or assessments….she monitors every aspect of our teaching, assessing and even our day devoted to contacting parents is taken up by her telling us what we should do related to Parent communications.

  3. I will say this about Ms. Shelley, she’s not ready for the responsibility of a small business owner or to be an administrator. More knowledge needs to be devoted to her vision of what she wants as a school, greater education needs to be give in defining job descriptions, and she needs confidence to know that what she is doing is what is best for all parties. Being compliant does not make a person competent. Perhaps some time back in the classroom will help her understand the new direction the chancellor has for schools when it comes to teacher/admin collaboration.

  4. Employee in Captivity

    If you are an invested member of a public-school community as either an employee or a parent; overriding concerns are typically directed towards safe and sound Principal policies, or Principal Policies that give impoverished children a Bite of the Apple of our Eyes: Access to higher education leading to a rewarding profession.

    “Beware: Not all Principals Covet such a Mission!”

    “Go Back to School or Leave the Teaching Profession! “ Professional, tax-payer funded words of advice and wisdom from a woman disguised as a school building leader.

    Intense personal feelings, emotions, assertiveness and methodical resolution to what may be perceived as a disadvantage for already socioeconomic disadvantaged students could be perceived, if taken in good will, as important characteristics of a new public school principal.

    This narrative teacher has found a very special place for the value of quality development as well as keeping pace with the best practices in Twenty-first teaching. As a group of Teachers, the staff asked a reasonable and benign suggestion at the staff meeting. It was posed to the Principal that if, indeed, certain teachers we allegedly exhibiting a pattern of sub-par teaching; then it would be most supportive to the teachers to have an administrator demonstrate a live-lesson. This may contribute to ending some misunderstanding and having the school building leader give professional, hands-on coaching, with an abundance of successful pedagogical practices to view and emulate. The comprehensive verbal from Principal Ms Shelley, in summary: affirmatively stated that she will surely not model best practices for teachers. To paraphrase “If we need that kind of support, we should either go back to school or leave the teaching profession! ” This is just one example of the lack of sound, educational judgment- strongly and deliberately letting the teaching staff know that their work merits no value, while undermining one potential resource that could help one or more teachers. This shows the minimal flaws of this principal, but paints the picture well. For another visual component, imagine her callous disregard for the educational well-being of the enrolled students who, more than others, desperately need grab onto scholarship after scholarship to better the next generation and rescue family and neighbors from poverty.

    Take a moment to flip those characteristics into only part of the recipe that allows a principal with known experience or knowledge, a principal more preoccupied with publicly scolding her certified and well qualified teachers with her vile emotive litanies, than she is about the impressionable elementary school students who bear witness to such tirades in a common area, like a public hallway. How could a publicly-funded venue where teachers, students, and parents all agree, and most have witnessed, that the unfitness for duty displayed by PS 385X Principal Kimberly Shelley continues with impunity? After all, when it is all but certain that her abuse of power and substandard track record of exhibiting very poor judgment, as well as perhaps the most direct disrespect for the integrity of the role of a school principal is her habitual, compulsive lying that she both speaks and memorializes in writing with too much frequency ? The malfeasance of Principal Kimberly Shelley has taken on a life of its own due to her refusal to understand and improve the educational process for young children enrolled in her school.

    Reminiscent of the “Lace Curtain” style of housekeeping and viewing, Principal Shelley has no issues with placing her priorities on the “appearance” that her leadership style is working. Her preoccupation with hallway bulletin boards sadly leads us to yet another example of what must be investigated, brought to the attention of our Chancellor, and be prepared to come to terms when a resolution and final disposition is rendered. How uncomfortable it makes even a third party feel when it becomes known that Ms Shelley will dictate from way on high that Teachers would be receiving letters-to-file if their bulletin board display did not meet certain “expectations”. Continuing; authentic displayed work is displayed with teacher-written, student-constructive comments and rubrics accompanying. Subsequently, she would conduct a ‘walk-through” through the hallways, to inspect bulletin boards. On various horrible occasions, Principal Shelley has been known to tear down all student work, as students, themselves, would return to their seats feeling, as voiced, “not smart”, “stupid”, “worthless” and “scared”. All student work would be ordered by to be “re-done, for “appearance” sake. Never mind the true reason for the display. An eclectic showcase of scaffolding student strengths, areas evident of need of improvement, etc., but, none the less, “authentic”. Children at PS3 385X are known to have been extremely upset that their school principal, for reasons unclear to them, will not hesitate to enter their domain and rip, – yes, “rip” down authentic student work that was completed with effort.

    The pedagogical staff makes it their collective mission to teach and improve the lives of the impoverished. It is as if they are deliberately undermined by never-ending demands related to paper work which should, in most cases, sit second chair to the execution, realization, and broad understanding by the children of a proper teaching objective. These teachers are interrupted with the imposition of having to create a weekly class newsletter, (after the students spend more than the required allotted time engaging in literacy activities), weekly homework templates that contradict a more modern and efficient modality that most teachers have already adopted and students have responded to, at least two typed pages of a summative unit-data reporting, despite the obvious fact that the teacher has already collected and classified such data through conventional testing, working with them in small groups based upon teacher data, balancing homework completion with the completion of “in-school” assignments, all sufficiently recorded on paper for the teacher’s data portfolio. Why the need for a “response to Intervention” individualized form for every student in the class, when differentiation, individualization, raising the bar for the more progressive, and teacher instructional meetings with every student on a rotating basis serves all involved with a far more updated and sophisticated “response to intervention”.

    In conclusion: as exampled within: Perhaps one may want to advise Ms Shelley to “go back to school” or “leave the administrative profession.”……… But, I refrain ………… for good reason.

    If I were able to speak out, and speak out for and of: I would exclaim from the height of the local courthouse:
    “Ms. Shelley must leave the profession of education and attempt to procure a refund for her student loan(s).”

    Ms. Shelley currently holds a School Building Leader Initial Certificate! She has no understanding or clear vision for a school to be leading teachers and students.

  5. NO CLUE!!!!!
    It seems like anyone that can afford a student loan can be a principal these days unfortunately!!!Ms. Shelly is clearly an example of this. What she lacks in managing the people that work so hard for her,people who have a substantial amount of expertise and experience, she makes up for by showing allegiance and favoritism to any staff member that kisses her bottom and is willing to support her misguided and selfish agenda. Bottom suckers who internally destroy the fabric of unity between the other teachers like me with genuine integrity and a genuine passion for teaching. This has caused numerous internal conflicts between teachers who work cooperatively in classrooms. For the sake of what she thinks is a productive teacher,she has pitted her staff against each other. She has destroyed long time relationships and friendships and has singlehandedly brought the morale of the staff to an all time low. Of course she puts the blame on the teachers and anyone else but herself. She seriously needs to go back to school or take some training before being allowed to destroy another school community because of everything she lacks from managing her school to lacking integrity, decision making skills and compassion for the “human beings” that unfortunately have to work for her. She’s a classic case of someone who tries so hard to accomplish her own agenda but lacks the necessary skills to follow through thus creating a toxic, backstabbing environment where no one but the brown nosers want to be.

  6. Shelly won’t give demo lesson because she can’t teach!

  7. All she knows to do is to bark out orders, demand more and more, and demean her teachers. She doesn’t realize there is justice in this world…whether it is dished out right away or later (KARMA),it will eventually come visit us all, and our good deeds will be rewarded, as well as our dark ones,bring us retribution…but people who have no conscience never think on these things and need to learn the hard way. She qualifies as not having a conscience, or she would not do the harm she has been doing not only to teachers, and colleagues but to students, who deserve to work in an inspiring environment-after all they are children. But instead they are forced to endure a negative environment, surrounded by teachers who are stressed and overworked under the tyranny and whip of Ms. Shelly. We all must eventually sow what we reap and it is my guess that principal Shelly will indeed reap what she has sown. She has harmed many teachers in that school, though most of them are now gone thanks to her. She must think she has won and might feel victorious continuing her abuse. But karma comes to eventually visit us all. We are all hoping this will come to pass. God looks over His children. Revenge is mine said the Lord. When those of pure heart are abused, nothing good can come to the abuser.

  8. Today we held an interview for a new principal for our beautiful new school and im SO glad this person didnt show up! She RUDELY declined to show up on her scheduled time, we called her to ask if she was ready to come in and she HUNG UP. That prompted me to look her up online, I wanted to see who was the person who cared so little for this important job.

    • She was apparently let go of her position as principal of PS 385–so watch out for her–she will be job hunting soon!!Though the superintendent of Dist. 7 made it sound like “she found another position” everyone knows this cannot be so….What principal or teacher would be allowed to leave 2 months before school is over?! She may think she fooled the staff, but they all know Shelley was let go and now in need of work!

      • Disappointed parent

        Hey Lucy
        This is a parent. You might think you now the truth, but you are badly mistaken. All the complaints regarding Ms.Shelley and her way of being an administrator is only bothersome to teachers and professionals that are not doing their job and only collecting a pay check.

      • She is now an Assisrant principal in far rockaway

  9. Bully to staff, excessive paper work. Decorating school is more important.

  10. Its crazy was she really that bad.

    • Disappointed parent

      No! Some people don’t like to teach children. Real teachers go to college with the desire to teach only and then you have teachers that fail at a desired career. And last but not least you have those who just don’t know what to do and they say I have a degree I will teach. Now you wonder why our kids are failing.

  11. Well Shelley made her way to District 27 in FarRockaway Queens. God have mercy on our souls!!

  12. She is an asst. principal

    • Thanks for the heads up! Yes,God have mercy on you! Don’t allow her to bully you….maybe if enough people stand up to her, she may be found out n sent somewhere else….Is she in Elementary or JHS?? Would love to know….Hope the latter!!

  13. Ms. Shelley was a terrible principal that disrespected teachers and now she is looking for a job.. Good Luck! There is a saying.. “Don’t treat people badly because you might meet them on your way down” and this is what is happening to this terrible woman.

  14. disappointed parent.. is living in a dream world.. you would not last a day as a teacher in the department of education. you do dont know what your talking about

  15. top notch teach

    Ms Shelley is a fabulous administrator and people need to stop bashing her. All these things are untrue. She is real, honest and supportive. We are very happy to have her at PS/MS 42Q!!!

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