Joshua Solomon, Business of Sports School

Josh Solomon

Joshua Solomon, Principal

Business of Sports School

439 W 49th Street

New York, NY


Solomon practices very shaddy policies such as transfering students with behavioral issues to fluff up his academics, promotes intimidation and mistrust in the teaching staff, and chases out staff with a threat that if they remain their work lives would become worse. Solomon was fined by Conflict of Interest Board in 2011.


Conflict of Interest Board

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Teach stronger

New small school that is five years old and has high teacher churn. Year one, all teachers left to seek out employment at another school. Year two, 50% of the teachers left, year three, 50% of the teachers left again and I was also asked to leave. While being a victim of sabotage and foul play, I received an undeserving Unsatisfactory rating and was told not to return the following year. I was told if I returned he (the principal) would make my life difficult. Teacher attrition continued into the fifth year and this year as well. Teachers at this school are demeaned, disrespected, yelled at and micro-managed. There is no freedom of speech and intimidation is ongoing. Where there is no respect for teachers there is no respect for children. Unfortunately, out of fear for their jobs, teachers do not work together and this hostile environment persist to this day. Any child with behavior issues was removed from the school, thus increasing the achievement.

Former Student

The truth is this school has the most negative environment I’ve ever been in, and it’s also dangerous to be in. Students flip desks, chuck large textbooks at each other, and curse teachers out when they get in trouble on a daily basis. It’s impossible to learn and when it’s impossible to learn IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO PASS CLASSES.

These students are the most disrespectful and disruptive students in the whole building. This is coming from my experience. I am heavily considering transferring even though I only have 2 years left. I only stuck around because I was told by staff that it would get better.

What’s special: A lot of really great teachers who care about you, help you, give you slack when you need it, and understand that it’s a difficult environment to learn in.

The downside: almost the entire student body and the so-called deans who do nothing to discipline them and just allow serious trouble-makers to slide.


you got two years left and you a former student? C’mon bruh

Former Teacher

Comment made by former student is spot on.. administrators are not administering. Anything and everything that goes wrong here is swiftly ascribed as being the teachers’ fault… from building safety violations (electrical sockets projecting from the floor) to student performance. Students are not provided the support they need (filling gaps as evident in their 8th grade performance assessments), while teachers are not given the support THEY need (administrative support). The end result is that student and teacher alike feel they are stuck in a bad situation.


Comments don’t actually describe this school. The students take pride in the opportunities they have. They often wear coat and tie to meet with many partners who come to the school. The applications keep increasing and most of us teachers have been here between four and six years. Yes, there are some students who have behavior issues but the majority of students act maturely and take pride in their school. Alumni often return to the school to meet with teachers, office staff and administrators.

Previous Student

I actually enjoyed my 4 years at this school. It gave me the opportunity to become the person I am today and now as a freshmen in college, I am proud to say I went to this school. Yes, every school has their flaws, every school has its good and bad students, but it is the student’s job to take advantage of the education they are being given. This school opens many doors for its students now whether we applied ourselves or not, that’s up to us.