Joan Monroe, Principal, PS 120Q

Joan Monroe, Principal, PS 120Q, 58-01 136 STREET, FLUSHING, NY.

40+ teachers have left the school over the 5 years she has been principal due to mistreatment of staff and students.


  1. As principal, you are responsible for all of your students. What a sick, rascist and unkind human you are. I am from Texas and this news was read even here. You should be fired and chose another career based on making money and not based on kids. Shame shame shame. I guess you’re sad that integration passed in the 60’s. The auditorium for kids whose parents didn’t pay… During school hours? You are a public school. If you get off by excluding kids than do it after tax paying hours. Remember your salary comes from every students parents who pay taxes. You are a disgrace to education.

    • That yellow tooth selfish witch should apply for a job at the lemonade country time plant. With her yellow teeth she could drink water and spit it out and turn it into lemonade

    • From a mom who lives on Long Island, in Suffolk county. Be aware that all New York schools are NOT like that. My sons elementary school takes donations for field trips. If u can’t pay, you are still included. That should never have been allowed. The teachers are just as much at fault. They should have refused to bend to her will. If each teacher kept their “kids” in the classrooms, what would the witch have done, fired them? Shame on the entire school and the parents association. Any amusement parks out there, willing to send a few kids to their park for the day, for free?

      • Yea she would have fired them

      • You can’t blame the teachers, Principals have a lot of power in schools, way too much. No the prinicpal couldn’t fire them right away, however that teacher could find a U rating waiting for them at the end of the year. This principal is probably making decisions like this all the time. Morale at this school is probably horrible. You can’t blame the staff, the prinicpal is at fault. Blame the prinicpal who would make such a poor decision like this in the first place. The principal is a civil servant and I guess she forgot this and thought she was running her own private factory where she doesn’t have to think about the consequences of her actions.

    • You should not say that she the kindess women I have ever meet.she pays for every my trip to broad way you should be kind she was kick out and being resign show some respect she been my life it was the best school the best teacher if you were there you would know.she has teacher to teach us the Indian dance and other for a broad way show or even a guy to teach us the history of NYC love her she was really helpful even I was drag aross the floor by mom because I didn’t want to go to school but she got me to love school you should be a shame

      • I agree with u .. I work for her now and i think she is great!!

        • Not any more!!

        • You were the lucky few that was not harrassed by Principal Monroe. She harrassed me for two years! Then when I got a job at another school, she tried to convince my current Principal not to hire me. Thank God my current Principal thought she was crazy because I am a dedicated teacher who would go beyond the norm.

          • That person, that thing of a principal was a very mean and a very bad person. She tried to intimidate my daughter and me. And she would not let my 85 year old father sit in the waiting chairs by the office that she use to hide in. KARMA WILL GET EVERYONE, EVENTUALLY. As it always does. And she will get it. So watch out angry nasty people. And it’s also just something, how bad people flock together. Because the other large one, the other assistant principal that’s not there anymore. Good Ridden’s to her too. AS she was not a good person either.

          • Absolutely agree with you…we hated thus woman in PS 84 Queens. She is a disgraceful human being. If you can call ger a human being… She has no heart. Who gives a shit about the indian lady to teach indian dance or a letter in the file for coming to work during a snow storm, while we were getting dozens of stupid letters in our files by her…Joan Monroe, is a racist, not hearted individual..period.

    • Ms.Joan M.Monroe is my principal and i don’t like that people insult he

  2. Ms. Monroe, I can’t believe you would exclude young school children from a school sanctioned event because of their financial status? Little ones don’t understand anything that. All they understand is their classmates are having fun while they’re somehow being punished and left behind. You are not a caring educator. You’re just another politician. It’s time for you to retire. After seeing your photo, I advise you to make a dental appointment and have the half inch of yellow crud scraped from your teeth, because you look horrendous.

    • Couldn’t agree more!!!!!

    • Absolutely agree with you…we hated thus woman in PS 84 Queens. She is a disgraceful human being. If you can call ger a human being… She has no heart. Who gives a shit about the indian lady to teach indian dance or a letter in the file for coming to work during a snow storm, while we were getting dozens of stupid letters in our files by her…Joan Monroe, is a racist, not hearted individual..period.

  3. This woman is vile. She should be promptly fired from her position and be made to pay some form of restitution to the poor children she traumatized.

  4. Is anybody even paying attention to her? She’s a horrible principal who has her job despite not deserving it. Terrible person.

  5. You need to be fired and have your pension taken away. And have your TDA money given to the poor. How sick! This story and your face were shown all over the UK today on the news. I am on vacation there and could not believe what I was seeing. You are a disgrace to the teaching profession. What the hell was going through your head?!

  6. I am a mother of three, struggling to put myself through college to teach my children that it is possible to have a better future. For you to do this, only shows children that no matter what, they will always be less and undeserving. How dare you!!! School is not a money making scheme. It is not a chance for you to snub your nose at the poor. You are vile and a poor excuse for a role model. You are suppose to inspire! If you want to run a fund raiser or make some money do it off hours. Not torment the children of you school district! The damage you have done is reprehensible!

  7. I was one of the poor kids who had sugar sandwiches to eat or baloney if I was lucky…the equivalent of 10 dollars in my childhood would have been impossible for my Mother to pay. I would have been one of the kids who knew class difference before I should have…I will pray you see the pain you caused and make amends to these children

    • Amends??? Ha don’t hold your breath!

      • I’ve thought allot about this and I’ve met someone just like her in the workplace and I’m sure you’re right. It wouldn’t be in this woman’s best interest to admit inhumane treatment towards these children. There bigger things for her to worry about her 100,000 us income and pensions.

  8. Fuck this stupid ass bitch. I would not cry of someone would put a bullet through her sick head.

  9. I am onboard to help get this woman fired. what can we do?

    • This is the worst principal i ever had..She was acting Principal in PS 84Q just for 5 months, and in those 5 months, she was busy , very busy indeed putting letters in people’s files a d threading many of us with getting fired. One day in February before the winter break, she called us for a meeting in the library, with tears in her eyes and asking for forgivenes, she said that the school board didn’t vote for her to be appointed at PS84Q. However, she was crying, we were so happy, content and so excited to see evil cannibal leaving us for good. Joan Monroe was cruel, and without a heart in those 5 months that my personal life was at the worst point during those 5 months. I was a single mother with 3 kids, the youngest only 7 (at the same school, PS 84), he had a terrible asthma and food allergies. Joan Monroe didnt care at all of what i was going thru, she filled my file with letters, and she was threatening every single day with firing me from the DOE. The Union rep. couldn’t do that much for any of us, but thanks to the Lord she was never appointed in PS 84Q and she left to a faraway land from us. I really thought that with her past experiences, she would had changed, I guess is true that people NEVER really changed. Shame on Joan Monroe – Evil Cannibal

  10. Thank you to all the wonderful teachers who showed these kids love and compassion when it was needed most because of the heartlessness of this vile hag. They deserve a raise.

  11. Let her know how you feel – but don’t threaten her or wish her harm – you’ll be just as bad as her if not worse – keep it classy and to the point

  12. Ms . Monroe I live in California but news travels fast these days. I highly recommend that you resign and good seek therapy as you are going to need it as so many people now truly dislike you to say it mildly. Your irresponsible and heartless actions have consequences. Shame on you!

  13. I am sure if you had tried and asked people in the community or in the school that there would have been donations for the children whose “Parents” could not afford the fee. Shame on you!

  14. Joan, I hope you get mugged and beaten to a pulp in Central Park and I hope it happens over and over, once for every single child whose heart you broke with your cold, callous behavior. You have NO business working with innocent children. Have you considered applying for a prison guard position?

    And if you stop smoking like a chimney and drinking like a fish, the dentist may be able to do something about those nasty, yellow horse teeth of yours.

  15. hi will post a petition soon

  16. Someone should look into how many teachers have requested transfers out of her buidling or put in for early retirement since Ms. Monroe became principal. She is just as evil to her staff on a daily basis.

  17. Principle Joan Monroe should be removed from her position and banned from ever having any involvement with children again. I called the school PS120 stated my position and guess what – they hung up on me! 718-359-3390. I hope we will see this story aired on CNN, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, Headline News and all and any social media. Public Schools are just that – Public. And all schools should be a safe haven for their students regardless of race or financial status. Ms. Monroe – shame on you!!!!

  18. Thank you for the phone number and your sensible approach. I get distressed when a forum for constructive criticism starts espousing violence. I’m angry too but the message gets lost when hateful statements overwhelm the forum.

  19. I agree with the statement made by CALIFORNIA. Joan Monroe needs to be removed from her position and not be in charge of dealing with children. It is obvious she is insensitive to children’s feelings and the manner in which she handled this event is unconscionable.

    I was also appalled to read that the phone call from CALIFORNIA to the school was addressed much in the same nasty spirit as those children were treated. Obviously this entire administrative system is infected with a very mean and nasty streak and they all need to learn a thing or two about dealing other human beings professionally, that includes both children and adults.

    Perhaps some sensitivity training is needed for them all! In the meantime, they need to be removed from daily interaction with small children.

  20. Hello All,

    Please make sure this story continues to go viral. This, ahem, person Joan Monroe, should not be let off the hook. Also, any adult, teacher, aid, janitor, PTA member etc…who let this vile human operate like this needs to be held accountable too. Last time I checked PS120 is not a foreign country and Joan Monroe is not a dictator. Something could have been done or said sooner but for whatever reason, ADULTS, just watched it happen!!! Let a story of true inequity break the internet and not just KK’s ass. Joan Monroe is the REAL ass and she should be deserving of whatever comes her way…
    so please continue to share on social media, write letters, call the school, fax the school…
    Let us show Cruella Monroe we do not TOLERATE BS!!!
    58-01 136 St, Flushing, NY 11355
    PHONE (718) 359-3390
    FAX 718-460-4513

    • they have still not let the carnival owner thrown a makeup carnival for the kids please keep up the pressure

    • You don’t get it. Teachers and other staff are at the whim of the principal. Schools are unlike any other working place. Hard for you to underestand this, but it is true. Most prinicpals are not like this. But if you are unfortunate enough to work with one like this, you are up the creek without a paddle. There is simply nothing you can do about it. With this kind of prinicpal she would probably gives U ratings to staff she didn’t like or who voiced opposing opinions.

    • I was her formal employee, and the reason teachers are not speaking out is because Monroe will verbally harass you and then will try to fire you by making false accusations. That is why the pictures were secretly taken and given to the Post newspaper.

  21. Principal Joan Monroe makes $136,500 a year, all paid by the taxpayers of course. Its no wonder she doesn’t care about poor kids at her school, they are probably beneath her notice. She is New York’s new Queen of Mean, the Leona Helmsley of the school system.

  22. Sandra Lambert

    I live in Mississippi.
    I grew up poor, as communities and loving neighbors no child should ever be denied food or activities that other children enjoy as a school event.
    the community should try and encourage the children and HELP with fundraising events to help raise money to better our childrens school experience. Anything from a lemonade stand to yard work and car washes.

    As for this principle it was her DUTY to make sure the community is aware of the need and to seek out people to help organize fundraising events to raise funds.

  23. Unfortunately this is how a lot of principals are. I work in the schools and my principal could care less about staff and evenless about the students. It all boils down to money. Thats all they worry about

  24. Unfortunately this is how a lot of principals are. I work in the schools and my principal could care less about staff and evenless about the students. It all boils down to money. Thats all they worry aboutThis principal should be releaseed immediately and lose her hefty pension

    • The assistant principal was aware of the carnival and knew that some of the children would be left out. She assisted Joan Monroe in the planning of the event so she is to blame also. By the way, Joan Monroe is known for bullying her staff as well as the children she serves.

  25. Elizabeth Bates

    You should be fired! You closed minded Racist. You thought mostly Asian kids will stay quiet and problem go away.

  26. Absolutely, the principal needs to be fired for her actions in hurting these children. Were there any complaints by the parents or children that were allowed to attend carnival??? The principal is “one” person, what about all the parents who knew there were going to be children who couldn’t afford to go. “Get together people!!!” F… the principal!!! make sure this doesn’t happen again to any child.

  27. Children should not be forbidden from participating in school-sponsored activities just because their parents are poor. This is kind of a no-brainer. This sort of economic segregation among children who are supposed to be peers is cruel.

  28. Ease up, people- check out the data for her school. She’s been an effective leader for years and made a error in judgement. How is this different than when students can’t afford to go on a field trip?

    Also- keep in mind that websites like this attract people with negative things today. I wish the people with 30 years of positive experiences with Ms. Monroe would come forward and help depict a more realistic image of this educator.

    • What about the people with 30 years experience with Joan Monroe with NEGATIVE experiences. Believe me this is the tip of the ice berg with this bully who lives to destroy others. All I can say it’s about time she gets what he deserves!!! I only hope everyone who has been burned by her comes out to tell their story.

      • Fed up with this bully!!

        Oh by the way speaking of fair, why don’t you ask about the 2 schools within a school that she has created. Talk about the have and have nots. Absolutely going on in that he’ll hole!! Feel so bad for those kids AND those teachers and other staff!!

        Oh and also this is not the first year she has held a carnival where kids sat in the auditorium!!

    • And if these were your kids who left out because you couldn’t afford the carnival, you’d be defending her, still. lol…right…..

    • The data really??? It is not because of her!!! It is because of the caring, hard working, dedicated teachers . Also, why don’t you reflect back and think about how every year at least two teachers are tormented to the point that they have to leave. It is happening this year as well. It could be you next.

    • I am one such educator with a realistic image of Ms. Monroe. First of all, this was a PA event, with the goal of raising money for the SCHOOL. PA stands for Parent Association, which puts on events and provides things like planners for the STUDENTS. It’s not as if the principal pocketed the profits – it wasn’t even her event! Secondly, a fund-raiser is just that, designed to raise money. It is not a charity. Last time I checked, I can’t afford $5,000 to attend a dinner with presidential candidates, and that is not racism, it is not inhumane, is it not humiliating. It is what it is. The kids who couldn’t attend were not penalized; they got to watch a Disney movie.

      Everyone calm down and stop judging and wishing ill upon person you don’t know doing a tough, thankless job.

      • Comes around goes around

        I’m sure those kids who didn’t attend feel the same way as you do. Keep kissing Ass its enabling you to live in denial.

        • I blame the teacher! Why didn’t the teacher pay for her students? It’s easy to blame the principal but what did the teachers do to ensure all student participation. It is not the principal’s fault. Seems like some people are quick to judge. If parents requested their child not to participate why would the child be put outside to participate? If the child gets hurt who will be responsible?

      • It may have been a p a event but Monroe always dictates. You know that! This is not a 5000 $ event. It’s a Public school for all children. It’s easy to look away and defend her when she allows you to do what ever you want and saunter around the building. But wait no one is safe. It will be you one day feeling the abuse. Or one of your pals. Then what will you say? What excuse will you make up then? You hope she never leaves b c who ever comes in will see your extreme ignorance and I effectiveness How many people does she have to bully until you people see it???

      • It was not just about this event. Monroe is a disgusting human being who tortured innocent hard working teachers for no reason. I should know because I was harassed by her for 2 years! Thank God I found another school. Even then, she sent her A.P. to try to convince my current Principal not to hire me! Thank God again because she could not convince her.

    • If she’s such an effective leader then she’ll have no problem correcting her “error in judgment” and making things right. If she does then all is good and can be forgiven. If she doesn’t then she deserves all the scorn and vitriol she gets. Would that be fair?

  29. HorriblePrincipal

    The only reason u r defending her is because you are one of her pets. You buy her expensive gifts for Christmas, her birthday, and other holidays, including the end of the present. You tattle on other teachers. She is vile. You have never sat in the hot seat in her office when she takes over the coals. I know the difference between a good leader and a horrible leader. Trust me she is terrible. I hope you never have to become one of her targets. You will loose sleep, cry yourself to sleep, lose quality time with your family. I am so happy to be teaching in another school. My administration is completley profesdional. They do not play angry birds on the computer, check out Facebook during meetings, or shop on line. They are completley fair. They don’t talk about how fat someone is or how they just don’t like someone. They don’t make fun of others. They care about the kids and their staff. Teachers, paras, aids, etc. are treated with the upmost respect. And also if someone is going through a bad time, they help them. They don’t attack them. I am truly blessed to go and teach somewhere else. Her two assistant principals are no better.

  30. She is not fair!!

    I once made a mistake and she went after me with a vengeance. She would not leave me alone. I corrected my mistake, cried to her, and apologized endlessly. She would not let up. She kept digging, but couldn’t find anything. She then started lying and accusing me of things that were not true. She would scream at me in front of my class for asking a colleague a question in the hallway that pertained to academics. I was new to the school and needed guidance. instead of being supportive she accused me of endangering the students safety. She claimed I left them unattended, meanwhile I was stading alongside them.

    • That’s because one her favorite tools is to bullshit her way out. It’s easier
      To lie than face the truth. Very miserable individual. Then you have her fake asskissers. They have no soul or conscience. Stop living in denial & wake up. Pathetic !

  31. This principal only cares about selective staff and bullies and abuses the rest. I hope the DOE doesn’t let this go with just a slap on the wrist. She doesn’t deserve to be around people.

  32. Finally someone is listening!

    To the people that believe that the teachers are equally responsible – much of the P.S. 120 staff has contacted the superintendent and the Chancellor for assistance and has been ignored. People have been bullied, abused and forced to leave while others stay silent to stay under the radar. Many have been lucky enough to change schools and go where their talents are appreciated. Others have no choice but to live in hell. Those that defend her have not been in the hot seat but many can tell you that that can change in a heartbeat and you will go from the highest high to the lowest low. This was not one simple mistake – this was just the first of numerous horrible things that anyone has taken real action on and listened to. So many tortured souls on stomach mediations, heart medications and anti depressants – the drug plan must wonder what the hell is in the water in Flushing!

    • Haha it’s not the water it’s the administrators!!!! City wants to save $$$ on medical insurance they should seriously look into the big bosses bc it does trickle done n affects everyone!

  33. Ineffective leader she is

    She deserves everything that is happening, she has been an abusive person for years. She had a great staff but has bullied and abused them. Great teachers have left because of her. She treats some teachers like royalty and others like crap. She speaks horribly to most of her staff. She allows her favorites to sit at their desks and do nothing …then in return they defend her when ever she needs. The truth needs to come out. Her actions are not rational. The teachers in the school love the children and would of course pay for any or all of them, but the were not allowed. Monroe doesn’t let you cough with out her permission….how could any of you defend this….the children were treated in such a horrible manner, there is no excuse…stop defending her….you know in your heart she is cruel to almost everyone…you see it every day…..stop. You only look away because you know you may be next! It was a great school but she ruined it with her creating the have and the have nots among the staff….she is finally getting what she deserves. And there are about 40 people who no longer are in the school who are jumping for joy

  34. How is this different from when students don’t go on a trip???? Really?? Are those children subjected to listening and witnessing all the fun the others are having???? And if a child cannot go on a trip due to finances the PA will pay. Monroe is evil and cruel and did not allow anyone to pay for those children. She has done many many evil things, she finally got caught.

  35. Today’s school Administration is so far removed from the reality of the modern classroom they repeatly make outlandish decisions that are ignorant & lack basic common sense. It’s nice to see these so called leaders finally being held accountable. They run the building into the ground & have absolutely no recourse for their countless errors & terrible decision making. They are just horrible teachers that could never survive in the classroom, so they pay tuition & get an admin license ( or piece of paper) to never work with or care about students. Yet they have NO clue how to run a school.

  36. The school has not let the carnival owner throw the free make up carnival. Please keep up the pressure so we can make this happen

  37. Wow – somebody is a huge bully! Tell you what, go after someone your own size. You are a disgrace to the education system and should be fired immediately, as well as loss of pension and everything else you get as principal. Since I pay your salary, I demand your termination or your resignation. Pick one.

  38. I think it is hysterical that this witch is finally getting what she has been dishing out for so many years and people are surprised. What did people think, she could go on forever with her sub human treatment of nice people and no one would do anything ? Poetic justice! Do unto others ….

  39. I live in Canada and this story made the news here. It’s a blessing that this story made news internationally. It sounds like this is just one of many atrocities that have occurred because of this school administrator. And we have heard from former teachers of this school that she has bullied them as well as the students. Now that she has been exposed, tax payers can put pressure on the school district to have her removed. If someone can find out how to start a petition, that would be great!

  40. She should be deported.

  41. i feel sorry for you because you are working hard ,but i know you are trying to help kids the money is for fun raise the new reporter just wrote some ramdon word because they are only using the picture. i think you not retired or be fired. p.s i’m one of your kid parent

  42. Has this principal been investigated? I once worked for a horrible principal. It is so hard to get up and go to work. I was never harassed by her, however it bothered me to see her torture others. I would stay under the radar. I speak to no one. It was hard. As educators we should collaborate and support one another.

  43. Yes we have wonderful students and parents…..sad that almost every parent and teacher strongly dislikes the admin. This principal is smart enough to be very very sweet to a few….you select few must be so scared if Monroe leaves you people will finally get a real observation and your incompetence will show.,,so keep supporting her, your job depends on it. You know very very well the teachers she abuses do not deserve should be supporting them not the disgusting administration

    • Yes, how true..I forgot how sitting at your desk all day texting away in front of your students qualifies you as an effective teacher!!! I guess I didn’t get that memo!

  44. I’m a mom of two. One elementary aged and one middle school. Children in elementary school have no buisness knowing what thier parents financial status is and shouldn’t be punished for it. That principal is no better than Cruella D’ville. I hope the “said” investigation into the situation resolves with her joining the unemployment line.


    Here is a video of this socio path principal. When will they fire her?

  46. Fed up with this bully!!

    Karma, karma karma!! Thank the good Lord above!! This monster was escorted out of the school today and “temporarily assigned”. Thie thing she dreaded most has come to pass. Always was afraid of being disgraced!!! Well now you are a DISGRACE!! You need to go to church and ask for forgiveness for torturing so many people!! Now you must pay for being a despicable person!!
    Praise be to God!!

  47. Well, well,well. What do we have here? A lesson in old fashioned humility. Despite your decades of torment. Despite your inability to be an effective leader. Now we finally see your fall from grace. Despite being a person that has not helped a single person improve their craft or develop professionally. She has done nothing to improve her staff, now we see the fruits of justice come down like a hammer. You see madem you are not better than anyone else. You are not above the law or in this case the chancellors regulations. Your lack of compassion & humility has finally expired. For years the people of this school knew what you were about, now the entire world can see what you were about & who you truly are. Or by the way to those asskissers; in the end the truth comes out. The NYCDOE & it’s upper management acted accordingly by making a decision based on substance not favoritism or what 4 or 5 asskissers presented to be a shallow personal agenda. It’s a new day.

    • Omg quick call legal lol

    • She did not get her job by following the proper procedure. She had what we use to call a god father. She either paid someone off or she was given a job as a favor politically. Did she teach in the district she was principal? Did she serve there as a AP? Did she just walk in get the job because someone was paid off? I believe this to be so. If correct than she is not the total blame for her poor management as those that placed her in the position and allowed her to do the things she did are equally responsible.This should be explored. Perhaps she bought the job, this also has been done often in the past. I would like to know. I think all citizens would like to know where she came from and how she got to where she did so much damage.

  48. The administrators should be evaluated on a monthly basis. They have such free reign in the building with NO recourse for such awful decision making. Common sense is lost & countless errors are swept under the rug. Some one should really pay closer attention to the administration. If this individual was evaluated more often perhaps the abuse would have ceased years ago. Then again if you really want to see how ineffective a majority of administrators are just put them in a classroom.

    • Superintendent was notified numerous times on the goings on at PS 120. But NO HELP!

    • Wow chuck very sharp n very obvious you don’t work for the doe. Perhaps you can get a job with the doe n clean house!!!

      • That job is reserved for individuals such as yourself.

        • Seriously chuck the doe needs fair openminded educated people. The people working for the doe now are not interested in the children or their education, but with the opportunities to get out of the classroom asap n get into a nice cozy office job. And unfortunately they don’t care who they step on or over to get there!!!!

    • Very true. there really needs to be some checks and balances. A lot of administrators believe they can do whatever they want because it is “their” school. The abusive behavior and bullying of staff interferes with school functioning. Unfortunately, staff have no recourse when administrators are acting like disturbed juveniles. I sometimes think that this is encouraged, could it be possible that this school dysfunction feeds the system in some way?

  49. She finally got removed, even though it is temporary. She has not changed at all. She has harassed so many people over the years starting at ps 166, 84, 127, and 120. She was not a good leader. Many of the teachers she harassed were young and very pretty. The prettier you were the more she harassed you. Anyone who thinks she was great can’t really believe that. You can’t witness what she does and think it is okay. I would get so upset seeing her do and say some horrific things to my colleagues. Also Ms Fine and Ms Marsaggi are no angels. They encouraged her and many times acted in the same manner. Spoke to employees like they were second class citizens. They should be investigated as well. The carnival at ps 120 was always free until Ms Marsaggi came into the building. One last nite a bully only has power if they have others rallying and supporting them. A bully can’t stand alone. Ms Monroe should pray and apologize for all the horrific things she has done to others. The list is extremely long.

    • It is NOT temporary. The DOE had to say that to the parents!!

    • Fed up with this bully

      I have never witnessed any part of that so called administration ever help any staff member what so ever. They don’t even present staff development. Not once has any admin member ever presented any type of staff development. Why should they, they just pass the buck to the staff. Makes some of us wonder just what do they administer or do?? Only in the nycdoe can one get an admin license & then it’s clear sailing ahead. Just think as an admin you can walk in late everyday and nothing happens. You can send numerous erroronous emails & have the staff correct them for you. You can even observe people that are ten times the educator that you ever were & guess what with this wonderful danielson bullshit you can now evaluate them & pull some bullshit out of your ass & wham you can rate a highly effective person whatever you feel fits. what a Joke. I wish the admin was evaluated in the same manner. But don’t worry ass kissers, as long as you came from the FAM school you will never see a poor rating. Heck those people can do no wrong. More bullshit. I am truly lucky to have listened to Monroe when she told me if I don’t like it here then go on the open market & transfer. That was the best advice she has ever given to the 40-50 people who have fled the scene of that horrific school. Boy is the grass greener on the other side.

      • What exactly do those people do wrong… Sit at their desk and do no teaching all day and walk around with their phone texting or spreading the gossip one floor to the other. Some of us come in teach with passion love our kids like they were our own. Push them to try harder. Stop making accusations do what’s best for kids and stop hiding behind the union. Enough already come to work do your job and act professional. Come back the next day and try harder all for the best interest for the kids. There are many teachers that don’t fill those requirements and they are everywhere. Unfortunately they stand behind union and think no one notices their poor teaching.

        • The worst part is they think the closer they are to retirement they can get away with no lesson plans and doing nothing earning top salary. Enough already as soon as administrators question them where there lesson plan is they say I am not required to my union rep said I could write it on toilet paper top notch teachers are these?!?

          • Some of us spend hours fine tuning lessons and differentiating activities that’s what takes up our life our students not the people who have no life complain about everything and live miserably because they make their life miserable and blame others. Dress professional act professional and talk like a professional maybe then someone will think you are a professional and will treat you this way. Smile and spread joy to children. That’s what a teacher who loves her students does for her students. She empowers them to love learning. Enough said get out of leading miserable lives and smell the joys of life.

          • Fed up with this bully!!

            Do you really consider yourself a good teacher when you can’t even use the correct “their” at the correct time!! Ugh!!! Hopefully the DOE will clean house at 120 and EVERYONE will be on the same playing field. Then we shall see you will be receiving highly effective!!!

        • It wasn’t the union that helped get rid of Joan silly girl

  50. A great teacher turns yesterday’s weaknesses into tomorrow’s successes. 🙂 never stop learning in life and you’ve acquired the greatest gift in life. Thank you so much for the tip… Due to my busy day, I will be hiring an editor to help me with my next post. A great teacher doesn’t live in highly effective as she never ceases to stop learning. The truth is harsh but it must be told… There’s always two sides to every story.

    • Fed up with this bully!!

      There certainly is 2 sides to every story. Maybe you should open your eyes and ears and look at how many people were abused by this so called administrator. Not only ones ready for retirement. Look at Michelle last year and ann Marie and Diane this year!!! How can you be so blind to all of it. It’s not just the original 120 people. What about Fel who’s supposedly her friend. What is your answer to that??
      You never know who would’ve been next!!

  51. Fed up with this bully!!

    By the way how is it that hundreds of people see that what was done at the carnival was disgraceful but a “select” few bring her flowers and candy. You all should be ashamed of yourselves!!

  52. What was presented to the media was false information. Unfortunately, in today’s society people will believe whatever they hear. I know the New York Post is not a credible resource of information and I do not believe the things they post. Understand that my child comes home with permission slips all the time and as a parent if I check off NO then my child cannot attend that event. After all, no means no!!! I would only hope that the school would respect my wishes.

    • Obviously an investigation was done and there was much more to it than the carnival. Keep supporting her. I only hope one day you feel the harassment so many have felt under her! Glad she’s gone. Just the way she always said she would never want … Escorted out with her things on s cart. Exactly what she deserves!!

      • Or maybe some staff are actually nervous because now they will be evaluated like everyone else. N like everyone else they’ll have to work for their rating because they won’t be told on Labor Day no worries you’re highly effective . That sucks

        • Seriously?? You very well know how everyone stresses with planning and observations and no one is told they are highly effective without actually being highly effective. In fact, as far as I know there were only 2 HE teachers in our building last year. But def should have been more ineffective especially the ones that stand in the hall to chat, leave their students unattended to use the restroom, or my favorite one that sits and texts ALL day long! Get a life already!

    • Well damn I hope they put your kid on the right pink bus at dismissal. Omg what am I saying all the buses are yellow… now how will they ever figure what bus he goes on???

  53. Finally someone is listening!

    How sad that instead of everyone working together, the staff is fighting each other and being accusatory. P.S. 120 has been toxic to many for a very long time. It is a shame that Ms. Monroe’s defenders are so blind to what actually goes on. No one can imagine my satisfaction when I saw Ms. Monroe’s name in the NY Post after her accusations against me that ended with her saying “I hope I don’t see you on the cover of the Post one day.” I hope that the DOE rids 120 of Ms. Monroe’s APs which certainly have been a huge part of her bullying and nastiness. They have contributed to the disgusting behaviors. P.S. 120 has been lucky to be blessed with caring, talented and loving teachers. Maybe those that have stayed can go back to teaching and enjoy their chosen careers without the fear of being verbally abused.

  54. I hope “teacher” never needs the union the way she bashes it!

  55. Many of you who have had so good for so long, I hope it changes. I hope the teachers who work in the ICT classes actually follow the correct model. You can’t go paper work, lesson plans, or make charts while the other teacher us teaching. You can’t put up a bulletin board while the other one is teaching. That is not the ICT model. The worst part don’t brag to your colleagues how you no longer have to stay after school or do work on the weekends. It is not fair to those who are not as privileged as you. Also, to the comment towards teachers who are close to retirement and go not of lesson plans. That us simply untrue. Don’t spread lies. They work very hard, stay after school, and do plenty of school work at home and on weekends. One of you also bragged to me that you can have your cell phone on and text because Ms. Monroe loves you. How lucky it was for you.

  56. How many lives does she have to ruin before you see or admit what she is? Almost every person who cones in contact with her is shocked how cruel she is? How can you defend what she does to ppl? She tortures your friends too!!! There was not one thing in the NY Post that was a lie! You defend her b c she treats you very nicely….she knows she is playing you and it works….you praise, buy her presents and write letters on her behalf. Would u want your child to be treated the way she treats ppl? Why do you think her other schools were thrilled when she left? Great teachers have been berated and abused and left. How fair is that for the kids? You are 6 ppl who defend! The. 6 she is smart enough to be kind to. Look at the facts. She says the most humiliating, horrible things to ppl. That’s ok?? That’s being a good human ? A good Christian???

  57. Very well said Voice of Reason. It is one thing when you tell someone that was wrong . You explain what was wrong and give suggestions on how to improve. Not use it as an entry point to start going after you with a vengeance. The ones defending her I understand she was amazing to the 6 of you and you know what you needed to do in return. You guys knew before you walked in the building by Ms. Marsaggi what you needed to do in order for her to stay off your backs. Once you proved your loyalty it was smooth sailing. Well it is over now. I hope the playing field becomes even now. We all know the truth. If you can’t, I feel especially sorry for you. I know first hand how things worked with her. I was one of her favorites. I made one mistake and it was the end for me. She didn’t stop. She said some of the cruelest things to me. She even had emailed
    Me with some disgusting emails. I have saved those emails. The funny thing was I was trying to correct an error she made. She didn’t like to be corrected. So let’s move on and make 120 the great school it once was.

  58. I left PS 120 shortly after Monroe took over. I saw her true colors right away. She started targeting me and I made a decision not to go back the next school year. I was not yet ready to retire but knew I couldn’t work under those conditions. I am so sorry she has bullied so many teachers and students. PS 120 was a nice place to work the eleven years I was there and I hope it goes back to that!

  59. The only way P.S. 120 will ever completely change for the better is if Ms. Fine and Mrs. Marsaggi leave as well. They were a big part of the problem. My kids went and still go to 120. I have had my kids in classes with the new teachers. Not good teachers at all. Yell and not teach. The more experienced teachers that have been there for years, much better. Know what to teach and how to teach it. Ms. Roth excellent!! Always wanted my kids in her class. My friends complain tgat new teachers give little or no homework. Kids don’t understand . No teaching going on. Big problem in that school.

  60. Welcome to PS 120. Where knowledgeable, caring, dedicated teachers are bullied till they have no choice but to walk out and ignorant, screaming teachers get to do anything they want and receive highly effective evals all because they know the right people and buy the right gifts and write the correct letters …. Hopefully it will end here but only if the 2 assistants to the cruelty and unfairness have to pay the piper as well

  61. Be a decent human being

    Be a decent human being. Be a professional and you will be treated as one. Put the energy that you are putting into your pathetic posts into your lesson planning. A rubric cannot lie. You are INEFFECTIVE for a reason! You should all be PERMANENTLY removed from the NYCDOE. It’s so sad that these people posting these sick messages are actually teachers and have the responsibility of teaching and shaping young minds. Practice what you preach. DO NOT WORK IF YOU CANNOT ACCEPT THE FACT THAT YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO WORK & HAVE RESPONSIBILITIES. Do the children and their families a favor and RESIGN. You are a disgrace to the education field.

    • You are a freakin JOKE obviously an ignorant asshole!!

    • Very very funny! Ouch

    • Omg you’re like the older sibling chasing the younger one around. N we all know how that ends???? That’s right the little runs faster n further away. Stop the insanity!!! Oh btw do you know what a sibling is??? Lol

    • You are absolutely out of line. The principal is the leader of the building and this one showed NO leadership skills that day or any day according to these poor teachers. Who the hell
      Are you to be saying practice what you preach? We poor our heart and souls into lesson plans and teaching children everyday. A rubric cannot lie you say? Its a rubric. Does it show how we are compassionate to the children and come in rain, sleet and snow? Keep your opinions to yourself you are an idiot.

  62. You can make any teacher effective or ineffective according to the rubric..the admin lies and says you didn’t do x when in fact x was done!! Are you that stupid? I guess you are since you’re not even smart enough to see the unfair and degrading treatment that many many teachers have to endure. How can you justify people being treated the way they were treated?? You see it under your nose and you choose to look away! There are dozens of teachers in the school that were ineffective and then go to other schools and are teaching other teachers!!! Except for the chosen few teachers who brag that they sit and text all day because they are loved so, all the other teachers work extremely hard and truly care about the children! Easier to buy the cruel one gifts than to teach or work hard. Teaching is not the issue. We love our profession we just are happy to not be treated like sh&$! Just be fair. Not be told it’s on a case by case basis! No human being should have to endure what was dished out! And you know that’s true You think this was due to the carnival???? No way. There must be more!! Use your common sense, oh wait that’s the problem !

  63. It’s so sad that Monroe, Marsaggi, and Fine Ignored the fact that a teacher paid off her students to keep them quiet because they’re noisy or running around the room or that she changed tests and NYSSLAT grades to make sure they passed! I’m sure the other “special teachers” did too just to make them look good

    • Wow wish I knew that was happening because I needed a part time job to pay my mortgage. I could’ve gone in on my lunch n made a few extra $$$ without leaving the building

  64. Finally someone is listening!

    How incredibly sad that instead of blaming the cause of all this – Joan Monroe and her assistant principals – you are blaming you fellow staff members. TEACHER, ANONYMOUS, and BE A DECENT HUMAN BEING should think about their colleagues and remember how they have been unfairly abused for things that they do all the time. How dare you accuse colleagues of not planning for their class or leaving their classes unattended! You are probably the ones that tattle (like the children in your class) to the administration to win brownie points. Most staff at PS 120 is totally professional – maybe some of these vile nasty people should look in the mirror as they accuse their colleagues of being ineffective. And of course tomorrow, you will play your sweet self and out loud say that you’ve never seen this site because you have a very busy life and you can’t imagine who would waste their time posting on it. I hope I can manage not to throw up!!

  65. "You get what you give"

    It’s funny how all the LAZY teachers and staff are the ones who are hating on her. NO SH*T!! What boss rewards a lazy member of staff with a compliment. She is a strict and professional leader. She’s been trying to shape ALL of you complaining UP! And I’m sure very few people love to take orders and be criticized with ratings of effectiveness SO it’s common to dislike your boss. It comes with your job. You are all part of the same Union. One helps another up! YOU BACKSTABBERS SHOULD HAVE THEIR LICENSE REVO

    • Omg you sound very very angry! You probably have a lot of resentments. That is not a healthy way to live. Let go of the anger move on and rejoice we are finally free

    • Finally someone is listening!

      What does this mean “And I’m sure very few people love to take orders and be criticized with ratings of effectiveness” Ratings of effectiveness do not show criticism. Besides, no one minds constructive criticism or someone showing them how they’d like things done. The problem (except for select people – which obviously includes you)is that directives have been unclear and criticism has been nasty and abusive. There hasn’t been help on how to improve, instead it has just been a constant beat down. That in no way is effective administration. You have seen it happen to very effective colleagues yet you look away and make believe it is not happening. That is very sad – I don’t know how you sleep at night.

  66. This has been going on since the day she came to the school… She predetermined who are the better teachers based on b s!! That my dear moron is the problem. Some if you people who get accolades have so much to learn about teaching, the English language and all around knowledge… She tell very kind good teachers : you should not be around. Children!!!!! You honk that’s ok??? She is not fit to be around people!!! Almost everyone who has had any contact with her feels that way!!! We can’t ALL be wrong. So it must be you.

  67. If only we did get what we give…you’d be out!!! Joan got what she gave too sweetie pie!


    JOAN’S FRIEND takes the cake for having the deepest resentment towards her. Sounds like you got what you gave!! A load of turds. Lol hate to be you. Have fun refreshing the page to read this. Happy Sunday y’all!!!

  69. Where do you come off calling the teachers lazy!!!! You need to look in your own backyard!!! You just keep sitting at your desk texting or doing paper work while you give your students busy work. These teachers you’re referring to, take their work home so they can dedicate themselves to helping their students. Actually you’re the lazy one!!

  70. Anyone defending themselves of being a lazy teacher, probably is….Just saying ANONYMOUS

  71. I mean if that’s what you’re doing I’m sure that wasn’t referred to you.

  72. Now JOAN’s FRIEND on the other hand. She sounds super lazy and angry hhaha

    • Finally someone is listening!

      Maybe some of you should be working on report cards instead of giving your class busy work and doing them during instructional time! Stop bitching and just accept reality! She is gone, the other 2 will probably leave as well – maybe they will take you along or maybe you will have to learn to swim unaided. Either way, focus on the next 10 days and try teaching. Oh and try to play nicely with your colleagues – they haven’t done anything to you personally – they were just protecting themselves and defending those that have been forced to leave.

      • Amen or look on the open market!!!! I think I’ve heard that before hmmm where oh where have I heard that??? Lol

  73. In response to your statement Lazy, I don’t appreciate, actually disgusted at the remark from You Get What You Give that very hard working and dedicated seasoned teachers are being told that that they are lazy and should have their licenses revoked. Actually it’s the teachers that think they can get away with anything and everything without recourse. I would also like to hear what the administration has done for the teachers as well as the students. I’ll bet nothing comes to mind.

  74. Thank you for the compliment, just goes to show how well I write… I now know I can teach my students to write effectively! And “finally someone is listening” is so correct…we are just trying to stand up for those who have been beat down for absolutely no reason! Unlike you, we do not look away when we see injustices…..and I am one of the favored ones! I just think its wrong..and so should you!

  75. Gone but not forgotten

    Let’s put this administration to the test;

    Provides pertinent & resourceful professional development–ineffective

    United the staff around a common goal —highly ineffective

    Provides a well devolped array of extra curricular activities–ineffective
    Having a “residency ” that is here today & gone tomorrow does not sustain application of knowledge. Like a lot of other bs, it just sounds good but lacks any substance.

    Use their own experience & expertise to promote positive pedagogical growth—highly INEFFECTIVE

    Bring morale of the school community to an all time low–highly effective.

    This place sounds like a well oiled piece of s$@&. Oh one more thing before you come back & say if you don’t like it just leave. ( another quote made famous from our ousted leader) too late I already did leave.

  76. Dr. Michael E Stigletz Therapist, LMFT

    My goal as a therapist is to help put you in the driver’s seat of your life. By collaboratively exploring the past and present we will work to develop the self understanding that will allow you to change, develop. ANONYMOUS/ JOANS FRIEND and FINALLY.. I specialize in ANGER MANAGEMENT THERAPY I am determined to help such people like yourselves. I stumbled across a NY newspaper and couldn’t help to see PS120 made headlines. I pass this school on my way to work and I figured HEY! This is a win win situation for me and yourselves. I could turn your lives around and make you better people!! After a few of my sessions I’ll have you ladies/gents sleeping better at night. Releasing all your negative energy you people have deep within yourselves. You’ll no longer have the need to envy colleagues and people of higher authority. Please click the link on my bio PS Ms. JOANS FRIEND it seems to me, from a paid professionals perspective, you very much made Ms Monroe’s naughty list. With that being said, we also have a well trained psychiatrist in our office who is here to help with psychiatric delusional disorder. Thank you for taking your free and VALUABLE time to read this….

    • WOW!!! WELL SAID Dr.Michael!!!

    • Dr Michael I couldn’t agree more. All that pent up anger n resentments are not healthy. They need to turn these over n try to live a cleaner n healthier life n maybe you can help them do just that ! Thanks for offering your support! Ladies it’s in your hands now there is help out there take it you need it

    • Finally someone is listening!

      To the ambulance chaser Dr. Michael E Stigletz Therapist, LMFT – you are not much of a professional if you make a diagnosis based on a few emails. You have no background knowledge of what people have had to endure. People are not angry without justified reasons and no one has let it consume their lives. Everyone just wanted Ms. Monroe to get what she deserved. These are happy well adjusted people enjoying their lives and their families.
      To the rest of you nasty individuals that have resorted to name calling. How dare you make comments about when people post and call people names. No wonder Joan thought you were so wonderful – you are of the same mindset. It is scary that some of you very hurtful people work with children – you have no compassion and no heart. I feel sorry for your families.

  77. Just be the cruel ones therapist….guess he is ineffective as well. Not a good advertisement for a therapist

  78. I was a former teacher at PS 120. I was also lucky enough to be able to retire. Why did I retire? I could not work in a place anymore where someone treated people so unfairly. How Ms. Monroe treated staff, parents, and children was horrific. I was filled with anxiety each morning before work wondering if I would be a target or worried about who she would humiliate or torture that day. I can still hear the click of the heels down the hallway, and feel the anxiety in my stomach.
    Ms.Monroe was so unprofessional. On one of her visits to my room (I was a preschool teacher) she said, and I quote, ” I’d rather walk on a bed of nails then do what you do.” I was speechless!!
    Is this how a professional, a principal of a school behaves?
    Well it seems that her days at 120 have finally come to an end!!!!!

    • Midnight snacking

      Comment at 2 am. You must either be an achoholic or overweight and in the middle of a midnight snack and decided to go on this blog/rant right after sucking your Cheetos cheese covered orange fingers. I do apologize if you live in Europe and it’s because of a time difference. Happy Monday gals!!!

      • By the way thank you for the apology! You are correct I am not posting from Eastern Standard Time.
        Just needed to share my experience.
        PS. It is 5:38 pm where I am!

        • It's five o'clock somewhere!!

          I can vouch for this. CECELIA always comes a little before happy hour everyday where she blogs and types all sorts of things with her flip phone. Long Island ice tea is her preferred COCKtail FYI

      • Hi Cecelia so happy you left a comment. Obviously those responding don’t realize you’re not an alcoholic or a fat Cheetos eating loser. But a gym rat who also spends hours as an advocate for adults with special needs. I guess they really don’t see the horrible things ms Monroe haas done and continues to do. What’s even scarier they don’t realize when you retired do to stress that ms Monroe begged you to reconsider. Not only her loss but our loss too. Can’t wait to see you Thursday. Oh yea some need to be clued in that a time difference can also happen in this wonder country we live in. See you soon safe trip home

    • You go girl….well said. Still have nightmares

  79. Midnight snacking

    Btw more than half of you need to take Dr. MICHAEL’s advice. He sounds very intelligent and seems to be the only one on this rant that actually wants to make a difference and help! Toodels

    • You really are a piece of crap! Take your own advice. Hundreds of people CANNOT be wrong!
      Look in the mirror sweetheart!

      • Suffolk county police

        Just scrolling through the Internet and stumbled across this blog!! Now I couldn’t help but to notice the time you sent this informational reply. Now I know it must have been during your travels to work unless you’re a retiree and on your way to a liquor store of some kind. Wherever you were headed makes no difference IF I SEE ANYONE TYPING OR TEXTING ON MY HIGHWAY I WILL PULL YOU OVER AND PROSECUTE YOU ACCORDINGLY. With that said please drive safe and save the blogs for after work on your spare free VALUABLE time. Thank you for your cooperation…

        • Thank you officer we truly appreciate your concern for all of our safety. And I would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication because like your job ours can also a thankless n demoralizing job. Unlike others in the community i appreciate all you do to keep our neighborhoods safe. With that being said stick to what you know about n stay safe

  80. Cautious Driver!!

    I doubt a real SCPO would waste their time on this nonsense, but if so, typing on MY OWN TIME! Whether it be relaxing at home, a passenger in a car, on vacation, or on a prep, my own time!! Thank you for your words of advice!

  81. First of all, it is not any ones business when Cecelia chooses to go to sleep or not go to sleep. She is retired…. Read what she wrote, not when she wrote it…..Second of all there are 50 plus teachers coming out to share their horrible experiences with Monroe, so when do you people who defend her WAKE UP???? Yes she was nice to you ppl, but she knew she needed some ppl on her side….you served a purpose…when do you as intelligent ppl see what is right in front of you…..great teachers being treated in a very very unprofessional manner……EVEN IF someone is not a great teacher do they deserve to be treated so disgustingly????? NO!!! They need to improve their craft…..

    • Voice of Reason, don’t even bother wasting your time with these ignorant people. Justice is being served and we can sit back and ENJOY it!! Let them wallow in their sorrows and mourn Joan’s demise!!
      I’m LOVING it!

  82. Amen to disgusted!! NOT LAZY!

  83. By the way how dumb is ” mid night snacking”? Only people in Europe would be in a different time zone???? WTF. These people are teachers? Very scary

  84. Pastor William J. Whites

    “Amen” my brothers and sisters!!! So happy to see words of our HOLY FATHER on this random blog I ended up on. I was checking my yahoo news and accidentally clicked on some links and ended up here. This is a perfect time for all of you to come and join us on Sunday at All Angels’ Episcopal Church W 80th St 8 am. Where I will preach to all of us SOHAPPY, DIGUSTED,VOICE,Cecelia, ANONYMOUS, JOANS FRIEND you all sound like you’ve been possessed with all this hatred you spit out of those dirty old pie holes. You never kick someone while they are down. Instead you give them a caring hand. YALL NEED JESUS. I will calm all of you with our prayers and spring you all back to reality so you all can realize why we are all here. To build not to destroy. GOD BLESS & GOODNIGHT!

    • Finally someone is listening!

      Wow! Some Pastor you must be! Where is your compassion? To use terms like “spit out of those dirty old pie holes” is not very Pastor like. Funny how Midnight Snacking’s disgusting acting ways are acceptable to you even though they viciously attacked someone for no apparent reason. It is so sad that some people find it necessary to create false identities to post things that they don’t have the guys to say. I wish they would realize how stupid it makes them appear. How sad that they work with impressionable children!

      • Hello my dears. My name is Rosanna and I always make the early mass pastor William j whites preaches. He turned my life around with his loving words. FINALLY how dare you make such an accusation. You should be thankful he used “dirty pie hole” as a synonym for your mouths. If I had my youth back I would hold you down with one knee across your chest and rub your mouth with a brick of soap!! Revenge is a sin. Bullying your boss now doesn’t make anything right. You dirty old ladies better get your spf ready because you will all need it where you’re headed..

        • The ONLY one headed where you’re referring to is your illustrious leader!! JM

        • Right on little ol me… It seems some people have anger management issues. They truly need to dedicate their lives to something meaningful. They really should be coming to Sunday masses and hearing the word of the Gospel. It is serene and calming and I hope that God helps them find their way back to Him as they have lost their way. There is still time – the pastor is willing to help I hope they seek help soon. Summer vacation is coming so they will have plenty of time to seek all these available resources to help redefine their lives.

        • Omg but for the grace God there goes I n believe me it ain’t gonna be any church that you attend! You need to let go of your resentments and turn your attitude n problems to the only One that can help you. Please find another church yours IS OBVIOUSLY NOT HELPING YOU. Good nite and God bless.

  85. Wonder how Joan is coping……better. Worse or the same as all the teachers who she made to feel like crap?? May she rot in her turmoil for all the days , nights, weekends, holidays she stole from very compassionate, experienced conscientious teachers, who might or might not have made a minor mistake….. Hope she sees the error of her ways and asks for forgiveness!

    • Seriously??? In her mind she’s the victim being prosecuted by incompetent teachers. She’s a narcissist who thinks only bad be get cancer.. Do you really think she’s suffering or has any remorse. Get real she’s planning her next revenge. Good nite n God willing I’ll talk tomorrow

      • Well the investigation is not run by teachers she must have done something serious!!! I guess narcissists do believe it’s always someone else’s fault. They can rationalize anything

  86. Couldn't Have Said It Better/Grateful/Humbled

    WOW! How inspiring and truly uplifting to see the outpouring generous support being offered by various skilled professionals. Thank you to all these professionals for offering help in your areas of expertise. Ladies, the time is now. Take what you need. You sure need all the help you can get. You know who you are. Time to turn over a new leaf and leave the past behind. This is your chance. Don’t let it pass you by. I’m sure if hook up with some buddies/biddies at work you could make it a group effort. Looking forward to hearing all the success stories to come.

  87. Thanks for your fake concern about our well being…in actuality it is the 17 people who need all the professional help offered. There is really something wrong with you people…besides this stupid non sense, you came into a building where you were told not to talk to certain teachers, that should have been enough to tell you something is wrong, then you witness as innocent teachers are treated horribly…and you continue to close your eyes…you ppl have the real problems. Get help it’s out there ….do it now before you do damage to even more children

  88. Xoxoxo well said!!

  89. AND stop giving answers to the tests so that it looks as though you are good teachers. Good teachers would not be sitting at their desks all day and talk so fresh to their students

    • Let’s start a petition… removal of teachers desks from classrooms. Mine is there don’t even sit at it… Waste of space if you ask me . Anyone agree this should solve prob of teacher sitting there all day. What do you think about movies should teachers play Movies on smart board as busy work?

  90. she has chosen to take early retirement instead of fighting the charges.

    • Charges must have been pretty serious!!! She is over 60. Should’ve gone 5 years ago!! Goodbye and good riddance!!

    • Let the party begin !! It’s about time.

    • A lot of administrators stay too long because they can’t figure anything else to do. Problem with that is if you have a bully of a principal or supervisor then they are negatively effecting so many people, staff, students and parents. There needs to be more checks and balances of principals/supervisors who enjoy far to much power at the DOE. How is it this principal could go so long without the DOE noticing her management style was a problem. If not for this issue getting so much media attention in the newspapers and the internet, she would have been able to continue her reign of terror for many more years. There are a lot of administrators that stay way longer than they are really effective. A lot easier to come to work and bark orders to others that to do the real work of teaching children. I hope the DOE just doesn’t pick some crony of the principal to be the next administrator. I hope they make some thoughtful choice to help support this school environment (teachers, students, and parents).

  91. Thank you to the other parents who helped get this party started!! Now we can feel welcomed in our kids school once again. Hope who ever becomes principle now is nice to us and not talk nasty to us when we have to come in the school. Even the teachers are happy and we are happy and our kids are happy . Wish this was done sooner when my son was still in this school

    • What a wonderful gift to know that come the fall you have the opportunity to work with a new administrator. Good Luck!

  92. Shame on u ms.monroe!i go to ps120q and is in 4th grade.last year,the carnival was terrible even though my family payed.thats because u left out kids who didn’t pay!How dare u!

  93. Joan is a bitch

    What the fucking shit ass bitch you are。especially when u took YMCA away.fuck u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  95. How are you joans?ur the best principal ever!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Unfair practices mistreatment of student and teachers. 40+ teacher have left in five years since she has been principal.
    I have a ton of evidence and witnesses including teachers

  97. Times Have Changed!!!

    As we approach the anniversary of the scandalous carnival, P.S. 120 is a much better school since Joan Monroe left. The new Principal is an effective leader who cares about children and his staff. Ms. Fine should not receive tenure as assistant principal. She should be removed. She is corrupt and covered up for Ms. Monroe. The school would be 100 percent better if they got rid of her. She is extremely unfair when rating the teachers at 120.

  98. Oh wow. We are so much happier with out the witch. The only people not happy are the ones who now are treated just like every one else. No special treatment any more. Now we all work hard. But it’s all good cause we are treated like professionals now. No more misery. If we make a mistake it’s ok. No one is going to abuse us. What a wonderful school,it is now. And yes Fine has to go ….how she ever graduated high school is a mystery !!!

  99. The DOE needs to go back to the system of written exams and interviews for NYC teacher licenses along with the state certification. Now the ineffective principal promotes her ineffective friends to be the next assistant principal or principal. Much more corruption in the hiring of all staff at the DOE. This all started with the nonsense about the principal being the CEO of their school. Bring back the hiring hall. It allows another level of checks and balances in the hiring of staff. Any thoughts on this?

  100. This is the worst principal i ever had..She was acting Principal in PS 84Q just for 5 months, and in those 5 months, she was busy , very busy indeed putting letters in people’s files a d threading many of us with getting fired. One day in February before the winter break, she called us for a meeting in the library, with tears in her eyes and asking for forgivenes, she said that the school board didn’t vote for her to be appointed at PS84Q. However, she was crying, we were so happy, content and so excited to see evil cannibal leaving us for good. Joan Monroe was cruel, and without a heart in those 5 months that my personal life was at the worst point during those 5 months. I was a single mother with 3 kids, the youngest only 7 (at the same school, PS 84), he had a terrible asthma and food allergies. Joan Monroe didnt care at all of what i was going thru, she filled my file with letters, and she was threatening every single day with firing me from the DOE. The Union rep. couldn’t do that much for any of us, but thanks to the Lord she was never appointed in PS 84Q and she left to a faraway land from us. I really thought that with her past experiences, she would had changed, I guess is true that people NEVER really changed. Shame on Joan Monroe – Evil Cannibal

  101. Doing the happy dance

    Thank God for you she was never appointed to your school!! Think about what she did to your school in 5 months!! Imagine the DESTRUCTION she did in 8 years!! She is the most disgusting human being I’ve ever met!!! She calls herself a Christian? How does she sleep at night??? I only hope she gets back what she gave out!!! I was NOT one offer victims but saw how she treated others!! Made my stomach sick!! Even now when I see people with that same style, (if that’s what you want to call it), hair anywhere, I panic that it’s her!!! The most horrific person in the universe.
    I hope she’s wallowing in her own misery!! POS!!!

    • former NYC para and schoolteacher now living in a midwestern state

      I am a former NYC para who worked at a school in which Mrs. Monroe was one of two interim acting AP’s. One day I had the beginning of what would develop as full blown pneumonia and Mrs. Monroe drove me home from one section of Queens to another. She insisted that she would not let me take the subway home. She was always very kind to me and always asked about how I felt when I returned after a month. I told her that I would never forget her kindness and she said that it was not necessary. I know she is a logical and rational person because she has a degree in mathematics. Perhaps, everyone is confusing that with being unfeeling. She has a kind heart but she cares about fairness. The problem is that her definition of fairness and justice is different than some. She should have thought of a logical and compassionate way to have the kids participate. I am not sure how she rationalized doing that to the students. My experience with her back in 1999 was someone with a good heart who helped me and asked for nothing in return. She wants things done correctly and fairly according to her standards. I wish she would have used her coherent and rational mind to have helped those poor children. I still believe she is a good person and I will never forget her kindness and our nice albeit brief conversations.

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