Jose Cruz of Mathematics, Science Research and Technology Magnet High School

Jose Cruz, Principal, is shown above second on the right.

Mathematics, Science Research and Technology Magnet High School, 207- 01 116TH AVENUE, QUEENS, NY 11411

Jose Cruz’s rap sheet is quite extensive and includes giving the most number of U-ratings in 2012, ordering teachers to “grade extremely leniently” Regents exams, passing students who cut class extensively, harassing parents and students, and filing 3020a charges against tenured teachers at his school.



Chaz School Daze (here and here)

NY City Eye blog

Daily News



  1. Happily, I am one of the many who left before he got to me. I pray for those left behind.

  2. Huge staff turnover, violates contract at will, Has never granted tenure, now brings staff up on 3020A charges. Professionally and personally harasses students, has been brought to media’s attention, to no avail.

    I no longer work there.

  3. Still bullying people and violating contract at will

  4. James Curtis Geist

    I taught in NYC for 14 years, 7 at Park West, and 7 at the H.S. of Health Careers and Sciences. I have a book on Amazon and B&N web-sites entitled – MODERN AUGUSTINIAN CONFESSION – A memoir of a an urban pedagogue, minister and activist from Allentown Pa. It came out in early January of 2017.

    It chronicles some of my experiences I had Jose Cruz as an A.P. at Park West. I chronicle about how he refused to give me a class set of notes, how he asked me to observe him, and I did with a written observation report that he did not care for. When he first came in to the Social Studies Department, some teachers said, “he is a nice guy.” I never believed that, and then when the “New Bully Principal in Queens” article came out, it confirmed my gut intuition.

    It also chronicles how my other A.P. broke over 4-5 UFT contractual issues in taking me to 3020 arbitration, and still won the case. What a kangeroo court system. That is also chronicled in the book.

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