Maxine Cameron

Image result for maxine cameron principalPrincipal Maxine Cameron


P.S. 013 Roberto Clemente

School Number:




School Hours
Student Enrollment:
Grades Served:

01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 0K, PK, SE


Parent Coordinator:

Leonilda Castillo

PTA President:

Theresa Jenkins-Kenion

PTA President:

Amanda Adorno

Police Precinct:
Geographic District:






Family Leadership Coordinator:
Rosemary Roman
Family Support Coordinator:
Victoria Edwards
Education Council President:
Joyce French


  1. She belittles staff during Monday PDs. She allows the kids to beat on the teachers and then blames the teachers. Incidents aren’t reported. This school year teachers have resigned or retired because of her verbal abuse.

  2. Principal does not report all incidents. She does nothing to students who put their hands on teachers or paras but the minute a child even looks at her wrong she wants parents in. She convinces parents to no get their child evaluated because the school is doing “RTI.” She has observed a teacher when the teacher came in with one patched. A teacher is currently on medical leave after she was served with 3020-c papers and continuosly harassed and belittled her while awaiting her trail to the point that teacher had a mild stroke.

  3. Concerned Parent

    Ms. Cameron has been the principal at PS 13 for three years now. Since day one she had it out for the schools parent coordinator. Making remarks in meetings how she couldn’t understand her with her thick accent. Ms. Castillo the parent coordinator at the time had been at the school for over 12 years. She had worked under many other principals. She NEVER had a problem with any of the other principals. She was the principals go to person and parents, students, and teachers loved her hard work and dedication to the school. However this past school year Ms. Cameron fired her. She continuously yelled at her in front of others. Many times in the last three years has Ms. Castillo cried her way out of the main office because of the harsh words and the manner she was spoken to by Ms. Cameron. She was written up for some crazy things like not knowing if a child was a walker or a child that had to be picked up. The principal thought that Ms. Castillo was talking about her in spanish behind her back when in actuality she was trying to defuse problems parents had with Ms. Cameron.
    Not only did Ms. Cameron fire her but she made it so that Ms. Castillo could no longer work at a DOE school. She dedicated all those years to the families at PS 13 and Ms. Cameron just fired her.

    I am sure she went and lied to the Superintendent (like she has many other times) about Ms. Castillo. Its a shame

  4. Students verbally and physically hurt each other and teachers on a daily basis and there are no consequences from either Ms. Cameron or Ms. Towles (AP). Both are in denial of how to properly educate for long term growth — just a ‘show’ to pacify the superintendent and the DOE. Serious social and emotional development is needed for administration and students because shaming and blaming is NOT how you motivate a staff. The problem is not the teaching even though it always appears that way. Enough with the ‘rigor’… The students need more encouragement. The poor teachers who have to suffer from constantly being told they are underperforming is such a shame. Some of the most dedicated teachers I’ve experienced working with too. I’m sure it will be a revolving door of teachers coming and going based on how teachers are treated under the administration.

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