Christina Foti, Chief Executive Director of the Special Education Office

Christina Foti

Christina Foti

Principal of PS 231 NYC Department of Education

  1. NYC Department of Education
  1. PS 811M — The Mickey Mantle School
  1. City University of New York-Hunter College



It is my belief that all children, irrespective of disability, can rise to meet expectations when caring professionals provide high quality programs that support the academic, physical and social development of students. As a principal, my greatest joy comes from working with the staff, students and families of PS 231K to fulfill the mission of our school.

At PS 231K, it is our mission to create a core of learners through the collaborative efforts of the students, staff, parents and community. The role of the “teacher” is not limited to the adult, but is extended to the child. In doing so, each child discovers his/her own unique potential, talents, purpose and greatness through a differentiated, interdisciplinary approach inclusive of technological as well as social emotional learning. We strive to show our students that the biggest classroom is the world around them. We do this by using all available resources to bring the world into the classroom and the classroom into the world. PS 231K students become independent, productive, problem-solving citizens that seek challenges rather than shy away from them.

Interested in joining our team as a teacher, administrator, related service provider or paraprofessional? Contact me at



NYC Department of Education

– Present (5 years 2 months)

Assistant Principal

PS 811M — The Mickey Mantle School

(2 years 6 months)


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she left as principle to take a higher job
did not follow rules
made everyones lives miserable who she didnt like
1 person was clocking in for 2 people but both still have their jobs and im fired for something i didnt do


You sound like an uneducated, disgruntled ex-employee, who cannot spell. I think you aren’t taking responsibility for what you did. It’s extremely difficult to fire someone from the DOE. She must have had just cause.