Astrid Jacobo

Principal Astrid Jacobo

Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation


2024 Mohegan Avenue 
Bronx NY 10460
Tremont (District 12)



    Failed leadership, harassing principal, widely disliked, high turnover, disorganization, and now tragically a death and stabbing.
    Known not to be an effective manager of school climate, nor an effective instructional leader. Targets some teachers while giving others a pass, even when they demonstrate serious deficits. Not a good leader. Should be replaced immediately.

  2. This admin had systematically destroy programs in the matter of weeks of first appearing at urban wildlife mov 2015 and defund programs and support systems for our students . Programs such a as blue engine which employed. Staff of 15-20 additional teachers to help during school hours and after school hours in EPA and math subjects. This admin than began to rated effective teachers for the past three years developing and ineffective regardless. Teachers who had students perform well on state exams. She successfully remove push out 36 eschews in a full school year and a half. She would look for ways to suspend students unofficially for any letter excuse. During school class and hallway fights she would never be there or come out only after we teachers had successfully broke up the fight . The students don’t know her and she won’t let the students had a memorial at school . Let them wear their shirts that say Matt’s world . Or show a power point during upcoming graduation about them and matt.

  3. Astrid Jacobo fails to do her job. If staying in your office, doing nothing, is doing your job, she deserves a reward for it. When problems occur she ignores them and brushes them off. In the school we’ve had so many fights that were potentially dangerous to us and out of all of them, she only reported about 3 and suspended like 2 of the students. Jacobo doesn’t care about students, only herself. Jacobo can’t control us and that is what she tries to do, she is not leader material. A teacher was fired by her for no exact reason. People that she used to work with and that she has a history with are being brought into the school by her and she keeps making room for them. The only reason she keeps letting them in is because she knows they’ll cover for eachother when they almost get caught up in their lies. Something needs to be done.

  4. I am a former teacher and I have a good relationship with families , students and other teachers. I have to discuss the real issues here. Both Jacobo and Pichardo are very ineffective at teaching and leadership. I cannot emphasize this enough. During fights, they would hide in their offices or classroom with the excuse of doing information. These individuals should not have the responsibility of remaining in the roles of our students because a child has died under their supervision. I repeat that again, a child has Died.!!! The death could have been prevented if the right supports were there rather than metal detectors. We all know the media has this wrong but the community is more cohesive than ever.

  5. Ever since this new principal came the school been going down hill

  6. I do not go to Wildlife anymore, but since I have left I have had many of my former classmates and friends describe how Wildlife has changed. I was told that a good majority of the teachers who were there when I was a student there are no longer there and the students seemed devastated. Astrid Jacobo and whoever it is below her, but in a close position clearly has a control over the school as if she was a tyrant. This is a reign. A time of control and power over people who don’t really have a voice for themselves and in the public eye. This can be changed though. Sometimes, adults feel like they know what is best for students so they try to implement many different ‘systems’ to help the ‘succeed’. However, children know themselves more than anyone else does. Listen to the kids. It is their school and they are the ones who are crying for help. Bring back all of the old teachers and administrators to wildlife.

  7. Is it true that Jacobo is a darling of the superintendent? If so, she will probably not be removed easily. However if students and adults are committed to getting her removed, we can get you in touch with the press and we can give you more resources to expose. If you are interested, email us at

  8. Experienced teacher

    Yall need to go to every PEP (Panel for Education Policy) meeting till the chancellor listens to students parents and teachers.

  9. They told me not to come to school n that I’m not gonna finish in time….if I don’t want to be here drop out. Haven’t been the same and close two years not been in school.


    The old principal wasn’t doing is job either. This school sucks and now the students acting like groupies and savages by harassing and jumping people that don’t agree with Matthew’s friends or family.#hypocrites

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