Astrid Jacobo

Principal Astrid Jacobo

Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation


2024 Mohegan Avenue 
Bronx NY 10460
Tremont (District 12)



    Failed leadership, harassing principal, widely disliked, high turnover, disorganization, and now tragically a death and stabbing.
    Known not to be an effective manager of school climate, nor an effective instructional leader. Targets some teachers while giving others a pass, even when they demonstrate serious deficits. Not a good leader. Should be replaced immediately.

  2. This admin had systematically destroy programs in the matter of weeks of first appearing at urban wildlife mov 2015 and defund programs and support systems for our students . Programs such a as blue engine which employed. Staff of 15-20 additional teachers to help during school hours and after school hours in EPA and math subjects. This admin than began to rated effective teachers for the past three years developing and ineffective regardless. Teachers who had students perform well on state exams. She successfully remove push out 36 eschews in a full school year and a half. She would look for ways to suspend students unofficially for any letter excuse. During school class and hallway fights she would never be there or come out only after we teachers had successfully broke up the fight . The students don’t know her and she won’t let the students had a memorial at school . Let them wear their shirts that say Matt’s world . Or show a power point during upcoming graduation about them and matt.

  3. Astrid Jacobo fails to do her job. If staying in your office, doing nothing, is doing your job, she deserves a reward for it. When problems occur she ignores them and brushes them off. In the school we’ve had so many fights that were potentially dangerous to us and out of all of them, she only reported about 3 and suspended like 2 of the students. Jacobo doesn’t care about students, only herself. Jacobo can’t control us and that is what she tries to do, she is not leader material. A teacher was fired by her for no exact reason. People that she used to work with and that she has a history with are being brought into the school by her and she keeps making room for them. The only reason she keeps letting them in is because she knows they’ll cover for eachother when they almost get caught up in their lies. Something needs to be done.

  4. I am a former teacher and I have a good relationship with families , students and other teachers. I have to discuss the real issues here. Both Jacobo and Pichardo are very ineffective at teaching and leadership. I cannot emphasize this enough. During fights, they would hide in their offices or classroom with the excuse of doing information. These individuals should not have the responsibility of remaining in the roles of our students because a child has died under their supervision. I repeat that again, a child has Died.!!! The death could have been prevented if the right supports were there rather than metal detectors. We all know the media has this wrong but the community is more cohesive than ever.

  5. Ever since this new principal came the school been going down hill

  6. I do not go to Wildlife anymore, but since I have left I have had many of my former classmates and friends describe how Wildlife has changed. I was told that a good majority of the teachers who were there when I was a student there are no longer there and the students seemed devastated. Astrid Jacobo and whoever it is below her, but in a close position clearly has a control over the school as if she was a tyrant. This is a reign. A time of control and power over people who don’t really have a voice for themselves and in the public eye. This can be changed though. Sometimes, adults feel like they know what is best for students so they try to implement many different ‘systems’ to help the ‘succeed’. However, children know themselves more than anyone else does. Listen to the kids. It is their school and they are the ones who are crying for help. Bring back all of the old teachers and administrators to wildlife.

  7. Experienced teacher

    Yall need to go to every PEP (Panel for Education Policy) meeting till the chancellor listens to students parents and teachers.

  8. They told me not to come to school n that I’m not gonna finish in time….if I don’t want to be here drop out. Haven’t been the same and close two years not been in school.


    The old principal wasn’t doing is job either. This school sucks and now the students acting like groupies and savages by harassing and jumping people that don’t agree with Matthew’s friends or family.#hypocrites

    • Unless you were in the room or school at the time or know both sides of the story, then you have no right to comment upon this. A student has died, how do you expect people to act. My friend has been killed and you expect me to be calm and collective about it? They aren’t acting like ‘groupies’ or ‘savages’, Abel was acting like a savage when he killed and injured 2 students. #hypocrite. (:

  10. She reap what she sowed. She got rid of great educators. She also went after staff New York State License. She interrupted the peace of many homes. She got salaries taken away from educators who spent five figures towards their education. She was placed I. Their by her friend Espinal the Superintendent.

  11. If you were a former teacher at this school .. keep your comments to yourself .. you do not know what was going on .. you were not present !!! Jacobo is a great leader .. this school has clearly had many unresolved issues before she even came in .. she is one person .. she can not make all these changes over night . And more so by herself .. if you want to blame anyone .. blame the system blame the DOE. For not granting security and metal detectors sooner .. as a student commented “ we cannot be controlled “ what more do you want from teachers and administration . Some kids do not respect anyone .. what can we do call their parents? And try and get them to comply ? Then what ? she tried her best ! And somehow gets the finger pointed at . She could have chose to leave after the the incident , but she remained there present every single day while others failed to show up for their own personal reasons ! Former employees you guys have no business sharing your two sense .. you simply do not know nor understand what she .. the current teachers and present students are going through . There are all sides to the story .. and until you know each side do not bad mouth it . Spreading negativity doesn’t change anything .. she isn’t the principal anymore .. doesn’t solve anything .. same problems remain .. you think this school is the only school which has issues with bullying? Instead of wasting your time bad mouthing people .. try and figure out solutions !

    • Ghetto Fabulous Teacher

      As a former teacher, I will say that my opinions are probably more valid the her (Jacobo’s) minions. I was there before Jacobo and I was one of the teachers forced to relocate or lose my licence. I have worked since the age of 14, and this was the one and only time I received a bad performance review. I was rated so low by her, that even though my students scores placed me at effective for both state and local measures, I still received a developing. (My first EVER) At my new school I received a rating of Highly Effective. That shows something doesn’t it? I can say that I KNOW that there was an anecdotal in Skedula regarding a phone call Abel’s mother made to the school. She informed the school that her son was bringing a knife to school in his backpack. This was from approximately 2 1/2 years ago. So there were signs.
      Oh and by the way Fed UP, if you’re an educator you really should proofread before you post. Just saying

    • Not a teacher and not a parent

      Jacobo? Is that you? Or is this her lap dog Pichardo?

  12. Fed Up. Stop smoking that thing. It seems like it affecting your brain. Mrs Jacobo came in thinking she was untouchable. She came in thinking she was God. That she new everything. Excessive pride. now she had her down fall caused by her excessive pride.

  13. This school is guilty of not having enough qualified guidance counselors around but instead they use the non profit group “PHIPPS” which is a bogus group of so called “advisores” acting and playing guidance counselors. The NYCDOE needs to rid the non profits and use their DOE people!!

  14. The powers that be knew that they could not give Jacobo a school that was struggling. They knew that she could “not” manage a school that had major behavioral issues. They gave, she did not earn they gave her a school that had little issues. They knew she was incompetent. They also knew she can not write in English. And they still gave her the position. She operated as a wanna be billy bad ass. Not giving people their tenure. Making sure teachers were uncomfortable. Copy and pasting the observations she wrote. She had no clue as to what she was doing. She did it have classroom management skills herself. Students were cursing her out. Calling her dumb ass. And stupid b%tch. During the summer students use to run away from her and she was chasing them around 161st street. Her friends Espinal & the big You rang Deputy Superintendent need to be fired because even Ray Charles can see that she was highly incompetent. She needs to be charged with neglect…

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