Principal Jeffrey Santiago

PHONE: 718-823-4101

Geographic District:
Community School Office
BRONX, NY 10460
Family Leadership Coordinator:
Cynthia Cortijo
Family Support Coordinator:
Carma Couch
Education Council President:
Ilka Rois


  1. Many of our tenure teachers as well as new teachers are being bullied by this Principal. He creates gossip and then tell teachers that their colleague are talking about them. He also uses the building camera to spy on teachers. We just did an excessive paper work complaint about him with our UFT union. The union met with him and brought Superintendent Rafaella Espinal to address us but many of us was left feeling chastised instead. Please help us because this has been going on for the last 4 years. We need him out!!!

    • I also heard he uses the little green men on Mars to spy on them too. Maybe you should tie a string to two soda cans and try to make contact with the Mars men and asked them to beam him up.

  2. Jeffery Santiago is as dishonest as they come. He is unprofessional, irrational, and unworthy to be a Principal. He lacks morals and is a horrible role model to our students!


    Jeffrey Santiago is a bully who believes that the NYC school building belong to him and he runs it like he is a bully.
    If you disagree with Santiago be prepared to face his wrath, he threatened teachers telling them that if they are not playing on his team team he will take their license. He messed with The UFT affairs and they do nothing about it . He told the new teachers that if they are caught speaking to the union leader they will be fired. He told new teachers that they will not be tenured unless they are on his team. He used the Danielson framework to his advantage. According to his assistant principals they have to do what he tells them to do to the teachers because he will fire them as he has done to did others before them .
    He is violating teacher first amendments right to speak to each other . If caught they are rated unfavorable through the Danielson
    Teachers are afraid to speak to each other in the building
    The students are suffering because teachers are taken out from their classes because they dare to oppose the BULLY SANTIAGO !
    SAY NO TO SANTIAGO BULLYING ! Along with of this our motto is KIDS FIRST. BULLY SANTIAGO has corporal punish many of our students . He has forceably pulled students by their arm , screamed in their faces and threatened to call the cops on these students leaving them crying on the floor for hours. He has called teachers in his building “FAT”, INCOMPETENT, and LAZY! He tells teachers and school aides that they can look out the windows during work hours. We cannot speak to each other during instructional time but Santiago and his administration can interrupt teachers and hold a conversation for over 20 minutes. Our teachers are fed up!

  4. This man has a Napoleon complex at its max ! I work there for a week and transferred out. I seen him yell at teachers.Very unprofessional. Everyone in ps67 is under constant scrutiny. What’s sad is that it’s a failing school and DOE does nothing to change . He has personally told me That he wanted to get ride of every teacher that doesn’t agree with him.

  5. Attorney General needs to receive this letter

  6. This man is a ruthless scumbag who thinks that he is God. His self esteem is so low that he tells the new staff who they should talk too and he they shouldn’t. He is the worst in the entire BOE. Something has to be done about this dictator who thinks that he is in North Korea.

  7. There is a video of the principal singing at the church of the school’s payroll/principal. Her husband and daughter are both teachers at the school. Two teachers who don’t have to worry about being poorly rated. The enrollment is down because no one wants their child to attend the school. The school is a mess. It recently became a Focus school. Santiago’s previous school MS 80 is one of the worst performing schools in the city. Now he has turned Mohegan into a failing school. His assistant administrators are also hopeless. Ferguson who was thrown out of her previous school and dumped into 67 can’t teach and doesn’t know what is going on. Noriega who only became AP because Santiago had a fake C30 process. His latest AP Skerli doesn’t even have a license to teach Elementary School. It is true that Santiago talks about staff to other staff members. He loves to gossip. Incident reports are not reported or “lost”. There are no consequences for the student’s behavior. I hope help is on the way.

    • Well if you’re so unhappy there is something called the open market.

      • If you love the guy so much write your name so everybody will know. Santiago came from MS 80 a failing school. That school was just listed as one of the worst performing schools in the city. Now he has come to our school and the school is now a Focus school. He is leading the school in the wrong direction. The parents do not want their children to go there. The enrollment of the school has dropped in the four years he has been Principal. The parents as a whole do not know what is going on in the school. If you think he is doing such a great job identify yourself so the staff can talk to you to have an adult conversation regarding what you see and what you don’t.

        • Yeah! You’re such an adult … And you want people to reveal their name … But you signed Unknown#2. Hmmm

          • I signed Unknown #2 because I believe that Santiago will go after anyone who disagrees with him. I know he will go after me or anyone else I associate with. I am still waiting for your name. Tell everyone your name so staff members can come up to you and discuss your views.

        • I worked at MS 80 and I considered it the worse school in the DOE. I did my first year in the DOE in that school and ran to the nearest high school. While, Santiago was there that year, I never had to work for him. I worked for the other AP, Ms. Mercedes…she was the sweetest. While he did seem gossipy and sassy, he seemed decent at his job. Hopefully he can turn it around.

    • Thus the purpose of this blog….gossip

      • “Worriers come out and playyyyy ayyy” “LOL tell me your name so staff members can come up and discuss your views.” seriously you are a bunch of twitter finger gangsters.

    • Wow. Unhappy with the principal so drag other hard working adults who are here for the students into your mess. Shaking my head.

      • Worried Parent

        Exactly. One can disagree with the principal but leave staff members out of it. It will only make it worse

    • Yes all student Incident reports are NOT reported, I will let you know one thing though i will let this come to rest i was called in to the Mohegan School 67 over 100 times a year for my daughter Meisje Jones and now i need my reports and he does not have them BULLSHIT I will fight until there is nothing left inside of me please expect visits from investigator starting in the month of November…..

  8. I meant Payroll/Principal’s secretary

  9. I have worked a the school for sometime now, and I have seen the positive changes. Many teachers are upset because Mr. Santiago is finally doing what other principals didn’t do. Holding everyone accountable. The children have been suffering by having teachers that care only about themselves. Many of those clicks are upset because he has put teachers on notice. No one speaks about how they don’t come prepared to school and they go to each others house and dress inappropriate for work. They should focus on what they are not doing. They speak of him gossiping but look at this page, they are the gossipers. I have been around for sometime and I finally enjoy coming to work because everyone is expected to work. There are no more episodes of teachers going out during their preps to get their hair and nails done like they use to do before he came. Some of the teachers also use to leave early to beat the traffic. Ms. Mcnab use to come in late all the time and Ms. Peters use to pick up her class and walk back and forth to both classes. They are upset because they can’t do that any more. No one speaks of how Ms. Norales and Ms. Montgomery left on vacation a week before the set vacation we were supposed to have and the principal at the time approved it. They are upset because Mr. Santiago does not play their games. They are a bunch of back stabbers who smile in his face then talk about him behind his back. We had a UFT meeting with the Sup. as they speak of with Steve Goldberg. If there was something wrong, he would have stepped in but he didn’t because everything that was said was true. Everyone needs to stop and just do their jobs. They are afraid because they know they haven’t been doing their jobs for years and now they need to do it.

    • Just wait until he is ready to stub you in your back then you will see who this person is. He uses people to his advantage and then he shows his true face.

    • Who ever you are please make sure you get your facts right!! Those teachers you mentioned are and always have been hard working teachers. They go above and beyond. So before you write a comment that is not accurate please check your fact!

      • I really hope you are not my child’s teacher. Because at 9:06 in the morning I hope my kids teacher was teaching him and not blogging.

    • Sounds like an AP who was once an ok teacher

  10. Whoever that staff member is you should have the balls to state your name. If one dosen’t have any fear of being attacked by him they should be able to state their name. Maybe this is Mr.Santiago himself who wrote that “anonymous” claim or his walkie talkie school aide spy. Those staff members should not have been called out unless they are the ones who wrote something. I am sure Mr. Santiago gives his secretary and her family a free pass. How did her daughter suddenly get a job at 67? Is it fair for her to do her husband and daughter’s payroll? How many days do they have in their CAR? How many times have they been late and not docked?

    • The secretary’s daughter knows everyone’s business and talks about it with others.

      • She is absolutely a kind and caring teacher who goes the extra mile for her kids and our staff. Real mature.

        • Worried Parent

          I don’t know if she is a kind and caring teacher but I used to work in Human Resources. A parent should not be doing her daughter and I believe her husband’s payroll. Maybe that is one of the issues the staff has. My children used to go to CS 67 and now my niece and nephew go there. I know my sister has concerns about what is going on. All of the complaints can’t be wrong. All of the praise can’t be true. There has to be some truth in what people are saying. Just because someone has a different point of view doesn’t mean they should be teased because of their rating. It is one thing to disagree with someone but to take glee in someone’s struggle is a shame. Let’s stick to the facts. I remember my nephew telling me that students were taken out of their classes and placed in the computer room for the day. This was done because the principal was having visitors to the school and wanted the “bad” kids out of sight. My sister complained to 311 and of course nothing was done.67 has great teachers. Something has to be done.

    • Unknown 2? 1:29 PM isn’t school still in session. I really hope this isn’t a teacher who is supposed to be teaching kids at this time. This is really disturbing

      • I am not a teacher but a well informed parent who is very saddened by what is happening in the school. I know many of the staff and community. I don’t want my child singled out by the administrators because of what I said.

  11. Omgoodness

  12. Wow…. It’s sad how Mr. Santiago is being targeted for doing what is good for the children. All the anonymous people who wrote negative commment about him sounds to me like it came from those indiviual who Mrs. Grimball allowed to do what they wanted to do like, don’t clock out just walk out the back door and only let your friends know what your doing. this would also be the people who threw baby showers and birthday parties alongside mrs. grimball. people bringing their kids to work and placing them in classes they are not registered to. teachers were allowed to bring their class into another class during instructional time to move their car on the DOE time. staff memebrs were also leaving to drop their children/ grandchildren off to the babysitter while on DOE time. staff was also selling liquor drinks known as “Coquito” and a spanish appetizer known as “pasteles.” a certain school aide was selling avon door to door at the school to each teacher. people going out to the supermarket, artuso bakery, and the pharmacy during the DOE time. this was all under the grimball and sanzo adminstration. staff members traveling to city island while still clocked in under the DOE and bringing food back for staff members at 67. allowing parents in the building to assault children without checking in with security. one teacher was caught high on drugs sleeping in the teachers lounge. the grimball administration was a team that was not loyal to the job they applied for which is educating children.

    mr.santiago’s priority is putting children first. we at cs 67 can with all the changes yoou have made in past several years of your services. we notice the spendings of money being put towards the children and their education. from new desk, to chairss, to computers, to textbooks, to library books, and just recently new bookshelves. more afterschool programs. we finally have an ela and math prgram for the first year at cs 67 for the 2nd and 3rd graders. thats what makes santiago a true leader.

    • Jajaja!!!!

    • Allis shut up, we definitely know this is you lol. When you was sick the school was so peaceful without you harassing all the other school aides. God gave you a 2nd chance and apparently you haven’t learned your lession.

    • parents are choosing to NOT send their kids to the school because of him. So how is he doing good things for the school, if people are refusing to send their kids.?

    • If you knew all this and were disgusted why mot report it.? because you benefited from the situation and are now are throwing others under the bus. So while you are on here chastising others,you were complicit in those actions. So you just put yourself in a position to lose your job. real genius you are.

    • Also if he is so great. How come with the previous administration they were receiving money from the board of ed every year, they were giving A ratings across the board. Former students were sending their kids to the school. Since his appearance the school has had horrible ratings, people have quit and former students are refusing to send their kids. The only change is his hiring get a clue. For a college graduate you are quite ignorant.

    • Ex student who loves the staff

      Hasn’t the school been rated ineffective every year that he was a principal the schools performance and graduation rate was excellent before but now is terrible he must be doing a great job smh

  13. Really? Since when does an ELA and math program constitute someone being a “good” leader. What makes a good leader is honesty, integrity, communication and confidence in yourself and staff. I’ve yet to observe any of those behaviors from him consistently. All the things he does are just to make himself “look good” on the outside. Come on people we all know it’s what’s on the inside that counts and his insides seem rotten. I honestly feel sorry for him and hope he sees the error of his ways. Anyone can buy things for a school. It takes a real leader to make people come together for one purpose and he has not succeeded at that. Oh and btw what ELA curriculum?!

  14. And user Freshly Baked is obviously him posting about himself. He’s so predictable

  15. Let’s be clear on a few things.. For starters we have always had an ELA AND MATH program at 67 Bc the city requires one.. Actually by “investing” in go math it doesn’t come out of is precious budget, (which he claims never has any money in it to adequately supply our classrooms as you so falsely claim). What we are actually missing is the ELA program that has been given to the school AND WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE.. Take a walk to the book room and blow the dust off all those brand new books that we are not allowed to touch. We are forced to “supplement” with materials that are non existent.. Actually what we we haven’t had this year is a curriculum for ELA and ZERO
    books or materials for science or social studies. While one is meant to be given to ALL teachers, teachers have spent numerous hours creating enriching lessons for their students only to be insulted later with developing and ineffective ratings.

  16. Lets cut to the chase…the lower gym, the parent coordinator room that was used as ms.mac’s personal sleeping arrangement room is now for the first time since the grimball years is over packed with new books that has been distributed hand to hand to each teacher. If you go back to the comment it stated that 2nd grade got the ela and math program for the first time. Under the grimball administration not one time was second grade offered these types of programs. Instead, they had 20 school aides at 5 hours a piece. Why have so many school aides doing theft of service when they should be servicing children.

    • What are you even talking about?? They have always had these programs, they were never excluded. Stop with the lies!!

    • let’s cut to the chase. You have been given authority that is not in your job description, which is against board of ed policy. You are not the supervisor but are given authority over others again a violation. So i suggest you protect your job an stop defending him because of what you get you can be on your way out.

  17. Ineffective ratings are being given to those who were favored by grimball and were never hiven the right rating. Anyone who plays favorites will receive an outstanding. You are now being judged on your effectiveness as a teacher and not as a friend of the previous administration…you know ms.grimball/sanzo. Thank u oh and by the way freshlybaked is not mr.santiago. he has better things to do. I have enough free time to speead the word of a good principal.

  18. oh ok so what about one school aide whose soul purpose is to be Santiagos little spy. It’s pathetic. I didn’t know the best use of DOE resources was to give a school aid there own phone . And if you look back at your comment you said 3rd grade as well. Bottom line the administration in this building is a joke. No leadership. It’s the blame game all the time and the teachers take the brunt of it all. It’s not about unity, it’s not about the kids. It’s all tit for tat. Not the qualities of a school run by a good leader. What goes around comes around and sooner or later Santiago will get what he deserves.

    • Anonymous,
      You are correcting freshly baked but you used the wrong word for “soul purpose” — It should be “sole purpose” according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Definition of sole: one and only. Just saying!

  19. Like what cutting construction paper into what you call decorations. Lol!!!!

  20. Why are you so focused on Grimbal
    And Sanzo? Move on from them there not even there anymore. Stop using them as a scape goat.

  21. If i were you, i would focus more on my lesson plans than a website used to make comments about a good leader. Maybe u have all this free time now because ur one of the teachers that have been removed from the classroom and subjected to do lunch duty. Its also sad how u cant spell “tic for tac”. Not tit for tat. Wow, i can see why u were removed. Hahahaha

  22. Actually if you had any brains at all you would know it is tit for tat you moron. Here’s the link to definition FYI.

    • Jajaja! Freshlybaked is so dumb jajaja, she should be called rottenbaked because her brain is tosted jajaja!!!

  23. Your just mad because your ineffective. If u knew how to look up the definition tit for tat then why did u get an ineffective rating. Maybe because YOUR THE IDIOT. Now start filling out McDonald applications. Dollar tree is hiring as well. Or an easier tadk for you woukd be to pick up cans from the street and cash them in. They don’t give ratings for that.

  24. No one cares about the Secretary and her daughter and who she talks to. Worry about ur lesson plans and ur ineffective rating.

  25. Which three of the blind mice would i be? Hahahahaha

  26. I’m loving that I got under your skin freshly baked. Looking up the definition was for your benefit. I know how to use the English language properly. Obviously you don’t. So before you want to go criticizing people’s spelling and grammar maybe you should check your own. Plus, what’s wrong with those jobs?! You think your so much better than a person who works at the dollar store or McDonald’s?! Well NEWS FLASH YOUR NOT!!!! One day we will all be held accountable for our actions no matter what our social ecomnic status, color of skin or where we WORK. I just pray were all around for that day whe Santiago gets what’s coming to him. Or should I say when You get what’s coming to you.

    • Nothing is coming to him because he is a good person. On the other hand, I can’t wait to see what’s coming for you 🙂 Good luck in your future attempts!

  27. Whats wrong with working at those jobs is your over worked and under paid. Too bad for u that u went to college and spent all that money to start at the bottom again u idiot.

  28. Im dumb but u can’t spell toasted. Lol go to sleep

  29. I do have a college degree. At least I’ll have a job at 67 in September and you’ll be ineffective struggling in the free market to find another job. Hahahahahaha

  30. Since when does telling people to “grow balls” and complaining endlessly rather than working hard constitute as being a “good teacher”?? I am disgusted that teachers who are supposed to be role-models are using this type of language and portraying the above behaviors. I have been a teacher at 67 for a few years and I can honestly say I have NEVER been “bullied” by Mr. Santiago. I have been supported, provided with professional development, and have been encouraged to grow professionally. Mr. Santiago is always willing to listen to my ideas. On the other hand, I have been belittled and excluded by other teachers at the school. Teachers have asked me to side with them in endeavoring to override Mr. Santiago and his AP’s because of their own insecurities and failures. I wish the amount of energy and time spent on this blog was directed towards teaching the children. It is unfortunate that I work with teachers who sit at their desks all day, blame other human beings for their laziness and ignorance, and create hostile environments. Unfortunately, the only people suffering from these types of behaviors are the children. I hope everyone who doesn’t care about the children, moves on and finds their calling.

    • Jajaja! It’s so funny, dictator this sounds like you. Who are you trying to trick?

      • I seriously feel bad for all of you. May your life be better and you find happiness because I have too much work and goals to attain. Enjoy your blog.

      • My son told me today that his teacher was saying “bad things” about one of the assistant principals today. He was upset because he really likes this person. I am beginning to see why he is failing. Instead of using class time to teach you guys are blogging about the principal. It’s disgusting, spend this energy on my kid. I am not hiding behind an “unknown”, “anonymous” This is my real name. you disgust me.

        • What are you doing to help your kid? Remember that you are your child first teacher!

          • Are we actually attacking a concerned patent now? I’m embarrassed by your behavior. We are here for the students and the parents. You have no idea what this person does or doesn’t do for their child and as a professional teacher with a college degree this us how you respond to a parent? Sad.

  31. Thank u for correcting that idiot that used soul instead of sole. Goes to show why they are ineffective! Hahaha

  32. Stirred but not shaken

    All…so very unprofessional. As teachers, realize where you fall short. Do your damned job. Do it well. Behave in a manner consistent with your level of education. If you got away with murder in the previous administration, perhaps you truly do need to be harshly disciplined. Stop making it difficult for those who deserve the job.
    Stop perpetuating ignorance and racism. It is what YOU make it. Make it better.
    Realize that this Napoleonicon buffoon, is empowered by an administration that believes in micro-management. He must be held to account for his misdeeds. From the dismissal of incidents by students…to the age discrimination that has been perpetratedited.
    But ching and moaning anonymously will only go but so far. The precedentsame have already been established by previous legal battles. Discrimination, Retaliation, Improper Vacancy Filing/Posting, Favoritism.
    You pay your union dues, where the he’ll is your lawyer? Don’t mediate this one. Sue. Get your heads out of your asses.

  33. Stirred but not shaken

    Until it happens to YOU…

  34. Hahaha first im santiago noe im allis…u ineffective losers dont know who to blame for ur poor ratings. This is great. I get to finally speak my mind and no one knows who i am. Keep guessing loser…this website just gets better and better.

    • IP addresses are easily obtainable. Let’s see how you handle the civil suit when a warrant is drafted and served on your carrier and home ISP. The Idiot is yet to be seen. ‘YOUR’or ‘you are’ ?
      Once malice can be established thereafter begins a winnable case. By then McDonalds should paying you $15.00 per hour, shouldn’t be bad.

  35. I tried commenting several times to others comments but my comments have not been showing up. I have never been bullied by Mr. Santiago. I have only received kindness, support, constructive feedback, as well as praise. I have seen the school go from having no technology to every classroom having a smart board,computers for the students, and even carts of iPads for the students. I have never heard him gossip or bad mouth others but I have heard the teachers unhappy with the new expectations constantly bad mouth him. Many have made it their mission for the last 4 years to try and get him out. You had your ridiculous meeting go with the UFT and when Mr. Santiago, The Superintendent, and our union representatives discussed the complaints no one wanted to address them. If you are so unhappy do the staff and our students a favor and hit the open market. You blame him for our school being a failing school. He’s not teaching these kids, you are. He’s somehow responsible for our students not being able to read, or our students failing the state exams. He has given us the tools that many of you refuse to use.

  36. I have a great idea. Put as much time and effort into your pedagogy as you do trying to get him fired and you will be alright. You would probably still be in the classroom and not watching the halls and lunchroom. Also I have seen many of these so called unhappy teachers instruct their students, never leaving from behind their desk sitting in front of a laptop while students do dittos. Not once, not twice, but every day. Get a grip.

    • Effective Teacher

      Why does someone who has a negative opinion of Santiago have to be an ineffective teacher. I received an Effective rating and completely agree with my colleagues. You must be one of his administrators


    im a parent of students at 67 santiago is s bully he bully parents who do not agree with him. He yell and scream at my kid. Ferguson call ACS and all because they cannot control the students in the school. They are too busy watching teachers on camera to have s plan on how to deal with discipline.they gave. Dean who is being disrespected by students everyday. Not my child but yet Ferguson call ACS on me. You all defending him but you will see when it all come to a head. Kids first my Ass.

    • You have no proof he’s watching teachers on camera. You are relying on hearsay and gossip. And I know for a fact they don’t take calling ACS lightly. Whatever teacher is pulling you into this is misguided.


    Alice should stop talking because she friend anyone who will listen to her talk about the married man she was sleeping with. She takes news to Santiago all the time she have a school blackberry walking around with As if she is an administrator. She terrorize all the school aide and Santiago supports her doing it.
    She treats 67 like her house walking around the school in pajamas and socks. She told me about people’ in the school and how Santiago was a SOB when he first came. She talks about The secretary , her daughter n husband in the school and how they are favorite of Santiago because they get special lunch time to go and celebrate his birthday with him in his office. Alice is nobody’s friend she talks about everyone. She talks to me everyday that is how I know these things.
    She told me Noreiga appointment to her position was all set up by Santiago, how he put her in committee to make sure he get his wish. I read all these comments and laugh because those of you praising Santiago is because now you are his favorites but I dare you to disagree with him, Alice was in the outside at one time but she earned her way back in with the news she takes to him every minute of the day.
    Alice told me Santiago us blackmailing new teachers to stay in 67.

  39. Sick to my stomach

    Lauren you should not defend mr Santiago so much. You just came to 67. Teachers here are hard working and Santiago is being very u fair to them. He has never bullied you and have offered you much help because you are in his favor.

    • She is also the payroll/principal secretary’s daughter. Her parents probably told her to write something nice. Santiago also goes to their church. How is that not playing favorites?

    • I’ve never heard her defend him. So because she doesn’t complain and moan means she is defending him? Grow up. Also from the day she started it was made very clear that the payroll for the family members would be handled by the other secretary. Keep your beef with who you claim is to blame.

      • Do you really believe that? How do you address the fact that he goes to their church? There is a video of him singing at their church with Vanessa dancing in the front. Imagine how the staff felt (not everyone ) when they saw this. This is playing favorites whether you believe it or not.

        • It is not playing favorites. I am.the staff as well. I didn’t see the video because I’m far too busy working. And I wouldn’t care if I did. As a Christian I welcome the opportunity to worship together and don’t see it as favoritism. Wow.

  40. Sick to my stomach

    As for all others defending Santiago wake up and see that 67 is going down. Scores are down because morale is down. Talk about that. Don’t Blame this on the teachers. Blame that on administrators who pretend to know about educating students. Ferguson is clueless about curriculum and how it should be taught for success. Schreli is a dumb blond who have no clue how to read the teachers guide. I could go on and on but what’s the sense. The students are the ones suffering. Santiago took the school in good standing and now it is going down to the dirt and people are turning a blind eye to that while the students are not getting the proper education they deserve.
    We teach students to not yo bully others but we support administrators who bully teachers.

    • Your grammar tells me why we are a failing school.

    • We were not in good standing when he started. He brought us up and the change in laws put us into the failing category. Morale isn’t what we use to teach our students. You are putting all of the blame on one person. Let’s remember it takes a village to raise a child, our failing status is on all of us.

      • That may be true but it starts at the top. The teachers get blamed for everything. What about the administrators who need to be held accountable? All they do is find fault? A leader leads and sets the example. Santiago is a bully.


    A refreshing and revelant article that people in that building can relate to. I ran far, far, far, away; this was what it was like working under that completely deranged, twisted, lunatic. The teachers at 67 are not to blame, just beat up. They need help not criticism. There is truth in this, once you seek employment elsewhere, their nightmares will be over and it just will be one more person that escaped and left without being tortured! People need to look at the overturn, not the failing of a school, it’s the failing of a man that likes to be in complete control and bully till he gets his way. The school suffers because of the direction it has gone and he hides behind a demise of being the savior when he pretty much is the persecutor! Run teachers, run!!! I got out, you should too!

  42. ActuallyAGoodParent

    For all the comments about the APs.. I think you should ask former students of theirs.. They all taught before and know what the job is..
    They also had to complete more education and get their license just to be able to interview for an AP job.. So I think “dumb blonde” or “clueless” is not the proper way to describe them. I am sure they do not want to constantly fight with every teacher and/or parent every day. It would be much smoother day if everyone just did their job and the kids tried to learn. Unfortunately they are forced to deal with a ton of behavior issues which are due to many different factors as well as teachers who are constantly trying to get them fired. They use all sorts of tactics and stoop to low levels to try and achieve their goal. In the end the APs and the principal have a job to do. They are held accountable and such the teachers must be as well. I can guarantee the teachers who are trying hard and preparing themselves are not the ones being targeted. In any job if you do not complete the work as required and do not show effort, you will be disciplined. This is the real world. No one is getting paid for what they did last year etc. You are being paid for the present. Therefore you must perform or face the consequences. This notion that anytime you are held accountable, the teacher should call the union and make a complaint. That is not the solution. Do your JOB effectively. In the private sector all this nonsense would NEVER occur. The ineffective people would be gone . Period. Botton line.. Earn your check and there will be no problems.. No matter where you work.. It always comes down to one thing.. Production. The rest is just smoke and mirrors folks. Good night everyone.

    • I have been at Mohegan for many years. We have had great AP’s in the past. It is not the case now. The three that we have are not good AP’s. I wish they knew what they were doing. I have seen a couple of them try to teach and I was not impressed. Everyone here is not an ineffective teacher. I can have a opposite opinion and not be labeled as an ineffective educator. I wish the teachers could rate the administrators. Not one of them would get a positive rating. They need to remember what it was like as a teacher. We are the ones standing in front of those kids everyday. We didn’t leave the classroom for a bigger paycheck like the administrators did. Look at these comments and see that they are all not from teachers. Parents are also concerned about the negative state of CS 67 and their administrators.
      We know this is the real world. We are trying to educate twenty plus children in our rooms without any positive support. One can say what they want about Mrs Grimball but she respected you as an educator. She didn’t bully you. There was joy in the building. We had shows. Classes went on trips. Our students were learning. What happened? How do we get it back? It may be too late. We are now a Focus school. I guess Santiago wants to run 67 into the ground like he did at his other school.

      • We have shows and class trips. And I question the validity of the comments being stated by parents. Could be the “clique” hiding under a different name.

        • I don’t know about any false posting but I am sure there are parents who are concerned. We used to have massive Christmas, Black History, Spring, and Fashion shows. Our students used to have music and art programs. Our staff has always gone above and beyond for the students. Now there isn’t any motivation because it is not appreciated. Sit down with us and have a meeting without fear of retaliation. Again leadership starts at the top. Staff members should not have to come to work and be harassed or threatened. Our school is failing in every way. Stop putting the blame on only the teachers and look at what the administrators have done.

  43. I also don’t know what “clique” you are talking about. People who are friends beyond work can talk to each other without being called a clique. Isn’t there a clique in the main office? Isn’t there a clique with certain teachers who have worked on the same grade for years? Believe it or not but I am grateful to know that certain staff members will voice their concerns while other staff members will smile in administrator’s face and then talk about them behind their back. Start a discussion. Today would be a great day.

  44. Impartial Observer

    The majority of these comments are unnecessary and unprofessional. These issues should be handled through the proper channels rather than sharing these issues publicly. Your UFT representatives have investigated or are investigating these matters. Furthermore, there may be a possibility that the increased staff vigilance is due to challenges observed within the school. Although, your perception is that he is bullying you perhaps he is trying to build up the school. It is a challenge to be an administrator when the staff behaves in an unprofessional manner. (This can be readily seen in the comments). Furthermore, I would refrain from commenting on subjects you have no knowledge of. What occurs in the business office is not public knowledge in any business whether it is a school, a non profit organization or a retail store. Until then refrain from commenting on subjects you do not know of. I am sure safeguards have been set up to avoid any alleged “conflict of interests”. Finally, for the sake of the children and staff morale, I encourage a town hall meeting with UFT and staff. It may help create a healthy discussion about the problems at CS67. I give my regards to all the educators, school aides, staff members and administrators that have acted professionally in this forum.

    • I believe that the staff at the Mohegan school is frustrated with what has been going on there. There is a lot of injustice, imagine that the Danielson is an evaluated tool used to rate teachers effectiveness, however at 67 is being used subjectively harm certain teachers and to favor others. For example, the social studies teacher whom the principal goes to church with has been teaching for more than 30 years. This teacher has been using the same teaching methods from back then. He comes in to the classroom, writes on board and have students copy. I have never seen a differentiated lesson, group work or student to student discussions just to name a few, he has no classroom management but yet this teacher is rated effectively. Is this conflict of interest?? Also, the principal al the Mohegan school does not like the UFT and he constantly interferes with UFT matters. A few moths ago there were a UFT meeting in the building a lot of the staff attended and the next day the majority of those staff members received a visit from bully Santiago. There is a lot going on at the Mohegan school, the majority of the staff members are afraid and unhappy. Something must be done!!!

      • Yes The social studies teacher also has never provided checklist, rubrics, or given any assessment. He stood up proudly in that meeting and boasted that he received an Effective rating. I guess having the principal sing at your church where you are also the pastor grants you an Effective rating.

        • Impartial Observer

          There is a possibility that due to years of service at the school may have made him exempt from the same procedure other non tenured teachers may have experienced. It is better not to focus on the perceived nepotism but view what systems or processes are in place that may obviate the need of providing these items. The following has been provided to facilitate your knowledge of tenure.

          • The Danielson is to rate all teachers effectiveness. It does not say that once you have more than 30 years of service you are exempt

        • Well after that meeting, I thought that I would have seen some different teaching practices from the pastor but guess what it remained the same. Nothing change so what ever he stood up and say was just a bunch of garbage. Perhaps his worshiper asked him to speak in his behalf.

  45. let’s get to teaching & get off this untrue “BLOG” about the principal… u sound ridiculous already!!!!!

  46. OK now u got it off your chest it dont matter MR> SANTIAGO will continue to be a GREAT LEADER wether u agree or disagree… So, go to the nearest dry cleaner and get a zipper CRAZYYYY GLUED TO YOUR MOURTH & now learn sign language to teach since u can”t teach with your mouth….!!!!

    • Dream, perhaps you need to return to elementary school your grammar is terrible! Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Dear. Mrs. Superintendent.. plz do not listen to any negative comments put on this no good web site that have annoynmous ppl name’ instead of steeping up to the plate….Mr. SANTIAGO IS THE BEST there IS & THE BEST that will BE @ 67… the looser are being removed for non teaching and they are just BITERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

  48. Bunch of haters. Don’t be mad, get glad!


    This is the fact sheet about Mr Santiago. Teachers at 67 do teach. They are being unfairly rated because the principal has a problem with opposition. He hides behind his other administratior. He runs the building like a zoo. He only provide support for a few teachers in the building not all.
    And if you oppose him in any way look out because the Danielson is coming to get you.
    The teachers have a right to speak their mind without being attack by the few favorites in the school. The pettiness needs to stop. Attacking grammar and speech is not the point the point is Santiago is an UNFAIR BULLY who act like a child when he does not get his own way.
    The teachers who are taken out of the classroom are just a part of Santiago plan to have a school of untenured teachers that will not stand up to any thing he say or do. Only the favorites will get tenure, those who suck up to him and does not defy him in any way.
    How can anyone agree with the way Santiago runs the building, his AP,s are so afraid of him , they have to get his approval for every single decision if not they will be yelled and scream at as if they are nothing . Santiago has brought young teachers to tears on more than one occasion. Santiago discriminate. Santiago is not for children. Santiago bully young teachers into signing away their rights. Santiago goes around the school snd rip down students work from bulletin board and you say kids first. The forum was not yo bash the Herreras but to point out the unfair ways things is being done at 67. Santiago aims to ruin people’s lives. When he first came to the school he said, “I LOVE TO WIN BATTLES” he also said that he has taken eleven teachers job at his old school snd he will do the same at 67.
    He is going yo principal conference bragging to principals that he win 10 3020a which is a lie. Santiago is no a leader he is s BULLY. Leaders are as good as the people they lead. Principals are to motivate and develop their teachers Santiago aim to fire most of his teachers, not because they cannot teach but because they do not agree with his policies. Some one said morale does not teach but morale count in every organization. Santiago is an ineffective principal because he failed to help his teachers grow.Santiago failed the students at Cs 67. Parents need to stand up for their kids against this bully. Oh they are afraid of Ferguson calling ACS. Ferguson calls ACS all the time she gave them in speed dial. Several parents complained about her.
    You should not take pleasure in people losing because their jobs because what goes around comes around . Santiago is not fair. Alice walks around the s hook in her phone texting or talking terrorizing the school AIDS snd the principal smile s out it. Alice is so busy rami g notes in teachers that students are walking out of the cafeteria because she is not watching them. Why are people haters because they have an opinion. Again Santiago expressing his thoughts through others. Have you own voice not that if others. PUT KIDS FIRST


    This is the fact sheet about Mr Santiago. Teachers at 67 do teach. They are being unfairly rated because the principal has a problem with opposition. He hides behind his other administratior. He runs the building like a zoo. He only provide support for a few teachers in the building not all.
    And if you oppose him in any way look out because the Danielson is coming to get you.
    The teachers have a right to speak their mind without being attack by the few favorites in the school. The pettiness needs to stop. Attacking grammar and speech is not the point the point is Santiago is an UNFAIR BULLY who act like a child when he does not get his own way.
    The teachers who are taken out of the classroom are just a part of Santiago plan to have a school of untenured teachers that will not stand up to any thing he say or do. Only the favorites will get tenure, those who suck up to him and does not defy him in any way.
    How can anyone agree with the way Santiago runs the building, his AP,s are so afraid of him , they have to get his approval for every single decision if not they will be yelled and scream at as if they are nothing . Santiago has brought young teachers to tears on more than one occasion. Santiago discriminate. Santiago is not for children. Santiago bully young teachers into signing away their rights. Santiago goes around the school snd rip down students work from bulletin board and you say kids first. The forum was not yo bash the Herreras but to point out the unfair ways things is being done at 67. Santiago aims to ruin people’s lives. When he first came to the school he said, “I LOVE TO WIN BATTLES” he also said that he has taken eleven teachers job at his old school snd he will do the same at 67.
    He is going to principal conference bragging to principals that he win 10 3020a which is a lie. Santiago is no a leader he is s BULLY. Leaders are as good as the people they lead. Principals are to motivate and develop their teachers Santiago aim to fire most of his teachers, not because they cannot teach but because they do not agree with his policies. Some one said morale does not teach but morale count in every organization. Santiago is an ineffective principal because he failed to help his teachers grow.Santiago failed the students at Cs 67. Parents need to stand up for their kids against this bully. Oh they are afraid of Ferguson calling ACS. Ferguson calls ACS all the time she gave them in speed dial. Several parents complained about her.
    You should not take pleasure in people losing because their jobs because what goes around comes around . Santiago is not fair. Alice walks around the s hook in her phone texting or talking terrorizing the school AIDS snd the principal smile s out it. Alice is so busy rami g notes in teachers that students are walking out of the cafeteria because she is not watching them. Why are people haters because they have an opinion. Again Santiago expressing his thoughts through others. Have you own voice not that if others. PUT KIDS FIRST

    • The fact is that if teachers know so much about what is happening “outside” of their classroom they r losing out as to what is happening “inside” of their classroom. There is so much being diverted onto one person when this energy should b directed towards the children. Blame who you would like for whatever reason you’d like to take the focus away from the children. After all is said and done the children are the ones who pay the price of this blame game. SMH

  51. Believing a lie doesn’t make it the truth! Sometimes people go on perpetrating a lie to gain attention. If repeated often, perhaps people will believe it.

    Let’s see the facts: The NYC DOE is the largest school district in the United States serving 1.1 million students in over 1,800 schools and employing almost 135,000. It’s no wonder family members are employed together under the same building. There is a conflict of interest form you fill out and as long as you are not directly supervising or rating an employee, it’s not against DOE policy. Fact!

    If you are going to mention the Herrera’s, you might as well mention every other family member that has worked at 67 and there was never an issue:

    D. Baldomero (Teacher) worked with her mother J. Rodriguez (Teacher)
    S. Sorokin (Teacher) worked with his wife N. Sorokin (Teacher)
    M. Sanzo (Teacher & A.P.) worked with her son R. Martirano (Teacher)
    S. Washington (Teacher) worked with her mother Crawford (Cafeteria)
    C. Pizarro (School Aide) worked with her son A. Vega (Para)
    V. Montgomery (Teacher) worked with her husband in Custodial Dept.
    L. Bernheim (Teacher) worked with her mother B. Bernheim (Teacher)

    Not to mention teachers working with their own children in the school.
    McNab and her two children
    Y. Lopez and her two children
    Peters and her children
    A. Rodriguez and her children
    Julsuwan and her child
    Colon and her daughter

    And the list goes on ……not only in 67X but in other schools throughout the city.

    • McNab did your daughters teachers give her passing scores because your friends with them?

      It’s funny how people think they got a job without knowing someone in the inside!!

      Why single out a family? If your mad at Santiago leave it at that and use all that energy to help these children instead of fulfilling your own personal vendetta!

      Effective teachers don’t behave in this manner and proves why your ineffective and miserable!!!

    • I don’t think the staff members who were listed did the payroll for their family members. From what I can see they all worked at 67 but not in a supervisory position. I believe the comments made about the Herreras were intended to imply that they should not have their payroll or anything designated by the administrators put together by Vanessa. I don’t know if she falsifies their paperwork in their favor but to take away the appearance of nepotism her family should not be working there. Having said that the issue of this blog is to discuss issues regarding Santiago and the AP’s. There are more people commenting that were not rated ineffective. I find it disturbing that someone would find joy in someone losing their job. There is a special kind of sickness in someone who takes glee in all of this. I know when Mrs. Grimball was principal our school worked hard to get off the SURR list. The staff created an educational environment where we were a family. Yes we had our good times and bad times. Yes we had disagreements among staff. What family doesn’t? Today the staff is being pulled apart. There isn’t any joy at 67. It is not about going on the Open Market. That is what Santiago wants. He wants a school full of newbies who will never get tenure. He wants a building where a staff member doesn’t have a voice. The staff wants a building that will shine again. Threatening to get rid of people or people teasing and harassing others is not the way to go. I am disturbed by some of the comments made on this blog. Don’t give Santiago what he wants. He wants a staff divided. He probably is taking joy in all of this.

  52. stop pointing it's you to blame

    well, well here we go with this untrue blog of Mr. Santiago… parent’s if u chose to side on this one MORAN of a teacher who was removed for ineffective rating… Start clapping bcuz if your child attends summer school thks that teacher followed by her MORAN colleague’s who followed in her path… FREE MARKET IS NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATION’S FILL IT OUT & send it on…..

  53. I’m a parent & when I heard about this “BLOG” regarding 67. I said to myself well my voice counts too. I have children now grandchildren who attend 67. I can vouch for not just an outstanding PRINCIPAL @ 67, But, ! Aide who always goes above and beyound her title.. I have witnessed it for myself she also buy’s many, many gift’s has well as other goods for the children at 67. She bought my kids christmas gifts and I was in tears to know a stranger would go out there way to do such a kind thing… have any other aide do what this “ONE” aide does??? I don’t think so moron

    .. Get your head out your A–. Put your untrue word’s in another moron conversation & appreciate that 1 aide who cares about not 1 student but all of them equally.. She has done her fair share across the school & is probably why u idiots don’t like her… Get to know a person first then talk stop going by hear say… the same for that GREAT PRINCIPAL @ 67 that school neverrrrrr had a good leader & who ever appointed him knew what they were doing… All u parent’s who are on the person side that started this UNTRUE “BLOG” should count your blessing that the right thing is happening now… INEFFECTIVE GOTTA GO & WELCOME FRESH OUT OF COLLEGE EFFECTIVE TEACHER”S.. BY the way parent’s the D.O.E has the right people observing these ineffective teacher’s so if your information is coming from those ineffective teacher’s… Don’t feed into it they are removing them across the DEPT. EDUCATION NOT just 67.. U will hear about it… That will rest Mr.Santiago name from a so call bully.. he is doing what he is told to do that’s all… good evening now.. I will not care LESS who replies to this comment..,. SUCK IT UP & DEAL WITH IT!!!!! If u so entertained by this false “BLOG” then get into the classroom & start teaching so he can rate how well u can produce an education for 27 student’s.. Has a parent & grandparent I am a Santiago team all the wayyyyyyy!!!! BY HATER”S………………………….

  54. OMG….YESSSSSS!!!!!! let’s get it allllll out there if u keep attacking one person and his daughter. State all the true FACTSSSSSS… the list posted with all the names of past family members working at 67 which was never a problem when grimballllllllll was there was not an issue… Now it is an issue go back in time before u go ahead in time… Who started it Grimballllllll so get it straight not twisted in your information…u simply don’t get it u morons… I think it’s FAIR….what went around came back for those who did’nt get what grimball should of done across the board. Oh by the way, Jackson slept with the diretor of KIDS BAY is that a conflict of interest???? 67 was a failing school with the previous administration Santiago has made progress for the school… we all know that true FACT, stop hiding it under the rug the way u were taught… What ever happen to those laptops that grew leg’s and found there way out the door.Nanc y velez has a board of ed fan in jher livingroom… bring it back looser

  55. So sad that the repo man will be coming for u ineffective teachers cars and new houses recently purchased and financed. Karma…i love it. Cant wait to welcome the new teachers and get rid of the old and useless ones.

    • If your only wish is to see the destruction of your colleagues, you are the looser. How long have you been such a bitter unachiever? Government subsidies do not qualify as income and will be reviewed and cut in the future. Approximately 40% of your household spending would have lost. McDonalds doesn’t sound so bad. Consider it, ‘contingency’.

  56. Stirred but not shaken

    Oh Freshly Baked…you poor arrogant anal aperture. You have yet to realize, “you pay ($$$) for what you do.” You joke about the harm you do. Realize though, the city does not & will not indemnify malicious actions, or actions outside the scope of your employment. The dismissal of violent incidents that were supposed to have been reported is not going away any time soon. The age discrimination & hostile work place contentions will ALL soon be corroborated. Once not indemnified, the damages will come directly out of YOUR pocket.
    So, not only will you be living with your parents, but you’re probably gonna be relying on the kindness of others.
    Your dues are ALREADY paying for attorneys. Document and corroborate the occurrences. Follow up with your trustees. Make them work.
    Sue…and get paid.
    Be on point.
    Be professional.
    Keep your bullshit in check.
    Get rid of this thing that dares to call himself a human being.
    As for those who are spectators, witnesses who are too afraid to act…don’t wait’til it happens to you.

  57. The repo man is coming for that filthy Mercedes-benz…and if u feel that the city is coming for me, why dont tag along with them and come see me 🙂

  58. Well first and foremost, I do not need to hide behind any alias to address the lies that were brought upon my name. This is Jackson typing the FIRST and LAST post that I will be making to this blog about the Principal Jeffrey Santiago.
    It was brought to my attention about my name being slandered on this website with lies. And when I was told about this lie, I laughed and stated “Oh really! That’s news to me.” Let’s set the record straight. I do not base my success in life by sleeping my way to the top. I work for everything that I achieve and do not need to sleep with people of authority to show I am capable of being a leader. Now that that is out of the way, let me present some facts. Just so you are clear as to the person I am and the work that I do for MY STUDENTS… not for Principal Jeffrey Santiago.
    1.) I am not nor will I ever be an ineffective teacher. Just by looking at my success for this year,
    a. Out of the 7 students who are eligible for the new gifted and talented program in district 12 slated to open in September 2016, 4 of them are students from my classroom.
    b. Out of my students, I have many who are reading beyond their grade level.
    2.) My students were chosen for not just one, but two observations for other teachers in the building. Why? Because I taught and continue to teach my students. I have always been a positive influence on them.
    3.) I have been given compliments from Ms. Ferguson and Ms. Noriega about the abilities of my students in all subjects. My students have shown great strength and perseverance.
    4.) I have always gone above and beyond for all of my students. I have always provided celebrations in my classrooms, buy gifts for my students, buy supplies necessary for my students, hosting out of the box activities (for example, Cinderella Ball, and the Southern Ranch Hoedown). I support motivating my students by gifting Amazon Kindles and Toys that the students suggested to those who show the growth throughout the year. But none of these things make me a great educator?
    5.) Principal Jeffrey Santiago and Assistant Principal Ferguson, both wrote glowing recommendations to support my acceptance into the School Building Leader Program (The program necessary to become a principal, for those who don’t understand the lingo). If I was so ineffective, why recommend me to be a future principal in the NYCDOE?
    6.) The targeting to get rid of me from CS 67 began as soon as I was about to begin my internship in the school. Hmm? I wonder why that could be.

    I could go on… but I would be wasting my time on this beautiful Saturday Afternoon. Instead, I am planning and I am buying resources to use in my classroom for the last two weeks of school, for an incomplete poetry unit that was given to me… OOPS did I say that? My effectiveness isn’t measured by Danielson, by Principal Santiago or by Ms. Alice Salano. My effectiveness is measured by the success and happiness of my students and parents. I come to work for them. Not for anyone else. So while you can laugh and joke about a rumor that you heard. Your not my personal friend, you have no idea about my life and what I do in it. But I am praying for you and for anyone else that wants to talk bad about me. May God Bless your soul before the devil comes to grab it. For it is in the bible, Proverbs 13:3, NIV “He who guards his lips guards his life, but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin.”

    If you need further clarity about any misconceptions you may hear about me, you may come and speak to me personally. I don’t spend my time typing about people on blogs. I am a likable person. My door is always open. Literally. My last day is June 28th. Don’t miss your chance.

  59. *cough cough* to Mr on the borderline mr. Santiago and his bad shape grudgeful hating minions. You have some nerve. You want repo man to come for someone’s things. Are you flustered that you work in the same building and you can’t afford to have one or you can’t afford to step a class up ungrade yours hahaha good one. Before you take joy in someone coming for a persons things that they WORK HARD FOR AND PAYS FOR ON THEIR OWN. All if you were only good for is laying on your back and bending over you still couldn’t afford to get one. Have several seats and make the repo man come take all of you low life no common sense having grudgeful envious lying no good people. Cause god no like ugly and I’m 99.9 percent sure all of you ugly and shape bad evennif you drove a Mercedes then ugliness and they weight of your bad shape will bring the value down to a Volkswagen which is actually still worth more than your whole life do yourself a favor and stop watch people things thank you. Maybe if Mr santiago wasn’t trying to look his male colleagues who wouldn’t be pushing the latest model but then again he lays on his back for a living right lmao


    I know some of these comments are meant for me , but I don’t have time for you
    People , I was taken out if my classroom by Mr Santiago, Of everyone in cs67, I own the newest and most expensive Mercedes Benz. No one stop you from owning one like mine…. Oh you cannot afford it. The repo man will be at your door before he comes knocking at my door, I do not live with my parents and I do not live in a one room with my kids. I own my house here and in Georgia and will be buying one in Florida soon. Haters hate on. I will not have a job at 67 come September but I’m not crying over it because the Motto is kids first but not for this administration. I will be in Cs on Monday so please stop blogging and step to my face and speak your mind.

  61. Uh oh…i hit a nerve in somebody. Hahaha

    Naa naa naa naa naa naa naa hey hey hey goooood byeeeee

  62. As long as im not an ineffective coward im ok with that! Hahahaha

  63. Apparently im something because im getting to u ineffective losers! Hahaha beep beep beep…thats the sound of the tow truck backing up to take away your financed car. Lmaooooo

  64. Thank God I’ve never had cancer!

  65. Never had my car repo either lol

  66. Sure do…2015 at that. And by the way…i think u have me confused with someone. U might want to check your resources again.

  67. You are nothing!!! You have nothing!!! Hahaha!!! I don’t care what you say you are nothing!!! And you will always be nothing!!! Hahaha!!!

  68. Yeah definitely have me confused…first i had cancer now i dont have a car. U have no clue who i am u idiot. U must be one of the ineffective ones hahahaha

    • Hahaha!!

      • This site was initiated for educators/teachers to voice what is happening to them in their school. It was not intended for the use of parents and school aides. However, many of you took this site to be personal punching bag. First and foremost, once you are in management expect to have disgruntled employees. Not everyone is going to agree with the way you run things. If you are thin skinned and paranoid then you should not be in upper management. Even in Mohegan School not everyone liked and appreciated our previous Principal but she did not use bullying tactics or demeaned teachers. She showed respect for all, even to the school aide who wanted to run things. Secondly, the persons or people who choose to start name calling individuals I hope and pray that you think about your family because you will not like someone to slander your family. Third, those teachers name that were called are all hardworking teachers and have gone beyond for each and every one of their students and even their colleagues. Many of these same teachers have helped the newbies that entered our building because that is what being in Mohegan stood for. Mohegan School had many great Principals and teachers/educators and it showed through each and everyone of our students’ success. Our school was a family and yes we had baby showers, birthdays and other achievements that the Mohegan family celebrated. Fourth, for the people or persons who are saying that those teachers are ineffective teacher you are absolutely wrong because those teachers are developing. Mr. Santiago is going after developing teachers. Please go and read the Danielson rubric before you talk about being an ineffective teacher. If you are a teacher that is receiving developing for the past 2 years then you are at risk for a 3020 also. Therefore beware! Lastly, before you start taking sides and listening to other people, go back and look at our stats and see where the changes were taking place. I will post the link for you to follow: Please read the stats of our school before we had a new principal. The teachers are not saying this to be mean to Mr. Santiago because he can comes across as a likeable person but he is mean and vindictive. The teachers would have worked hard if he had showed them some respect on the first day that he entered Mohegan, but instead he proceeded to demeaned and bully them because he did not like the previous administration and infact did not even know the previous administration. So again I say check your stats for the facts and see how our school was before the current administration. If you can’t understand the numbers then have a teacher explain it to you.

  69. ignorance is bliss...

    When u think ur so call friend had your back…she was selling your secrets u so shared with her… it’s why we all know u slept with the kids bay director…i have outside friends not inside friends… u claim u have better things to do on a beautiful saturday afternoon… so why is your gangster twitter fingers on a BULL SHIT made up”BLOG” that u know damn well u knew all about it & now that the truth revealed about u & the director ur tight claiming someone told you your name was up for next turn…. The indiviuals who created this is the one u should be barking at not other’s who names mentioned that really had nothing to do with ur nonsense….. Let’s get to teaching and educate the children at 67 and leave adult bullying alone.

  70. A Prayer for you

    what is “SAD”, is that most of you on this “BLOG” who wrote so many nasty negative comments about your colleagues attend church…. But which church is the one u attend???. I’m unsure and could careless because it might be the devil house… so a little reminder watch your mouth and talk about the topic u so are lying about the lord has nothing to do with your adult stupidity in this untrue principal/teachers “BLOG”….GROW UP AND LEARN TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITIES FOR YOUR ACTIONS & STOP POINTING THE FINGERS TO OTHERS FOR YOUR INEFFECTIVENESS


      Religion has no place on this blog. I pray, however that God will forgive you too for your negative tone and comments. I pray that a resolution will be forthcoming to CS 67 where professionally trained staff can work respectfully in peace and in harmony. If you too are a believer then you would know it’s God’s will…Love one another. Amen.

  71. Diary of a mad black woman(MORON)

    Diary of a mad black woman: We all know this is brown… ineffective go away…..u will on june 28th byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee go to your so call new house in Georgia then back to florida if u have change left over….lmao

  72. I should have grabbed popcorn before reading all that
    Former student class of 2000

  73. So I wonder what people think of Principal Santiago now, a year later?

  74. Finding it fiunny

    High teacher turnnover rate, falling test scored, AP,steachibg ckasses. You tell us !!!!!!!!

  75. Unfair, bias, disrespectful and condescending.

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