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Kathleen Elvin


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  1. Kathleen Elvin, Principal of John Dewey High School, Brooklyn. There are 12 teachers (I am one of them) who are in the midst of a lengthy appeals process due to her harrassment. I am since retired, largely due to her non-stop campaign to destroy my career. She has “3020a’d” many of us, and came in to the school on a “mission” to harrass/destroy/ruin rank and file educators- and even her own adminsitrators!- if they did not fall into line, which meant lick her jackboots! A true monster, whose karma is very, very bad!!!

  2. The stories coming out of john Dewey are revealing. Ninety percent of Kathleen Elvin’s energy is devoted to teacher control. The climate of fear is maintained to subordinate dissent under Macciavellian control. It isn’t working. Fear has become hatred, and teachers are finding their voices at last.

  3. I am sorry to hear about what is happening at John Dewey High School. I do not want to think that the students were used as “tools” in the systematic attack on a poor teacher. I think it is something to consider. I read about the problems with Flames Basketball Neighborhood Recreation Program in John Dewey, HS. It is a shame that:

    After 41 years in John Dewey, HS; before this new principal arrived (no incidents reported about the program) the systematic dismantling of Flames Basketball Neighborhood Recreation Program begins.

    As a John Dewey, HS alumni and also a Flames Basketball parent alumni; I am very interested in this situation. I wrote a letter to the principal explaining my deep concerns and worry about how she was doing harm to the Flames Basketball Program. I stated my position as clearly as I could to convey the gravity of her actions towards the Flames Basketball Program. I also wrote an impact statement letter to my councilman. Flames is Non-adversarial to John Dewey, HS. Flames is Community Minded. Flames is about Building Bridges

    For a program(school) to be successful you need (5)essential keys. 1. extended hours; 2. small setting; 3. effectiveness; 4. leaders; 5. consistency. Flames Basketball Neighborhood Recreation Program has all five key elements. It has been successfully operating for over 40 years in John Dewey, HS. It is an institution. It is symbiotic with John Dewey, HS students. Flames teaches young men about goals and the achievement of goals. These young men strive very hard to keep good attendance, punctuality, sportsmanship. These young men know that discipline and consistency will grow their aspirations into reality.

    The participants in the program are often seen wearing Flames jackets. They are often seen purposefully gathering and mobilizing around the neighborhood. They are going to Flames at John Dewey, HS or coming back from a game. They are not committing any crimes in the neighborhood. Without consistency and effectiveness in the Flames, you will witness attrition and problems that will inevitably spill out into the community. Why choose to destroy a program that works along with the school and is successful. If you want young people to feel unwanted, unaccounted for, and unworthy this is the way to hurt young minds.

    Today, I read about what more horrible events are taking place in John Dewey, High School. I don’t understand how this is all happening. What is happening to my school???

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  5. Michael Coughlan

    I was blackmailed by Kathleen Elvin when she was the principal of Williamsburg Prep. I was a 3rd year Teaching Fellow with a temporary license and no bargaining power when she gave me all my reviews in an elective on the last day of school. She threatened to expel me permanently from the DOE unless I accepted a “D” and continued to teach physics under her supervision. I had many offers from top schools, and she blocked all of them on multiple occasions. I eventually made it out on open market. Other Fellows were not so lucky. She is a sociopath, and she must be fully exposed.

    • Sorry for your troubles Michael. Are you in contact with the others? Perhaps they can reach out to us at

    • MR Coughlan, you taught me my junior year in Williamsburg prep high school and I will never forget your kindness and understanding towards us, especially when I struggled in the subject and when my dog died and my grades dropped. You were truly an amazing teacher.

    • Michael,

      By now I imagine you’ve heard that the sociopathic, filthy Elvin has been toppled! She managed to ruin many lives and careers, to turn a once-great school into a symbol of her own immense mediocrity, and to do the bidding of her bosses at the DOE. But she left in disgrace, felt the karma that she put out for so long. We had to keep on the media and to keep blowing the whistle, for the whole time she was at Dewey I was one of the few who was confrontational and would not give an inch. Being “nice” to her meant nothing, as many learned to their dismay. I hope you feel a sense of “justice delivered” to know she was fired and publically shamed, as she deserved to be!

  6. As someone returning to teaching after many years what happened at John Dewey HS is disturbing. I truly commend the teachers that band together to not only get their voices heard but to let the DOE know that former principals like Elvin don’t belong! What saddens me is that when I was a teacher I remember working in East New York and faced a Principal that was similar to Elvin. Who systematically tried and did in many occasions destroy the career of first year teachers! It was disgusting!! So this kind of abuse as been going on for a very long time. I hope these events not only strengthen the UFT and the teachers, but put some fear in some on these principals that think they can’t be touched! If a principal doesn’t treat teachers and school staff with respect they don’t belong leading a school. Period!

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