Lisette Febus

Principal Febus is the second woman in on the right-hand side.


Sheridan Academy For Young Leaders

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01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 0K, SE


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Gilberto Brioso

PTA President:

Iris Jimenez

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Family Leadership Coordinator:
Barbara Ortiz
Family Support Coordinator:
Yadira Eleutice
Education Council President:
Marilyn Espada


  1. Where do I begin? Sheridan Academy for Young Leaders opened its doors in 2009. . Since the school’s inception, more than 50 teachers have left. In fact, 16 teachers have left the school this year to accept positions at other schools. Lisette Febus, the founding principal is the most cold-hearted cruel, and vindictive administrator that any teacher could ever work under. Ms. Febus targets teachers that she perceives to be “not the right fit for her school” or she simply “does not like” and harasses them until they have a nervous breakdown and leave her school. She ensures that the teachers that she “hates” receives ineffective ratings in all of their observations. She orders her assistant principals, Raquel Pevey, and Jose Gonzalez to give ineffective ratings to the teachers that she doesn’t like as well. The two APs are as cruel as Febus. The APs carry out a lot of Febus’s evil deeds. At Febus’s behest, the two APs write teachers up for trivial matters, observe targeted teachers multiple times in one week, assigned teachers to tough and unruly classes to convince others that those teachers are incompetent, etc.

    This past school year (2016/2017), Lisette Febus discontinued a beloved a science teacher because she did not like her. The science teacher is a hard worker, who is always prepared and is very dedicated. The superintendent Leticia Rodriguez-Rosario isn’t doing much to stop Febus’ unfair treatment of teachers. The superintendent has received numerous complaints regarding Febus’ bullying and harassment of good teachers, but instead, she signs off on Febus’ evil decisions to terminate good teachers and drive away others.

    Lisette Febus writes teachers up as if she were giving out candy. She concocts stories and collects false statements from students in order to have good teachers investigated for corporal punishment to make it easier to for her to terminate them. For instance, one teacher received close to 10 disciplinary letters in one school year. Fortunately, the false charges were dismissed. Lisette Febus has tried to go after a number of teachers’ state licenses. Febus even bragged about giving the teacher a hard time. Thank God that poor teacher was able to escape Febus’s evil claws.
    When one first meets Lisette Febus, she’s very charming. She makes you feel like she wants the best for you. Beware! Lisette Febus is a sheep in a wolf’s clothing. Once she goes after a teacher, she won’t let go until she tears that poor teacher to pieces.

    Check out the PS 457’s survey for the 2016-2017 school. Only 39% of the teachers trust Lisette Febus!

    Facts about PS 457x
    – 5 parent coordinators since 2009
    – 8 APs since 2009
    – 6 payroll secretaries since 2009
    – one teacher committed suicide in 2015 because he couldn’t take the pressure from Febus.
    – More than 50 teachers have left since 2009

  2. Febus name should have been added to this list a long time ago. She will like you one day and hates you the next day. She lies, plots against teachers and talks behind thieir back. She has those 2 useless consultants that follow her around and write up her observations. There’s her mentor, Aurea, a former principal who was supposedly in charge of dual language. Well, that program was a failure. Then there is Alex Ramos with the inflated ego! He thinks he knows everything! He made a lot of money for sitting in Febus’ office and doing her work. Febus, even allowed Alex Ramos to observe teachers and write up observations! That must be illegal.

    I am glad I left that hellhole.

    Oh! 16 teachers left PS 457 this year. That says a lot about Febus’ administrative skills.

    • This sounds like Stacy M. You are upset because after years of being the princess coach now you are back in the classroom. It is time you work for your paycheck.

      • Run Run Run from Lisette Febus!

        I am not Stacey M. I don’t work for Sheridan anymore. I am one of the 16 teachers that left the toxic place that is Sheridan. Unlike you, Stacey is a great teacher. She’s multi-talented. She helped me a lot with instruction in the past years.

  3. I Escaped the Devil's Snares

    Maria and Former teacher forgot to mention that Lisette Febus is a proud graduate of Bloomberg’s Academy. In fact, Febus has only taught for 2 to 3 years. Now, she’s a principal of a school where she destroys teachers’ career. She has also scared away every UFT rep that had represented the teachers. Plus, she has her spies around the building. They pretend to be concerned about other teachers’ concerns, then run to Febus’s office to betray the teachers’ trust.
    I feel bad for the remaining teachers. They’re not happy, they’re just afraid of change.

  4. Thanks Maria for sharing the link. I googled Lisette Febus’s name, but this link didn’t pop up like it does for other principals whose names are on the list.

    Everything written above is true. Febus came after me with a passion. She wanted to destroy my career. I wish Febus had the same passion for the children. I strongly believe that Febus hates African- American teachers– especially, female African-American teachers. She makes sure that she persecuted them so that they can leave. I think that Febus is a racist!

    • Everything above is a bunch of lies lies n more lies

      • You sound like Evelyn Vivas. You are a snitch! You’re ineffective. The only reason why you’re still a teacher and you have a job is because you’re an ass-kisser and a snitch. Didn’t you get a mentor after 15 years of teaching at PS 88 because of your ineffective teaching practices?

        • Ms. Vivas is a dedicated teacher of over 20 years who is currently an effective teacher. We know who you are n where you are. You are one of those teachers that do not like working with our ELLs, therefore you are ineffective in our school. You have totally taken this website out of context. You have no facts to back up what you are saying in your evil statement. You really need to get a life and a man to keep you busy at night. I dare you to reveal yourself. I know you will not because you are a coward. You also know that public slander can be sued. When you are aYenta, always aYenta. I am going to name you the HaterYenta in our school. Nobody likes you!Get out, you are toxic and you don’t belong in our school . 16 tchrs left n you should leave too!!! HATER, HATER , YENTA, YENTA !!!

          • Run Run Run from Lisette Febus!

            Vivas should be charged with corporal punishment. She yells and screams at her helplesss first graders. She throws temper tantrums in front of the children. She’s just mean-spirited. She’s only an effective teacher because she’s Febus’s top snitch. lol

            Teachers on the first grade at Sheridan, stay away from Vivas! She tells Febus everything that is discussed in UFT meetings. She refers to Febus as “My Febus”! Don’t ever complain about Sheridan around Vivas.

          • Run Run Run from Lisette Febus!

            For your information, Libel is a written or published defamatory statement, while slander is defamation that is spoken by another person or defendant.

        • Don’t you know that everybody in our school hates you because you were the SNITCH of Dist. 9 .Many teachers did not want Ms.Febus to hire you and this is the way you pay her back? Shame,shame on you!!!

          • Run Run Run from Lisette Febus!

            How could I be the snitch of District 9 if I have only worked at Sheridan for a few years? No one at Sheridan knew me before I started working there. Get your facts straight! You must be mistaken me for someone else.

    • Ms.Febus a racist? OMG! She would have never hired you if she was a racist! How ignorant can you be. Apparently you don’t know that Ms.Febus has a biracial son and she had been happily married to her African-Amercan husband for the last 24years

      • You sound like Evelyn Vivas. You are a snitch! You’re ineffective. The only reason why you’re still a teacher and you have a job is because you’re an ass-kisser and a snitch. Didn’t you get a mentor after 15 years of teaching at PS 88 because of your ineffective teaching practices?

        • You sound like Stacey Moskowitz ,the princess coach good for nothing . You got paid to support teachers and you were always behind your desk. You must be very upset because she replaced you with a real coach from TC who is smarter than you and she is willing to support us. It is time to earn your paycheck! BOCHINCHOSA

          • Run Run Run from Lisette Febus!

            If you had half of the wisdom and intelligence as Stacey Moskowitz’s pinky toe, I am sure you would be a better educator or principal. I wrote the comment above that you responded to and I don’t work for Sheridan anymore. Read the CEP and Stacey’s prior emails to the staff, does my writing style match hers? You wouldn’t be able to notice the difference since your head is too far off in Febus’s ass! Perhaps Febus took it upon herself to defend her tarnished reputation.

            It doesn’t surprise me that you would attack Stacey M. After all, Stacey is way smarter than you and Febus put together. However, I understand why you would be envious of Stacey. I am not friends with Stacey; we only had a professional relationship. But, I attended Stacey’s PDs while working at Sheridan and I learned more from her than those useless consultants that Febus hired to supppsedly help teachers.

            I am so blessed that I don’t work for this dysfunctional and toxic school anymore. I work at a school where I am appreciated and respected. Thank
            God that I don’t have to work for a principal who suffers from bipolar disorder.

      • Run Run Run from Lisette Febus!

        Donald Trump is married to an immigrant woman; yet he hates immigrants. Febus might be married to a black man and not like African-American women! What’s your point?

    • This is one of the many lies that you and the ineffective teachers in our school have been writing about on this website.You know that you were documented because you are an ineffective teacher. So don’t blame Ms.Febus for that!!!

      • Was Arbizzani an ineffective teacher? She was rated Highly Effective during the 2013-2014 school year. Yet, Febus eliminated her position the following year just because she became a UFT rep. Arbizzani fought for us with a passion; she suffered as a result. So, not every teacher that Febus goes after is ineffective.

    • Oh yes, you are the highly ineffective teacher that left. Ms. Febus terminates ineffective teachers . That is part of her job.

      • Run Run Run from Lisette Febus!

        Febus should be terminated for being an ineffective principal. Has Febus ever modeled a lesson? No, she will never do it! We know that she doesn’t have much classroom experience to begin with. Febus should practice what she preaches. Model a mini-lesson for those so-called ineffective teachers and demonstrate good instructional practice.

        I must admit that Raquel Pevey is the only one who will be able to rise to the challenge. She would be able to model a lesson. Perhaps Febus should learn from Pevey.

  5. I am one of the 16 teachers that left PS 457X this year. I must say that everything written about Lisette Febus is true. Also, the students get away with murder. There’s no discipline, no reward system and no consequences for the students’ bad behavior.

    I have seen some great teachers come and go. I never understood how a principal can have such a high turnover of great teachers; yet nothing happens to her. You gotta love the DOE!

    • No, it is not true. You are an ineffective teacher n u know it!

    • Many teachers leave schools for different reasons; some reasons include a shorter commute to work, a better opportunity to grow, or a chance to continue their mediocre work as an educator under different supervision. At the end of the day when a teacher decides to leave a school they are looking out for what is best for them. In many cases, Febus has been the person who has given new teachers their first teaching job, although they forget to mention it. It is easy to speak ill and discredit someone when we decide to take their critiques personal, but the fact of the matter is a lot of these teachers found it much harder to work with Febus and chose to work against her until they found their way out the door. Now check that!

      • You sound like Raquel Pevey or Jose Gonzalez, the two puppet APs that Febus manipulates to do her dirty work. So please, spare us the excuses. Febus is evil. Otherwise, most of the founding members of Sheridan Academy would have remain at the school.

        You mentioned that some teachers leave because they want a shorter commute to work. Out of all the 16 teachers that left Sheridan this past year, only 2 landed teaching jobs in Queens and Brooklyn because they live too far from the Bronx. All the others landed jobs in Dictricts, 8, 9, and 10 in the Bronx. So, check the facts before you concoct those lame excuses to defend Febitch!

    • More lies, you must be an ineffective teacher who had poor management control of your class!

  6. Proud of Sheridan

    So, one of my friends sent me this link. Whoever wrote this is evil. Febus is a good principal. She cares about the kids. She treats everyone with respect. Why would anyone try to destroy her reputation? Febus only goes after bad teachers. The person who wrote this must have been a bad teacher.

    • Ok you are seriously delusional. Good luck to you when she turns on you next.

      • K and you are seriously sick snd toxic. Go !

        • Vivas, are you an effective teacher? You can barely teach a reading lesson. You yell and scream at the students. You put the students down in front of their peers. You snatch items out of the students’ hands, you banged objects on the desks to intimidate the students, You berate the poor little first graders when you don’t get your way Yet, you have never been written up for corporal punishment. You should do a PD on ass-kissing. It really is an art for you.

    • Yes, I agree, this must be an ineffective teacher

  7. Former Teacher Also

    I’m a former teacher at Sheridan and let me just start by saying that so many amazing teachers have left because of this woman. Everything written about this woman above is true. And to the comment at 8:46 we all know who this is. The sad part is everyone knows who you are and the fact that you think she won’t go after you makes you just as insane as as she is. As you can see the “spy” comments hold true. To continue with additional things this tyrant has done: She took many, many preps from teachers without paying them nor giving them another prep a separate day (ILLEGAL)! She is absolutely racist toward African American individuals. She writes people up just to start a record so she can try to terminate them. She has a clan of groupie consultants that are her friends that sit in her office and collect a paycheck anytime they want to come in. She even has them observe teachers. 16 people left this year alone! What hurts me the most is the children are the last thought on her mind. She let really amazing teachers go that bent over backwards for the students that walk through those doors. Amazing kids that are now missing out on amazing learning experiences from teachers that really cared. Students who live in a very rough area and need those teachers there for them. We built a family of teachers (minus the spy group) that all had one enemy, her. Unfortunately, we all couldn’t stand up for each other in fear her next target would be us. BUT, when you attack one of us, you attack all of us. This is why so many fled. I hurt for the kids. They are my biggest concern. This woman should absolutely not have this job!

    • I am so sorry but you got it all wrong. You are an ineffective teacher

      • Run Run Run from Lisette Febus!

        So, one of Febus’s snitches decided to call anyone that wrote a negative comment about Febus an ineffective teacher. Tell me, how many of the teachers that left this year were rated ineffective? Maybe 2? The science teacher was rated ineffective and was unfairly targeted because she’s African-American. I can’t vouch for the other teacher. Get your facts straight before spewing lies about effective educators.

    • It is you that should not be working in out school. You are toxic and you don’t belong in out school. You do not care about our students, all you care is about your check

  8. Unbelievable, I never thought anyone would get the courage to state the obvious, a bully with obsessive tendancy to manipulate,lie and attack teacher’s especially ones that she know are clearly knowledgeable than her. Her AP’s are just as bad, but you have to feel sorry for them because they are intimidated by her and they know first hand what she is capable of. Horror to work for, Lisette Febus put me through hell but I survived so many others didn’t they either quit their jobs or were terminated due to licensce revoked or discontinuence from the district. I can understand how she continues to be a principal.

    • I don’t understand why are you still in our school. You must be a masoquist. If you are sooo miserable, why don’t you leave?

      • Run Run Run from Lisette Febus!

        Masoquist???? Hahahaha!
        For your information, the word is masochist! It sounds like you’re the ineffective teacher.

  9. This woman is absolutely evil. She’s a narcissistic witch. She enjoys hurting people. She obeserved pregnant teachers and rated them ineffective. How evil is that? Couldn’t she come back on a different day? Why aggravate a very pregnant teacher.

    She would rather have teacher take a whole day off instead of allowing them to leave 30 minutes to an hour early for a doctor’s appointment. But, when one of her spies had to leave during the school day to go to the doctor, she allowed her to come back to work without deducting the time from her CAR.

    Sometimes, she leaves early for doctor’s appointments. Why couldn’t she take the whole damn day like she asked her staff members to do.

    I could go on and on. But, everything that this evil witch has done has been written in the other posts.

    • So let me get this straight… admin should’ve given her an effective or highly effective BECAUSE she’s pregnant? Sooooo, even if the teacher needed to improve Ms. Febus should have given her a high rating. THAT MAKES NO SENSE! WOW! What if your kid was in that class? I bet you would think differently then…right?

      • I agree, it’s OK to treat me differently if it benefits me but not to rate me based on my job performance? Is this about our needs or the kids? ‍♂️

      • Obviously, you have low reading comprehension skills. The previous poster stated that Febus could have come back on a different day instead of rating the pregnant teacher ineffective. The pregnant teacher was an effective teacher who was having a bad day. Febus had observed many of her cronies and decided not to write up the lesson because it was ineffective. She came back on a day when her cronies were teaching lessons that she deemed effective. Couldn’t Febus extent that same courtesy to the pregnant teacher?

  10. I was one of the first teachers hired when the school first opened up in 2009. The first two years were great and then my third year I was told I ruined our friendship. Febus is a total pysho.
    I had a union meeting everyday from January to the last day of school. The union rep was so scared of her that she allowed this. I was harrassed to no end.
    She even tried to harass me at my new school saying I had an open case for nonsense and my new principle and union rep shut her down.
    I was told I had to leave or I would get an unsatisfactory and still received an unsatisfactory because I didn’t find a new school fast enough. And since I didn’t have tenure she was able to get away with this.
    She is pure evil and thank God every day that I don’t work for her.
    Good luck to all the people that work for her.

    • I am glad that you escaped that woman’s evil snares. It’s a good thing that you found another school. I am sure you’re appreciated by the administrators at your school. Nowadays, if she doesn’t like an untenured teacher, she persecute that teacher, then terminates him/her. You’re very fortunate.

    • Thank God you left, you are one of those teachers refusing to work with our ELLS. Ineffective. I am so glad Ms. Febus is cleaning house. 4 more to go 🙂

      • Run Run Run from Lisette Febus!

        Febus is not cleaning house. Only the two teachers that she rated ineffective to get rid of them had no choice but to leave. The other 14 teachers left of their own volition.

  11. Lisette Febus, no this is not true. Not Lisette. Wait, we named her Lucy,short for Lucifer. The woman is the devil herself. Her mentor Auria is an idiot! Yes everything is true about this evil woman. A woman with a black heart! Just ask the wife of the first AP that she drove to his grave.

    • It’s one thing to give your opinion or talk about your ‘experience’ but to go after somebody’s moral character. To accuse them of having a hand in another persons death is mean spirited and unethical. I guess it’s easier to hide behind a computer then to hold up a mirror.

  12. “Where do I begin?” First I have to say, that it is truly DISGUSTING that people would mention those who have passed away. It is straight up DISRESPECTFUL and it just shows YOUR LACK OF CHARACTER! HOW DARE YOU! Do the kids a favor and LEAVE! I’m sure your negativity is spewing into your classroom and infecting new teachers! Honestly I am sick and tired of hearing all the negativity in our school. We need positive teachers in the building! Let’s be real, there are teachers in the building who think they are, “Holier than thou” and don’t want to teach ALL children. There are a few who feel that because they have ‘done their time’ they should be privileged with level 3 and 4 students. Who the HELL do you think you are?! If you are truly passionate about teaching you should embrace the level 1s and 2s; it’s actually a compliment. I don’t complain because I sincerely care about the kids and feel bad that they are rejected by these wanna be princesses.

    • These negative comments are absolutely wonderful because they show the caliber of class and education of these who write it. It is obvious that those who have departed don’t have what it takes to work under the helm of an excellent administrator and human being. The derogatory classless comments alone only magnify that those who left were not on the same caliber of those who remain. So thank you for leaving and lessing the burden on those who can handle working with slight inconveniences. Furthermore i do hope in your new positions you are so busy becoming better teacher5a that it gives you no time for salacious commentary in a weak attempt to take down an administrator that gave your career a chance.

      Go work on your lesson plans and hopefully the grass is greener on the other side. It must be nice to sit behind the annonimtiy of a computer and attempt to ruin someones career how unfortunate you wont be blessed with the same anominity when your displaying your ability as a teacher is being observed.

      Good luck and good riddance.

      • Run Run Run from Lisette Febus!

        Yes, the grass is greener for all the teachers who have left PS 457X. I know that for a fact. As for you, you’re still working under this evil witch. You sound like Pevey or Gonzalez; Febus’ puppets. You know that you’re miserable too. You’re probably looking for a way out yourself. You may even be wondering when your turn will come.

        Pray hard!

    • Soo true!!! What about the princesses that do not want to teach our ELLS. They need to go to schools that don’t have any ELLs

      • Run Run Run from Lisette Febus!

        A self-righteous teacher criticizing others who had the courage to leave a toxic school. Every teacher at Sheridan complained about having too many ELLs in his/her class. I bet you’re one of them. Stop lying!

    • Yes , we have too many toxic people like you

    • You will be singing a different tune when Febus turns on you next. It’s a matter of time. Unless you’re her carpool partner, Serrano or her top snitch, Vivas, you will not receive special privileges.

  13. I currently work in the school and although I truly respect everyone’s opinion to me she has always been caring and respectful towards me. She always treats me with kindness and professionalism. And evertime i needed something she was always there to help. I understand that people have different opinions but I just wanted to say that not everything that was written in this thread is 100% accurate. Sending blessings to everyone.

    • I guess you have sharpened your ass-kissing skills over the years. If Febus is so respectful and caring, why do you think that 16 teachers left last year? Perhaps you’re afraid of starting over in a different school because you make top salary or you’re a good ass-kisser.

  14. I find it truly disturbing to read the nonsense these so called teachers are writing about Ms. Febus. In my time working for her I have seen nothing more than a dedicated professional who simply wants more for the students. They are maligning her efforts to create a great school and twisting facts to support their claims. In my time working for Ms. Febus I have found her to be honest, trustworthy and most of all supportive of her teachers. She invests in good professional development to help us improve our skills, provides us with all the materials and supplies we need to do our job well. Brings in experts to help and support us when and where we need it. Yes 16 people left and that included a few good teachers, however, how many of them left due to the negative environment created by the type of individuals that engage in negative campaigns of attacking people for having the courage to do their job well. But most blatant and disturbing in these posts is that someone would use the tragic death of a colleague to malign a Principal. This site was created for teachers who had legitimate claims against principals, not for people who have no business teaching children.

    • You summed it up! Thank you for those wonderful words.I couldn’t have said it better. Proud to be a Sheridan Academy educator!

    • You got it wrong! Thie comments written by the teachers who were victims of Febus’ evil doings are completely accurate. Febus lies like a rug! Trustworthy is not a word that describes this evil bitch. What about evil, cold-hearted, manipulative, liar, crooked, narcissist, sociopath, corrupted, hateful, etc? These words describe that nasty woman better.



  15. You summed it up! Thank you for those wonderful words.I couldn’t have said it better. Proud to be a Sheridan Academy educator!

  16. Holy shit…just here for the comments

  17. I am SO glad I am out of that toxic environment. The grass IS greener on the other side. At SAYL we were not appreciated or treated like professionals. It feels great to actually enjoy going to work, to have the support of administration instead of feeling like they are out to get you, and to not feel stressed and anxious over the constant craziness, lack of order and organization, and excessive amount of consultants who want to micromanage your every move. Leaving Sheridan was the best decision I ever made.

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