Joseph Scarmato Tottenville High School Principal

Joseph Scarmato – Tottenville High School Principal

Joseph Scarmato Tottenville High School Principal

Joseph Scarmato Tottenville High School Principal

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  1. We knew Scarmato was going to be trouble based on his Canarsie history.

  2. No one is safe. Not even former and current union leaders at the school.

  3. Anyn...vengeance is his forte

    He went after every experienced teacher over 15 years…in any way that he can…The stress brought out some serious health issues and many great teachers left, retired or just living a slow death…before him Tottenville was twice in the “Best H.S. of NYC Top 50…..this pin-headed micro-manager cannot lead his way back to that grand statute…Everything is a veneer of excellence with very little depth in a 99.99% segregated enclave with a rigged Institute for DOE employees stealing services Toxic environment for students and educators….and he did this in his last two schools as Principal and work his ways in the shadow networks and RIS/LIS day….he could not teach in middle school so he is now leading teachers makes sense

  4. Anonymous and outraged

    This man is evil incarnate…has retaliated against anyone and everyone who opposes him has spies and moles in the school and in the students does not support the teachers in any way actually disparages teachers in front of parents and students has brought them morale to an all-time low place that I used to love to go to I’ve never seen so many full grown adults in fear of their job and worried about who’s watching who is listening this man has tried his hardest to break us apart little does he know that he’s bringing us even closer together the best leader leads from behind he is not doing that he’s leading with an iron fist no respect for teachers no respect for students slut-shaming girls not caring about what the boys are wearing pulling students from classrooms, has eradicated a Wall of Shame outside of his office I know this is a rant and excuse me for my lack of punctuation but he needs to go we are not going anywhere so he must!!! Makes up all of his own rules for various procedures. Even people who he thinks are with them have been noted saying that they are just trying to keep their jobs and they’re just doing what Joe has told them to do this I know this is true but of course for fear of my job and my livelihood I cannot say my name.

  5. This man is a bully and a coward. He never addresses the faculty at once because he tries to divide and conquer. His last act of desperation was to remove our chapter leader on trumped up charges dated back a year ago. I am a teacher of over 20 years and never had a problem with a principal or administrator until this incompetent man entered Tottenville. I was a target for simply speaking up on behalf of myself and my dept. He tried to have me investigated 3 times for ridiculous things and of course they never stuck. On his 1st day he said, “we’re taking back Tottenville!” From what? Our school never needed fixing!he is toxic and needs to go!

  6. Get rid of this nut job. Round up these and put them on the slow boat to China. No room for this in America. He can join Chin, Dwarka and Kwait.

  7. Do as I say. Don’t do as I do, fits the model of this Principal. He had the attendance people mark the students present today at school even when the teacher questioned it when there weren’t any students in classes. What does this tell you about the man’s integrity and hschooleThe attendance person replied,”This is what Joe wants.”

  8. Why doesn’t the whole school administration join together as one force and get him out !!!! He abuses his power uses his connections but eventually he will reap what he sows !!!!! All the complaints and investigations on him and he still in that school !! Shame on the DOE

  9. check out the latest from Joe in the news for plagiarizing. that is probably the less egregious of things that he has done at that school. AP’S bend to his will; its his way or no way and if you disagree you will find yourself constantly being watched and low balled on observations. if you speak out or are standing up for the contract and your colleagues, you are brought up on trumped up 3020a charges. in addition, allowing AP’s to go in and change evaluation scores because he doesn’t think they are low enough. this is what a principal unchecked can do and yet still has his job. meanwhile, dozens have transferred or retired in the 3 yrs he has been there. the school of excellence (that needed no changes) has been changed for the worst

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