Dr. Jeanne Fagan, Principal

Dr. Fanning, Principal

PS/IS 119 The Glendale, 7401 78 Avenue, Glendale, NY.


  1. This principal only knows how to micromanage teachers rather than foster their talents and teachings; an ineffective principal

  2. Mother of a first grader

    This principal pretends to care but really only cares about money, and bumping up the work load on the teachers, and students. She has sucked out the fun from this school! She has made it very clear it is her way or the high way when she lost great staff members last year. I will be taking my child out from this boot camp of a school next year! Dr. Afghan is out of touch with what the children need and had the audacity to tell a kindergarten teacher to stop being so motherly to her students!!! Give me a break lady!!!!!! I can’t believe she is a mothe herself she is very cold and not warm at all, poor kids!!

    • Mother of a first grader

      Dr. Fagan**

    • She really is a horrible person!! She only cares about her budget that’s why most of the veteran teachers leave. She makes their lives a living hell so they want to leave and she can hire a brand new teacher that costs half the money. She only cares about the gifted and talented because they can test well for her scores.

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