Emmanuel Polanco, Principal



PHONE: 718-405-6300


  1. http://m.nydailynews.com/new-york/bronx/racy-rap-video-bronx-principal-sued-discrimination-article-1.2588568

    Disgusting, retaliatory, discriminatory, unprofessional, sexually provocative video ,

  2. What a horrible P.O.S. for a principal! Parents rallied to protest this guy a few years back. Not that it did any good. Vote for Solidarity so we can get evil thugs like this guy removed from positions of power!


  3. Horrible horrible man the D.O.E must be desperate for help. Teachers create and shape our the world we live in it’s unfortunate they are treated so badly

  4. I told the Bronx UFT that this guy had a racial issue when I was discontinued in 2012, but they did nothing about it. It’s funny reading about the older teachers and even an ex-principal suing him for the same behavior when just 3 years ago they would have lined up to defend him to save their own jobs. What’s really twisted is that the school has the same single-digit pass rate that it had when I was there, but apparently he’s an “effective” administrator. My money is on Polanco being connected and the Bronx UFT being in on it.

    • Buenas noche usted es gran ejemplo
      Para la sociedad por haber donado tabla a los estudiantes Dios le Bendiga derrame mucha bendiciones
      A usted y familia

  5. Buenas noche usted es gran ejemplo
    Para la sociedad por haber donado tabla a los estudiantes Dios le Bendiga derrame mucha bendiciones
    A usted y familia

  6. Horrible, How come this man be called a leader? He’s needs to be removed or thrown back in a classroom again so that he can remember what a teacher struggles when they don’t have support and a shitty administrative team. this man has no people skills he’s a manipulator and he is constantly forcing people to do illegal things making them risk their jobs and will retaliate against you if you oppose. I feel bad for the kids is all a cover up, so many law suits and poor reading and math scores ….he needs to go ASAP

  7. Former Employee, this guy is a P.O..S!!! He is corrupted his girlfriend works for Carmen Farina, all of his relatives work at the school, and his childhood friends. It gets better his barber also works at the school . He is a racist son of a gun. He has called black people monkeys, and has discriminated against countlesss other races and genders on the teaching staff. During reorganization of the school, he was allowed to get rid of veteran effective teachers. He sat on the rehire panel and the supposed union representatives were in cohorts with him to say disparaging mistruths about educators during the interview! As of date the teacher union is being run by a school aid who is not on the teacher line and who also is his best friend. They go hunting together and are all underhanded. Yet, he’s still allowed to lead . When the school is clear at night he has Bruha rituals performed throughout the school. How are these corrupt people still in our schools? This just shows me the union is strange bed fellows with the DOE/Tweed.

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