Jillian Juman, Principal, School for International Studies

Jillian Juman, Principal, School for International Studies


Inside Schools : http://insideschools.org/component/schools/school/693





  1. Jillian Juman is in her third year as principal and is therefore up for tenure. She has, for each year she has been principal, attempted to terminate licenses of at least one teacher on staff. She has written statements against teachers claiming them to have been written by students. She only hires young untenured teachers and places puppet Chapter Leaders in charge after having abused previous chapter leaders to ensure that the chapter remains divided. She spends money from the budget recklessly and plays favorites. She has given special privileges to teachers. In exchange for this, she has these teachers write false reports against others. Just to name a few things.

  2. This women should have her teaching license revoked. She bullies her teaching staff, lies to her staff and shows no compassion for her fellow teachers. She has written up several teachers for no reason and has tried to have their licenses taken away. She is not fit to be a principal or a supervisor. Her lack of compassion and honesty is sickening as she has non. I worked for her for 3 years and I could no longer stand her lies and her ability to write up teachers for things that were never true.

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