Darlene Cameron PS 63


Principal Darlene Cameron PS 63

Alleged to have bullied many staffers and parents.DTOE IS RUN BY UFT SOLIDARITY

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  1. Darlene Cameron harrassess teaching assistants with several write ups a day even writing them up for photocopying wrong.

  2. Within the short time that Cameron has been at the school, Ive had ACS called on me (she made up LIES saying my daughter is depressed and Im not medicating her which was NEVER the case, even ACS passed a remark that they had no idea why they were at my house,) my child who has anxiety was left in a bare room that looked like a mental asylum for over two hours til I got to her, she was left in a state that I had NEVER seen her in screaming and banging herself against a wall, I had to call 311 to report that room, my eldest wasn’t allowed to go to her graduation party SOLEY because I reported Cameron for getting involved in PTA matters. In fact she tried to keep her from going to the graduation altogether, yet I fought her tooth and nail and my daughter, Celeste Carrasquillo, was allowed to graduate. Yet remains scarred, remembering trying to attend the party and having Cameron tell her and I to leave the building before she calls the cops on us, a then an eleven year old HONOR student. And yeah, that’s the kind of things she has done, called the police on innocent parents and children, all because she is MALICIOUS, in EVERY sense of the word. She also had given the father of my children personal information in my childrens records as to where we were living when she was made very well aware that I was trying to run from an abusive relationship at that time, which could have put my life in danger. The list goes on and on of what she has done to my family and MANY MANY others. I know for a FACT that she has been reported a countless amount of times, by parents and teachers, and she still has her position, WHY???? The best of teachers have left or lost their CAREERS because of her lies. We have lost teachers and students because of her, and the number keeps dropping. I have been asked why I havent bothered to take my children out of that school. PS63 is my home!! I went to school there, all of my siblings went to school there, the father of my children went to school there, all of my childhood friends and best memories were made there. I dont feel its fair that we all have to leave so she can continue with her demonic ways. I will not rest easy until someone somewhere will hear ALL of our cries for help and removes this woman from PS63, she has NO business working anywhere close to children, she IS EVIL!!

  3. My children have been sent to the responsibility room just for answering questions on their homework wrong. Rather than having teachers explain what is wrong about it they get punished, even after trying. They also had a “save” room that I had to report to 311. My daughter who suffers from anxiety was put in the room for hrs before I could get to her. The room had no tables, chairs or windows and looked more like a mental asylum than a classroom in a school. Darlene is EVIL and shouldnt be allowed to be anywhere near children. She also made. FALSE report to acs about my daughter having depression stating I was negligent and not medicating her. She wasnt being medicated because she is NOT depressed. Darlene has called acs on MANY MANY parents, solely because she does not like them amd wants to make their lives a living hell

  4. Yes, she also tried to hold my son back rather than getting him the help he needed, which I also had to fight. My son has attention deficit disorder. I had told the teachers year after year that I thought something was wrong and rather than having him evaluated Darlene tried to hold him over for failing his classes. She does not try to help the children at all, instead she INTENTIONALLY hurts them

  5. Female teaching veteran.

    I worked as a teacher under Ms. Cameron what seems like a very long time ago. I left 63 for greener teaching pastures and haven’t looked back until now.

    There’s a lot of passion based on personal experiences in the few comments posted here. Frankly, I don’t want to spend any more time on this person than needs to be: bandwidth for this chapter in my teaching career is incredibly limited, so I’ll keep this short.

    In short, this principal’s behavior seemed that of a maniacal warlord. She was feared and loathed by the majority of teachers, many of whom were often brought to tears. As if she views her school and the need to control it as Stalin did the Soviet Union, she demonstrated vindictiveness, pitting teachers against each other like the game show Survivor.

    In short, if I were a prospective teacher looking to join 63, I’d look elsewhere. If I were a parent, I’d think twice before sending my child there. And if you’re a current teacher at 63: I promise, it can only get better, at the very least, it cannot get any worse. Especially for us women.

    Having said all of that, and this may seem ironic, I do think that she loves her students. I’m being fair. The problem isn’t the love (that’s required, right?), it’s the execution and context by which this love and care is placed. Despite any forward feelings for her students, the environment in which all of this takes place is riddled with negativity, contempt, and fear. Over and out.

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