Dr. Ramon Namnun, Principal





  1. Concerned educator

    I once applied at this school. The principal’s e-mails reflected a lack of command of basic grammar and writing skills.

  2. Plays favorites. Favors hispanic students and teachers. Humiliates Black teachers and pushed them out. Uses others to do his dirty work. pushed students to graduate against their will to raise rate. kids were not prepared. had to back down on one student, who was underage but pushed older ones out successfully. Has said that the staff needs viagra because the werent passionate about their jobs. harasses older teachers and pits young against veteran teachers. covers up regents anomalies.

  3. Why is this principals anoi page promoting him? He is a career ruining, vindictive man. His brother (also Namnun) got fired after a spectacular scandal. Google it. There was a fine paid because this principal got his job via nepotism. Teachers and students are miserable.

  4. Educator against bullshit

    Namnun is promoting himself on here because he’s obviously proud of the infamous honor that comes from being on this list. Congrats, you are an administrator in need of improvement! Be self reflective and realize this is not a good thing. You’ve probably ruined people’s lives in the process.

  5. Pokémon Collect them all

    New AP , or ATR AP Danny Velasquez of the infamous sex scandals with other principal at her school. The other one Stuart or something, was disbarred , has scandals regarding stealing money from Katrina victims. Admin at Namnun’s school are getting worse, and they already had a reputation. Perhaps the blow job copier principal John Chase should be the next Pokémon added to this collection.

  6. When we allow incompetent people to get their positions through corrupt means, what do you expect? Of course his school is going to be awful. The teachers are held to a high standard, and administrators are held to a low one. A former AP at this school basically told kids how to answer a Regents essay during the test. I feel bad for the kids that go here. Please apply to other ELL schools. There are several in the Bronx…Bronx International, New World, etc.

  7. Full of Broken promises and nepotism. Very sad for the kids, its just a game to get them to pass the regents in anyway be it the wrong one. The APS live in their own office that was once the teachers space now we wander around looking for a home on preps. Cant print or make photo copies unless a form is filled out 5 days ahead of time..insnaity!

  8. Namnun is a liar and a cheat. Everything is about playing the “game”. He pretends to put “children first” but only cares about manipulating numbers. He is vindictive and cannot be trusted. Also, in evaluations, he uses the rubric to support his own agenda. If he doesn’t like a teacher, he will selectively not see things during an observation. He also has a very poor command of the English language.

  9. NYCDOE investigate please

    Check credit accumulation. Check minutes for this so called Dual Language program. Check the curriculum, licenses, language of instruction. Check all technology purchased in the past 10 years. check hiring and firing patterns ageism and racism. this man routinely has meetings to set younger teachers against veterans and has been purging a list of 7 got to go highly paid teachers over the past 5 years. when it all comes out it is going to be an explosion.

  10. Apparently keeps a “got to go hit list” known to a few, and unleashes unscrupulous APs to harass intimidate, write up and destroy the confidence of, you guessed it older veterans of color. Has been known to badmouth females in the office and try to pit them against each other. plays games gassing up the heads of white teachers who compete for crumbs of privilege, authority, autonomy and respect. He has them running in circles, but beware tge golden boy status. It never lasts long. Once a crop of teachers figures out “What’s up” he will unleash harassment. You never know which colleague is dropping a dime to gain leverage. He is notoriously paranoid and got rid of the teachers workspace. The lack of unity among the staff means they are unable to mount a successful push back. Scary scary scary.

  11. Creates fake technical programs to fudge together with ESL There is no facility of any kind.

  12. Concerned parents

    Poor command of the English language is the least of this so called principals problems. Investigate please! It’s a shame that the superintendent and the chain of command has turned a blind eye to the incompetence of this individual. I will be transferring my child out of this school he is a disgrace.

  13. I interviewed at this school and after 10 min it became clear there was no directive no structure. An hour into the interview and after understanding nothing that was said it became crystal clear that I was being sold a dream. Glad I declined.

  14. Soundview Teacher

    Targets teachers, and admin forced kids to graduate against their will while unprepared. Investigated, complaints, spends money questionably, been reported everywhere. currebtly has kids on a sxhedule where they never leave rooms and forces teachers to go room to room

  15. Former Staff Member

    This Principal hired by his brother who is no longer employed with the DOE due to a second nepotism scandal pursued me with great vindictiveness in attempting to have me removed from his school and terminated from the DOE. I Also witnessed his fabrication methods of getting rid of teachers by using the same methodology used on me, with and extra added use of student and colleagues statements for his fabricated investigations. I will add to this a truth that he is also blatantly homophobic and racist.

    This former shoe salesman has come a long way in ruining other people’s lives who were born in this country.

  16. Educator against Bullshit

    Ramon Namnun allows his AP to run his school. He is incompetent as a school leader. The focus of the administrative team is to target teachers beware to all DO NOT APPLY.

  17. Ramon Namnun does nothing but plan hidden agendas all day. Students are not programmed in correct courses, grades are changed with pressure of Administration, IEP’s are not followed. Close this school fast. Namnun and his three tails use threats towards teachers in conducting a Dog-and-Pony show when high officials visit. School is a total mess. New agenda: not allow any students to bathrooms, give useless task to teachers and staff to waste time. Karma is coming soon stay tune.

  18. I thought all of you are supposed to be the educators of a High school not actually act like you are in high school.

  19. No organization. Admin is locked behind closed doors all day long every day. Meanwhile the school runs amuck. The principals paranoia and narcissism along with AP ms disfuntional behavior will finish this place. Don’t let her well spoken behavior fool you. The principal is nothing more than a prop a puppet being manipulated by the AP. This place is nothing but a revolving door. the fact that this had continued so long meanwhile affecting that community for years is really shameful. If you want a career in the doe steer clear of this place and if you have children spare them and send them elsewhere.

  20. So it appears the pattern of discrimination is taking shape and folk are realizing the tactics used to push out teachers through bullying and harassment. DOE knows of horrible accusations but has done nothing.

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