Anne Bernard

Region 1 Office of Adult and Continuing Education



  1. The Office of Adult and Continuing Education is a little known, neglected stepchild of the DOE. We are a District 79 entity. Under Superintendent Rose-Marie Mills our program has been decimated. Excellent, dedicated teachers have been pushed out, harassed, denied tenure and discontinued (myself among them). Countless classes have been closed. Ms. Bernard is an appointee of Ms. Mills. She is doing her master’s bidding. She is one among other principals in the OACE that are doing what they have been told to do. Ms. Bernard is a sadistic liar. She has falsified information to give teachers Unsatisfactory ratings (in OACE we are still on the U/S system). Her tone in dealing with teachers is condescending and harsh. Everyone, even her APs are afraid of her. However, she is doing what she has been hired to do, so her superiors are happy with her.

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