Emmanuel Polanco, Principal



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  1. http://m.nydailynews.com/new-york/bronx/racy-rap-video-bronx-principal-sued-discrimination-article-1.2588568

    Disgusting, retaliatory, discriminatory, unprofessional, sexually provocative video ,

  2. What a horrible P.O.S. for a principal! Parents rallied to protest this guy a few years back. Not that it did any good. Vote for Solidarity so we can get evil thugs like this guy removed from positions of power!


  3. Horrible horrible man the D.O.E must be desperate for help. Teachers create and shape our the world we live in it’s unfortunate they are treated so badly

  4. I told the Bronx UFT that this guy had a racial issue when I was discontinued in 2012, but they did nothing about it. It’s funny reading about the older teachers and even an ex-principal suing him for the same behavior when just 3 years ago they would have lined up to defend him to save their own jobs. What’s really twisted is that the school has the same single-digit pass rate that it had when I was there, but apparently he’s an “effective” administrator. My money is on Polanco being connected and the Bronx UFT being in on it.

  5. Buenas noche usted es gran ejemplo
    Para la sociedad por haber donado tabla a los estudiantes Dios le Bendiga derrame mucha bendiciones
    A usted y familia

  6. Horrible, How come this man be called a leader? He’s needs to be removed or thrown back in a classroom again so that he can remember what a teacher struggles when they don’t have support and a shitty administrative team. this man has no people skills he’s a manipulator and he is constantly forcing people to do illegal things making them risk their jobs and will retaliate against you if you oppose. I feel bad for the kids is all a cover up, so many law suits and poor reading and math scores ….he needs to go ASAP

  7. Former Employee, this guy is a P.O..S!!! He is corrupted his girlfriend works for Carmen Farina, all of his relatives work at the school, and his childhood friends. It gets better his barber also works at the school . He is a racist son of a gun. He has called black people monkeys, and has discriminated against countlesss other races and genders on the teaching staff. During reorganization of the school, he was allowed to get rid of veteran effective teachers. He sat on the rehire panel and the supposed union representatives were in cohorts with him to say disparaging mistruths about educators during the interview! As of date the teacher union is being run by a school aid who is not on the teacher line and who also is his best friend. They go hunting together and are all underhanded. Yet, he’s still allowed to lead . When the school is clear at night he has Bruha rituals performed throughout the school. How are these corrupt people still in our schools? This just shows me the union is strange bed fellows with the DOE/Tweed.

  8. This guy is a principal?!?! Are you kidding me? What a LOSER! The ignorant and uneducated is responsible for educating? The very mentality that we need to NOT have as an example for our precious young people is what he exemplifies? Disgusting, immoral, immature LOSER. He isn’t a man. He can’t even provide a safe environment for children to learn. What a joke (oh, and did I mention loser?)!!

  9. As an outsider who just read about this man in the Post this morning my first question is this really true? If so how could he get away with this. The Mayor has done nothing? Wow there is a surprise. Please keep this on the forefront I’m dying to hear how this turns out. What a shame my heart bleeds for the teachers and kids who want to learn

  10. I smell a coverup

    A serious campaign to push down negative press has been started using the kiss ups still left at the school. Check the norwood news article. But a kid who claims he was assaulted came forward. This says something. He is not trusted or respected and can play it loose with rules. Now a CEC mtg to discuss “the school” when the main objective is to cover for the principal. How many entire staffs does this man have to run through? He cant fire or push out all the parents and kids.

  11. Infuriated in Detroit


    It’s disgusting to see the abuse of power in the US. Citizens need to stand up. Everyone is in denial. The US isn’t like the one everyone sees on tv sitcoms. We still have many in power from generations going back to the horrific ‘boarding schools’ where Natives were abused. There’s nothing more sick than an educator who prevents education. The firing squad and guillotine should be brought back for anyone who abuses their power in the US. They should go missing when authorities do nothing and stand by corruption. To rob an honors student of an education (jealousy that you didn’t achieve the career you wanted, Polanco?), is the worst thing you can do to kids who are trying. It’s bad enough when other kids tease you for doing well in class. But when a teacher, and an entire school/administration, tries to destroy your future, you deserve swift justice, swift punishment. Shame them. Post on facebook/instagram so everything they do goes viral. Stand outside with torches like the White Supremacists are ALLOWED to do! Film them secretly and expose them. Take your power back because it’s obvious the higher up you go (including the White House), the less they care! Go after them. This is your kids’ future! Get them!

  12. Dog and Pony Show


    After a dog and pony show during the CEC where they brough out a marching band, gave kids picket signs and packed the seats with tshirt wearing parents and kids and had a whole wall of CSA principal union members there to take video, pictures and give testimony this abuse comes out. Looks like there are more stories to tell. It was shameful how kids were fed language for their testimony, told to call their peers “troubled” and former teachers came to say colleagues they didnt even know or teach with were disgruntled. The CEC president had to state clearly that the mtg waa set up in August, that they werent there to address the controversy, and would go ahead with their agenda. The CEC mtg was hijacked as a show of power. Why is this terrible? Not one person listened to the presentations of SCA and CEC and questioned the expenditures and budget to keep them honest and transparent. Not one comment was made about funds to consultants instead of direct to classrooms. No one was encouraged to be there to participate in the CEC. They were there as human shields for a principal who has gotten in trouble multiple times. The fact that the principals union rep was the first to speak was all I needed to see. This principal engages in corrupt manipulation and is not empowering parents to have meaningful democratic participation in school and district governance. It is not hard for me to believe he is capable of retaliating against children. There were several principals in attendance who are famous for doing the same thing.

  13. Star Chamber Master of Justice

    This man has been judged and is guilty. His sentencing is being decided when the Star Chamber meets in 3 months. May god have mercy on his soul and his progeny.

  14. I spent one year teaching at MS-80 and it was pure hell for students and teachers who were not part of Polanco’s inner circle. Since Polanco reorganized MS-80, the school bleeds teaching staff at the end of each school year, something that should have send a red flag to the DOE. Polanco’s three assistant principals dutifully followed his orders to keep teachers in line by handing out failing scores during evaluations. His assistant principals acted more like Gestapo officers terrorizing, harrassing and micro-managing teachers into pure exhaustion. One of his henchmen Carmen Soto a failed principal herself http://ossining.dailyvoice.com/schools/ossinings-claremont-school-principal-resigns/573330/ was one of the harshest of all of the assistant principals in the school, making highly effective teachers cry after manipulating the the Danielson rubric against highly trained and competent teachers. Ms 80 has been run more like a reform school than an actual school. As mentioned before, the school is overall unsanitary, has unlit stair cases, students are made to sit in un airconditioned classrooms during the hot months all day long, while Polanco acts as grand inquisitor violating as many DOE rules in the book. During his highring process he prevented many new teachers from opting out of the school and forced them to teach until the school year was over. Polanco’s approach to education is being supported by the leader of the DOE which says a lot to why NYC schools are ineffective. Education is not teacher driven or created. All curriculum and educational approaches are decided by administrators, capitalists (Pearson) and politicians, this has created a highly failed system. The administration of most DOE schools are not there to support teachers but to punish them every step of the way. This is the reason why, teachers flee to the suburbs where salaries are much more competitive or simply quit the field. Bloomberg introduced a corporate model to education during his tenure and the result has been catastrophic. The results are the Emmanuel Polancos of the system. He is not the only one of his kind.

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