Caterina Lafergola-Stanczuk, Principal

Caterina Lafergola-Stanczuk, Principal



  1. This Administrator targets teachers who have been in the system for more than ten years. After her first year as Principal she rated 16 teachers unsatisfactory without any supporting documentation. Fourteen of these teachers were people of color. She has discontinued the licenses of younger teachers if they do not leave their positions at the school when she tells them to. She has also filed 3020a charges on teachers after she has spent three years collecting evidence that is based on bogus charges and observations rife with misrepresentations.

    • The principals in NYC need to be stopped from maligning teachers and destroying the careers of veteran teachers. Caterina Lafergola is just another example of unqualified administrators running schools into the ground and taking the staff down as well. Lafergola is resigning and plans to work in Baldwin. I hope Baldwin will reconsider and NOT hire a failed principal.

  2. Automotive Highschool Teacher

    That is an absolute true statement.
    She does not believe that there are ANY qualified people of color that can work for her. She also feels that students of color cannot progress and should not be in her school.
    She has changed grades to improve her graduation rate. She has given students 504 plans and has made them retroactive in order for them to qualify for a passing exam.

    • Here is a letter I sent to the Superintendent of the Baldwin Schools:

      I recently read an article in the “New York Times” which mentioned Caterina Lafergola. It was disturbing. After 27 years with the New York City Department of Education, I’ve seen a lot!! The mere idea that Baldwin is considering hiring Ms. Lafergola is troubling.

      Principals in NYC public schools, on a whole, are horrible. Whether they graduated from the now defunct Leadership Academy or they were appointed because so few apply, they are ill-equipped to lead. When stories are printed in the newspapers, these principals have already done tremendous damage to their entire school’s community. Few teachers are brave enough to complain about administrators for the very true fear of retaliation. This retaliation can cause an educator his/her career just for standing up for what is important and best for his/her students. New York City principals have a guide book for legally getting rid of tenured teachers, some undeserving simply because they stood up for what is right. Instead of motivating and molding teachers, principals look to just get rid of them, similar to dumping out the trash.

      The morale in New York City public schools is horrible. Teachers are demoralized, victimized and demonized by administrators who have no business leading a school community. In turn, teachers aren’t motivated to do what they know are best practices for their students because unqualified administrators rule the roost. Is that what you want for Baldwin High School? I’m sure that parents, as well as the faculty and staff, do not want someone who has a failing record of success and a questionable past when managing grades and staff.

      I urge you to reconsider any hiring plans you have for Ms. Lafergola. Baldwin students deserve better than Ms. Lafergola. Hiring Ms. Lafergola will not improve Baldwin High School and will reflect poorly on you.

      • All the comments are true..I actually seen it for myself I don’t know why Baldwin hired this principal she is a nightmare get her out of Baldwin schools she’s corrupt and destroy g student lives no good for the education system!

  3. Vertoshia, perhaps you might want to invest in some further education yourself, given your tenuous grasp of the English language.

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