Judy Henry

Judy Henry: Science Skills HS and Queens Gateway HS




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Teach stronger
Teach stronger

Ms. Henry publicly humiliated teachers in the presence of other teachers and students. On several occasions, she called teachers “stupid”. She asked another Haitian teacher which planet were they from? Haitian teachers did not stand much of a chance under her regime; they invariably ended up with their license jeopardized, excessed or terminated.

In June 2010, when the scoring backed up because 2 teachers were banned from scoring (me included), she gave it personally to a Spanish teacher (weekend work) to complete English Regents scoring. On 3 occasions she kicked a teacher off the school computer while they were doing school related work. On another occasion, she refused to allow this teacher to sit down while they were doing hallway/bathroom duties during Regents week. This meant standing for hours while waiting to take students to the bathroom.

Queens Teacher
Queens Teacher

school have incidents that go unreported
lack of support
routine requests for help or repairs get ignored
Is there a high turnover of staff. staff targeted
Parents are ignored
administrator violate the contract on such a regular basis?

Brooklyn Teacher
Brooklyn Teacher

When she was the principal who tanked South Shore High School, she shunned LGBTQ students. She refused to return the confiscated jacket of a gay student in the middle of Winter. A gay Science teacher called her out on her homophobia to retrieve the student’s jacket before his walk home in the cold.