Bridget Bye, Pan American International School at Monroe

Bridgit Bye Dyster, Principal


Pan American International: Monroe

1300 Boynton Avenue, Bronx, NY


According to the Learning Environment Survey and our sources, there is significant friction between the administration and staff. More than half the teachers say they mistrust the principal and fewer than half say she is an effective manager, the survey said.




  1. Has brought charges up on almost every ATR sent to the school this year. Every teacher teaches 6 classes, some 7 in a row. If an ATR complains they’re finished.

  2. She does not allow any ATR’s in the professional development meetings. Some teachers went there and were verbally reprimanded by her in front of the whole staff. She is an extreme micro-manager who has some teachers teaching six and seven classes a day without extra pay!!!

    • That’s because a year ago an ATR went into her PD meeting, recorded it and brought it to the UFT. Since that time she’s banned ATRs.

  3. Bullies teachers, especially new teachers. Holds secret meetings about teachers and staff. Makes discriminatory comments. Threatens students.

  4. Notice how all the comments are anonymous? That’s because she’s notoriously vindictive. It’s hard to describe the kind of totalitarian abuse that she inflicts on her teachers. And it’s so obvious: ~10 teachers leave every year, and those are always the students’ favorite teachers. On the flip side, the incompetent but obsequious teachers are showered with praise by Bridgit even though the students (and teachers) openly dislike them. Here are a few more reasons to either work towards replacing her or staying way away from that school: rampant cheating on Regents exams; impossibly high standards yet coupled with no solid idea of what she’s really looking for; forces teachers to give up their lunches, Saturdays, stay late constantly, take home the work of the teachers she favors; constant last-minute changes without even acknowledging that not everyone’s life can bend around the whims of her and her “inner circle;” there are no union meetings – NONE; teachers must beg and plead to receive more paper and supplies, even though the expectation is to have 6 weeks of curriculum and materials ready at the start of every unit (a rule that is selectively applied, of course), and if she doesn’t like your curriculum (read: if she doesn’t like YOU), you’ll be redoing ALL of that curriculum as many times as it takes for you to get it right you worthless scum of a teacher…
    Teachers in our Network shake their heads in sincere sympathy when they find out we have to teach in her school. After working there, no one would even wish that on their worst enemy … because it’s like their worst enemy will already be working at the school – as the principal.

  5. Worst Supervisor I Ever Had

    All of this is true, she treats EVERYONE with no respect, from the she speaks about the Superintendent to the students and their parents. There are so many illegal things going on there, it’s surprising she still is a principal. For someone who doesn’t have tenure, you would think she would be more mindful of her evil ways. The words that describe her best are Bully, Oppressive, and Manipulator. Her networks aren’t even fond of her from Internationals to CFN. She lies, cheats, and steals people’s lively hood. I wish this post spelled her name right because I’m sure there are plenty of people who have came across her and left with a sour taste in their mouths. She hates anything union as if she’s running a charter school. If a teachers reaches out to the union she manipulates other teachers to intimidate them, so her hands stay clean. The media needs to know about this woman it’s disgusting she’s in charge of a delicate population who doesn’t know their rights which she uses against them; and scolds anyone who helps.

  6. This monster of a human will openly berate Teachers in front of colleagues, students, and even on the intercom. Allows a select few staff members who are in her inner circle to basically bully other staff, and run the school. Certain staff members will be disciplined for doing the same things other staff are praised for. She is discriminatory with her treatment, and the Union Rep is in her inner circle so there is no fair representation.

    She has a reputation throughout the city as being someone who harrasses and uses probationary teacher who do not know their rights. And will blatantly break labor law.

    And furthermore she will use her previous cancer battle as a way to keep people from filing grievances and/or lawsuits.

  7. I was there as an ATR. She wrote a note that says “no teachers are allowed to leave the building or the 2nd floor. I needed to go to the bathroom. She saw me and told me that I could not leave the floor and should use the students bathroom. I told her I am not risking my job to go to a student bathroom. I went right down to the basement to use the men’s bathroom. She also turned off all of the computers in the teachers center claiming that they had viruses. No teachers were able to do any work on these computers. Some teachers had to bring in their own computers even though four computers sat there not in use!

  8. She sends Mark Ryan after any ATR displeases her. Ryan goes after them one after another for the same things. He’s got to know she’s making most of it up and has caught her in lies. Yet, he goes ahead with his harassment of these teachers.

  9. I'm Outta There!

    We work in a vulnerable community for newly arrived students from countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. Many of our students are undocumented unaccompanied minors or undocumented youth. Instead of creating a safe and welcoming environment, principal Bye often makes teachers and students feel powerless against her frequent impetuous outbursts. She harasses teachers and employees, especially new teachers. She has threatened students with deportation to scare students into changing their behaviors. She holds secret meetings against teachers she hates. She makes highly biased observation reports, often giving ineffective ratings and manipulating peer ratings for teachers she dislikes and gives completely inaccurate observation reports to teachers to sign despite discrepancies between dates and content being observed. She sends out shaming e-mails to colleagues to isolate and debase targeted teachers. She is hostile to UFT. Manipulates Regents, credits for LTAs, teacher ratings. Makes discriminatory comments to staff members behind closed doors and to their faces. She makes distorted allegations about staff members and teachers to spread misinformation and distrust within the community. I contacted the UFT, OEO, and I am planning on filing a report with OSI. I am a first year teacher who would like confidential help to get away from Principal Bye with my license in tact and the opportunity to continue my dream of teaching. I am desperate for help and advice. Please use discretion with this matter, she has caused a lot of people to quit or change jobs over the years. I do not want the parents or students put in harm’s way or manipulated because of her, again, our population is very vulnerable and she benefits from it. For example, our bathroom policy does not allow students to go to the restroom without an adult escort, and it must be for an emergency (because there used to be fights in the bathroom). A student urinated on himself earlier in the year because during that time, the policy did not allow students to go to the restroom within the first or last 10 minutes of class and forbade more than two students from being able to go to the bathroom during a class period. Although my principal originally panicked about news spreading about this, there was also an understanding that it would be a tremendous risk for the students and parents (of deportation/ICE) if they were to challenge her for creating a policy so strict. Limiting access to students satisfying their basic human need to go to the bathroom has changed a little since then, more often, students are able to get an adult escort to the bathroom than before. However, she threatened that teachers that have a pattern that shows they allow students to go to the bathroom more than others have deficits attached to them. The result, a few teachers always refuse to let students go to the bathroom and other teachers are always stuck being asked by those students to call for the bathroom, then criticized for how often they need to call for the bathroom. This is just one of many examples of willful exploitation of the vulnerability of the student community being used by the principal to “promote safety” while also having a way to criticize compassionate teachers.

  10. It took me about 4 months of a new job at a new school to recover from my time teaching at PAIHS Monroe. Nightmares, crying, etc. there should be a support group for survivors of Bridgit Bye. She is caught in an endless cycle of abusing young teachers and it really brings shame to the Internationals’ reputation. Every child who graduates/survives joins this group of people subjected to her…They’ve been so mistreated, too. What does it take to break the cycle and have HER move on to a very different career?

    • This comment is sad but true, I am still recovering myself. Some teachers even had their doctors write them notes that they could not come back to the building for the sake of their mental health.

  11. Absolutely such a disgusting Principal and human being to work for. I am sure if the chancellor new what was gong on in that school, she would publicly make an example of her.

    How the hell do they allow such an atrocity to govern our Latino community is beyond me.

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