David Jimenez of Manhattan Center of Science and Math HS

David Jimenez

280 Pleasant Avenue, New York, NY


Jimenez has been sued for sexual harassment by several former female employees. He has blackmailed staff members into resigning and hires cronies to work in the school to take their places allegedly as well. The school has an “F” in environment.


John Silvers blog

Daily Mail (UK)

NY Post

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Teach stronger

Jimenez is a bully who turns into a Professional Victim when confronted by teachers who refuse to be bullied. He is a liar and will twist the truth to benefit him. (A city Arbitrator questioned his credibility and leadership.) Allegations of sexual harassment against two female employees are well documented. According to DOE audits there is a possibility that a misappropriation of funds may have occurred under Jimenez’s watch. Watch for Jimenez’s child like tactics when he wanted to get an individual to react to his unprofessional behavior. Mr. Jimenez will rant uncontrollably when under pressure. If you are forced to work there carry a tape recorder. Also beware of his pitbull AP of Security Daniel Albetta.


I worked for him years ago, and he went out of his way to ruin teachers. He was a deceptive, sneaky man.

David Suker
David Suker

I went to CCNY with him and served with him on the Graduate student government with Ydanis Rodriguez. He was self serving backnthen and a pig as well. I don’t doubt the sexual harassment charges against him or the charges of cronyism. He’s a small man with a big ego.