Indiana Soto, Principal

Indiana Soto, Principal

PS 71Q

85 Forest Avenue, Queens, NY.



  1. I agree that cutting short the scohol year is preferable to letting go the newest and most energized teachers who are also the teachers of tomorrow. The population of our students has not been cut because of the budget so we need to retain the same number of teachers. They won’t come back when the crisis is over. They will have found new careers in other states. Keep the talent of our new teachers. Talent has no price and cannot be replaced easily.

  2. Distressed Teacher

    Don’t let the charming personality fool you! She’s heartless and dangerous! Her first year as an Interim Principal, she discontinued / forced resignation of many staff members! She will harass and bully you with a smile on her face. Beware!

  3. She targeted teachers who truly did not deserve targeting, but protected teachers who did not need any protection.

    • True!!! The teachers that are still here, she knows not to mess with because they will fight back. The new teachers have no clue that they have walked into thelion’s den. Poor souls…

  4. Revenge of the teachers

    Indiana Soto? Is that a real name?

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