Principal and Former Deputy Chancellor Santiago Taveras


Santiago Taveras
DeWitt Clinton High School

District 10

BRONX NY 10468

Nominated for harassment of countless teachers, Taveras became principal of DCHS in 2013.



High Dropout Rates at Dewitt (NY Post)

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  1. Santiago Taveras
    DeWitt Clinton H. S.
    I blew the whistle a few times when gang fights almost got me killed in this school, so I called the media (Riverdale press), and the police when school safety failed to come and help me. When I called the police, the ex-principal sent me to the Medical Division of the DOE saying I was paranoid, but I was found fit. In September a new principal, Santiago Taveras (ex-deputy chancellor of Bloomberg’s) checked all teachers’ files and started to purge. Mr. Taveras created constructive discharge and some teachers couldn’t endure and demised. He persecutes, harasses and intimidates me in any which way ever imaginable. I am beginning to lose my health. I’ve been teaching 22 years. He is forcing me. he told me if I don’t like him, I must go, but I can’t complain because he hates being investigated (but he investigates me to death). A lot of teachers are suffering, but I am being more persecuted than anyone because I complain. My union representative today said he has never seen such harassment in his life.

    • u caught feelings bruh

    • I understand what you are going through. My formerprincipal tried the same thing with me. My former school (around the corner from DCHS) is a K-8 school. I was in the middle school portion for 20 years. My former principal moved me to first grade and then kindergarten. He berated me at every opportunity. I finally was able to retire last June. Good luck to you.

      • This is what goes on went all you teachers want to make excuses for your actions blame blame it on the principal. Then say or I was just waiting to retire so I said nothing. When all along you never even cared for the kids you were trying to teach. GOOD LUCK FOR WHAT!!!

    • If Santi hates being investigated, he must LOVE what’s going on now. Clinton is being looked into for grade tampering.

      One teacher told me recently that Santi contacted her during the summer and asked her to change grades on a couple of students. He asked me the same thing in June, knowing that I was retiring. I told him that I’d snapshotted all of my grades and if one single grade was altered, I’d go to the press with it. All of a sudden my Skedula privileges were revoked. Draw your own conclusions.

    • Well just to set the record clear on this. I am one of his former students and the first one of his students to Graduate from the 1st Graduating Class of 2001. And I can’t believe any of this being said, about him. He is a positive, passionate, respectful, strick carrying and loving man. He cares about his Staff and also his students, not only inside of the school but also in their/our homes.
      I am proud to say that I went to his first High School as a Principal in The Bronx, Banana Kelly High School #B.K.H.S. I am glad that this man was brought into my life, he guided me through the toughest times of my life.
      Not many ppl know this (from my graduating Class/School) when my mother passed away the 1st yr I was in his H.S he came over to my home and was there for me and my family. He pulled money out of his pocket and donated it to her services. This man is not only a Teacher/Principal but he is a friend/father figure to many of his students. And i can vouch for that. Regarding his Staff he treated them with respect and also like family.
      Now is teaching skills is impeccable, yes he is strict in his own way but he also mad it fun n easy to understand. With out that structure a lot of us would have not graduated or even be where we are now!!
      And one last thing, i do know this mans family, his wife is a beautiful person and she also was a teacher of mines. I/coutless others was there when they announced they got married and I was also there when they were expecting their 1st baby. I had the honor as 1 of his students to decorate for this occasion. So leading to it, his family is ok and doing well. His wife is a very strong and independent women. So to hear such allegations against him I don’t believe it, he is still the same person i know him to be with the yrs i known him, which makes 18yrs.
      This man should be awarded and applaud on all the good things he has done for all his schools, students and staff. Not talked about and bashed like I’ve seen on here. Don’t assume that what you read is always true, cause assuming makes you an ass. Get the true facts and ask his former students and we will tell you..
      I love this man and always will, and he will always be family.

      • Good for you. Of course if you’re a student you’re going to love Santi. He’s the students’ pal. If you’re a staff member, you don’t count in his eyes. That’s been the problem everywhere he goes. It’s all about HIM, never a collaboration. That’s why Banana Kelly is failing, that’s why he lost his job at Cambridge, and now he’s involved in illegal grade tampering at Clinton. It’s his M.O.

        • Trust, i know its good for me. This is the 1st time i have heard him even attempting to do anything like this. His staff @ B.K.H.S had nothing bad to say about him, it was all family in there. And cant blame the failing of B.K on him because those who Graduated while he was Principal are doing very well now n i am 1 of those out of many. And the failing of B.K has to b based on the new Principal there and possibly the staff and teens.
          Trust, we counted in his eyes because if it wasn’t for this man not only me but others would not be were we are today because of him.

          • Obviously you haven’t been reading the newspapers. He was one of the most hated people in the Klein/Bloomberg DoE. Everyone at Clinton wondered why Shut-‘Em-Down Santi wanted to be principal of a school he’d spent years trying and failing to close down. Now we know why. He created a school environment so dispiriting and toxic for his teachers that they CANNOT perform their professional task. The school is eating itself from within, and it’s all Santi’s doing.

            Glad to hear you’re doing so well. You would never have gotten out of my class with your lack of writing skills. Makes me wonder how much Santi leaned on your teachers to pass you.

          • You clearly have no idea what really goes on. From the moment he became principle he started cutting the funds for the programs that were working. He insulted the older professors who had a record of pushing students to do their best. Even more importantly he disintegrated the MACY Honors program,one of the greatest programs in the city, where most of its students have always gone to top colleges like Princeton and NYU. How is someone who works against the students a good principle? I had to deal with his Hypocrisy for two years and all he did was damage the student body and staff by forcing them to learn and teach how he wanted them to do so.

        • This is what goes on went all you teachers want to make excuses for your actions blame blame it on the principal. Then say or I was just waiting to retire so I said nothing. When all along you never even cared for the kids you were trying to teach. GOOD LUCK FOR WHAT!!!

          • Nice try, Santi. The spelling and grammar is identical to your weekly bulletins and emails. You’re not fooling anybody. Don’t you have better things to do – like planning your exit strategy for your upcoming resignation? Or would you prefer to have the students you claim to love so much watch you walk out of the school in handcuffs? You’re fooling nobody.

      • Bias much? Just because he helped your family doesnt mean he was nice and helpful to everyone. BTW your grammar is so bad I am shocked you arent one of the ones with their grades changed. You couldnt even get that assuming thing correct. Good luck with that. Maybe if you had a real teacher who gave real grades you would have made it even further than you have.

        • By the way, you speak of grammar? You missed the mark when you started. BTY should of have a comma after it. Couldnt and arent are not a words without an apostrophe. It is no wonder that this principal is kicking your asses. At end of the day, would you want a person like you who cannot punctuate teaching your child?

          • It’s not BTY, it’s BTW. People who KNOW how to write will always write “By the way.” It is not acceptable English writing to use abbreviations. I would take points off on the Regents if a student wrote that way.

            Don’t you understand? There used to be a work ethic in this country. People had to actually EARN their grades, instead of getting free rides and second, third, fourth and fifth chances from people like Santi. The coddling and sense of entitlement most students feel today are the reasons why this country is going into the crapper. People like Santi claim they’re advocates for the students, where in reality they are people with fragile little egos who are using the kids to make themselves feel more important. Teachers like myself, who actually tried to educate students and show them that there are consequences for everything they do in life – who kept things REAL – were standing in the way of Santi accomplishing his goal. That’s why he targeted us… why he illegally altered grades… and why he ultimately fell.

            I’m certain there isn’t a teacher at Clinton who will shed a tear over Santi’s departure. He took a bad situation – one that COULD have been fixed, had that been his intention – and made it impossible. Good riddance to him.

            And, by the way, now that I am no longer in a position where I fear reprisal, I will shed the “Harry Hopeless” moniker and finally post under my real name.

    • 22 years and you probably have no interest in teaching but on holding on till your pension is due.

    • Harry Hopeless needs to let go of his grudges and focus on a happy retirement.

    • You’re full of it. Clearly you’ve had problems with principals and probably weren’t very good at teaching any more. After 22 years, people change. You change. The kids change. Stop blaming principals for your inability to change with the time.

    • So basically you had Mr.Santi fired. You know the kids all loved him in the school.

      • Of course the kids loved him. They didn’t have to show up and he changed their grade so they can graduate to be part of society. Who wouldn’t love him?

      • No, Santi got himself fired. He illegally changed grades and course codes. He did a disservice to every student in the school. Now every grade they ever received while he was principal can be called into question.

  2. When he introduced himself to DWC staff in June 2013, he claimed he left Cambridge bc he missed working with students. I heard his department was closed due to budget cuts. I wonder if there’s any way we can find proof of department shut down, to shut his mouth!
    He talks about himself every chance he gets. He gets newspaper reporters every time he paints a wall, puts a flat screen tv in the main, or stands at the corner! He hardly gives teachers credit for their devotion & hard work!

    • This is what goes on went all you teachers want to make excuses for your actions blame blame it on the principal. Then say or I was just waiting to retire so I said nothing. When all along you never even cared for the kids you were trying to teach. GOOD LUCK FOR WHAT!!!

    • You’re trying to dig dirt at the same time you’re hating on him for being active. I would imagine as a member of the community you would want the leader to lead

  3. He admitted in a staff meeting in October 2013, that he was very confident that the quality review would give the school a better rating because the person rating the school was someone he trained when he worked at Tweed!

  4. He hired a Science AP, Doreen Kendall, who had no AP experience, to run a 22 staffed science department at DWC (a struggling school). Then he supported her every teacher taunting, abusive, & harassing ways! She never provided the adequate teacher support. She always threatened teachers. In one department meeting in 11/2013, after 2 science teachers discussed midterm coordinating, she wanted them to be quiet. She decided to turn the lights off/on, leaving the lights out, she then told teachers to stand up, turn around facing the wall, and count to 20 taking turns, to get teachers to quiet down. She explained that if 2 or more people say the same number at the same time, they would start over until they get it right. 2 very seasoned teachers, got up & walked out, to never return to the meeting! The others, I couldn’t believe, actually did it!

    • You are an ass, could this have been a warm- up activity. Perhaps the poor children are failing academically is because of the incompetence in teaching staff!

      • Read it again. The AP did this to her staff, as a means of controlling and humiliating them. If an AP did this to me, I’d have walked out too.

        • I believe that your name matches all your answers hopeless get it together and work on your self so that you can understand what is right from wrong.

          • I perfectly understand right from wrong. Creating a school atmosphere based on bullying and intimidation is wrong. Pressuring teachers to change grades is wrong. Changing them yourself when the teachers refuse to is wrong – not to mention unethical (remember that a teacher’s ethics are supposed to be above reproach). Building your own private shower – even by yourself, with your own money – without the proper building permits is wrong. Presenting yourself as a savior of a school and then doing everything in your power to destroy the school is wrong.

            I’m sorry, but I’m obviously missing the parts where Santi has done anything right.

      • Warm-up activity? Maybe for children not for grown professionals. Maybe students are failing because they come to school late, their parents dont come to parent/teacher night, dont help their child with school work, students dont do homework, are bothered by other students who want to see the world burn, have been neglected in their education for 9+ years etc. Yeah blame the teachers. They are easy scapegoats for everyone else not working with the teachers as a team and treating them like glorified babysitters without treating those same teachers as the professionals they are.

    • Does experience mean that you have to have been doing it wrong for so long…to believe that it is right?

      Children of color are often at the helm of incompetent adults.

      • I think you mean it the other way around. That incompetent adults are often at the helm of children of color. But what does that have to do with ANYTHING we’ve been discussing here? Are you trying to say that the students, and the principal, are being discriminated against because they’re persons of color?

        What a load of horse hooey. The principal was persecuted because he was committing educational fraud by changing grades and course codes. It’s illegal whether the principal is white, black, Hispanic or purple with green and orange polka dots. It’s wrong on every level. That’s the only issue here. You need to straighten out your priorities.

  5. This guy brought in a Pearson group of consultants to PD us on Citywide Instructional Focus & stimulate collaboration among teachers to work on instructional strategies to support student development. What a waste of money that was!

    • u caught feelings

      • what does it exactly mean “u caught feelings? is this English?

        • It looks like Taveras wants to go and stop being a principal. We should contact his wife and kids and find out if he is abusing them too

          • It seems the country is taken over by incompetent illiterate sociopaths. And nobody speaks English correctly any more. What is there to do? Do you think TAVERAS is the one writing “U caught feelings”? It sounds ghetto so it’s either him or his friends

          • That’s a negative i know that family well. He is a loving husband/father also a great friend/role model and Principal /Teacher. And i know this for a fact because im 1 of his former students, from his first H.S and from the 1st Graduating Class.

        • it is English. If you don’t understand what that means I hope you’re not working at Clinton

          • It does not translate to English. “You’ve got feelings?” might make some sense. “U caught feelings” is not an English phrase. Sorry. If you think it does, you should rethink your understanding of the language.

          • “U caught feelings” is English? I hope you arent teaching at Clinton!!!!

      • When I see good, competent teachers being forced from their jobs because of the capriciousness of one man, you’re good and god-damned right I’m going to “catch feelings” about this. This man has allowed the school to be taken over by the students, who are running it into the ground. It is supposed to be a PLACE FOR LEARNING, not a playground.

        It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest to find out that the above poster is either a) in Santi’s employ, or b) Santi himself (who has never been known for his grasp of grammar, despite the fact that he is supposedly a “master teacher”, which I always thought administrators were supposed to be).

  6. The halls were the worst ever under this guys leadership! No student consequences! He closed down detention! Especially the day Mr. Israel was arrested (another case that should be looked at much closer), during pd 5, the hallway sounded like Pamplona’s annual Run of the Bulls! Everyone was afraid to walk the hall! It didn’t matter if it was between pds or during the pd, groups of students were being chased by other groups of students. there was screaming, stampeding, banging on the walls & doors!

    I never had to deal with student lateness throughout the period in every class, ever in my career at DWC (13 years), until this guy took over! His policy was to let the students into class no matter how late, no matter if students had a pass or not. He prohibited to lock the classroom doors, so that students could be less disruptive when they were late. I changed that real quick when a random huge student walked up to a female student in my pd 8 class, touched her hair & tried to pull her out into the hall!
    He preferred we use positive behavioral reinforcement. As explained to me when he summoned me for dealing with student lateness differently.

  7. He preferred DWC teachers use positive behavioral reinforcement. As explained to a teacher when he summoned her for dealing with student lateness differently (bdw, her method worked!): offer the late students $5 gift cards if they improve their attendance!

    • what is “bdw”? by he way? that’s “BTW”. There are people writing here so poorly that it makes the public opinion understand why teachers are being fired .

      • You wrote “by he way?” and then try to justify berating the person for a typo? SMH Thats shake my head if you didnt know. And you wonder why other people think public opinion doesnt count for much on a topic they know nothing about.

  8. In June 2014, the Riverdale Press reported on Mr. Tavares’ ‘accomplishments’ at DWC. I wonder how they heard about his ‘accomplishments.’ The day Chancellor Farina went to DWC for the Adminstrative Meeting, he projected a powerpoint presentation with pictures of DWC changes, which included putting up flat screen TV’s at the main entrance, pep rally, greeting students at entrance, new paint on walls, among other ridiculous things, so that Farina could see his work.

    Last year, he held 2 pep rallies, which in agreement, help build school spirit. But his assemblies (3), were nonproductive and lacked proper audio/visual outreach to all students that assisted. Students were busy talking while he stood there holding the mic.

  9. In that article, the reporter mentions that The Governor’s Program did not work and blamed Ms. Ambroiso. But the truth is that the budget provided DWC was not enough for the resources needed for teaching such individuals. Those students were closely monitored and reached individualized goals. At times, these achieved goals did not show on their class report card grade, but they are major achievements when such students attained the basic student skills and behaviors required for proper high school student function. Students with attendance, behavioral, and no credits were placed in such program. Such students would arrive to school without notebooks and pens, and not because they could not afford it!

  10. Ms. Ambrosio supported her teachers, while Mr. Tavares does not! I found out that he took the liberty of changing many students grades at the end of the 2013-20014 school year, in order to graduate more students. Students whose grades were changed did not earn the passing grade! Maybe he should include this bit of information in his pretty article as well! It would promote the school better and entice more students to apply to DWC!

  11. He boasts about attendance and grade improvement, but that does not mean the students report to class or that the students’ grade reflects their efforts and understanding of subject matter. A major issue that the principal fails to address, is his change of grading policy. All failing students can only be given the lowest grade of 55, no matter if they are truants, attended class and did nothing, or earned scores under 65 in all aspects of the course. He moslty encourages that failing students be given a 60 plus ‘make-up’ assingments (at the end of the fall semester), which the teacher must grade on top of everything else going on in the Spring semester, to give the student a chance to pass the Fall Semester at the end of the Spring semester.

  12. There have been more fights than ever before, due to the kinds of students that are registered and assigned to attend DWCHS. Many of these students have high grade criminal backgrounds, are truants, and/or have severe mental disorders. Yet, when such students are involved in fights, many are not suspended to keep the stats down. Even the students body comments on how unfair that is.

  13. This dude also took/takes credit for the 25 smartboards we get per year from a federal grant that Ms. Ambrosio’s administration got.

    • What worries you more that Ms Ambrosio didn’t get credit for the smart boards. What sadness it is that you worry about who gets credit. Ok it official now Ms Ambrosio administration thank you for the smart boards. You happy now professor Jedi. Is the anger towards who gets cedit what a waste of professionals.

  14. This principal has only been at DWC for 1 year and 3 months, he can brag about the number of teachers he has excessed (in many instances unfairly) and have retired. Its not a coincidence. He’s trying to play the political game. He says he was hired to close schools during Bloomberg admin, now he’s on board with turning schools around under DeBlasio! In June 2014, he excessed 5 science teachers, 4 of which are Living Environment licensed and one a Bio AP teacher. Yet, he has out-of-license teachers teaching Living Environment courses as we read his latest article. Teachers do not grieve this because they are afraid of being retaliated on or even excessed after this year.

  15. Oh, can we talk about how Mr. Taveras hired a retired Principal, Mr. Jerod Resnick, infamously known for tarnishing teacher’s reputation and demoralizing them, to help complete teacher evaluations last year. DOE and Mr. Resnick were found guilty of age discrimination in 3 cases in federal court, among other major issues. How is this helping “turn the school around?”

  16. Yes, I remember Mr. Resnick! His evaluations were phony! Just as bad as Ms. Doreen Kendall and Ms. Glendis Margaret!

    Ex: Ineffective For Organizing Physical Space
    Evidence- there was no use of technology.

  17. I also question the union’s intent and support in all of this! The rep would tell teachers that he was having a sit in with the principal to try to resolve the matter. But here’s the new school year and nothing has been done about those unfair evaluations that rated many teachers as ineffective!

  18. Most of the sci department teachers, signed a petition to have Ms. Doreen Kendall investigated and removed. The 3 that didn’t, were afraid of retaliation! Santi did absolutely nothing! Union rep did absolutely nothing! At the next department meeting 12/2013, Santi attended, but told the department staff that we were not to talk about the petition. One teacher, who didn’t know he had put a g ag order in place, went off about the petition & asked what was being done about our problem!! Of course, he didn’t answer the question! Instead, he pulled out teacher data & stated that we have teachers who have had 0 student passing rate! The teacher explained that data doesn’t show the variables that lead to teachers not passing certain students. As she explained, I realized he wasn’t listening or hearing her! He was busy typing or navigating his iPad!

    • What ever happens to Ms. Kendall? Last I heard she was promoted and you are still in a failing school, pseudo- teaching, right. I heard she’s working on a Ph.D to deliver to the next education secretary to change teacher preparation credentials by so that failures like yourself, never make it into a classroom to destroy our children. They deserve more than you!

      • It’s the Peter Principle of the corporate world – everyone rises to their ultimate level of incompetence. Thus it is with Ms. Kendall. A failure as an assistant principal, so she gets – a PROMOTION?!?!?! Such is life in the topsy-turvy world of the NYC DoE.

      • Ms. Kendall was ill-prepared for this role and, had Santi actually vetted her previous supervisor, he would have been informed of this. What happened to her was not her fault, what she did to DeWitt Clinton HS certainly was.

  19. Principal Taveras has to go! They say he built himself a shower without a building permit and paid for it with school money.

  20. Always the same students wandering the halls, day after day. No consequences, no reprisals. One favored student of Santi’s is allowed to carry a cell phone – openly – in direct violation of DoE policy. Rumor has it that this student deliberately baits teachers and then records their responses for Santi’s benefit.

  21. After a riot in the school last year, Santi gave the teachers a lesson plan in which the students were asked to write letters to the principal telling him how to improve the tone of the school. Mind you, he asked the STUDENTS to write these letters. At no time did he ever ask the teachers what THEY thought could be done to improve the school tone. The reason for it is simple – he doesn’t CARE what the teachers think. I saw some of the recommendations the students made, and some of them were very good ones. To date, NONE of them have been implemented.

  22. Principal Taveras has started constructive termination and discharge of ALL teachers and staff that HE didn’t like. He created an environment so hostile, that most senior teachers just left in order to keep their sanity. People are getting ill. Nobody smiles any more. He is using Stalinist methods and created a kind of military dictatorship to the extent that anyone coming to know what is really going on in this school, would never believe this is America, that we have freedom and rights. I have been harassed, persecuted and bullied in a manner I have never thought possible or human. He accused me of things he knew I didn’t do (because he concocted them so he knew they weren’t true)and he abused me trying to force me out. I have never in my entire life been so terribly abused, nor did I think it would be possible other than in Guantanamo Bay or in Auschwitz. I hope, I pray and I know Taveras will be punished for the evil he had brought upon us all. He doesn’t respect anyone. He has lied about me and others and tried to make me die. He summons teachers, counselors and other school workers in disciplinary meetings on a continuous basis. He installed over 100 cameras in the school and has 3 monitors in his office from where he watches the people who work in the school all the time. He said he installed the cameras to watch the students , but the students are running rampant in the hallways all day long. Teachers are afraid to stop and greet each other for fear he would notice who befriends whom. For more difficult things that have to do with the way the school should be run, he hires a consultant, the ex-principal of the school, Mr. Wexhler, who is really smart. But then, why should tax payers pay Taveras? Just to watch and discipline the staff? So after trying very hard to close Clinton High during Bloomberg times, all of a sudden he decided to make it the best school in the Bronx…. by firing all the good, senior teachers. He has a court record for forcible entry, unpaid state taxes and unpaid medical bills for his wife. Mr. Taveras, WE KNOW who you are!

  23. it seems that in the end Taveras is really clean. All the gossip and all the internet info is not 100% correct. Taveras was not involved in the forcible entry cases. It seems there is another person with the same name and born the same year, but it’s not the same as principal Santiago Taveras. The principal Taveras was not involved in the forcible entry cases. and when it shows he owed taxes, he paid it back. Also, as far as his wife’s unpaid medical bills, it turns out they were paid in the end.

  24. In order to deal with the continuous fights in Clinton hallways, Taveras segregated the school so the immigrant students, for example, never meet the rest of the students. Each group of students is contained in one certain area of the school, has a different period for lunch and are grouped in what he calls “small learning communities”. This segregation is for his own good so there would be no fights in the school and he’s be praised for the work he does as principal. There is no more conniving mind the DOE has had working for them so far. This school will close eventually and Taveras will work for Walmart (for no longer than a month, considering his personality)

  25. Harry Hopeless

    In order to get around the fact that AP’s can’t be excessed, Taveras venally gave a popular and well-liked AP an unsatisfactory rating in order to ensure that person’s removal from the school. There is something definitely immoral, and possibly illegal, about this tactic. Meanwhile, Taveras’ go-to AP, who has less seniority, is probably the most universally despised person in the school. Taveras is turning the school into his own personal playground, revolving around his own cult of personality. It is disgusting how the students virtually run the school, without fear of discipline or reprisal, and that the teachers are blamed for the students’ failure to live up to their responsibilities. Thankfully, this miserable school year is almost at an end. I predict Clinton will close in two years.

    • Clinton lands on the state list of “struggling” schools that will go into receivership in two years unless Santi somehow manages to miraculously turn things around. The good news is that Santi and Margaret will both be dumped when the school goes splat. Bye-bye, Clinton, it’s been good to know you.

  26. Beware. This man records all conversations. Be very careful what you say, it WILL come back to you eventually!

  27. That’s why I was always careful never to say anything in front of him even remotely incriminating. But now I’m in a position where he can’t touch me. I just might go to posting under my real name and see how Santi takes it.


  29. I would love to see someone challenge Santi in the following way:

    Answer simply – choose A or B. Do not editorialize. No speeches. No excuses. Just choose A or B.

    A) You came to Clinton for the express purpose of closing the school. You deliberately created an environment so hostile and toxic that the school couldn’t help but fail. You couldn’t accomplish this as deputy chancellor under Klein, so you did all this so that the school would eat itself from within.

    B) You are, simply, manifestly incompetent as an administrator.

    I wonder if he’s even honest enough to give an answer.

  30. *speaking on certain comments* During my years in Clinton, I never seen the old principal. She never came out her office. It was as if she was scared of the chaos that was going on. Santi always made sure to show his face and made his students feel safe. He would greet us in the morning and was there to say goodbye when classes were over. He did shut down the detention site that was located on the right side of the front entrance which I totally argee was the right thing to do. We are students, not prisoners. why was boys and girls sharing one bathroom and had to be escorted? he brung back the school’s sprit which I believe motivated kids to come to school. The hallways were much more calmer and there was less fights. He set up assumblings in the audioturim to honor students with their rate in attendance and also good grades. Anytime he ever saw a student without a pass in the hallway, he would question them (I sure got questioned). He randomly showed up in a few of my classes before and sat in the back of the classroom just to see how the class went. Even if he is this horrible monster you guys claim he is, he surely did not show it to his students. Article states that Santi changed students grades and shows which ones he changed. but let’s get real.. even if he did change their grades, he didn’t change EVERY STUDENT grade, which shows, he did make a change to the school and most kids did improve.

  31. The problem here is that Santi allowed the students to run the school (creating a situation where many teachers felt unsupported, leading to a depressed, hostile school environment), altered grades (illegal on every level), and general chaos. I don’t know what you’re referring to regarding the hallway situation – the two years I worked for Santi were the most chaotic I experienced in my 11 years at Clinton. Fights almost daily, packs of students running around the building unabated and unchecked, and security guards throwing up their hands helplessly because the principal had ORDERED them to let it happen. The detention and Governors’ sections were the best things Mrs. Ambrosio did for the school. Santi WANTED the insanity for his own reasons, so he shut them down.

    Face facts – he was sent there to close the school. The grade-fixing scandal will hasten that process.

  32. Nobody has bothered to bring up the fiasco last year when DeBlasio allowed cell phones into the schools – one of the biggest mistakes he made. Santi sent an email out to teachers asking what they thought the school policy should be – and then, as is his custom, proceeded to ignore his staff’s suggestions and did as he pleased. The result was: cell phones in the hallways, cell phones in the classrooms, chaos everywhere, teachers unable to fight the system and blamed when things went wrong. This is the reality of Santi’s world. I understand that this year, he completely reversed himself and is having the cell phones collected in the morning. We’ll see how long that lasts.

    I didn’t have a cell phone problem in my classroom. I told my students “Mayor DeBlasio sets policy for the Department of Education. Santi sets policy for the school in general. I, however, am the last word on policy in my classroom. Here’s my policy: I see the cell phone, I hear the cell phone, you fail this class for the semester. Plain and simple. Get your buddy Santi to change the grade after I’m gone. Only a direct order from Mayor DeBlasio himself – standing right here in this classroom and saying it to my face – will get me to change this.” None of my students decided to test me. They knew I was retiring and had nothing to lose.

  33. Harry Hopeless you are a very bitter man. Aren’t you retired? Eat a frank. That boy was only telling his story on how Santi helped him grieve. Why are you so jealous? Dont you have anything better to do? Are you just mad because no one said anything good about you? Is this how you spend your retirement? No wife or kids at home giving you attention? GROW UP!!!!!

    • You are absolutely spot on

      • If I’m bitter about anything, it’s what the profession I love has been reduced to – a money-making proposition where the students are used as guinea pigs, the foot soldiers are blamed for the failures of the generals, and educrats carve up profits and watch formerly great schools go down the tubes. And the ones most in a position to stop it sit idly by, inert, while people suffer. It really hurts.

        I’m sorry that some folks can’t handle the truth.

  34. Sorry, don’t like franks. I have a wife and son who keep me constantly occupied, thank you very much – along with my activities with the Badass Teachers Association and other organizations who are fighting against educrats like Santi. Bitter? Hardly. I’ve had many students and former colleagues sing my praises for years. I’m secure in my place in the world. Santi is the villain here. So few people have anything good to say about him.

    As far as Romeo’s story – well, I checked with friends in the guidance department at Banana Republic and no such student ever attended the school, during Santi’s regime or at any other time. If I want to read fiction, I prefer Dickens or Shakespeare. Right, SANTI?!?!?!?

  35. Sigh. This thread has become a farce along the lines of Birthers and Holocaust deniers. Don’t try to confuse people with facts.

  36. Retired Administrator

    Santi is an arrogant pompous man who fashions himself as an educated person. He relies on intimidation and attack. I was an adminisyrator of the school his kids go to, a charter school in NJ, and on several occasions Mr. Santiago attempted to intimidate me. He is a bully who can only be stopped by standing up to him.
    Have your union rep file multiple grievances and support the DOE case which could result in criminal action.

  37. Harry Hopeless

    Pictures from last night’s prom splashed all over social media via the school’s new Snapchat account, of which Santi is administrator. Last time I checked, it was illegal to take photographs of students without parental consent. Is Santi above the law?

    • Comtractually, it is illegal for the principal to summarily change grades. In this grade change form, the teacher did NOT sign off, nor did the department AP – it is clearly Santi’s signature in the department AP’s place. Why is Santi still principal of the school, when he is clearly performing illegal actions?

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  39. Santi should spend less time reading blog posts attacking him and more time addressing the problems he is being attacked about. Oh, well, when Clinton closes in June – likely, as they are in the third year of their turnaround plan and are not even close to meeting their benchmarks – all of the staff will be excessed and Santi will be given a new school to destroy. Unlike in baseball, where if the team is failing you fire the manager, the DoE fires the players and reassigns the repeatedly failing managers. It’s sickening.

  40. Word is, Mr. Taveras is no longer working at DeWitt Clinton HS. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out, Santi!

  41. NY Post reporter looking to hear from school insider about Taveras’ departure. Susan Edelman 2129308062

  42. Karma’s a bitch, big boy. You screw with peoples’ livelihood and fudge grades to make yourself look good, it’s going to come back and bite you eventually. No tears will be shed for your departure, I assure you.


    He gets demoted, pays a fine and keeps getting paid. Ladies and gentlemen the NYCDOE does not care about corruption by one of its own.

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