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  1. The principal was very abusive with her staff. She used the students against the teachers. she would tell them to tell on their teachers to get them in trouble. She was abusive during the state test. She gave the kids extra time and did not follow appropriate procedures. She tested in the gym and then she gave a teacher a u rating because he gave them games to play while they sat their for hours after the test and had nothing to do. She abuses funds and gives people per session inappropriately. Somehow she is still principal. There is so much more.

  2. I was with that teacher in the gym while they sat there for hours with nothing to do. They didn’t even have tables to sit at. Shortly after the kids finished the test the tables were removed because they had to be returned to the lunchroom. She also had her sister counseling my students. Might I had she wasn’t a licensed therapist. I did report this to OSI and nothing ever came of it. She fell asleep while proctoring the state test. A student actually took a picture of her asleep while proctoring. There were no time limits for the test. She was doing makeup testing after school hours. June Barnett was unbelievably corrupt.

  3. This is the most unprofessional, rude and abusive principal I’ve ever encountered. She has transformed the school into a toxic environment and made teachers either fearful and anxious to go to work or allies or spies of her, making them write statements against their colleagues, great teachers that do not bow to her by rewarding them with Effective ratings while hardworking, great teachers have to suffer her abuse of power every day and are asked to go observe new teachers to learn how to teach although they have fifteen to twenty years of experience and are wonderful pedagogues. Teachers are getting sick with severe depression and anxiety .

    Students are either ‘charmed’ or ‘coerced’ by her to spy on their teachers and write against them. One student told me and my co-teacher June Barnett gave her $40 because she always told her everything that was going on in our classroom, and showed everyone the envelope with money and the Principal’s writing on it. She tells new teachers to stay away from the old teachers and becomes incredibly friendly in order to use them in the future in her evil schemes. The new teachers feel empowered and are disrespectful or totally ignore the older teachers . I stayed away from all the old teachers because she told me to making statements that were unprofessional.

    Everything is sloppy in June Barnett’s school including behavior management, existence of proper materials for Bilingual students, yet she makes it believe the school is good when the QR is coming. In reality it is not. If these QR people go to teachers other than the ones the Principal nominates,they will notice the difference .

    She also gives extra time for state testing that she is not supposed to. She has no knowledge of how a CTT classroom should function or what a Special educator’s responsibilities truly are , yet she blames the teachers in order to save her own skin . If she doesn’t like you as a teacher she will fabricate all sorts of lies about you including false statements and untrue evaluations of your performance.

    Once someone expresses an opinion different than hers, they become her target. She has people in the administration who do not think for themselves, only follow her and will back her up even if they know they are lying and doing the wrong thing.she chooses to be surrounded by weak or incompetent people so she could be in total control.

    Although she has 48 allegations against her including inproper use of school’s finances in per session- according to a statement OSI made , nothing happened to her but I will do whatever it takes to change that.

    A leader should be a model not someone with issues that fires and destroys teachers’ careers because of her personal feelings toward them. This is not why we worked so hard to become educators to end up abused, minimalized and mistreated! When we went to school we were not told to kiss anyone’s behind in order to make it as educators or not to think for ourselves!The problem is that teachers at IS 218 have to stop fearing this dictator Barnett and speak up for themselves. She will be after you anyway at some point so why are you afraid to speak up?Change is coming, but you should be part of it!

    • A Student at I.S. 218 (currently)

      I immediately wanted to reply after I read your comment. I was part of her Saturday Program in order to get more help for the upcoming Specialized High School Admissions Test. One of the days, as I am part of The Children’s Aid Society, I.S 218 Adolescent Literacy Program, I went to a trip with them and missed Saturday Program with my friend who also was supposed to go to Saturday Program, after missing we were her new target. We had to search the halls for her and be careful in order for her to not directly yell at us. This is my personal relation to your comment.

  4. All of the above are true. In the beginning she is friendly toward the new teachers to the point she badmouths the older teachers and make them look bad. This way she gives power to the new teachers over the older teachers. Sooner or later she wants a favor from the new teacher she has ‘befriended’ and if the teacher doesn’t do what she says-usually report other teachers or other issues of this nature-she or he is done.

    She says Latino teachers are gossipers and that the new teachers should stay away from them.

    She treats Bilingual students differently than the monolingual students. For example,if a Bilingual students didn’t complete an assignment she was made aware of, she would say: “Why don’t you go back to your country and work in a bodega? All Dominican girls get pregnant by 14 anyway and the boys go to jail!”

    June Barnett has no empathy and her evaluations have nothing to do with the teachers’ real abilities. No matter what you do, you will be incompetent because she has something personal against you. On the other hand teachers that do not deserve to be “effective” get effective ratings and new teachers that are under her wing have nothing to worry about in terms of ratings. Sometimes that favored teacher gets Effective without even being evaluated.

    Sometimes as a teacher in her school I thought I was in a communist country where you are limited to talk and express your opinions. I believe that this cannot be happening in a democratic country like the U.S. but it is , and someone has to put a stop to this! Teachers are afraid to speak up and this is why she is still Principal.

    According to Machiavelli, in order to conquer you need to divide and June Barnett is a master at this. She creates animosity among teachers and intimidates them to the point that teachers are fearful to even say “hello’ to each other. Around the ELA test exams, the Principal seems worried about her students’ scores but how can we teach if we are under constant pressure, intimidation and punishment? Many times June Barnett comes into the classroom and screams at you and puts you to shame in front of your students. It is absolutely unbelievable that nobody does anything for this woman to be removed from a position of leadership where she has the power to do away with many good teacher’s careers. This has an impact on the students as well who are unhappy seeing their teachers are mistreated.

    Although she is a monster, I pray that one day God will change her heart of stone but many times I have been wondering how that woman got this position as leader.

  5. Jeffrey Negron

    Oh wow, where do I begin? I was a victim of June Barnett’s corrupt and vicious regime. I went there as a new teacher 4 years ago, bright eyed and ready to work. I had been warned about her by a teacher who had just retired, but I soldiered on anyway. I loved my children and I kept my focus on them even though she was raking me over the coals every single day. Complaints to OSI, the chancellor, and the superintendent regarding dangerous conditions for both teachers and students and her abusive ways were ignored. She tried to get rid of me after my first year but did not follow proper procedure, so the DOE, instead of putting me in another school, put me right back in her crosshairs the following year. She was able to get rid of me the following year with almost every single type of allegation that you can think of.

    The thing about the picture taken of her during testing is absolutely true. I have first hand knowledge of the kid and teacher who were either bribed or sweet talked into erasing the picture. I personally made 2 reports to OSI regarding her missusing funds and per session.

    My heart really goes out to new teachers, bilingual students and special education students. Those are the people that suffer the most under her regime.

    There is so much more to cover when talking about June Barnett. I am sure others will come on here and add.

    • I understand exactly what you mean, I was an A.P, most of her allegations against were false, I fought and the equal opportunity office issued a letter so that I could that the case to court, I did not go to court, I was tired after 2 years of fighting, but I proved to them that she was wrong, Now I see that she has not changed her ways, which is too bad for the kids and the educators.



        • Mr. Yarleque:

          I just saw your reply to something on teachers’ bullying that I responded to last year. Unfortunately your reply is dated August of last year. I would be interested in talking with you. Please email me at iulianatrifu28@gmail.com. I read these comments here, and I think I should put up a comment as well regarding my experience at IS 218 and not as Anonymous as I don’t have anything to fear, but I may do it now.

          I have moved on after the suffering produced by an unfair principal, Ms. Barnett, except two cases I have in court that are still pending. I am very sad and angry to say that Ms. Barnett cannot distinguish between the personal and professional side and rates teachers in accord with what and how she personally feels toward them. I know it because she said it in front of me and others teachers she was attempting to be ” sweet” to in the beginning to get them on her side- which side is that of darkness and vengeance against good professionals she personally dislikes for God knows why. Those unfortunate teachers’ evaluations have nothing to do with their skills and knowledge as teachers and may God help me to prove this in court with witnesses and based on the fact I am a truthful person. Truth will always prevail even if it will be hard, I am a fighter. I am not doing this for me as much as I am doing it for all the teachers that have been victimized by unfair and abusive administration after having worked so hard to be teachers,but I am especially doing it for justice. Be it that I win or not, I have to do this to open new doors and attempt to make a change.-I want to be able to look in my child’s eyes and tell him or her I am standing up for something and that I fiercely fought for it regardless of the suffering. In the beginning, ms. Barnett was apparently very nice to me while telling me to stay away from veteran teachers,alienating me from my colleagues. It was a threat and I was afraid. Ms. Whitaker would always warn me to stay away from everyone or I lose my job. When the principal saw I confronted her as in my last year I promised myself I would stand up for justice at the expense of termination , I became a threat and she had to eliminate me. However, not only did she focus on her fabrications to deem me incompetent and thus contradicting herself, but she also dwelled on my facial scar as reasons for not allowing me to be a teacher . People see me beautiful because I have a scar, including my husband but that is something hard to understand for Ms. Barnett.

          She has told teachers I had to be discontinued because I have a facial scar and I can’t be a teacher with something like this. This outraged me, and made me file these lawsuits. I know she told other teachers this because she had said it to me as well but I ignored it ( as I have a tendency not to care when people make such remarks) until I heard she told others too.

          I am sorry I stayed away from colleagues who wanted to warn me, but I was on a work visa and afraid. When I lost it all, I became the person I should have always been, brave and standing up for justice regardless she would fire me after my first year as she did with all other probationary teachers that she disliked for personal reasons.

          Although I had been angry for a long time, I got over it, and found peace and happiness knowing justice will prevail even if it takes time . I just realized that bring the administrator she is, there is nothing in Ms, Barnett’s heart but hatred, and darkness. Only an unhappy person would fire hard-working teachers with fabrications and set-ups because this is her sole means of feeling empowered. I am a believer in God, and I don’t know exactly how, and when , but I am absolutely sure that she will pay for every life and career she had destroyed unfairly.

          I am going to be an administrator myself but I will be everything Ms. Barnett was not, thanks to this hard lesson I had learned which made me a good professional and a better person. And sorry to all my colleagues that I stayed away from when all they wanted to tell me was that I would be destroyed had I not moved to another school as soon as possible. My students also tried to warn me. I guess it was meant to be. Thanks to this, I am a person , and a colleague who is proud to look in the mirror and see whom she’s become!


      • Unfortunatley when it comes to NYC DOE, one is just a number, especially if you have something that will shake their trees.

  6. Former Math Teacher

    I am sorry about what happened to all the good teachers this unstable Principal fired. I worked in that environment and had to get out because of so much abuse that was going on. I loved teaching Math and I loved my children but could not take the intimidation and humiliation at the hands of the administration. Whether that was directed toward me or my co-workers. The Principal had new teachers spying on the older teachers. One thing that bothered me the most was when she mentioned that the bilingual teachers were gossipers when she is the biggest gossiper alive. She is turning the new teachers against the more seasoned teachers but my heart goes out to these naive idealists because they have no idea what dear, sweet Ms. B will do to them when they are of no more use to her.

    She can’t be a Principal but the problem is that she continues to be one because the teachers in that school do not come together to do something. They are just talking about it but no action taken.

    I wonder what happened to those close to Ms. B who helped her change the answers on the ELA and Science state examinations. Did she dispose of them after she used them? I believe so.

    The teachers that are still there are very weak because they let her abuse them so they will continue being abused or afraid to go to work the next day. I am sorry you have not realized that by letting her get away with intimidating you she has more power over you to continue her tyrannical regime. But what you do not know is that she will fall from her mighty throne and her little spies and henchmen not only they will watch her fall but also betray her.

    I am wondering how many teachers that are still at IS 218 had the courage to write any comments on this site. Good for the ones who identified themselves!

    • One of her spies is dead already. Whitaker bit the dust last fall. Gotta catch them before they do go.


      I was and A.P. there 2006-2007, this person is corrupted. I had left all the bad experiences that happened to me at that school behind, but after reading this blog and learning that this person continues to oppress the educators, I believe that the teachers must report her to the higher authorities of the Dept of Education, the kids are losing.

      • It has been reported. DOE sits on thier hands. Parents have even contacted local politicians. I even wrote to Fernando Mateo, who appeared to me to be a civil rights activist for latinos. It is truly sad.

        • Appalled to read these comments

          I think that what Mr. Yarleque means by ” higher authorities” is reporting her to Albany. This happened in my school and it was very productive because the abuser is now gone.

          Albany will actually do something as opposed to DOE who sits on their hands. Maybe you guys should all get together and report her there. I think media should also be involved. Go to all newspapers and TV channels. Parents deserve to know what is going on, everyone deserves to know. Good luck!


      So you are a coward because you did not identify yourself?

    • A Student at I.S. 218 (currently)

      Last year we lost a very wanted teacher
      I am hoping this that teacher
      If you were the math teacher last year
      Please reply

    • A Student at I.S. 218 (currently)

      Last year we lost a teacher who in my case was one of my favorites
      I am hoping I can find this teacher again
      If you were a 6th math teacher at I.S. 218 last year,
      Please reply
      Thank you for your time.

  7. Concerned Teacher

    I am in shock June Barnett is still Principal. I heard her say to the Dominican students at the school to go back to their country and she was involved this past year in the chapter leader elections blinding and bribing the many new teachers to vote for her friend so she could have total control. But let’s see what happens to her spies when she is gone.
    I heard her say she was going to discontinue a teacher because the teacher had a facial scar and according to June Barnett, “that gets in the way of teaching”. I do not know if that teacher is suing her and if she is looking for witnesses. I can be a witness because I was there when she said it . I went home and told my family about it and they were all shocked!
    June Barnett is a disgrace to the educational system.

    • Deborah Williams

      Ms. Trifu is looking for witnesses. I don’t have her information. You might want to search for her so you can provide her with a witness statement.

      • I thought I would add something important- my situation has been fixed the way I wanted it to in the sense that my record remained untarnished . I moved on to much better things with God’s help- and the strength that I picked up along the way… However, this doesn’t mean that I have ever stopped thinking about the fact that this is going on not only at IS 218 but everywhere across the DOE… I am sorry to say this but maybe public schools should be closed down as they do not serve the children while depriving them of their good teachers at the whim of whoever happened to sit in the administrative chair . Ms. Barnett knows who she is as an administrator and person and I will leave it up to God to do what needs to be done and maybe not right now but some years down the road what needs to be done will be done.
        I look at my posts and realize how traumatized I was when I wrote all these comments . After three years I finally recovered. Yet, I know that in God’s time what needs to be done will be done.

        I am sorry for the children and I am sorry for the injustice and corruption that happen in an environment where people should be role models as they serve beautiful and innocent children. However, my message is: never lose hope and never give up. Unlike me who didn’t listen to people who tried to open my eyes, when you see that the writing is on the wall, transfer to another school as soon as you can or just resign!Yet, never stop believing that good will prevail and that it is a matter of time.

        Endurance, patience and seeing the light even when thrown in complete darkness by people who are miserable makes you superior to petty administrators and inspire your students to be like you – a visionary and a hero!

        You all are heroes, don’t ever forget that, and never allow anyone to convince you you are not . I have the greatest respect for all these damaged teachers because they had the strength to fight , and never give up, the reason why they are still standing victoriously because in the end they have moved to better and more positive and healthy work environments where their value is finally recognized . What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and better… So no, you who thinks that you got it your way, you haven’t destroyed us, you are just destroying yourself gradually .

    • WOW! Unbelievable

  8. What the hell does DOE do with all of this stuff. If they are sweeping it under a rug, that has got to be one mighty big lump underneath that rug. We have no choice but to believe DOE is happy with her as one of their principals. Such a shame, all of the lives ruined, of both teachers and students.

  9. What the hell does DOE do with all of this stuff? If they are sweeping it under a rug, that has got to be one mighty big lump underneath that rug. We have no choice but to believe DOE is happy with her as one of their principals. Such a shame, all of the lives ruined, of both teachers and students.

  10. Cesar Paris Yarleque

    WOW it seems that this principal continues to discriminate and abuse her staff. Why is the NYC of
    education doing nothing about it? I was the assistant
    principal of her school in 2006-2007, on October 2006,
    during my first year as an A.P. she said to me
    “If you do not resign I will rate you unsatisfactory no matter what you do”. She created a bunch of cases against me, based on lies and made up stories and eventually I lost my A.P. License. I have to admit that being a rookie in this position I did commit mistakes, but who does not???? I was rated unsatisfactory by the DOE. If you ask the teachers who knew me well, they had a good opinion of me, and I am a person with good vision and I authentically care for the kids. This person should not be a principal, and yes, my name is Cesar Paris Yarleque.

  11. 2011 graduated alumni

    I went to this school! this woman used me! she made me one of her spies, so I basically told her everything that was going in the classrooms, teachers and students life. I remember in 8th grade during the science state test, She told the science teacher to make sure our answers were correct! It was evident because the teacher went around the class rooms telling students “take a look at that, make sure thats right, do it again, dont forget the units”. She also did not allowed me to graduate on june, because I told that there were kids cheating on the ELA test, and she took my rights of graduating on june and forced me to graduate on August. Its really sad how she had her group of favorite students, that contained bullies, the “gossipers” and the good kids. which she basically used to move her influences around the school. I remember she gave this girl D.O $25 dollar gift card and flowers because she told her what a teacher said about her.

  12. How is this deceitful woman still a principal? Dozens of investigations, and the DOE allows her to keep running that school into the ground? Her cuntinued presence is a disgrace to the city.

  13. This is a Principal that is corrupt , a dictator and evaluates and fires teachers based on her personal feelings toward them not on their objective performance. Seasoned teachers get Developing and Ineffective and new teachers or older teachers that spy for her and collaborate with her in the destruction of other pedagogues get Effective and Highly effective although they are Ineffective.Teachers are afraid to speak up for fear they’d become her next target. She had two teachers get sick with severe depression and PTSD. She is rude, unprofessional, abuses both students and teachers. She is making racist comments against the Hispanic teachers and students and coerces or pays students to write statements against their teachers and spy on them and report back to her and does the same with teachers, instigating them against one another and forcing them to write false statements against other teachers she wants to do away with. I can prove this.There is no control of students’behavior and teachers get blamed. This Principal has 48 allegations against her including improper spending of school ‘s money and paying her ‘friends’ crazy amounts in per session . The bilingual department are offered no materials for students. New teachers that are not liked by her are offered no help and if they dare speak up in a meeting and express an opinion different than the Principal’s, they will be fired by her. She fabricates false reasons and evidence for firing teachers. The dean and parent coordinator will back her up either out of fear but more likely because they are her allies. She is a dictator and it is a shame that DOE still has her as the Principal.

  14. Love her, you all suck

    • Mee too thats my favorite principal! I graduated in 2011 and I love her! – KB

    • From your vocabulary, I think we know why ” you loved her”. You have no knowledge as to what she had done to good and hard- working teachers.

    • It is hard to believe that anybody would ” love” June Barnett. She is good at making people believe she is ” wonderful” when she has a hidden reason for that appearance and that reason, my dear, is to use you to terminate whoever seems better than her as a professional among the teachers or whoever doesn’t bow to her. I know that because I have been there. Are you sure she did not put you up to this? I read all these comments carefully and my heart goes to all these teachers that have been damaged by somebody who should not be in an administrative position.

      There are no words to describe Ms. Barnett because I have never met someone like her. Having a heart of stone presided by darkness, and constant desire for vengeance against people in general, especially teachers who have a mind of their own, and do not bow to her because they don’t need to bow to anyone, she has forgotten about the fundamental spiritual truth that you cannot destroy any human being because you do not have that right. Some people call Him God, others call him the Creator of this Universe. Well, He will make June Barnett pay for all the evil deeds she has committed in knowledge against the creation of God. No one messes up with God’s children and all people are God’s children, especially those who have a close relationship with Him.

    • no I do not, I can prove it in any classroom, in any school, put your money where your mouth is….

  15. If she disliked a teacher or an AP, she could tell that person: ” We don’t seem to work well together ( or whatever else )and I strongly suggest you transfer to another school in the fall ” not quietly plan that person’s destruction. That is so twisted and wrong. Transfer isn’t possible during the year unless she approves it and she doesn’t because she has a plan with you. I wanted to transfer in my last year, but I couldn’t.

    Why go after a person’s career especially create false allegations and false evaluations to ensure that person is destroyed? If DOE doesn’t do anything, something can still be done at another level. What bothers me the most is not what happened to me anymore as I had the strength to forget it, but the fact that I hear that seasoned, experienced teachers are rated ineffective knowing who they are as teachers . Can you sleep at night, Ms. Barnett? From what I hear, you do not have a lot of teaching experience and it is sad and hypocritical to rate good teachers , especially veteran teachers who have been in the educational field for so long “Ineffective” without evidence or fabricated evidence. Mostly your ” evidence” is just language copied from the Danielson ‘s rubric consisting of a single sentence copied and pasted from there without evidence to support it. I believe evaluations should be taped for the truth to come to light. It is not enough that a sole evaluator performs these teacher observations as it is not right that evaluations are not being taped. Also, somebody from outside should come to check that the evaluations are performed fairly and teachers should have outside evaluators. I am a hopeful person . I think this will be possible.

  16. How can we judge people without knowing their actions? It is incredibly awful what you guys are doing, Ms. Barnet worked hard to make what I.S 218 is, I was there 3 years and honestly I learned profusely. I don’t know how she acts towards teachers and I know she is a really persistent person. Yet, she does it for the best of that school. Therefore if she is a bad person likewise you stated…. why is the school have been so successful then? I mean, if you take your stuff seriously, you are going to do excellent, no doubt about it. Ms. Barnet is like karma, she gives what you give, she is not corrupt, she is fair. I remember my very first days in that school, I obviously didn’t know English. I got depressed so many times, afraid of never learning it, or failing the state exam twice. But now I look at my self and just laugh about it. I am taking English with 10 graders, I passed all the state exams and life is just good. People sometimes don’t even understand what I’m saying because I use an advance vocabulary.

    But at the end, I just would like to say that Ms. Barnet is not your opinion, is what she does, and she does good to school. So she is really good.

    • Bilingual student

      I think that Ms. Barnett is asking students to write nice things about her. She is like karma? No! karma will get Ms. Barnett. I love karma!

      This is the worst principal and she isn’t good at teaching either. I didn’t understand anything she taught my class on a Saturday.

      She is offering no support to the new teachers. However one of my teachers although she was new and without any help from Ms. Barnett or anyone she made us -students who just came from the Dominican Republic and knew no English when yeh year started show big improvement on the NYSESLAT English exams and even pass the English Language Arts test. I learned English from her not Ms. Barnett.

      She was working till 9 pm at night helping us. How do I know it ? Because she stayed with me late helping me and I bet she was not paid for that!

      What is her reward? She was fired by Ms. Barnett. For what? Because she didn’t like her? Ms barnett may laugh that Ms Trifu has a bad scar on her face but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a good teacher! I think she is 100 times a better teacher than Ms. Barnett is. She also speaks 4 language and is a Spanish teacher even if Spanish is not her first language.

      I can testify for this teacher if I need to and my mother will testify! She was my favorite teacher. Her name was Ms. Trifu. But she was not the only teacher that loved teaching and was hated by Ms. Barnett. I just saw comments she wrote and also that other people wrote about her and I know Ms. Barnett fired her because she didn’t like her. I believe it was also because Ms. Trifu has a very big scar on her face. I heard her talk about it!
      There were also other amazing teachers who also were fired because Ms. Barnett didn’t like them. I was not in Mr. Negron’s class but my friends who were in his class learned a lot from him . And I know from my friends that Mr. Negron was set up by Ms. Barnett. The principal had Edwin Tapia write that Mr. Negron did something bad to him so she could fire that teacher.

      I was upset with Ms Trifu because she was defending Ms Barnett even if we kept telling her the truth about Ms Barnett. I wish you listened to us , Ms Trifu, but don’t worry – you will be in a better place if you aren’t already because you are a good person . And you really care about us. God doesn’t sleep, Ms. Trifu! No teacher spent money out of her pocket to take us on nice trips or do a pizza party at the end of the month except you, and Ms. Augustina Diaz and a couple more. She even did bake sales for us to raise money to take us to cool places like Believe It or Not. She baked a lot of cakes for those sales. I hope you continue your cases and you won’t just Let God deal with Ms. Barnett. I hear you got married so I hope you aren’t gonna give up your fight against this woman. and I think you kno who I am. If not I will give you clue. ” best teacher ever!”
      Parents should come together to fight this principal because she puts down Dominican kids and is telling the Dominican girls they get pregnant young and that Dominican boys end up in prison . I heard her too. She was always picking on us . The bilingual kids!!!! saw her once grab a friend screaming at him like she was possesed ! For nothing! She wouldn’t let us use the bathroom when we were eating in the cafeteria. I know the parent coordinator was on her side and then Ms. Barnett got rid of her also after she got in trouble because of her.
      Ms. Barnett is very deceiving, very very fake, rude and has an evil heart, she cheats everyone and is a good liar and I am sad that the department of education does nothing. She likes teachers who do nothing but scream at us all the time like Mr. Patrick and Ms Fajardo among many others. Ms fajardo even threw a pencil at me during the state exams because she was gossiping about my favorite teacher and I gave her a bad look. Ms. Barnett also cheated on state exams. I know it because I saw it. Every student in the school knows it. It started with the science exams. After she used the science teacher to tell students the answers then she got rid of her. Then cheating continued with the ELA exams. All students except a few that Ms.Barnett bribed with money, gifts and change of grades HATE her! You should be ashamed , Dominican students to defend Ms. Barnett after you know how she pulled us., screamed at us, told us to go back to our country, made us feel worthless. You should be ashamed!!!!!!!!!! I don’t kno why teachers don’t do something together against this principal especially the Latino teachers that Ms. Barnett she hates except one or two that are always in her office telling on other teachers .

      • Hey I did pizza parties too. I even fed that Tapia kid after he wrote that crap about me. He even ate the slices that I had separated for AP Singh.

    • She placed three students
      In the special education prigram
      Just to punish them for
      Misbehavior and the parents
      Of these childreb were not informed.
      This took place in 2007.

  17. i was a student in 218 for 3 year As the year pass I have noticed a lot of things and one of them is that ms barnet In the beginning she is friendly toward the new teachers to the point she start treating the older teachers in a rude way and make them look bad. This way she gives power to the new teachers over the older teachers. Sooner or later she wants a favor from the new teacher and if the teacher doesn’t do what she says-usually report other teachers or other issues of this nature-she or he is done.

    She treats Bilingual students differently than the monolingual students. For example,if a Bilingual students didn’t Follow her rules she would say: “Why don’t you go back to your country and work in a bodega? Every things bad she does she cover them up with good things

    However she does not do what she suppose to, she only looking for people to bring them down… there a lot of things going on and one of them is that there is bullying going on when I was in that school I was a victim of bullying by the estudent she did not do nothing I fealt in depresion and start doing a lot of bad things when I was in 7 grade I start acting up because I was tired of people bullying me But the worst thing is that she did not help me and other teacher did what she was supposed to do and I hope she paid everything she did to teacher and estudent

  18. To the person who identified herself or himself as “SOMEONE”
    I have been a teacher in good standing until the last 6 months of my 4 years at IS 218. Just like you, I was made by Ms. Barnett believe that she was such a ” good principal” until she started gossiping about other teachers and saying that no matter what they did or how well they did, she would ‘discontinue’ them. And she did.

    Anyone who is what you describe just cannot destroy a teacher’s career. Just cannot fabricate untrue reasons to terminate a good teacher. I would not be able to rest at night if I did such a thing. No one would or shouldn’t.

    Like I have said, not only am I still a bit angry (…) to say what I have said, but am still very sad because just like you, I initially trusted someone like Ms. Barnett. In the beginning I did. I was brainwashed. However, her actions disappointed me every time( the way she treated teachers that were great at their craft, the way she treated everyone differently and not equally as she should have and the fact she had favorites, the fact that bad behavior of students was not corrected and instead of getting help, teachers got blamed – these are only some of the many examples there are). I realized she had alienated me from my colleagues and I had become someone I am not. I was afraid to stand up for what was right. I was afraid to say anything. I was like a robot. Until my fourth year when I knew that my change in behavior toward the principal would target me for termination but I chose to be brave, stay away from the administration and defend my opinions in meetings that is also supported by the 1st amendment to the constitution but seemingly not by Ms. Barnett. I knew I was going to be discontinued for such behavior as I no longer wanted to have anything to do with Ms. Barnett.

    I discovered the truth about Ms. Barnett in the very beginning of my last year there. I suddenly felt ashamed that for so long I had avoided the chapter leader, Mr. D’Urso when all he tried to do was help me and advise me to transfer to another school. Students and a few colleagues tried to warn me and tried to tell me that if I wanted to be successful as a teacher, I had to find another school to work in, that I am constantly in danger to lose my career at IS 218, that this happened too many times to other good probationary teachers . Instead of listening to them, I stayed away from all my colleagues. I see a student is saying that I defended the principal when they told me negative things about her. It is true. Unfortunately I did. I believed it was professional to do so. I was afraid that if I was seen talking to anyone disliked by Ms Barnett, I would be targeted. I felt like I was not my mother’s daughter. I felt ashamed of myself until gradually I got more and more depressed and started losing sleep at night because someone up there was not happy with me. I knew I had to change. And I did. My last year I made a sudden change although it was my tenure year.

    To address what you wrote here, consider this: if once Ms Barnett wrote I was an asset to her school, I inexplicably became incompetent. I worked hard, stayed late and regardless of the bad ratings and horrible comments, I came prepared for my kids every day because it was the right thing to do. Maybe someone in my position would have just given up, knowing no matter what she did or how well she performed her duties, she would be deemed incompetent and be fired. I hadn’t given up. This is the thing about me: I never give up.

    Not surprisingly, Ms Barnett finally told me ‘I had to change my career’. Anyone who reads the comments in my evaluations( the bad ones) knows she was after me. It simply shows. She modified comments when I found out what she had said about my face to others and as I just could not function, I reported this to her superiors and she found out based on the fact the Superintendent herself told me that. Needless to say that subsequent observations conducted by other principals a month after my termination and until now, using the same methodology as Ms. Barnett, categorized me as a ‘highly effective’ teacher. How is that possible?
    I had been devastated by evaluations that were untrue as I had lost everything I had worked for but moreover because someone unjust and vindictive labeled me as an ” ineffective ” teacher. It is like when you give your all to your job or to anything and it is in vain. So again, I am appealing to this principal’s conscience by asking her for the last time : ” Can you sleep at night, Ms. Barnett?” We both know that when you don’t like a teacher, no matter how knowledgeable, and motivated that teacher is, you terminate him or her. You said that to me and I was not the only teacher you said that to in the context of talking about other teachers when they were not present, unfortunately. As a spiritual person, I do believe that whatever you do comes back to you. It is time you stopped this behavior. As to the student who names herself/ himself ” Someone”, I hope you see the truth behind my words.

  19. Well, it is more than obvious I couldnt possiblily imagine what teachers went through. Im not one, thus its pretty hard to assumed. Besides. My understanding about this might be incredibly superficial since I never tried to depicted or assume descriptions towards her and I simply didnt have the experience. Yet, I think we should have a little of compassion because students like me were actually successful. She probably did hate us, or thats what we can infer but I guess we get to learn something really important. And is to never give up regardless who is agaisnt us.

  20. A former teacher

    Nobody said we aren’t compassionate. We are trying to scream for help. In reality there are so many June Barnetts out there. This blog is for teachers to voice themselves. It is DOE’s fault more than it is Barnett’s as they allow principals to have ultimate power by allowing them to be both the judge and the executioner.

    Nevertheless, other principals get fired for only one statement similar to hundreds that Barnett made . We care for our students as they are children and it hurts us we can’t do anything to help them. It hurts us to see we can’t do anything to help the many lives of many good teachers Ms. Barnett has unfairly executioned. I personally know of a couple of discontinued teachers who lost their licenses because Ms. Barnett falsely accused them of things they never did and now work in shoe stores or similar places to make a living after years of having been depressed and on the verge of committing suicide because of what she had done to them.

    Ms. Barnett is the one who shows total lack of compassion through her actions. These actions are the result of limitless hatred toward these individuals. Our comments are just a reaction to her many years of lacking compassion toward both students and faculty.

    Maybe next time I will give my name. I guess that even if I am in another school now, I am still fearful.

    It is impressive to see the multitude of teacher comments, yet very few are identifying themselves. That tells a lot in itself.

    If I was Ms. Barnett, I would make things right. It is never too late for anyone if you have the courage to undo what you did wrong. If I was Ms. Barnett, I would go back to all the unfairly terminated teachers’ situations and all unfair observations and admit I made a mistake in each and every one of them. Or find any way to fix them to avoid the destruction that had ensued as a result of those unfair actions while still protecting my Principal position. Then, I would personally ask each and every teacher to forgive me. Then and only then would Ms. Barnett show everyone she is a human being that is able to empathize with these victims while admitting her mistakes. Maybe she would be demoted to an AP but for the sake of righteousness, she would save her image and would find peace. She would turn what is perceived as ‘hatred’ or ‘ lack of compassion’ of teachers into ‘respect’ and even ‘love’. She may even touch hearts so deeply that not only would she keep her position but be the first principal to help undo the overall corruption of the DOE because none of these teaches here are evil and I know they will all forgive her if she undoes all the evil she had done to them while never repeating such injustice with other teachers currently working there.

    Of course this is not going to happen unless she has a change of heart and realizes nothing is important in this world but being truthful, fair and kind to all human beings and professionals regardless of whether she likes them or not as people and regardless of what her coterie is telling her about these teachers. If she happens to laugh at my proposal, then she is really a lost soul, and her end will be tragic and painful because nothing evil you do goes unreturned to you. It is the law of nature. I fully agree with the teachers who stated she would pay for every evil act she had committed. I am old enough to have seen it happen, but as a compassionate human being that I am, I have also witnessed situations when people changed their evil ways and found peace, forgiveness and happiness. It is never too late.

  21. Anyone say anything about her other bird dog over there-Avalos? This guy made up grades for students for a course that they were not taking one year. He threatened violence against a dear friend of mine, then June calls a round table meeting for half of the staff and never addressed the issue of her crazy bird dog. The guy started an argument with me in front of children over nonsense, and I saw him do the same to another teacher. He always blew off staff meetings, training, PDs and got away with it. He has something over JB, or maybe JB is afraid of him because he is psycho. I am surprised he is not the dean or chapter leader in the union, now that I have heard she has her tentacles wrapped around the union now.

  22. Another bilingual student

    Agree with you Mr. Negron! Mr. Avalos is helping Ms. Barnett set up good teachers by lying about them. I know and all my friends knew she had him write something bad against a good Math teacher and whenever I was in the office, I heard her demand from students to tell her everything their teachers said and I was disgusted because she said bad things about teachers to these students. Mr. Avalos is nuts because he always screamed at us and made us feel like we were nothing. But someone told Ms. Barnett about it and she said nothing and did nothing!!!! Am so happy I am far away from that school now. It only brings bad memories except that many of my teachers that Ms. Barnett hated were good and I learned a lot from them. I am very grateful to all of them. Ms. Barnett is really ghetto the way she speaks and I am surprissed nobody said that in here!!!!!!! She is so rude and sometimes I felt like saying something rude back to her. She doesn’t like Dominican students and put us down all the time but she is principal in a Dominican school!!!!

  23. I taught under the wrath of this troll for one year. That is all it took for me to become completely disenchanted with the entire teaching profession and the NYCDOE. She is literally the worst thing that could happen to a school. She told me that my students were “entitled” because they had the audacity to request an actual math teacher and not just a rotation of unqualified substitutes. I could go on for hours but I wont. I am sad to see she is still employed in the education system; I was hoping a house would have fallen on her by now.

  24. Jeffrey Negron

    Short, sweet and to the point. It did the job, Lauren.

  25. June Barnett > Ramsey Bolton

  26. Anonymous for now

    The evil troll JB is still there thinking she is invincible. The DOE- as corrupt as it is sweeps everything under the rug and still keeps principals like June Barnett or Linda Hill or Dwarka employed because people who sue these bitches end up settling…. at least this is why Dwarka is still in power.

    The solution to the Barnett problem is easy- teachers and parents should get together to organize rallies against her outside June Barnett’s ‘school ‘and as someone or a few people here mentioned -report her to authorities higher than the DOE. The evil bitch isn’t invincible. You let her be so. She would literally pee on herself if she sees a rally outside ‘her’ school where she doesn’t belong as Principal.

    People are just either too weak or too forgiving? Or they just move on? How about the others that she is now tormenting??? Or drove out of ‘her’ school? What is wrong with you guys???? Just think that this evil troll won’t stop doing EVIL to every good teacher that is not on her team until YOU STOP HER. AND YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!

    You are a shame to your family, June Barnett! How come you turned out a psycho??? What event traumatized you so much that you ended up hating humankind? When all the prayers of these victims that you’ve destroyed are answered, I hope to be there to see your tears of desperation AND WATCH YOU GET A TASTE OF YOUR OWN medicine, evil troll! You will undoubtedly have a reserved seat in Hell next to Satan, your loving Father whom you worship every day.

  27. 2 more teachers are gone from that hell hole. 2 teachers to loved children, were dedicated, and speak Spanish.

    This made me recall some of the other disgusting events that took place there. Anyone that was there from 2011-2013 remember the kids being shaked down for money on the days they came in without a uniform? One of her other bird dogs, Ms Rubin would barge into classrooms in the middle of a lesson and shake kids down for a dollar each for not using uniforms. I told the kids not to pay it. Of course only a few listened. This was also reported to DOE.

    Another ugly incident that I recalled her other bird dog Mr. Avalos threatened to “kill” a fellow teacher. When I reported this to the “Bidget” as she was secretly referred to by some teachers, (I’m not one I swear, btw Bidget=Bitch+Midget) she called a round table meeting with a bunch of teachers that had nothing to do with the situation. Of course this was also reported to DOE, to no avail.

    Thank God I landed on my feet and got another teaching job. I tell people what I went through there and they think I am joking. I show them this blog, and their jaws hit the floor. If only I had listened to the warnings when I took the job. I guess God has a plan for everyone. A former student just contacted me to tell me he wants to follow in my footsteps and enlist in the Navy. I do enjoy blessings from there. It is all about the children.

  28. Anonymous for now

    I believe you, Jeffrey Negron but my question is: why don’t you guys get together to write to Albany and to organize rallies against her? And when I say ‘you guys’, I mean those teachers that are no longer at I.S. 218.

    Have some pity on this troll’s next victims and stop her. The problem is that everyone moves on and doesn’t want to remember the trauma or doesn’t really care for justice because if you do, you all get together and fight this monster. What stops you? Her connection to the devil and the voodoo she must do to still be there after what she’s done? Because besides a corrupt system that DOE is- I have no other explanation as to why this incompetent woman is still there unless she made a pact with the Devil who keeps her in power. Of course karma will eventually get her( cancer, slow and excruciating death, car accident that may leave her in a wheelchair for the rest of her life, mental disorder that would constantly make her remember all her victims in a repetitious, incessant , constant way…) but why wait for God to make justice when you can be His agents of justice? I know a couple of people who would initiate this movement if you want to be a part of it but one person cannot change the world. If teachers at IS 218 were together and not apart , JB would be long gone.

  29. We did everything we could at the time. No stone was left unturned. We even contacted the legislators of Washington Heights. I even reached out to Fernando Mateo, I don’t know what made me think he was some kind of civil rights warrior on behalf of Latinos.

    I have moved on. You can’t expect people that have moved on to new jobs to deal with this baggage. That is not fair. This fight may belong to someone else now. Maybe they will have better luck than us. Maybe karma will come calling.

  30. Anonymous for now

    Did you make a complaint and request for investigation with the State department in Albany? Calling OSI or the Superintendent or even the mayor means nothing as they all cover each other. Albany operates differently than NYC DOE or any authority in NY and will issue a fair investigation if there is a serious matter or matters to be looked into.

    If you never thought of that, I am sorry, but you haven’t done everything. Then stop complaining. She will be the principal of IS 218 until she dies as she doesn’t have a family and I am pretty sure she has no reason to retire because she has no life outside that school.

    I understand that people have suffered and they want to move on but no, it is unfair to the others that are coming after you THAT SHE IS STILL THERE TO DO AWAY WITH THEIR EDUCATION AND THEIR CAREERS . That is what is unfair. Because you moved on and you forgot the trauma.

    I have seen rallies organized outside schools but I never saw one against BARNETT. For fear? For lack of strength? I see Jeffrey Negron and two others who have not used Anonymous when they wrote their comments as they have no fear – maybe because they are not there any longer?

    What would cost you to get together- all of you-and make a written complaint to the State education department in Albany outlining everything that happened to you and others with exact dates, names of people involved? What would cost you to have a rally outside IS 218? It takes a sense of solidarity and extreme faith in justice to uproot an evil and cunning woman like Barnett.

    My question is- how many of you would make such sacrifice? Because such an act is not for you per se but for others and for justice overall. Then and only then you would have tried everything.

  31. I can only speak for the 2 years that I did. So much went on there before I got there and so much has gone on since I have left. So we will complain here as much as we see fit because it is our blog.

    In addition, no one gives a flying bag of crap about tough talk from someone that wishes to remain anonymous.

    • Hi Jeffrey which years did you work at that school???

      • 2010-2011 to 2011-2012 were the hell years. Why?

        • Cause I knew math teacher named Jeffrey at that school but in 2007. Did you teach Math?

          • No. I taught the Social Studies portion of a Humanities curriculum masterminded by the troll. The ELA half was taught (I use the word taught loosely since I did about 90 percent of the teaching) by one of the troll’s acolytes. Who by the way, the troll would eventually plant in her personal graveyard of teachers and teaching careers.

  32. Anonymous for Now

    The person who responded to my comment is also anonymous so it seems like you are siding with that person, Jeffrey. Don’t take things personally, I wasn’t referring to you.

    The point is that if teachers were together, she would be long gone but everyone seemingly either looked for their own interest or were just afraid to do what should have been done. So perhaps outsiders who had nothing to do with Barnett should finish what was started.

    That is why new teachers like you, Jeffrey Negron had to suffer because no one would stand up to protect you because they were afraid of JB’s retaliation. I don’t believe she is that indestructible if all the ate he’s went to her office and said” You need to stop it or we rally against you until you get it “. But Barnett is smart. She knows how to put teachers against each other and instill fear so everyone only focuses on keeping their job and not really doing what is right.

    I will keep being Anonymous till the other people who do not dare to tell us whom they are but who supposedly did everything to stop the atrocities caused by this evil person also tell us who they are. Especially Those who aren’t working at IS 218 anymore.

    Truth hurts but this is why Barnett is still Principal. Teachers and chapter leaders were afraid of the system and they didn’t do everything they could. They kept the info or wrote it in such a way that it seemed like they heard it from someone. OSI couldn’t help so what would the next step be? Even if she was found guilty of a few allegations, she gets a letter to file in the worst case scenario. But she isn’t removed. Besides teachers coming together, the only other factor that could remove her would be the parents but JB is Matt at that. She makes parent coordinators her allies , and while they do her dirty work they get forced to retire or else. If they are found guilty of a wrongdoing, JB would say” I do not know anything about it. It is completely the patent coordinator’s fault. She or he is to be blamed”.
    And again, I was not referring to you when I mentioned ‘complaining’, Jeffrey Negron, I was referring to everyone who wishes to stay Anonymous while bringing to light important facts. It almost seems like they want to say something but be invisible . A voice without a face. That is why Barnett is still there. It’s always been that way.

    Should I assume the anonymous people called OSI as Anonymous or using a pseudonym as well? While you are offending me, you are siding with people who also don’t have tech guts to say whom why are. Maybe there is a reason why I can’t say whom u am because I don’t want to prepare Barnett for what is coming. I do not want to know who is going to be the person who strikes her. My reason is legitimate but how about these other anonymous people who secured good jobs and don’t want to deal with this problem anymore?

    That is okay, let others who didn’t work with Barnett organize rallies, and finish the work of many people who state that it is not fair that they need to continue fighting this fight because they secured another positions and they don’t have to deal with Barnett anymore. So then why do they complain?

    Do you understand me or do you choose to blindly support all these anonymous people who don’t have the guts to say what they need to say unless they keep their names secret? Think again. And if I hear any offensive comments , I won’t reply. Like I said, let others deal with it- even if they didn’t directly work with Barnett.

    And for teg record, this blog isn’t yours as you didn’t author it. It belongs to Francesco Portelos who unlike others went all the way to fight injustice because he cared about the other teachers who came after him and he wanted to make a change, in actuality a revolution. He is in federal court as we speak exposing all the wrongdoings of Principal Linda Hill and the lies of the DOE while making the second page of the NY Post and perhaps the first page of The NY Times soon. And he has two kids and a family too but he is taking risks because this is what has to be done. It is not about him but the common good. Not many teachers can come even close to Francesco. He made this blog possible. He can take it down also. And what then?

    I do not appreciate your reply. I can see hatred in your response and others’ comments as well and my tough talk which is a solution that requests action is troublesome to many people here.

    God bless you, and don’t rush defending others, just talk for yourself as you stated you would. I am sorry about everything that happened to you and all the good teachers at IS 218 but my tough talk was just a means to encourage something to finally happen but there are many people who don’t want to be bothered and then they take it personally… I am sorry but I say it again: the fight was not properly fought and it is not too late to fight it the right way.

    Have a good day!

    • Anonymous for Now

      I made typos due to my lack of time while writing all this. I meant to say: ” if all teachers went to Barnett together and told her they would rally against her if she didn’t stop, believe me she would have”.

  33. This blog is being used for teachers, such as myself to have a voice. So people will continue to post here how they see fit.

    In a perfect world, everyone would have dropped what they were doing and rallied against this skunk. That is good for Hollywood. This is real life. People were afraid for their careers, people with mouths to feed. Not everyone is a fighter. Some people deal with issues such as these in different ways. Some people have never dealt with issues like this before. It is what it is. This is where we are. It is what makes the world round. Making assumptions and running our mouths using 20/20 hindsight under an anonymous banner does not advance the ball here.

    If stating the obvious makes me come across as taking things personal, so be it.

  34. Anonymous for Now

    The issue is that the fear to speak up got teachers at I.S. 218 in this mess. And it will continue until someone with guts will change it even if he has a family to feed.

    Being critical of the person who also expressed his dismay with Barnett and tried to offer a solution is not wise and it is not helping at all.

    All great things require courage and faith and that is not a perfect world, it is reality and what separates ‘ordinary’ from ‘extraordinary’. If we are ‘ ordinary’ then we shouldn’t educate youth. A teacher should inspire children to be the best they can be and they cannot do that if they live in constant fear.

    By the way, I was made aware that faculty of a small school in district 6 went together to their principal and informed her that they would stand together against her if she didn’t stop what she was doing. They saved their careers. Something teachers at I.S. 218 never did. An act of courage usually pays off. Solidarity and courage.

    Regardless of your criticism, I will again express my firm conviction that something more could be done to fight injustice and abuse at I.S. 218 and in many small and corrupted schools across the city.

    I understand that writing about it on this blog may help but she is still there so forgive me for saying this, but in my eyes it doesn’t help a bit and I am truly disappointed that Barnett has been allowed to get away with this for so long.

  35. Wonderful. Duly noted.

  36. Old School > New School

    Wow wish I had read this last August.

  37. I do have a messgage of positivity. To prove that pig June Barnett and her acolytes Avalos (and whoever is left there serving as her acolytes-you know who you are) one of my students from my first year of teaching there at 218 is in Navy Basic Training as we speak. He is writing to me every week, and he lets me know in every letter that he remembers my teaching and he wants to thank me one day for helping him to get on the right track. I tell him to worry about it only if he becomes a millionaire. In all seriousness, that is why I became a teacher and those words from former students are invaluable. Those are gems that no one will ever, ever take away from me. I am sure plenty of former teachers here that were steamrolled by that monster and her adminstration can say the same thing.

  38. I have to agree with Jeffrey even though I came from a different school in a different borough. Unfortunately a DOE teacher is on a totally different playing field than NYC principal. It’s no surprise to me that she is still there as since the DOE is using her as an instrument in getting rid of teachers. I was discontinued from a dysfunctional school in Queens by Neil Ganesh who had the distinction as being one of the worst and least trusted administrators in Queens during that time. I played a large role in helping to spearhead a rally that was marginally successful. Very people showed up, which I attribute to fear, and apathy. Proportionately, very few teachers were in our positions. People were afraid for their careers and I could hardly blame them.

  39. worst principal i have ever worked for. this principal is corrupt! She manipulates her students and teachers. She has her students tell on other teachers. She hates spanish teachers bonding or hanging out outside of school or even talking to eachother in school. Barnett holds conferences with families who are imigrants and attempts to ship the kids back to their country. She tried doing this to me but my parents were not having it. She tried getting me suspended she change my class several times I even had some teachers pick on me. SHE IS THE WORST, the school is a hot mess.

    • Yup, saw that all as well. She turned parents against me and would use kids to spy on other kids and teachers. Usually her spies were the worst kids. Just a gross monsterous pig along with her acolyte Mr. “I Will Fudge A Grade For You” Avalos.

  40. I thank God everyday my son is out if that school just because of Ms. Barnett. His first year he was a happy kid but 7th and 8th grade he was depress. He wanted to leave that school so bad. He said Ms. Barnett doesnt make me feel welcome. She didnt even give them a prom in which we pay 125.00 just for some ballons anf to see how she pointed out 3 young boys where going to succeed in life. It was the worst graduation speech. MRS. BARNETT YOU ARE THE WORST OF THE WORST!!!!

    • I wish I knew who your kid was and what year you are talking about. This sounds very familiar. That and the shaking kids down for “No Uniform Fines”.

      Thank you God I start another school year away that snake pit, but I feel horrible that the NYC DOE will once again start another school year with that monster at the helm ruining more children and teachers.

    • Why do parents allow this principal treat their kids like that? they could organize a protest outside the school building because the city and state do listen to the parents more than to the teachers…..

      • We have been down this road too many times. The ones with the actual ability to do something about her are the teachers that are currently in there and the students with their families. The DOE is just a big cabal of bureaucracy. They could careless.

      • The parents she would do this too are usually parents who aren’t aware of their rights.

        • Yup. People who are supposedly looking out for immigrants and their children have turned a blind eye and apparently continue to do so. So much wrong here, on so many levels. Very sad.

  41. Her school is finished. Being joined with other shitty school in building. Adois MF.

  42. I will tell you if you ask me ...

    In 2017, IS218 Salome Urena ranked worse than 87.3% of middle schools in New York. It also ranked 8th among 10 ranked middle schools in the New York City Geographic District # 6. (See more…)

    What is the superintendent, Chancellor, city, state waiting to help this school get better….

    • We have all been asking that question for years. DOE has blood on their hands in this as well, allowing this monster to go unchecked for all these years.

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