Jorge Perdomo

Jorge Perdomo, Principal

PS 1X, 335 East 152 Street, Bronx, NY.


  1. I interviewed for a coaching position at this school. I truly felt sorry for all the staff working there. Every teacher who had the opportunity whispered to me to not take the job as I would be miserable. When Mr. Perdomo stated that I would have to report back to him on what teachers were saying about him, I knew this job was not for me. I said that coach had to have some level of trust with her staff. His reply was that I only should have loyalty to him. I am so glad I did not take the job. He really seems like a piece of work.

  2. This man bullies his staff into giving up their preps and their personal time. He is vindictive and will stop at nothing to get his way. He lacks common knowledge of how to deal with children and has no real idea of the expectations of the standards.

  3. This man who calls himself a “leader” is far from that. He is a bully and manipulates teachers into doing what his wants. He likes to put on a “show” for visitors. He has no knowledge of teaching and what it means to be a good teacher. He only respects people who are afraid of him. If you have a voice or have opinions that Mr. Perdomo doesn’t agree with…consider yourself on the “hit” list! It really is an awful environment.

    • He is a sadists .
      My daughter was a first year teacher there. He would bring her in his office and yell at her, belittle her and then he ruined her career.
      Sick man. Amazing they let him get away with it.

  4. STOP HIM NOW!!!!!!! Where is the Superintendent?? Why isn’t she keeping tabs on him?? Great leaders do not harass, manipulate their staff. I blame the NYCDOE!!!!

  5. I was a subordinate with this man about 10 years ago. He wrote me up 30 times in one month. That was the month of Feb and he came in Jan of that year with his Principal. He once wrote me up because I wouldnt go get a chair from another room to sit down during a meeting because their wasnt enough chairs and I was ok standing for the meeting. He also lost all of the state tests yet he is still able to be a Principal? Amazing!!!

  6. He play’s favoritism with his staff especially with that payroll secretary and that should be reported. He can’t even reprimand her without her pointing the fingers at another staff member. She gets away with alot including her behavior with parents I wonder who’s the bigger rat!

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