Principal Oneatha Swinton

Swinton-- All that glitters is not gold, according to students and teachers.

 Principal Oneatha Swinton

FORMER: Secondary School of Law (John Jay Campus)

CURRENT: Port Richmond High School


Oneathea Swinton became the principal of the Secondary School for Law in 2010. She is was named Interim Acting Principal of Port Richmond HS in Staten Island in june 2017.



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  1. Ms. Swinton in not helpful with feedback. She observes you without giving you feedback and then rates you “developing” without telling you how to improve. Ms. Swinton’s observations are all “gotchas”. She makes negative comments about you in front of others. If you ask her for help or clarification, or heaven forbid, question her judgment, she will come after you. Look at this school’s “inside schools” page for details.

    • FIRST OFF YALL ARE CHATTING …. SHE TALKS IT OUT SHES ACTUALLY ONE OF HE GOOD PRINCIPALS … Our last principal barely talked to us but when I need help I come to her and she tells me what to do very detailed so that I can focus on school and she can go back to working AS WE SHOULD… my grades have been getting up because of her only thing I didnt like was how cookies were 2 for a dollar and me having to pay for the culinary hats and stuff other then that she is a very great principal thx whoever wrote this is just being rude honestly

  2. Oneatha Swinton retaliates against kids and teachers. She has scared off the best teachers. She puts on a smile, but the second a teacher even questions her “wisdom,” she goes on the attack. Abusive principals have to go!

  3. There have been some anonymous reports to the doe. Investigators came to the school to ask about two things this year – a grading policy that never actually was put in place and allegations of name-calling by the principal. On the first case – principal actually tried to create a grading system in which students could only fail if they completed less than 10 percent of the work! Teachers were furious and she had to scrap that plan. Someone sent the draft plan to the DOE and they sent an investigator (OSI, I think) to speak w/ teachers.

  4. Concerned in Brooklyn

    Things have not gotten better. In fact, they have gotten worse. Principal is not communicating with the staff and the only feedback is negative. Principal rewards a few of her “pets” while the rest suffer.

  5. Principal Swinton is a horrible manager of people and is extremely vindictive and targets those who aren’t in her clique. It is like the movie Mean Girls only worse. She is the reason I am an ATR. She coerced a special education student to make up allegations that I used corporal punishment on him in order to give me a U and excess me. She uses her ‘pets’ as spies and will smile in your face as she is sharpening her knives for your back. She does indeed do ‘gotcha’ observations. I’m sad to hear she is still in that school. I had a fantastic two previous years at that school before she took it over. I had six years of S observations until she came to SSL, then all of a sudden, I’m the worst teacher in the world. Just writing this is bringing back horrible memories.

  6. Francesco Portelos

    I hear there is a rally being planned on Wednesday because the students are being left alone in classrooms with no schedules and no teachers.

  7. I was told I could not teach Spanish at Secondary School for Journalism because she did not know me. She had no right to say that as she is the Principal of Secondary School for Law. She put an unqualified technology ATR in the position & without permission changed Journalism’s course offering to French. She is dangerous as she has also endangered, threatened and harassed staff, students & parents! Who died and left her in charge? No one!

  8. Former Staff Member

    Administrators for the Secondary School for Law Oneatha Swinton and her flunky Felicia Holtzman told me on 9/9/15, that I could not work at the Secondary School for Journalism because they did not know me. On 9/8/15 Felicia Holtzman asked me if I would accept a full-time job and I said I would.

  9. Very honest posts above…

  10. Ms Swinton is one amazing individual who stands strong and is an advocate for higher learning and education for students.

    • This is completely false. Check out what happens to these students after being processed out of school. Most do not continue education and drop out of college within the first year.
      This principal will do anything to make it appear that the school is improving by forcing teachers to give students passing grades, listing classes with one name but not teaching the actual content of the course, creating a schedule with the least amount of seat time while eliminating student passing time. (How is it possible for one class to end at the same time another begins when students have to move from one place to the other), not providing the required classroom supplies, discussing teachers she doesn’t like with students, publicly attacking teachers, demoralizing students by public embarrassment (using colored folders to catergorize student progress and distributing them in front of the entire school)…. there is just so much more … she is a terrible manager and ineffective instructional leader.

    • u dont know what ur taking bout

      • speak to the STARS administrator at your school, course titles must reflect what is actually occurring in the classroom.

      • Well, based on your poor grammar,spelling and writing skills, I think it’s safe to say that you were cheated as well. Come to PR and have an English teacher school you , the correct way,on how to write. Lord… I hope you’re not a product of the School of ” Journalism.” Talk about irony !

    • bullshit

    • Seriously. You must be on something!

  11. Starting in September 2015 when Oneatha was in charge of both Secondary Schools for Journalism and Law she committed educational neglect by allowing students to sit all day in rooms unattended. She denied them lunch and metro cards. She put native English speakers in English as a Second Language. She denied special education students their right to both a resource and general education teacher. Oneatha even pushed a parent and had her staff harass Journalism students. These problems Oneatha created continued for at least the entire academic year.

  12. The only positive comment about Oneatha seems very suspicious!

    • Tyler Carmichael

      She was my teacher in Boys and Girls HS always motivated me as well as her students. I will visit the school and show love these comments don’t sound right , due to the fact I was a student and she was a teacher before being a Principle. I’m all about solutions. Instead of bashing let’s find ways to help her help you. My sincere apologies for frustrations. But people can’t do it all alone. Lets work together in a positive light.

      • Good lord, you cant even spell Principal correctly.

        • The student spelled one word wrong and that’s all you can elaborate on. However the student’s response was that of mature intellect, but you didn’t get it. And you say that you are what? A teacher, a parent, whatever you are we don’t know. But what we do know that you have displayed ignorance. Need I say more? Now take that apart.

          • Sojourner … In response to your reply telling Em to take that apart … Em “cant” … lol … reread Em’s comment. My “apostrophes,” I mean apologies to you Em, but you kind of set yourself up.


            Thank you


          Listen it was just one word. Relax. Come up with a plan and solution. We are already in times. I need people to put egos and anger aside and come up with solutions. How about you run the school. I spelled the word correctly put used in the wrong context. Thank you for correcting me. Again lets stay on task about this real issues and make a solution. Everyone can bash all they want but if nothing is being done none of these negative comments will do anything but blow off hot air.

      • another spy commenting bullshit!!!!!

      • only if she likes you


        Its is not suspicious this is my experience. True and honestly. Its is very easy for people to complain and hard for people to come together for a better cause which is the children.


      Its is not suspicious this is my experience. True and honestly. Its is very easy for people to complain and hard for people to come together for a better cause which is the children.


        Not one person is recommending a new PRINCIPAL for the school. No one is conducting or recommending better staff. Parents and teachers need to come together to teach the children and stop complaining about something that should be taken care of as a unit. NO ONE is discussing the children and what they can do and provide for the children. It is very sad to see people come out of character. Bashing someone for one word ”misspelled”, no it was the wrong word in the wrong context and I will correct myself thank you for the lesson. Missing the whole statement at hand. NO ONE is stating a solution. NO ONE is trying to help the kids but create a worse situation for the kids. Which is not have anyone run the school? Who will replace her? Will they be qualified? What programs will the new principal provide? Will teachers and parents fund raise since the budget is an issue? All of these complaints can be solved but it starts with you. What can YOU do for these kids?!
        Some are not even seeing the big picture. YOUR CHILDREN can come on here and see the childishness. What happen to leading by example? Is this how we teach our kids to handle things?


        The real respect comes from those who put their ego aside and actually come up with a plan and say ” Hey I do not like how this school is being conducted. What can I do to help make a better system for our kids?”



        How about everyone in this chat challenge themselves and go up to the school.

        How about people come together to keep it clean. How about come together and create after school programs, art classes , sports as well as teach kids about the community and its history.

        How about uplift our black people and not bash them. Correct them when they are wrong but guide them to a better path.



  13. Oneatha maintained a relationship with an employee and she had other staff during school hours babysit her child that was a product of her relationship with that employee.

  14. Please do not send her to Port Richmond High School

  15. Happy Swinton is Leaving

    Swinton will become principal of Port Richmond HS in Staten Island. According to my sources, she will be bringing her AP and 3 teachers with her (these same 3 teachers followed her to Law from Boys and Girls). That is very telling. These four staff members have no dedication to the students at law. And they’re so afraid of being held accountable, that they follow their boss. They know that the new principal won’t give them the free ride they got it law, and Swinton knows she needs insiders to support her. For the sake of the teachers, staff, and students at her new school, I hope she learned her lesson. But I know her well and I won’t be holding my breath

    • We are from
      PRHS where the worlds best principal has taken this school
      And made it the best place for the community they serve. I’m so upset to read these comments. What a devasting thing for DOE to do to a struggling school that had just begun to thrive

    • Sorry I must disagree. Swinton is a wonderful activist and has had teacher’s back! Effectively teach the students and you will be fine.

      • I know firsthand that this Swinton was the same administrator who denied students lunch and metrocards while she supervised Journalism. She stated she could not stand the Journalism students and she even allowed students to be left unsupervised. These are just a few of the numerous violations she was allowed to get away with it. The only way a person could argue in Oneatha’s defense is if he or she is a friend or family member. Usually the people who defend her can provide no concrete examples of how she “helps” students and staff. The bottom line is that she is corrupt and only cares about herself and her friends/ family.

      • Hmmmmm…. most teachers say otherwise. How many left the school this year because of her? How many have left since she started? Why did her ally lose horribly in the chapter leader election? Why did she have to being in her “mentor” to promise she was turning over a new leaf?

        I have to guess this is the same person who supported her on inside schools…. the one that accidentally posted her real name.

        You’re not fooling anyone.

        • Thank you Nope! Most people with a brain know that Oneatha is a fraud who does not genuinely care about the students.

      • That might be the problem, she sees herself as an “activist” instead of a school administrator…


        • Absolutely. Even a student made a review saying he or she did not learn anything with Swinton as a teacher/ principal and that Swinton only passes students if she likes them.

  16. Why doesn’t the DOE do something about her if she is so bad? PRHS has a very supportive community around it. I am sure they will go to the proper authorities including the Mayor if she acts inappropriately.

    • Sure will !!

    • She’s cut a program already and hasn’t met any of the students. Nor did she do a 9/11 announcement in observance. And she sounds like a real shit show by these comments. Everybody can’t be wrong. PRHS and the students have worked hard!!! And continue to. We don’t want ANYONE who will not support the great teachers, staff, students and community. We are a Community school as well. This is unacceptable.

      • She is a shit show. Always has been it seems and absolutely still is. I work there and am seeing it firsthand. Help us get someone in our school who is competent. Port is amazing place with very committed educators. Our students deserve better than a person with oneathas track record. She needs to go.

  17. If this woman tries to bring down all that Principal Gannon has done, there will be such outrage and protest , she will want to leave. The Port Richmond Community is strong and will not allow anyone to bring them down. She deserves a chance, but if these posts are true, she will be forced out.

  18. Mr, Lodico needs to think twice about this. Why ruin a great school? He was an administrator at Port Richmonf, why is he putting someone like this in that position?

  19. Can anything be done to stop her from coming to prhs???

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  21. Francesco Portelos

    If the comments here are true, then the staff and school community need to stick together. At we have guides to support.

    I don’t understand how she’s already bringing teachers. To what vacancies? Were they posted?

    I saw an Earth Science posting. That’s my license. Maybe I’ll come back to Port too. Graduated class of ’96.

    Francesco Portelos

  22. As a alumni of PRHS Mr.Gannon was such an amazing principal who put so much effort into the school. Mr.Gannon cared for all the students and over all was very involved in everything you can think possible. The past four years he has changed the school for the better and bringing it to higher standards. PRHS as a whole is such an amazing school with so much school spirit and I myself was very school spirited and very involved. From the things I’m reading about Miss Swinton I’m only worried about how much change she can put into the school and how much of this is true. If she really does change the school it will break my heart but I’d only hope that my PRHS family can get together and make her realize just how strong they are. I may not be a student there anymore but no one can change what this school has become. I am very nervous for the staff and students this up coming school year.

  23. She announced her departure from her former school to the students and not the staff as a final slap in the face. Most of the staff was too happy to care about that final insult and the rest are the people going to PRHS with her or already made plans to leave because of her. The buzz around the students at her former school was that she said that PRHS is filled with racist teachers who are hurting the kids there, so she’s going there to clean it up, so she is ready for a battle. I heard she graduated from there too. She’s definitely taking teachers and an AP with her. She will create the postings and it really doesn’t matter who applies or their qualifications, those people will be the ones placed in the position. That’s how the DOE works anyway. People at her former school left or retired early because they couldn’t stand the abuse. 90 percent of the staff is now first or second year teachers. Port Richmond is a much larger community than the one she is coming from, maybe it will be different. Maybe she’ll be different. (Doubt it, but maybe) Good Luck Port Richmond, teachers especially.

    • Don’t forget to mention the fact that many students cried and were very upset that she was leaving. Swinton is only concerned about what is best for the students and sometimes some adults are actually in the way of that. She didn’t say that the teachers were racist, only that the school was very racially diverse but not so much in the staff. You are reaching.

      • Let's be honsest...

        Did Swinton diversify the teaching staff at Law? Yes. But what good is diversifying the staff when those teachers flee the school because of administration’s poor people skills?

        I’m just saying Port Richmond better be prepared. They deserve to know what type of administrator she is.

    • Port is full of racist teachers.. good riddance.

  24. When you begin to dislike a person you stop seeing their attributes and focus only on the negative. That is what is happening here. She did successfully improve the graduation rate and overall school grade for her previous school. Enrollment and attendance increased, teaching improved. That is all.

    • Let's be honsest...

      She is almost universally disliked by the staff. Wacky, and possibly illegal credit-recovery schemes aside, I’m sure the graduation rate did improve. There were some improvements after she took over. But disbthat have to come at the expense of food teachers? Look at how many excellent teachers left because of her. She even admitted she had poor people skills when she had her mentor come in and apologize for her. All crocodile tears apparently as she didn’t change.

  25. Happy Swinton is Leaving

    She destroyed the staff at Law. Teachers stopped trusting each other to the point that there were no unions meetings because her spies (the ones going to Port Richmond with her) reported everything back to her so she could target teachers who said anything in the meeting. She would even tell the teachers “well I heard you said ……” Any teacher who spoke up about illegal actions taken towards the students or staff would be targeted. What are some of the ways to tell a teacher is being targeted? Well, they get observed more frequently than others, (one teacher 2x in a day 4x in a week) they get developing in areas of demonstrated effectiveness with the goal of forcing them out of the school or receiving a poor rating, they are denied per session opportunities regardless of qualifications, they don’t get responses to emails sent, they are publicly ridiculed at staff meetings, students are told unflattering information about the teacher, letters are placed in their files for any minute incident. (These letters are also delivered during a teaching period, just to affect your mental health)

    Teachers who work under her are more competitive rather than collaborative and this hurts development. She puts pressure teachers to manipulate data to make it appear as if students are learning and progressing. The alleged improvements to the school are smoke and mirrors. The only improvements of consequence were made by the teachers themselves, typically without her guidance/input/directions. The teachers, students, and especially the parents allowed her to get away with murder by the inaction of some and the ignorance of others.
    Advice to Port Richmond,
    1. know and defend your pedagogy
    2. know and affirm your rights
    3. keep a paper trail.
    4. Get Parents Involved
    5. Get the contact info for a local news organization reporter
    6. Don’t be Afraid, she’s like Goliath, she looks big and bad and talks a lot but it only takes one stone and some bravery to take down if it comes to that.

    • Very interesting and accurate comment “Happy Swinton is Leaving.” When Oneatha was running a muck in September 2015 while being allowed to mismanage both the Secondary School of Journalism and the Secondary School of Law, there was a strong voice in opposition to Oneatha’s misdeeds made by the Secondary School of Journalism PTA President Annette Renaud. This PTA President was sincere and only wanted the best for the Journalism students unlike Oneatha who said she hated the Journalism students. Unfortunately Oneatha harassed this parent and I have not heard anything else about this PTA President again.

  26. My friends at Port, do not worry. She is Acting and must be approved by the school community. Even if the start goes well, do not trust her. Hopefully she will not be approved.

    • Concerned and Discouraged

      I am very worried. Has an interim acting ever been denied the position? What then would happen to all of the people she brings with her? Is this your real name? I would like to ask you more.

    • I doubt that DOE will not appoint her. I have heard that she is placed directly from the Diversity Commission.
      Where did the idea that PRHS was filled with racist staff come from? I have had many years of dealing with this school. I know staff and students both past and present. No place is perfect but this is a complaint I have not heard until now.

  27. It is August, Swinton’s reign is about to begin. Port Richmond be ready to fight against her.

    • Concerned and Discouraged

      Would you be willing to share specific concerns and experiences? Staff and parents are upset. Any information you could provide might help unify us. Thanks in advance.

  28. Maybe the PTA leadership should take control of this situation. We can not let Port become a school like the one Swinton is coming from. We are a strong community and we will not let her destroy all the positive aspects of our school.

    • Happy Swinton Left Law

      I think you hit on something- the PTA, as well as the SLT, need to be vigilant. If you don’t like what you see while she is an interm acting principal, fight her appointment at the C30 hearings, in front of the PEP and CEC….. make noise. She has gotten away with a lot because there was little organized opposition to her. The chapter leaders put up a good fight, but there was little staff, parent and community engagement.

      And make her actions public. Post here and more importantly, the InsideSchools page.

  29. Suxk my dick

    • Si vous êtes ami/e de Mlle. Swinton vous êtes vraiment bête. Vous évidemment n’a pas aucun intelligence. Ne meritez pas le droit d’être membre de cette discussion. Alors taisez-vous escroc.

    • Very intelligent comment

      • Well said Percy! It sounds like some of Oneatha’s friends are really frustrated.

      • When I returned to Journalism in September 2015 for teachers’ orientation, I was shocked to see Oneatha and her assistant Felicia leading the orientation for both Journalism and Law. In reality Oneatha and Felicia were pretending to be the school leaders for Journalism while they were only the leaders for Law and never the leaders for Journalism. Oneatha told us the schools had been merged but to basically tell the parents and otherwise. However the State of New York after receiving many complaints determined that Oneatha and Felicia had no right to supervise the two schools and that they had to be separated.

        I worked for a short while teaching Spanish but was told by Oneatha that I could not work at Journalism although she was still the Law Principal. She said I could not work there because she did not know me. This statement proves she favors family and friends. Oneatha essentially had no right to tell me I could not work at Journalism when that was not her school. I recorded the conversation on my phone since she refused to put anything in writing. She eventually had the security escort me out of the building and when I asked them for something in writing they claimed I would get a letter from her but I never did.

        In an attempt to cover up the unfair labor practice she subjected me to, Oneatha changed the language offering at Journalism from Spanish to French without permission since the parents did not request French, the school never offered French in the past nor did she have permission from the DOE to make this change.

        However for the short time I was there I witnessed pure chaos during the beginning of this infamous 2015-16 school year. Also I eventually returned to Journalism for a period starting in the spring of 2016 after the schools had been separated and a new Principal was appointed for Journalism. Therefore I became aware that Oneatha somehow was given control of the budgets of both schools and sometime during the summer of 2015 she allowed a friend to misuse the Journalism budget under the guise of creating the students’ schedules. But when the students started school in September 2015 many of them had no schedules which I witnessed firsthand. Large groups of students had to wait unsupervised all day in a big room such as the library while the schedules were supposedly being fixed or created. Students were put in the wrong classes such as classes they already passed the year before or native English speakers were placed in English as a Second Language. Students who had IEPs were placed in regular education classes and they suffered because they did not have the Special Ed teachers to help them. Students were denied lunch because lunch was set at the end of the day (8th period) when the cafeteria was closed. Students who actually went to eat lunch were literally sent packing. Students were denied metrocards unless they filled out the lunch forms which would enable the school to get certain government funding. Some students were so frustrated that they simply walked out the building. When students walk out of the building this is dangerous!

        Oneatha is known for hiring family and friends and for having cliques yet she unfairly targets others. For example, it was well known that she did not like the students at Journalism and I heard she assaulted the Journalism PTA President Annette Renaud. Finally many people were concerned about one of her so-called Administrators Mr. Cort as he apparently did not even have an educator’s license from the State of New York. So Oneatha is willing to break the rules in order to do favors for family and friends all at the expense of the students.

        These were a few of the problems experienced under Oneatha but I think we can all agree that it was cruel to deny the students lunch, and metrocards and then have them wait all day unsupervised for schedules that they should have already had. Even when some of the students received their schedules they were still wrong.

        So this is probably what Port Richmond can expect which proves Oneatha cares ONLY about herself and those in her close circle. So if any of her friends want to come on this site and make obscene/ vulgar statements or false comments that Oneatha is a “caring educator” I want to ask them would they like it if their children were forced to sit in a room all day unsupervised while they were denied food and metrocards.

  30. Fuvk outta here y’all not gonna gang up on my principal yah fart smellin redneck cousin kissing crickets

  31. Interesting trolling by folks I have to assume are upset people are speaking the truth. Pity they are so pedestrian that they stoop to name-calling. Maybe all the bad press she is getting here will force OS to change her ways and not be so abrasive at her new school.

  32. John jay please help

    The only thing that can help is a law suit against the doe. John jay Staff and all port staff should unite for a class action suit. Where is the union. Why allow more abusive to go on. Fire her now. Why give her a good school to destroy. Sue, now.

  33. She already has banned graduates who help out teachers from entering the school. Alumni were always welcomed at Port, a real family atmosphere. This woman must not be allowed to stay at Port

  34. truth hurts donut

    Hmm. I worked here for a long time. None of the positive comments are true, and other than the few negatives about the year the 2 schools were combined which I don’t know about, all of the negative comments are true.

    • It is unbelievable how fast one person (Principal Swinton) could begin. to destroy our beloved school. My family have been involved with Port Richmond since it has opened my grandmother graduated the first class. Brothers and sister along with myself and now the 2nd and 3rd children of my own are attending. In her teachers manual she refers to special education. children as SPEDS. she is tell I g the teachers not to give out less then a 55 to students even if the kid does not come to school. This lady is racially dividing the school. She embraces all the students of color and ignored the others.she has taken away the small learning communities. She walks around the busing text on her phone and speaks as if she is on the street.

  35. truth hurts donut

    Past few years she has:
    -hired unqualified friends to fill in for a pregnant ESL teacher. Kids didn’t get services for 6 months
    -destroyed the uft by harassing each uft rep. she would ignore them in meetings and then blame them for trying to destroy the school when they forced her to follow the contract. This was after the violations were pointed out numerous times
    -targeted teachers by bad mouthing them to students and parents
    -Supposedly hired unqualified and unlicensed secretaries once the veterans retired.They did payroll. they were not qualified to. Teachers weren’t paid for coverages, per session, and aides were bumped off of payroll and medical because of mistakes.
    -I heard she had an assembly so kids could sing her happy birthday. Can this be true?
    -told an assembly of freshmen “you girls don’t want to be like ____” She named a senior who was pregnant.
    -hires friends (from one specific place) who she allows to misuse funds
    -pays friends to make assembly speeches
    -she takes everything as a personal insult. Does not matter if it is a student, teacher, parent, or friend. If you question a move she makes doesn’t matter how small, you’re done. Get ready to be ignored except for observations which you will see a lot of.

    All that being said, most of the people she is bringing with her are good educators who she trusts because of their reliability, not so much spy work. I know the SPED person is great, and the deans were helpful. I don’t know why they left, but they were always good to teachers, and most importantly, students.

    My advice is to stick to the union, and do not let her violate the contract. She will try.

    • Concerned and Discouraged

      Did your staff report her to anyone? Were there any consequences? From what I’ve heard, she is already repeating some of these negative behaviors. I’ve heard that she has created positions for friends, some of whom are not qualified. I also heard she is against special education and denies students services. How did the Law staff aa a whole respond to all of her shenanigans?

    • One way she tried to undermine the union was to instill fear in the teachers. In spite of that, the two chapter leaders who served there did win some victories (grievances, disciplinary hearings, etc).

      I agree with your comment about the people she is bringing. They are dedicated teachers. It’s. It fair if she circumvents contractual guidelines in appointing them for comp time positions, but they are competent, dedicated people. It worries me that they are following her.

      Best thing to do is be united. Have a strong UFT Chapter to hold her accountable.

  36. Funny, I heard for myself her blasting Biggie (the rapper) music from the office blasting it.. already of to a good start…NOT. Let her true colors shine because as a PR alumni I WILL enter that school when I come to visit like I always have and NO ONE will stop me. She’ll learn the hard way if these comments are true that PR doesn’t play!!


    This is her!! She has not changed and will be exposed again. A change in school sites can’t mask her mental illness.

  38. Clarence Rutherford

    Today for the first time since 2001, there was no 9/11 tribute at Port Richmond High School. What type of example is the new principal setting?

    • She is showing staff, students and parents that she has no respect for them and no awareness of how important this day is to so many Americans, New Yorkers, Staten Islanders and Port Richmond families. If she did not know how to lead on this day, she should have asked someone. Parents and staff need to scream and yell. Complain. Inform the media. Teachers, do not be afraid. Ignoring 9/11 is completely unacceptable. This is only one of the offensive things she has done in her short time at Port Richmond. The Port Richmond community deserves better!

    • Actually, she didn’t ignore 9/11. We had a moment of silence 8th period and she gave a speech honoring those who served and lost lives.

      • Be accurate…Include the fact that she only did that after multiple parents called and staff members expressed outrage. Yes, then at 205 PM she came on the loudspeaker for the FIRST time since school began and tripped over her words as she tried to appear as if she cared. She couldn’t even deliver her speech with any sincerity and then failed to apologize to the staff at the subsequent faculty meeting. Instead she paraded around and made no mention of the somber day, which had a direct impact on individuals in our building. Don’t make excuses for bad behavior and terrible judgment. 9/11 is deserving of moments of silence when each plane hit. Don’t get it twisted! The day meant nothing to her and she couldn’t even fake it.

    • When I told her that neglecting 9/11 was disrespectful, reprehensible, unconscionable, unforgivable and downright rude, I was told I was “entitled to my opinion” what a crock!

  39. My daughter attends Port Richmond HS. I’m regretting sending her there. When Mr. Gannon was Principal, that school was amazing. His staff was also amazing. A new principal took over this summer and she is a nightmare. Her name is ONEATHA SWINTON. She has a bad reputation and it seems the DOE put her there after she destroyed a school and a staff at her last school in Brooklyn. She hasn’t even introduced herself to the students yet, doesn’t tell parents anything about changes she is making and IGNORED 9/11. She didn’t even have a moment of silence in the morning. I’m ready to ask for a transfer for my daughter because this woman is obviously repeating what she did in her prior placement. I heard that the teachers are outraged but are afraid to report her for fear of retaliation. Supposedly she can be vindictive and is full of threats. I also heard that she brags about raising graduation rates but that is only because she lies, cheats and steals to pad her statistics. I am going to the PTA meeting tomorrow and if something does not change, I will write letters to the Chancellor. What a disappointment to go from Mr. Gannon and his wonderful staff to this nightmare and the people she brought with her. Port Richmond needs someone new and some HELP

  40. Withheld from fear

    Organize organize organize.
    Go over budgets.
    Go over hiring practices.
    Call SCI if you think something is weird. Let them investigate.
    Call 311 if you are concerned,

    • Will do. We can’t sit idle while this woman destroys the school. How would we access budgets and hiring practices? Would we just inform 311 and SCI and let them do that?

    • I doubt that DOE will not appoint her. I have heard that she is placed directly from the Diversity Commission.
      Where did the idea that PRHS was filled with racist staff come from? I have had many years of dealing with this school. I know staff and students both past and present. No place is perfect but this is a complaint I have not heard until now.

  41. Will do. We can’t sit idle while this woman destroys the school. How would we access budgets and hiring practices? Would we just inform 311 and SCI and let them do that?

  42. Marie Castellucci Family Advocate District OFfice 718-420-5627


    Michael Reilly President of the Community Education Council

    Here is my concern

    The absolute STARK contrast with her personality and leadership style and Mr Gannon’s leadership style is insane. Why would DOE place someone who does not share ANY of the philosophies that have been making this school successful in recent years?

    Last year first day of school. Di Blasio and Farina are at PRHS look it up online Kids were interviewed the school was lauded for it’s family environment, how clean and impressive it was. It was the first Community school on SI (thank you Mr Gannon) and that is all over Youtube watch again Chancellor and Mayor fall all over how the school is the best kept secret and is getting greater BLAH BLAH.
    All of the sudden, there is this amazing job for Mr Gannon elsewhere which he totally deserves HAnds down…..
    Now….they chose…and make no mistake….this was a chosen person by Tweed….someone who does not share one single bit of the past principal’s philosophy which has been dragging this school out of the hole it lived in for awhile, taking away its poor reputation. Partnering it with colleges and funding.
    The very first thing that happened was programs that brought in funding and also allowed failing students to thrive have been cut….BTW parents are not informed but the kids and staff know. UMMM parents chose this school based on programs YOU cannot just cut them without letting parents know.
    Also in response to the person who heard the music from her office…
    Students have informed us that the staff is not allowed to put on ANY music in class, such as classical for the students Music class only can provide music for learning only. Many teachers utilize music as a calming factor but okay….
    She is NEVER visible again a stark contrast to MR Gannon who was always visible. His door was always open to anyone who needed him. HErs is closed
    Okay we all have our own way of doing things
    But There has to be some sort of crazy going on with DOE (Tweed) who do not care in the least about our kids, make NO mistake….that they would take such an AT RISK situation which was getting better and completely change it. FOR WHAT??? DO they want this place to close? what is the real motive??
    Yoo hoo Ms Farina? What favors has she done for you. Yes Principal keep their jobs by doing favors BTW
    Be vigilant for all of our schools

  43. In order to see the budget go to the link below and enter R445 In the top right where it says enter school code

  44. Parents, Alumni and teachers past and present, get ready for a fight. CPE1 had to birddog the mayor and attend 16 PEP meetings with the chancellor to get attention and finally get their principal Garg removed. Find the dates og the PEP mtgs each month and organize a contingent to go. Call for a press conference. Organize resistance. This abusive principal must not harm the progress of the school. Expose her fraud etc. Call 311 often. Get elected officials involved. Get the PTA super organized, the union chapter organized. Rise up. Find the mayor everywhere you can with giant banners and signs.

    • Is there a PTA meeting scheduled at all?
      Perhaps Alumni can come.
      Some principals are requesting no visits during the school day. But maybe this way. To stay involved?

      • There was one tonight but many parents were unaware. She never sent out a letter or phone memo. She prefers to keep us in the dark because if they show up, she needs to answer to us. The turnout was not good because many of us were only told last night.

  45. Performing a telephone skit with disconnected phones in an auditorium filled with educators on how to “appropriately” call a parent is insulting. I think she might have thought the staff found her skit amusing because the room was filled with laughter. However, she misunderstood because she was actually being laughed AT . Total INSULT ! She should be the star of the show that she signed up to be and fix whatever issues that she feels needs fixing… and if these are the issues that she feels needs fixing then the DOE might want to reconsider her ” highly effective” rating and take a closer look..and they will , after the Port Richmond Community is through with her.

  46. It is so very important to stick together. We ARE a community, a family and a union ! We have power in numbers and need to push back. Attend all meetings, rallys, kick, scream, and blow the whistle. Make noise, write to the advance, write to the chancellor, reach out to parents and when someone asks about Port Richmond , tell them the truth! Know your rights, READ the contract ! Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself .. and remember, PR is OUR home !

    • As a retired teacher and UFT chapter leader for more than 25 years, I cannot emphasize enough how important a strong union is. READ YOUR CONTRACT! KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! Don’t let intimidation rule the school! You have a voice and you have rights. Use them both

  47. Ok.. All these motivating comments seem to be written by her family and friends.
    So Far as a Aftican American Parent of Port Richmond Oneatha Swanion has already shut down almost all the Honors programs in the School. The North shore already has a bad rap when it comes to schools, so terminating educational programs only takes the school 5 steps back.Gateway an honorable program that was the stepping stone for Port no longer exsit as of Sept 2017.
    My Child has not personally met her new princple,nor have she introduced herself to the students, and we are now in the 2nd week of school.
    I am strongly concidering pulling my Child out of Port Richmond because gateway is the reason why i was sendind her there.
    Last evening at the PTA meeting Md. Swinton completely turned me off when she described herself as being “MathTarded”. As a Principle its inappropriate to make fun of a disability. We had parents in the building who were upset being that they had children in special ed. My Daughter came home today saying that students were calling eachother “MathTards” Not Funny..
    I am not sure why NYC Board of Educatuon put Ms. Swinton there but i will be making a complaint to District 31 located at Petrides Campus on staten island.
    This Woman seems like she will lose control in this school and Port Richmond is a great High School.

    • Thank you for exposing what is really going on. Her comment was highly offensive to me too. It was outrageous. What kind of leader speaks that way, especially when she needed to make a first impression?

      Our questions were avoided and we were lied to. But don’t pull your child out yet. I have one attending now and two who graduated. The teachers and staff before Ms Swinton were the most attentive and dedicated as they come. Instead of pulling your daughter, we need to rally together to prevent Ms Swintons appointment. If we act fast and contact the DOE And NY State, maybe we have a chance at getting a principal who is the right fit. We must all attend every PTA meeting, communicate with each other and yell and scream in the press or wherever until the dept of Ed removes Ms Swinton from Port richmond hs.

    • Call 311. Document. Report. That is inappropriate language,

    • During my visit today I personally heard kids greeting each other in the halls like this.
      “Yo SPED”
      ‘Cha want Mathtard?”
      Enough said

  48. The PTA meeting was Poor because she never sent letters Home. I had to ask a staff when it was becuase i was interest to know who the new Principle was.The teacher told me this evening.. Sheesh

  49. Grateful for Port Richmond

    I was also present at the PTA meeting. I found out about it because I asked staff when it was because I really wanted to meet the new principal. My oldest child attended and graduated from PRHS. He is a disabled student. We had a very hard time choosing a school for him. Mr Gannon suggested we put him in Gateway because he is very bright but needed support. I couldn’t have asked for a better staff of people. A boy that was never expected to attend college now has a 3.6 GPA. I walked in with an open mind. My youngest is ( was) also in Gateway. “Gateway is the Great way”. So excited to be a part of what she calls the best program. Again. I’m keeping an open mind but I fail to understand how cutting and combing honors programs rather than build up and work to expand them is better? We are trying so hard to rid port of its former bad press. We were finally there. The Mayor did a press conference from our school last year saying how great it was. The last two freshman classes were the highest enrollment we’ve had in years. But I left last night feeling as though all that time we were actually failing and that DOE had sent Ms Swinton to fix our school. That was the impression she gave. I know the graduation percentage is still poor. But it has improved. I understand she wants to institute new things but why not get to know our kids. Our population. Our staff a while before making such big decisions. Isn’t it more important to keep the attendance. Keep the kids coming. Cutting their programs is a bit worrisome for me as far as that is concerned. My child is very very happy st PRHS. As my older child was. I’m truly hoping much if what I have read and the feeling I had during the meeting do not come to fruition. This was always a very welcoming. Warm place for families. The best kept secrets. Hoping it continues. Btw. As a parent of a disabled person I also did not like the Math-tarded comment. Again I tried to see where she was coming from. I know she wasn’t trying to be offensive but it truly wasn’t an appropriate word for her position and for that forum.
    Parents. Just stay involved. Offer help. Stay s strong family. I hope we can all find what’s best for our school and our children.

  50. Dear Be Accurate,

    What time did the first plane strike the WTC building on 9/11? It was sometime around 8:46 AM. What time is 8th period? Clearly not at 8:46 AM. Most people who did a tribute for 9/11 held a moment of silence at around 8:46 AM. If Oneatha did the moment of silence during 8th period which is sometime after 2 PM then that means she had no intention to hold a moment of silence since she is selfish and only cares about herself and her close friends. She is corrupt and represents what is wrong with the educational field.

  51. Absolutely against the dismantling of the Gateway Program without contacting the parents and the students involved by the so called interim principal. The community should up for the kids and their future.

    • Grateful for Port Richmond

      I’m wondering. Gateway got a great deal of funding. What happens to that? We were promised that all of the trips etc that Gateway got to foster growth and cultural experiences for our children will continue. But how?

  52. Remember principals have direct control over the budget for their schools. This means funding from one program can be moved around for something else. I think we all get the drift.

    • Grateful for Port Richmond

      Okay. We have to watch the budget to see what increases. Or decreases. We came specifically for Gateway. My child declined scholarships to private schools after shadowing at port Richmond. We are not pleased that this program is dissolved

      • Please do not pull your child out just yet. Ms. Swinton may not get appointed if we parents fight back. Give it a few weeks. Make noise in the media and let’s try to send this lying woman packing.

  53. I have done a great deal of research on her background and what is as the real tragedy is that even if we fight and win this battle to have her removed from Port Richmond the next school in line will then suffer. This cannot be good for any student. While I am not a proponent of having people lose their job, I am a proponent of people being in the job they are competently qualified for. My son is at risk. Some extremely good and passionate staff are at risk, and ultimately a good school with a bad rap is at risk. Programs are already being dismantled, parents are already feeling distrustful of her and my son has still not even gotten to meet her some two weeks later. Fight for Port Richmond. Fight for what Mr. Gannon has worked so hard to build. Racism is everywhere so to appoint an unqualified principle with an incredibly poor track record to this school in an attempt to “Blacken it up” is disrespectful on so many levels. Obviously we cannot ask Mr. Gannon to come back but we can fight to uphold all that he and the great teachers and staff have worked so hard to build and sustain.

    Save Port Richmond. Do not let her incompetence go unnoticed as it will only hurt our community.

    • In my opinion based on my experience being at John Jay and her track record Oneatha is simply not a good match for an educational leader or an educator in general. She is toxic! If racism is being raised as an issue then Oneatha is guilty of that herself so how can she set an example. I am certain that had I shared her same ethnicity (Carribean American) then I would not have been treated unfairly by her. She is known for favoring family and friends. She is certainly not the saint her friends at the DOE try to paint her to be!

      • mmm, she isn’t racist. She just is kind of a bad person who will be evil to anyone she views as disloyal. Doesn’t matter if you share a parent I bet.

        • C. Willis: Are you saying she is evil to her own family?

        • She is definitely evil and we can’t rule out racism for the moment. However, I wonder how she should be treated by people she has been disloyal to or back-stabbed. Better yet one should take a count of how many people she has trampled on. Since she has destroyed so many people she probably doesn’t even know who they are and just views Port Richmond as another conquest.

    • You could not have said it better. Please send this post to the SI Advance. The NY Post. Daily News. 311. Everywhere!!!

  54. Let your voice be heard via 311! The district cannot hide 311 complaints. If you go to the district they are going to cover for her! If you witness her abuse such as calling a student a “hood rat” or talking to students about the north shore versus the south shore and how white people need their power taken away and how our school needs to be “blacked up” you need to report it to OEO and SCI.

    We have truly great staff members and we need the support of out parents and community to speak up and help save our jobs!

    The only racist here at PRHS is our new principal and it must be stopped!

    • After a harrowing and hair raising meeting with her I went home and immediately filed complaints with 311 and Special investigators office. Everyone on this page should file complaints. If you don’t it’s like voting. If you don’t vote you have no right to complain
      Same here

  55. Today for the first time in 4 years my child was threatened in a school I have never felt safer sending them to. Another student who happened to be African American ” threatened to knock the curls off that white face” apparently later the other student reported that she was told in a meeting with the the principal how this island is divided North vs South and that white girls from the South Shore look down on them. I now worry about my daughters safety as I feel the principal has now started a racial issue. Timothy Gannon made this school a family, there were no cliques let alone racial issues. I will be reporting the incident to OEO and SCI but I wanted to let other parents know what is going on. The break up of collegiate and gateway is disgusting. I found out via Snapchat from my daughter and have yet to receive a letter home. This principal needs to go she has been overheard on many occasions saying Port is a failing school and she guarantees it will not be.My child was told as long as she comes to school occasionally and participates in class she is guaranteed to pass. I personally want my child to learn. How is this policy ok? Why are they not held accountable for both tests and their attendance, Enough is enough, parents need to ban together to put an end to the racist comments, calling herself and others “mathtards” and allowing students to graduate just for showing up. Numbers are not everything my child is not a number! Collegiate provided her with a direction, VE provides students with a direction, every SLC made students feel welcome and truly looked after. Parents we need to ban together to get this principal out for the safety of our students as well as how Port put students on the right path this will not work but it will work for her on paper!

  56. This is our Mayors doing. Hearing it’s a direct appointment from his Leadership Academy and the diversity committee. Go after him and the chancellor.

    • Complains must be filed with the state. The mayor and chancellor will make excuses and protect her. Call 311! Call the Special Commission of Investigation at 212 510 1500. I called and reported her. They need to be bombarded. This woman must be stopped. And post beyond this site. Don’t stop until she is removed!

      Again 212 510 1500. OEO office of equal opportunity also I don’t have the number.


    Click on this link to see the Mayor at Port one year ago. Raider spirit cannot be destroyed by Ms.Swinton

  58. There is an interesting comment about Oneatha which says it was posted by a student on

    It’s funny how she boasts about a successful educational career in her Welcome letter on the Port Richmond web site. What a joke!

    It appears she would be a better match for a job in maintenance such as MTA station agent for example or school janitor since she has experience in the school environment. Dealing with people in a professional school setting is not for her.

    Jul 10, 2017
    Miss Swinton taught a class I was in while she was principal. She graded everybody based on whether not she liked them. Nobody ever knew how they were doing in the class or what their grades were because she never put grades in. I passed so I guess it wasn’t that hard but I didn’t learn nothing . So they just added a class to my schedule for no reason n wasted my time.

  59. Another relevant comment from the bottom of the following site

    One thought on “Superintendent Tamika Matheson, its Time you put “Kids First ” Give us a New Start and a New Principle”

    Concerned Teacher February 22, 2014 at 3:24 am Reply
    We are dealing with a situation at the Secondary School for Law in Brooklyn, another school this superintendent oversees. The principal, Oneatha Swinton, retaliates against kids and teachers. She has scared off the best teachers. She puts on a smile, but the second a teacher even questions her “wisdom,” she goes on the attack. Abusive principals have to go!

  60. More reviews to support Oneatha’s “stellar” record

    How would you rate your experience at this school?
    Community member
    Overall experience
    As a former student, I witnessed the chaotic system of the prinicpal at its finest. She was not motivational at all torwards the entire student body, but only to those who had high grades. The workload was decent depending on your teachers but there was little to no help provided. All of the support that my peers and I got, were from the non-profit organization known as PRY. They were the REAL support system many of the students had. The Guidance counseler was always occupied with things other than her obvious job, many students found no support or guidance which led them down the wrong path. My piece of advice: Don’t allow your child to attend this school or else your asking for them to become miserable and lost.
    Submitted by a community member · March 14, 2014
    Report Review
    Overall experience
    The Principal is the source of conflict and strife at the school. As a teacher at the school, I have seen how she gets around rules and does not help students to get an education. Her goal is to get students graduated by the fact that they have credits, but whatever those credits mean is not her concern. She spends less time mentoring and nurturing teachers and students than berating them and yelling at them to get what she wants. Needless to say, this isn’t effective. Great teachers have left the school already and she is not impressing any of the new ones. She makes good teachers leave, teachers who are trying to improve and help our students learn through the Common Core Standards and teacher evaluation framework. She is a bully and pushes teachers down and away who are trying to help kids learn. It’s a shame.
    Submitted by a teacher · March 13, 2014
    Report Review
    Overall experience
    It can be very miserable teaching in this school. The administration is not very helpful. If you ask for help or raise a disagreement about a policy, you are called into the office and basically told to start being a team player. The principal constantly talks under her breadth to show her disappointment. She rarely has a smile and often takes a harsh tone during meetings. At the beginning of the year, she admitted she made past mistakes – focusing on the negative, basically being mean – and promised things would be different this year. It didn’t last long. My only question is, who does she blame for the shift back to the negative? Does she blame the teachers who are so horrible that she has no choice, or has she come to the realization that she is a megalomanic control freak who cannot accept anyone disagreeing with her? Knowing her personality, I am guessing it is the former. What a shame – teachers forgave her for past mistakes and were ready to start new. She squandered an opportunity.
    Submitted by a teacher · February 15, 2014
    Report Review
    Community member
    Overall experience
    This school has improved a lot. However, it is still not a very good one. Students come in late and the hallways are crazy. Most students even cut classes. Some also talk back to the teachers; having no respect. I hope that students in this school will finally learn how to be respectful, obedient and responsible. They are supposed to be in a disciplined manner. For in, it is for their own benefit.
    Submitted by a community member · June 16, 2013
    Report Review
    Overall experience
    the 3 stars on the first posting was an accident. i really meant to do only one.
    Submitted by a teacher · July 05, 2011
    Report Review
    Overall experience

  61. Someone needs to get to The Post.
    The hiring practices of the Mayor and chancellor need to be exposed.
    Just keep bombarding people with letters and calls so they are forced to hear.
    Unfortunately the mayors office is like the Magia If you put yourself out there too much you get a target on your back.
    I know NY 1 would like to speak with DOE parents regarding SI school issues.
    Contact them. Asap.

  62. I’m questioning the need for ” clean up”. Why were we as parents not given a heads up that we were that much in need of such change?
    The absolute opposite leadership style?
    Why weren’t we told prior to her arrival that we were a ” focus” school?
    We were led to believe our school was doing very well and coming up from where it had been enrollment and graduation wise.
    Why can’t anyone answer this question

    • The school was doing well. It may not have been perfect but there were many wonderful things happening. My child is a senior and has had a great high school experience until now. Ms. Swinton came in and wants us to believe she was sent to save the school because it makes her feel better about herself. She is a liar and manipulator. We saw that when she told us untruth after untruth at the PTA meeting. She kept insulting Port and bragging about herself. I nearly threw up.

  63. According to the district “mathtarded” is in the urban dictionary so it is an appropriate term. Thanks Lodico. Everyone was under the impression you are a Port supporter! Smh!

    • So are skeet, slut, stfu and ball sac…That does not mean they are appropriate for use in a school building, especially by an administrator. The urban dictionary is full of vulgar, inappropriate, offensive and discriminatory language.

      When will Mr.Lodico and the DOE own their mistake and reassign this woman? Are they waiting for her to do irreparable damage to an impressionable adolescent with her venomous tongue? Parents must notify the media and scream and yell until she is removed. Stage a protest. Do something. Let people know how the DOE is making excuses for her behavior.

      Teachers fear retaliation. Parents have the power. What is worse than 7 school days with Oneatha Swinton? 7 more.
      Act now!!

    • Hmmm. Urban dictionary is a go to for educators?

      No. They are useless. I heard parents were told to schedule meeting with the administrators if they were concerned.

      It can’t be okay to cut Gateway and Collehiaye. The process has us APPLYING for PROGRAMS not really schools. It’s not like you’re in your zoned schools and you’re going there anyway. Many of the students in those programs came specifically to this school for those programs. Without them they would’ve gone elsewhere.

      If I am forced to move my child due to lack of proper program it will cause the child and our family complete and unnecessary stress and educational issues. For what?
      There were things exclusive to these programs that kids wanted that they won’t get because the funding will be gone.

      I still can’t see how it’s ok to make these changes without formally having parents involved.
      Plus shouldn’t there have been a phasing out of programs rather than a drop.
      So current student finish up with it while new students are directed to apply for the new honors program rather than the former ones. In three years the programs are completely changed over. Far less drama and aggravation that way plus no one feels short changed.

      But no…. DOE doesn’t operate in reasonable fashion.
      And DOE rule. If it works …. hurry up and break it.

    • Can you send the email
      Where the district states that to someone to confirm? is a good one.
      Perhaps he can shed light on this response.

      Let us know.

      The N word is in the urban dictionary as well. I don’t think anyone would like that one used in professional forum.

    • Support Port.

      Please send proof that the superintendent and the district think use of this word is okay.

      It’s important. You can’t go by hearsay.

      Need proof that was said.

  64. Please contact this office.

    Specifically for HS.

  65. Anonymous PRHS staff member

    I am a member of the staff at PRHS. I love the saying “I’d rather have the devil you know versus the devil you don’t know.” Yes Gannon did make a “family” atmosphere. But Gannon did have his favorites and the others he would secretly have investigated. Most SLC’s became ceremonial at best, with only some working for them. Funded programs like Gateway, Collegiate, and Medtech did work for the school. Some graduated have gone on to Ivy League colleges.
    We were all shocked when we found out the SLC’s and Gateway were shut down. We found this out through an email from a colleague, NOT from Ms. Swinton. She has also brought in Felicia Holtzman Otto as the AP of Guidance, BUT she is acting like the AP of the whole school just like at John Jay. Here are some other things I have witnessed/found out while there:
    1. The first day we were given a 50+ page staff handbook which is micromanaging at its best.
    2. In that same meeting she told us 5 times she was a “highly effective principal;” and if we were in Brooklyn we’d be broken up already.
    3. Most schools in Staten Island are a FOCUS school NOT just Port
    4. She did an “environmental walkthrough” insisting in the handbook how she wants every classroom decorated.
    5. There is no more AP of Security. The APO is now doing BOTH jobs. Really, for a 1400+ student school?
    6. The two “deans” she brought in from John Jay only teach ONE class. I thought dean comp time was 2-3 classes?
    7. Mondays were reserved form Department PD. She made Monday a whole school PD about essential questions.
    8. We have not received one e-mail from her regarding the restructuring of the school
    9. The 9/11 thing was true
    10. We spent Tuesday INSTEAD of professional work at PD in which the staff was educated on how to make a “proper” parent phone call. She thought we were laughing at the skit. We were laughing because it was an insult to us as educators. Not to mention one of the “Skits” involved out Union rep. Many were mad about that thinking the rep was already taking her side

    I will say people at Port are scared. Many are more miserable than before. It’s the second week and everyone is mentally drained. Out union rep said we can only grieve if she does something. I’d like one where we are proactive instead. We really need parental support to find new leadership.

    • She has already done something. She is there and she should not be given her horrible past. In fact its not her past she is a horrible educator and in my opinion she should be banned from the field. The educational field has enough issues and we do not need folks like Oneatha who create problems. Of course the union does not want to get involved- they are often a conflict of interest. I know from personal experience how the union takes your money and refuses to work for you when they should. That is why there have been lawsuits against the union in federal court and some people advocate for making New York a right to work state. We all know or we should know at this point how unions are often in bed with management in order to serve their own interests . Therefore using resources other than the union would be much better!

    • Found success at Port.

      Deans are supposed to carry 2 classes at minimum.

      I see no mention of programs other than Culinary in the budget last I looked.
      Am I reading this wrong?
      Are honors programs on the agenda for replacement or not?

      • Anonymous PRHS staff member

        Only Gateway funding has been removed. They are merging with Collegiate and are calling it the Honors Academy.

        • Found success at Port.

          We need that in writing. Why hasn’t the administration addressed this in writing? There are many families who work more than one job. They only know what is sent home through the mail.
          If Gateway and Collegiate are merged it should be sent to us in formal letter

        • Interesting. A parent I know that is working with other parents to make sure information is accurate and that funding is restored just said that she hears from the DOE that Gateway is not cut. That Ms Swinton told them that.

    • You know she is reading this lol!

      Grieve the dean positions. Those positions needed to be posted first.

    • mexican junior at port

      i really feel bad for the teachers and deans. You can see the difference between last year and this year. The teachers and deans are almost scared of the principle. I miss mr gannon. i really hope she gets replaced by the end of the year. i would hate to have my senior year as her as principle.


    Special Commissioner Toll Free Hot Line 1-877-888-TELL (8355)
    A message from the Special Commissioner

    The Office of the Special Commissioner of Investigation has broad authority to investigate fraud, misconduct, conflicts of interest, and other wrongdoing within the New York City School District.
    SCI was created pursuant to Mayoral Executive Order 11 of 1990 and Chapter 34 of the New York City Charter and operates independently of the Chancellor and the Department of Education. Special Commissioner Richard J. Condon is a Deputy Commissioner to Department of Investigation Commissioner Mark G. Peters.

    To learn about some of SCI’s investigations, click on Reports or Press Releases.

    To make a complaint, Contact Us at our 7-day/24-hour hotline: (212) 510-1500. All calls are confidential. Whistleblowers are protected.

  67. Raising the white flag.

    Personally. I’m very unhappy that parents are completely powerless.
    We can do all of these things.
    Bottom line we are done for because

    A) this is an African American woman. We will be slammed with sexism and racism.
    B). The Mayors office will back her. No question.
    C) no one cares what happens to this poor minority school. That’s a fact. To quote her

    Tottenville parents carried on over a dress code and got a decent guy removed.
    Susan Wagner got a top notch guy.

    What does port get? Controversy and cut programs.
    A field is disrepair that took Gannon years of yelling before it got on the list for repair. Notice it’s not done yet.

    Susan Wagner. Beautiful field. Beautiful new building. Hmm
    Petrides where the district office is got a huge make over. While port has a horrible field that is actually falling apart.

    No one cares about port. Accept it.

    Looking to transfer my child if things don’t improve. I suggest you all do it. Let DOE shut this school if that’s their intent.

    She said it herself at the pta meeting how many schools could go under that roof.
    She even mentioned ALC. DOE has been trying for several years to house the High school suspension center somewhere.
    Well folks. There it is. Mount Loretto but on a HS level. Level 4 and 5 offenders with your kids.
    Don’t be surprised. Look at the funding she could get if she has that….

    Stay on your toes.

    Discrimination at its finest.
    They’re just happy someone took the job.

    • Please do not surrender. I am a Port Richmond faculty member and there are so many of us who love the school, love your children and work tirelessly every day to help develop responsibile young adults. We do not want to give in. We want to fight. The Chancellor and Mayor and Superintendent knew about this woman’s history of abuse and unethical behavior and sent her anyway. But that does not mean we need to be okay with that. I personally refuse to let them win… And most of all, I refuse to sit back and watch this woman damage the development of children, with her hateful words and desire to create tension. Screw that. Please make this situation public. Plan a protest. Alert the media. Report her and the higher ups who support her. But don’t give up on Port Richmond, the staff who love working there and your children. You picked Port for a reason and we can reclaim it.

      • Found success at Port.

        I will say. I’m digging for info. I’m fighting. But it’s very hard.

        My child doesn’t want to leave.

        I simply want her program restored. The one I signed her up for when we applied
        She’s very happy there. Happier there than she’s ever been.

        I’m extremely disappointed that this is a situation that could be wonderful but it doesn’t look good.
        I see many parents who feel like me. That they just want their child Dalit and successful.
        PRHS is a good place. While I understand the numbers need improving. I feel we were on that road. My oldest child attended as well. And I can see the improvements since he was there.
        I am baffled as to why DOE is always stopping progress.

        I was very hopeful that a PRHS alumni would come in and simply build upon the success that was starting to happen. Not start over and change everything. I fail to see how changing Honors programs. You know the programs that provide GRADUATES since that’s the goal. To yo the graduation rate…how that will help anything.

        I think we are planted and hopeful that we work for positive changes. Our child is quite invested at port. Hoping we can make things work out. Either way it goes.

    • Please do not give up so soon. Parents, students and teachers working together have more power than what they think. The issue here is Oneatha’s track record of abuse. If Oneatha believes Port Richmond High School is racist that’s quite ironic given she graduated from the school. If Oneatha insists on claiming Port Richmond is racist she needs to take a closer look at herself. As the saying goes it takes one to know one.

      • I work at Port Richmond and I can say that we are not a school full of racist teachers. Nor do we have racist students. One of the most amazing and impressive things about Port Richmond has always been how diverse we are how everyone is judged based on behavior and character, not skin color. We have black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, African, fat, skinny, learning disabled,geniuses, athletes, “nerds”, mentally ill, wheelchair bound, rich, poor.. We have it all. And people get along. No one really considered race until Oneatha started spewing that within two days of her arrival. Was the staff mostly white, yes. Would it be nice to have a mix of ethnicities of qualified individuals, yes… So apply. But don’t assume that just because the staff is mainly white that we don’t love the kids and they don’t love us back. Diversity and tolerance/acceptance for all has defined Port Richmond and we cannot let this crazy, lying woman take that from us!

        • If everyone is saying such great things about the Port Richmond community and then here comes Oneatha bragging on herself and instigating problems then obviously Oneatha has to take the nearest exit. Given that I and others in the John Jay building have been witnesses and victims of her abuse then it does not take a rocket science to figure out that Oneatha needs to be removed preferably from the educational field. But the first place to start is to remove her Port Richmond and do not place her in any school. It pains me to see how she has been allowed to advance in the educational field when she has done nothing but harm the majority of the people she deems to be inferior to her whether it be parents, students or educators. She may have helped a few but then again those few have most likely been her close friends and family. It is a shame that qualified dedicated educators cannot advance in the same way as Oneatha did yet she is given a position of authority and a blank check to do she as pleases. My question is how did she get to where she is? Merit certainly had nothing to do with it. The majority of us have advanced degrees but then the majority of us seem like decent legitimate educators something Oneatha clearly is not. At this point it needs to be publicly revealed which people at the DOE are supporting her. Who nominated her, what is their background and what do they have to gain by sending her to a place where she was neither invited nor needed?

        • found success at Port

          My child came from a school that was a very cliquey, non mixed school. She was unhappy the entire time she was there. She experienced bullying from both students and staff. She was excluded a lot because we are not wealthy. It was an awful experience she did not want to go to school most days.
          She had no intention of going to Port Richmond. But she shadowed since her brother had gone there. She was instantly taken with how friendly and non judgmental the student were, She loved the music program immediately and sat in on the band. I picked her up and she wanted to go there. She wanted to be in Gateway “the great way” In her time there she has had such great experiences. In band, in performing arts, in sports, at clubs and she has stayed on Friday nights for the community time. She has gone to homecoming to the game and dance. She went on an over night trip as well. We have felt blessed since she wants to go to school now. She has many friends She is doing well in school. The teachers are very caring and work with her on her weaknesses. They are very encouraging. We have found much success.
          Our oldest also attended. He had special needs, He found major success at Port and is able to attend college and is working towards a degree and a career. We were never afraid for him or for our daughter although people could not believe we would chose to send our kids there. We also had a child in Petrides. I will tell you my other two childen were given a far better experience than this so called “elite” school.

          I truly want what’s best for this school and for the staff.

          In all the years we have been dealing with PRHS we have never heard of any racial issue. Our children are the minority there as well. There is not the tension that people want to believe. If this is what our new principal thinks, then she needs to herself not listen to rumors (since she asked parents not to do that about her) and get to know our kids.

          This is a school that is such a gem if anyone actually took the time to know the staff, the students and the community at large.

          I truly hope there is a proper discussion and investigation into all of this so that our kids and our staff can follow the path they have been following
          Do we know that our graduation rate needs to come up ? Yes we do

          Here is the kicker. Petrides boasts a 95% graduation rate. Well out of my son’s class 98 out of 120 students graduated. That is a small group to keep account of. Not all the graduates actually went on to college, some went to the military. Numbers are just numbers they do not tell the full story. My child at Petrides was very involved but he did not have nearly the same opportunities as my children who attend (ed) Port. New Dorp and Mc Kee are focus schools, are they being restructured as well?
          I am really trying to figure out what was so bad about Gateway and Collegiate since they are the programs that would increase graduation rates, aren’t they?
          In short, I am concerned because my child’s well being is dependent on what happens here. She is already out of her program. which we came to PRHS for. we have no idea if anything else is one the cutting board, hoping no. We really feel that we parents should have had more say about our child’s program. We do not feel that it is appropriate to make these decisions without proper decision and at least being alerted to an issue with the programs. emotionally, as well as academically we need her to be able to stay comfortable as she is in PRHS. Her success is dependent on this.

          I do not like what I hear from other parents, it is very worrisome.
          Let us please work together to keep our school on the path that is has been on and moving forward not back ward

        • Annette Funnicello

          VERY WELL SAID!

  68. Ms. Swinton is a graduate of Port and Gateway. Did she come here as some type of vengeance and payback? If that was her intention she needs to leave all the innocent students, staff and parents out of her war path and get some mental treatment. I was hoping that my son got into the program as a freshman next September, but as long as she’s there it won’t be happening.

  69. Found success at Port.

    I’m working on a secure way to get you an email address.

  70. Found success at Port.

    The chancellor will be on SI at the Town Hall
    October 3. PS 48. 6:30-7:30

    It’s not easy to get a speaking spot.
    But anyone who can get there and sign up early.
    If not parents should go and show solidarity.
    Power is in numbers. Spread this around.

  71. One question to the parents : How do you feel knowing that your child is coming to school and being taught by teachers that are angry, resentful and disgusted ? Think about that for a minute ! Please get involved so the PR staff can be restored to what made it such a great place. Negativity follows negative people.

  72. I work at Port Richmond High School and was prepared to dismiss all of this blog and all negative things about Ms. Swinton as pure rumor. However, in the short time she has been at the school, she has proven every negative word about her true. She is dismissive, ornery, condescending and speaks to the staff as if we are morons…She speaks to the students as a first year teacher would. It seems she tries desperately to get them to like her, proclaiming her love for “BIggie” and her childhood in “The Harbor.” Instead of trying to elevate students, she calls them “hood rats.” She greeted the staff the first time by telling them in a dictatorial manner, all the things she did NOT want to see…and telling them how they’d better get used to being uncomfortable. Moreover, her fluctuations between yelling and a whisper bordered on psychotic…and I won’t even touch on the letter she sent home to parents!! Judging by the grammar mistakes, Oneatha isn’t only “Mathtarded.” I hope she realizes that we are a close-knit community and we will push back!

    • I am quite sure the public i.e. media would want to know why an alleged educational leader does not know how to compose a letter without grammatical mistakes.

    • Your use of the word “bordered” was quote generous.

    • I’m truly frightened for my child.
      She was so happy in this school. She’s so upset with how unhappy her teachers are this year
      The students are baffled at this woman. They can’t figure her out.
      I’m upset that our school leaders care so little for our children that they would place someone who is clearly not a professional and is a narcisstic person who loves to talk about how proven she is. And how wonderful.
      It seems that everyone is a liar. Not her. She’s the best. According to her.

    • There’s another principal on SI that the chancellor adores that says ” yous”. Has disrupted classes for her own personal reasons. Retaliates against staff students and parents and has used the word ” quickerly”. And the Chancellor adores this person.
      Therefore we need to look to where are true issues lie.
      She will keep her. The Mayor will keep her. They don’t let bad principals go. May I suggest the chancellor make Ms Swinton her personal assistant??

      Go to the Town Hall. October 3. Ps 48. 6:30-7:30. Yes. She gives us a lot of time…..

      Tell her how we feel.

  73. She thinks by “making friends” with the kids she can use the kids to turn against whoever she wants. That’s the oldest trick in the book.

  74. Be aware that a parent group that wrote to the Marie Castelucci and Lodico were told that Gateway is NOT cut.
    That the principal
    Did not say this to the parents during the PTA meeting. Okay. I was there. She spoke at length about it… answering questions. Telling parents she has students helping her come up with a name for a new honors program.
    In between talking about how wonderful
    She is. So who is lying? Her? The Superintendent ?
    Aren’t their salaries from our taxes? Why don’t we have a say?
    Btw. I was told an attorney was copied on the response. An attorney. Parents can’t ask questions without an attorney seeing them. Really????
    Go to the town hall. It’s an election year. Let the chancellor and mayor know that we want them fired for the way they don’t care about our children.

    • I work at the school and personally saw an email from the CUNY Gateway contact, dated September 12TH. The Gateway Coordinator from PRHS was trying to keep the program. This was the email response, verbatim:

      “There is nothing further the Gateway organization at City College is able to do to clarify the status of the PR Gateway program.

      Principal Gannon signed a Letter of Agreement for the 2017-20 cycle of funding. The program is listed on the school’s web page and in the current HS Directory. There are 125 STEP eligible students from PR on file with N.Y.S. We have heard nothing officially from the present PR administrators.

      As you know, we fund the school $100 per eligible student. The network limits the number of schools so that we are able to maintain that level of funding.

      Much has changed in the structure of the program in the last 15 years. While adhering to NYS guidelines, Gateway adjusts it’s expectations based on each school’s needs and culture. However, we continue to reply on support from the school’s administration and strong leadership by the coordinator and team teachers.

      While we recognize that you have been a strong advocate for your students, we are unable to approve any funding for the 2017-2018 school year.

      This decision is based on Principal Swinton’s statement that she intended to reorganize the honor strands and eliminate special programs.

      I spoke with her briefly on one occasion and she told me she would give the issue further consideration and get back to me within a few days. That did not happen.

      We wish you a successful school year. ”

      So, there you all have it. Swinton lies. She lied to you at the PTA meeting either by outright spewing untruths or by withholding information about things she plans to cut. For example, there won’t be a blood drive. And AVID classes are being reduced in number. City officials swear by her lies. It’s absolutely outrageous and unacceptable.

      She does not communicate with the staff and to date has never informed us of the reorganization and changes she radically and unilaterally implemented. She does not reply to emails internally and clearly does not follow up with outside supporters either. She has said time and time again that she did not have a good experience with Gateway in the 1990s and for that, your children are suffering while she gets retribution.

      This is where we are at folks. Teachers are in a tight spot. Parents must demand change and accept nothing less than her removal.

      There is so much more to say but I will leave it at that. As Swinton loves to say, “and that’s a fact.”

  75. I am a student at port Richmond high school and all the things said are true. She’s my principle and I (no joke) never seen her once. The thing that pissed me off the most is how she totally forgot about 9/11. One of my teachers that are close to the principal had to tell her to say something. They do morning announcements at 9 , which is when she should have acknowledged the event, instead she waiting until 2:10 (last period of the day) to say something. She doesn’t even try to get to know the students. I miss mr Gannon tbh and his morning announcements. #oneathaout

  76. Ms. Swinton has also 86’d a neighbothood man who lives on a fixed income from the school and the food pantry that was set up mainly for people in the community. Are we not a community school? This very old and fragile man graduated from Port and is a familiar face to staff and students. So the school with the heart has become the school with Heavy. Heaven help us.

  77. found success at Port

    This is Mayor DiBlasio complimenting the progress and amazing work that Port Richmond HS was doing Press conference from PRHS Sept 2016
    So if this is the case WHY did he and the Chancellor send someone to come and completely restructure the school???

    Are they interested in all in our children??

  78. I personally, do not use social media. However, please consider making a Facebook page dedicated to the removal and exposure of Oneatha.Spread it like wildfire. All it takes is 1 fb page and 1 friend request. We all know how fast information travels through social media ! What better way than to let students, staff, parents and community members get an inside glance. Let the students read about their Principal for themselves. Build a FB page and pass it around. Let the students go home and show it to their parents and guardians !

  79. found success at Port

    This is a letter our family wrote to the Advance (when it was till our local paper…) about our experience at Port Richmond HS with our disabled son. He had had a terrible time in school and Port was more than willing to accept the challenge. He was in the GATEWAY program You know, the one that has been defunded, because apparently it does not work…well proof positive it works. And here is proof. Our son is willing to speak on behalf of the school and the program he feels turned his life around. He had an incredible para there who I heard is retiring, I am sure she is finding the change hard and I am happy for her to go and find peace, she deserves it. Please read about our gratitude for his years as a Raider…

    Four years ago, when we told people we had chosen Port Richmond High School over all of the other high schools on Staten Island to send our son who had a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome, we were greeted with many questions of “why?” They could not understand what made us choose this school. But we have never regretted our decision, especially now that he is on his way to college.

    The school’s principal, Mr. Timothy Gannon, continues to make this a place that the students may call their home away from home. He is seen all over the building and knows the students by name. My son respects and loves him as he knows he is someone he can go to if he ever needs anything.

    The staff was caring and went above and beyond for our son. Asperger’s was new territory for many teachers, but they did what they needed to do and got to know how to work with our son. The assistant principals, the counselors and my son’s paraprofessional of four years never gave up on him even if he was having the very worst of weeks, which did indeed happen from time to time. He was able to not only pass his Regents exams, but score well above what was necessary for the Regents diploma.

    I have spoken with other parents and few will report the same results for their children who currently have the same diagnosis, even those enrolled in the Asperger’s programs. Our son also graduated on time. He scored well on the SAT exam and is now enrolled in the College of Staten Island. He finished PRHS with awards at senior night plus a scholarship award from the Center for Independent Living.

    Our ordeal with the city Department of Education has been a long, tough and draining battle. But not with this school — with those who make the decisions sight unseen about our children. Those who have been hands on with my son have always sought for the best; even if we were not in agreement, our son’s best interest was always in the forefront.

    On graduation day, our son, who earned the medal for chorus, took the microphone and sang a solo part in front of a gymnasium filled with people. This moment has filled us with more joy than we could ever imagine. We thank Port Richmond High School from the bottom of our hearts for all you have given to our son. We have loved being part of the Raider family.

    a place to call home

  80. This is a Tuesday morning Raaaader blast…Swinton has to go. Start a Facebook page and get the ball rolling. The mayor is up for reelection, we have power in numbers

  81. Make a FB page and all of Staten Island will know about this by 5pm today. Word spreads fast through social media .

  82. And the Mayor certainly doesn’t want to affect the North shore vote. It’s the only vote he gets on Staten Island.
    The video of him and the Chancellor coming and speaking about port richmond 9/2016 is proof that he wasn’t advocating for a restructure of the school.
    Call him out on the choice he and the Chancellor made placing her at Port. She’s a bad fit. She doesn’t belong there.

  83. Who is the Administrator of the gateway program in NYC. Please if anybody has the contact information should not hesitate to put it out for other parents to follow up with the PA. We need to address this explosive issue with a face book page as a matter of urgency.

    • Please make sure the focus of the page is not only Gateway, but all of the issues, inappropriate comments, lack of communication and offensive and discriminatory behaviors. Oneatha Swinton has no place around our children. Please post the parent letter that went around and copy and paste comments from this page to the new Facebook page. We need the information in as many mediums as possible. You could also share the links and info via Twitter, Snapchat. Everywhere. Thank you.

  84. It is important that families attend the town hall meeting on October 3 at PS 48
    The Chancellor will be there
    She needs to hear our voices. She has allotted 6:30-7:30 to discussion. I advise everyone to get there early
    Car pool, cab or take buses because parking in that area is very scarce.
    Come early so you can sign up to speak.
    Very important that we be a presence there. The media will be covering her appearance here.

  85. Please email:
    Yvette Davis-Edwards HS parents support 718-420-5667

    Also go directly to the chancellor because Ms Davis Edwards is supposed to resolve issues within a week. My guess is that the response will be that Ms Swinton will say that parents misunderstood again. But you still have to contact her

    Chancellor Farina

  86. Parents were not mistaken as the ap of guidance stated that gateway and scholars are gone. Swinton must swiftly go

  87. Felicia Holtzman-Otto.. ?? I don’t get it. What exactly is her role ? Assistant Principal of Guidance ? Assistant Principal of Port Richmond ? Secretary? Principal in training ? Student teacher ? WEIRD.

    • Swinton’s mini-me. She could have taken over SSL or another school, but when you’re being fed from the master’s table, why jump ship (mixed metaphors!!!!)?

    • Another NYC Teacher

      Holtzman’s role is; as it was at Secondary School for Law, her Acolyte/follower.

  88. Parents need to work together. This women is not fit to be a principal. Her lack of respect for the parents and students at Port cannot overlooked. Collegiate, Gateway, VE, TV media and Med Tevh, all these small learning communities have been broken up. What was once a system that worked is being torn down. Why? Does she need to prove that her system is better then another principal; a man that created a family, welcomed his students, knew his students, cherished being a Raider instilled in our children; walk with pride because they are Raiders not a number. As students of both Gateway and Collegiate the reward for hard work was a special trip. Collegiate was suppose to go to Disney, as parents we raised money, the students were excited and the trip was cancelled without any notice to parents who sold raffles and raised money for their children to go on the trip. They worked so hard taking extra classes, AP classes and college now but they will no longer be reward for the extra work they have done. I’m not sure what Gateway had planned as my child was a Collegiate student, she chose it for the simple fact that it was English and Humanties driven. These rewards were cancelled, because they were considered inclusive, making other students feel excluded. This is the thought process of a partipation trophy. If you show up and do the bare minimum you should be rewarded. This teaches our children nothing. Teach our children to work hard to do more because they can because they are smart and talented. If parents do not ban together this will continue the racism that never existed at Port, the treat every student the same, the disrespect of parents and the total disregard for Raider Pride.

    • Please call 311 and lodge complaints. You can do it anonymously.
      They have a DOE help and complaint line.
      Email the Chancellor. Email the Mayor. Email the Superintendant The CEC. The High School parent representative. Make phone calls too.
      Lodge a complaint with NYS ed department.
      Go to the Town Hall meeting. Oct 3. 6:30. PS 48.
      Make signs. Hold them up.
      Call the press.
      The more people who say things the more they are forced to address this.
      Join the Facebook page.
      Just writing on here isn’t going to work.

  89. At today’s “meeting” how come only students that were black, Hispanic or special education addressed in the school “data?” What about students that are asian? middle eastern? white? Port Richmond is not just populated by black, Hispanic and students with IEPS.

  90. A lot of the NEGATIVE comments about Ms.Swinton has made me laugh. Anyone who has gotten a chance to know her knows how much of a GREAT principal she is. Ms.Swinton was one of the main people who supported all PSAL activities in the school. You could catch her at basketball games cheering on her students with a John Jay sweater and even at track meets cheering student of ALL grades on. Anyone who has heard about my relationship with Ms.Swinton knows we bumped heads ALL THE TIME! Junior year I hated her. I thought she was out to get me because she always told me to get to class or to get my act together. I realized that deep down inside she actually cared. I have never met a principal who was so intact with the lives of her students. She would walk around the halls during passing giving us high fives and reminding us education is key. All the kids who were outrageously disrespectful , and interrupted the learning process was constantly getting lectured by Ms.Swinton. What other PRINCIPAL do you know cared this much? After I realized that Ms.Swinton was not a monster coming after me but a hero saving me from myself, I realized that she loved me like a daughter and seen me further then I seen myself. Not only me but my peers. Ms.Swinton often listened to what the kids wanted. If we wanted a school party she allowed us to have one. If we wanted a shorter day looked at ways to ensure that. My senior class wanted to be different and go away for our senior trip and thanks to Ms.Swinton we went to Virgina Beach. Mobet was a problem for some kids so Ms.Swinton thought of different fundraisers to help. We wanted a good graduation and man oh man was it over the top ! I’m talking about every senior in the graduating senior class receiving a SCHOLARSHIP ! Ms.Swinton also nominated a numerous amount of students with a chance of going after the Posse Scholarship. The day Ms.Swinton announced that she would not be in John Jay anymore , the John Jay school for Law family went crazy on Facebook. Talking about how much they loved and will miss their principal. As an alumni of the school , I’m still in touch with the children often tell me how much they Love and miss the staff that left. Ms.Swinton may seem a little crazy and mean at time but trust me when I say THERE IS A METHOD TO HER MADNESS ! This post about Ms.Swinton is long over due but I finally got a chance to write it. All the people writing negativity needs to stop. Don’t base what you write based on just one encounter with a wonderful woman. But place it on her AFTER you get to know her as a person. Trust me your opinion will be different. On behalf of spending four years with you Ms.Swinton thank you for helping me find myself , thank you for all the opportunities you have given whether or not I deserved them. You are an amazing woman and PORT RICHMOND IS BLESSED TO HAVE YOU AND THE STAFF YOU BROUGHT WITH YOU !

    • HA HA HA.

      Did your nose grow writing this??

      First of all. An authority figure is not your friend.
      It is impossible for an entire class to earn scholarships. Impossible.
      She’s great because she uses slang?
      Port Richmond knows a great principal because they just had one.
      She’s a liar and she will get herself caught ine day.
      How about keeping Collegiate and Gateway? Medtech? Media? Those are all scholarship worthy programs?
      The people she brought are unqualified.
      Oh yes. That’s a great leader.
      Putting down and insulting an educated staff is not the way you find success as an educational leader.
      We are not stupid. We came into this with open minds and she. Herself have filled us with the truth about her.
      Tell your story walking troll.

      • Oh it’s possible. A new principal equals a hard transition. Give her time to show everyone how great she is.

        • There is no such ” hard transition ” going on at ANY of the other schools on Staten Island who have new principals this year.

          This is the only school having issues.

          Quite tell tale.

          You cannot have students apply for specific programs
          Go to a school FOR those programs. And have them yanked away with zero notification and zero discussion. This is not a communist state. This is the USA. And or schools are funded by tax dollars. Therefore they cannot be run by dictator style rule.
          We have the right to speak up.

    • How much did Oneatha pay you to write this statement?

      • Sounds like Oneatha wrote it herself. The sentence fragments and the use of the word “hero” gave her away! Only Oneatha would describe herself as a hero. That post is the only one on this site that is full of untruths.

        • Interesting. If Oneatha did write that statement she must be looking for attention. Instead she should grab the nearest dictionary, thesaurus and grammar text. There are indeed a plethora of grammatical mistakes and if we did a line by line correction it would be too time consuming!

        • DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TO DO ??? Go teach your kid something productive.

  91. Ms.Swinton was the best principal anyone could ever have!!! She always made students aware that she was there to fulfill our needs and wants. She pushed us to be nothing but the best and never let any of us give up on our dreams!!!! You people speak on her name as if you know her, it was the worst to see her go. The school will never be the same without her! In order for students to exell they need to feel comfortable and comfident , this is what Ms.Swinton is all about. She made sure all of the students got what they deserved and more! She is a great principal and a great person.

    • Another paid commentator! Those of us who had negative experiences know enough to determine that Oneatha is a charlatan.
      By the way you wrote exell when it should be excel. Comfident should have been spelled confident. Ms. Swinton helped you so much but she couldn’t make sure you learned to spell properly! People judge you based on your writing which includes grammar, syntax, spelling etc. These positive posts about Oneatha seem mighty suspicious. They are all filled with misspelled words and other issues.

      • I fear you may be looking too deep into our “grammar, syntax, spelling” errors instead of what we’re trying to say. We’re humans so we’re fallible so please excuse our mistakes. Instead analyze what we’re trying to say.

        • It seems I was not the only one who noticed these numerous mistakes with these staged positive comments. We had enough interaction with Oneatha to know that these positive statements are suspicious. You are speaking to us as if we were morons when we witnessed and experienced her abuse first hand. Just because Oneatha has friends it does not mean these flowery comments can erase her horrible actions.

          • Your choice to categorize our comments as “staged” or “suspicious” are misguided; they’re positive because they reflect our interactions with her. I apologize if it sounds like we’re speaking to you all as if you’re inferior but that’s truly not our intent. You’ve had her for less than a month and it concerns us how quickly you resort to use the words “experienced her abuse” when we were students under her admin for years and understand that she only seeks to improve the school. An open mind shouldn’t close so quickly; was it really ever open?

          • The amount of time I have known Oneatha is not relevant. In addition it’s funny how people can present valid proof demonstrating Oneatha’s misdeeds yet this is disregarded. Just because you are biased towards her does not override the evidence against her. It’s also funny how you folks or maybe you are Oneatha clones think you are obligated to make such over the top comments praising her yet you do not want anyone to say anything different.

    • We will gladly give her back. Please let the chancellor know. In fact we will let the chancellor know that your school is very upset without her and that we will send her back.

    • You can have her back.

  92. After reading this I was very surprised by how quickly many of you were to assume the worst. I understand the curiosity to getting a new principal and wanting to make sure you got a principal that would at least make you feel safe and many of these comments are disheartening but as a recent alumni of law alway me to clear up some of what was aforementioned in order to dispel any worries.
    For starts many of the comments made from 2014 and before are from teachers that disagreed with her leadership. There is no leader in history that was successful at being liked by everyone. An effective leader doesn’t seek to be liked, and effective principal doesn’t seek for teachers to like him/her when they’re preoccupied with making the school a better place which in this instance is exactly what Swinton did. Throughout her many years as principal and my 4 years as a student I witnessed Swinton be a strong advocate for all students as she worked hard to create opportunities for us. Every law student benefited from this and PRHS students will as well in due time with the right support.
    Now to the controversy with the merging of schools. This was a very rare occurrence and with no precedent set for how to go about it. Swinton as well as Holtzman did the best they could with such difficult circumstances. A little background knowledge: Journalism was and in some ways still is a struggling school. Over the years they’ve gone through multiple different principals and because of this their retention rate suffered. Failure to find a sufficient admin to run the school resulted in the appointment of Holtzman as principal. With the very little resources journalism had Swinton and Holtzman saw it best to merge the schools until a better alternative became available. The five months we spent merged were the best months of journalisms history. This became noticeable especially to students of journalism when they realized a lot of what resources law had as a result of Swinton’s leadership would no longer be available to them. After the merger the school was able learn from what Swinton had done to improve law. They added AP classes that student only began to have when we were merged. They developed their own clubs to increase student spirit, involvement and leadership skills which Swinton had done years before.
    PRHS students are lucky. Swinton is already greatly missed at law. With time you will soon agree that PRHS will be better with her simply because her leadership and methods WORK, she wouldn’t have been made principal if the superintendent didn’t believe so as well. She brought 4 people with her because the system they have together works and as worked in the past. Those 4 people know more than even I do what Swinton is capable of which is exactly why they agreed to go with her.
    100% of students from my graduation class are on a path to success. Many of us got accepted on Full ride scholarships to schools like: Howard university, Temple, Texas A&M and many others. Believe me parents your kids are in good hands. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and improvement won’t happen over week.
    And if you fear that Swinton will destroy the community at PRHS I find this hard to believe as Law’s community grew and strengthened more every year I was there. School only recently started, many keep your minds open for just a little longer; I’m confident you’ll see how much she cares and how effective she is very soon.

    • Around the time of the merger Law was identified as a dangerous school with parents being given the option to transfer their children elsewhere. For some reason parents were not informed of this right. One particularly disturbing incident was when Oneatha publicly humiliated students to tears in an assembly. There were many other incidents that could fill up a book. Yet some of you puppets are so quick to defend Oneatha. So Oneatha cares for all students yet she publicly humiliated them in violation of the regulations. Interesting!

      • “Publicly humiliated students to tears in an assembly”, I find it hard to believe that an involved student could go 4 years with out hearing about this famous assembly. It’s a rumor and even worse it has no merit. Parents were notified of the schools status and option to transfer, I know this because I was a sophomore at the time and my parents were in fact notified. I remember that same week as students discussed it often and refused to accept that our school was “dangerous”. I also remember the following year when parents and students were notified that Swinton had been successful in her efforts to redeem our school and get Law off that list. Now that is interesting!

    • Keep calling 311 people. They’re scared. That’s why the planted comments and propaganda are rolling in. It must be working. Double up the efforts.

      The PRHS community is NOT caring about what happened at LAW. They are commenting and complaining about the destruction she has already brought to our school. Cutting our programs. Denying funding. Dividing our kids and faculty. Speaking down about our former administrator. What is past is past. We are talking about now and she is not a good fit here.

      Keep it up folks. They’re trying to get us to back down. Double your efforts.
      All lies. All lies.

      • Absolutely. We won’t stop fighting until she is removed. Port deserves better. All children deserve better. She clearly has reached out to these “former students” and asked them to defend her. I doubt they are trolling their former principal’s page from their prestigious universities. If they are, that is questionable and plain weird! How sad that Oneatha cannot redeem herself by controlling her behavior and acting appropriately so she needs to get others to defend her. I’m still not convinced these positive comments weren’t written by her.

        • With all due respect Principal Swinton does not need anyone to defend her especially students. Onetha simple doesn’t have the time to reply to every single complaining parent because she is busy working on ways to please everyone at the same time and organizing ways to make PRHS complaint free.

          • Interesting how all the POSITIVE comments are ANONYMOUS. Hmmm? Perhaps Oneatha is some kind of acronym for Anonymous?

      • Even though PRHS was not present when Oneatha violated people at Law and Journalism, her actions at these Brooklyn schools proves that the PRHS complaints about her are valid.

  93. I checked the Facebook page for her last school there was one post from last year’s graduation. No crying no sobbing and it seems Ezra was the student speaker at graduation 2016. Anyone can go see some videos of graduation and pics of some awards given. Now go look on the Port Richmond High School page to graduation 2016. The tribute to our wonderful leader as he prepared to leave. The staff and students past and present who love this school. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

    • The page you were referring too. I invite everyone to explore it in depth as it reflects the community Swinton was able to influence. It was student made and run and it was only the first year so keep that mind. But there was a lot of crying and sobbing excuse us for choosing to focus only on the brighter side of celebratory occasion.

      • You know she is reading this lol!

        Congrats to the class of 2017. Interesting you found this page. Shouldn’t you be busy at college? One has to wonder who pointed here. Anyhow- Glad Ms. Swinton made a positive impact on your life. Get in touch with your favorite teachers- those who didn’t leave because of Swinton- and ask them if they share your starry point of view. And we both know that not all students feel the way you do. How is it that this superstar of an administrator managed to anger so many teachers? Why is it that so many left Law? Pity you didn’t get to know half of them because they left long before you arrived. Why is it that she turns so many people off? Are all these parents and teachers lying? Please.

  94. Oneatha Swinton is a narcissist and it is evident in a first encounter with her. She lies, praises herself, and loves herself above all else. Typical behavior for someone with this disorder is to strike out at anyone who is savvy enough to see through the facade…in this case parents and teachers. She will naturally cosy up to students who are more easily influenced in order to get the adoration she feeds on.. So, we are not buying your Mother Theresa portrait of her…we’ve already glimpsed what’s underneath the paint.

    • The letter of introduction she posted on the Port Richmond website boasts on how she had such a successful 16 year history with the Department of Ed. Blah, blah, blah!

      • So if she’s had a successful 16 years with the DOE why was she employed at Deutsch Bank on 9/11 as she explained in her letter to parents after the fact?


    Article about how ” great ” it was at John Jay. Here’s the illegal merger of Law and Journalism

    And more about Felicia Holtzman Otto.


    Read this. These grades aren’t the great grades she boasts about. Are they?
    The students and staff comment on the bottom. Hmmmm

      • It’s not all about numbers.
        It’s about being a decent human being
        She’s doing away with the programs so there’s the ability to make everyone the same.
        The kids who
        Like to come to school for the programs but aren’t good students will no longer come.
        At a certain point their grades don’t matter or their registrations will be dropped. Hence no more bad grades. Only kids who would’ve graduated either way are left. But they’re numbers. That make HER look good. Nothing else. PRHS former principal cared about the whole child.
        No one cares about your numbers. The link was posted to show illegal merger and the poor leadership of Ms Holtzman Otto who is now a leader at PR apparently not by merit but by association.

        • Oh and 5 star ratings on all reviews which speak of dedicating and loving principal and staff. while the Law ratings give 1 and speak of misery. Give it up.
          The lies are not being believed.

          ” the culture ” of Staten Island to quote her.
          Yup. She’s right. The culture. We don’t take kindly to BS.
          Don’t pretend you’re one of us and then say we have a different ” culture “.
          And the odd behavior when addressing large audiences is a bit worrisome.

        • You made it about numbers not me my friend.

        • What do you mean it’s not about the numbers, if your child isn’t prepared for college how is having those programs beneficial? Your child was able to go a trip? Whoopie!!! But does he/she meet the CUNY/ SUNY standard entering as a freshman. You aren”t thinking of the bigger picture! Have you ever asked what’s being done to replace the programs? Do you think it’s being destroyed without a replacement? Give Oneatha a chance to work and you will see the greatness she will produce with all of your support. She won’t be able to do it without the help of the community and you guys are bringing her down without getting to know her or allowing her to do her job. Don’t judge a book by its’. cover or what other people are saying, get to know her yourself!

          • Yes. Yes child is attending college. Has a 3.7.
            My other child who is currently at port had a 96 average last year and has a 97 average now.
            They both are musically inclined and PRHS worked with them to expand on that.
            It wasn’t just about trips. It is about being well rounded.most Colleges aren’t even looking at SAT scores now. They look at the whole student.
            Grades. SAT. Clubs. Teams. Talent. Dedication. Staying power with activities and commitment.
            You sound like you know very little about the college process

          • Obviously another post by Oneatha the wonderful! All the positive comments filled with praise are by Anonymous. If you know her to be so great give us your name and where we can find you so you can help us see her greatness too!

  97. She advocated for us for over 4 years. I see nothing wrong with taking a break from attending our prestigious universities to advocate for her.

  98. I hope you people feel accomplished for coming at a bunch of teenagers who simply got the chance of knowing their principal. I understand that administrators aren’t suppose to be friends. However administrators should allow children to fill welcomed and that school is like a second home. I’m done speaking you adults have way too much time on your hands to be bashing and coming at teenagers. Shame on you all! & to the parents writing on here …..Y’all didn’t even give Swinton a good month in the school yet to be talking all this garbage. Keep listening to google and teachers she FIRED years ago that post anon. Lets remember they were teachers who were fired for not doing their job why don’t you guys give her a chance ? There’s a reason the DOE hired her in the first place. & yes I did speak at Graduation thank you very much. Oh yeah and the “Humans of Law” page doesn’t come close to all Swinton has done for us. Seniors who were busy with senior activities ran the page. So forgive us for not posting every single thing about how our school changed and how great graduation was. Enjoy your night and have blessed life. Toodles

    • No one was “bashing” teenagers. People were speaking out against the terrible things Oneatha did and does. All of a sudden you alleged teenagers (we really do not know who you are) came rushing over to defend her.

  99. When is this Town hall and where?

  100. LOL @ the comment that says “they are scared”. If you’re referring to Swinton and staff you’re wrong. Like I said DOE hired her for a reason. You people need a chill pill. Give her time to make your school great or keep it as “great” as you say it was before she got there. & stop stalkers cause there is no way in hell you would know I spoke at graduation. & btw I was class of 2017. Thanks

  101. @ D. You have been on this post for about a year now. What vendetta do you have against Swinton ? Did she fire you too or something. Like let the lady breathe jeez !

    • No one owes you an explanation. At this point however obe must ask what do you have to gain by defending her? You and others seem to get overly upset when people make negative comments about her but that is their right to do so. No one forced you to defend her better yet maybe they did. Your defense of her does not excuse her poor track record. You defend her with such tenacity as if she were a friend, family member, employer or employee– which goes overboard! If you are really in college as you say I would suggest you spend more time concentrating on your work.

  102. I don’t think that the students who say they love Swinton are paid, staged, or fake. Many students love her so please don’t target them for expressing that she cares about them. Because she does care. But she is polarizing for both staff and students. And that is the problem. Students who loved and worked with her for student council and other activities at LAW saw a different side of her than most of the student body, who found her abrasive and slightly ‘psychotic’ to quote a previous comment. This is because she does target students in public ways. It was well known that she would hand out colored folders at grade assemblies according to whether you were on track to graduate (red=not on track, green=on track). This is considered corporal punishment and it is illegal. She manages students and staff with this same mentality of public disparagement and intimidating you into silence. As a former teacher who worked for her, I can say I was scared to speak up in staff meetings for fear of retaliation. I was scared to be seen speaking with someone she was known not to like. And I was a teacher she actually liked (I think). Teachers do not leave their jobs because of students. They change schools or leave the profession because of bad admin like Swinton. Working under her leadership (or lack thereof) is exhausting. This is not how a principal should manage adults. I agree that she ultimately does have students’ best interests at heart, but she doesn’t know how to pull everyone together as a community in the way that a principal needs to. She focuses on what teachers and students are doing wrong, and forgets that we need to be reminded of what we are doing right. She also runs a school somewhat like a dictator, without parent or teacher involvement in huge decisions. It goes without saying that many of the comments on here are false or exaggerated. That tends to happen when anyone can post anything anonymously. I didn’t believe anything I read about her before on this site and others, but within a few months of working for her I knew I was wrong. Most of the comments from her time at LAW are true. Like many others on here, I hope you, Port Richmond, are more successful than LAW was at speaking up for your school and what you want as a community.

  103. Graduate of Secondary School for Law

    Ms. Swinton is a great principal. I graduated from Secondary School for Law 2015 and was very prepared for college. I am now a junior in college with a 3.7gpa and when I entered college I was advanced in Math because Ms. Swinton made sure we were able to take Advance math courses. I was able to take many AP courses, which helped in college. Let’s talk about College Readiness! What high school should engage their students in. During my time at law I was alloted many opportunities such as being a Pencil Fellow, nomination as a Posse scholar. I was able to Gain many mentors. Ms. Swinton is a principal who is very motivating and always cares for her students. She treated us as her own and was also there to listen.
    She welcomes everyone with opening arms and cares for the education of students and cares for everyone getting opportunities. She never left anyone behind and is very outgoing. You wont be led wrong under the guidance of Swinton.
    If you had a bad inter-counter with Ms. Swinton as a student it was because you weren’t doing the right thing and she was helping you stay on track. She is there to help you, not tell what you like to her and you still get no where.
    -Grateful Graduate under Principal Swinton leadership

  104. What I don’t understand is that all these allegations are made about the best principal for John jay school for law and recently port Richmond. The parents and teachers that have an opinion or disagreements about what changes have been made in Port Richmond y’all really need to stop it. Changes are made for a reason. A student learn by moving on to the next chapter. Students making these dumb comments is a mind set for them based on the negative stuff they have done within a school year. A story never end with the same chapters. I have been trying to explain that ms Swinton is doing her job and she know what’s best. She know what changes make things more easier and allow the school to be more effective. She will help your son/daughter accomplish their goals and that’s what teachers and principals are there for.

  105. Grateful Graduate, Congratulations on your success story. But ultimately, you are an anecdotal success story and your personal love for Swinton has no bearing on how the majority of your class or all the teachers who left felt about her. Many of the things you mentioned in your comment are things that you should have access to as a high school student, not things that she provided because she was a “great principal.” I personally spoke to her about offering higher level courses in my content area, and she wasn’t interested.

    The principal helps set the culture which helps retain teachers. The brief, “Musical Chairs: Teacher Churn and its impact on Indianapolis Public Schools” published by Teach Plus stated: “for teachers who voluntarily left a school at some point in their career, 49 percent cited school leadership and 40 percent cited school culture as reasons for leaving.”

  106. Port Richmond’s PC and Athletic director should watch out. Word has it she’s bringing her own person (nepotism!!!) in as a “community communicator” as of Monday.

  107. Ok now y’all need to keep y’all personal feelings to y’all self because this look personal, which is not the point teachers that don’t like ms Switon or don’t like what she brings to the table thats when you guys should come in a sit down with her in meetings and talk about your feelings. Base on what a teacher said in recent comment that him/her is scared of ms Swinton, no teachers should be scared of a principal. Ms Swinton is an outstanding teacher/principal. It’s her job to make the school that she is in, a better school, it’s her job to make changes that make all students comfortable and allotted all opportunities in their school. Also, to provide better programs. People come on, if there was a different principal y’all don’t think that principal would make changes too. People y’all need to wise up bashing on ms Switon not going to make your students/child a better learner, programs are there to set to make the community comes together. That anonymous teacher that congratulated the student in the comment above you are just a funny teacher, and I can see that you are talking about multiple principal, which your not. Since you know the history and the population of the culture or whatever musical stuff you are talking about why don’t you go apply to become a principal! Which takes hard studying great education great principles” and I can continue which I don’t see that you are ready for that position because if you got principles you would’ve be on here bashing on ms Swinton as your principal.

    • People are not bashing her. People have valid reasons for complaining about her. Swinton’s idea of a meeting is speaking down to people and not allowing them to respond or ask a question. That is not the characteristic of a great principal. No matter how much you cry for her she will never be a great leader !

    • Just stop. If the school needed Ms. Swinton to come and save the day then how come Mayor DeBlasio and Ms. Farina were applauding the school just last year ? No one in their right mind would place her in an administrative position to “clean up.” However, she might have been placed at PR for her own demise. Her record is no secret and the DOE works in mysterious ways…

  108. This is all so sad. My child is miserable this year. The climate is awful.

  109. In reading all of this, there are a few people that do support this principal in her past school. However, we need to focus in on what the current teachers/students are saying. Most importantly is when parents are stating their child is miserable, taking away beloved programs, teachers being scared .
    Most importantly out of the 8 or 9 new principals this is the only one whose complaints can be heard outside of this school and in the community.
    We need everyone to contact the press, she is Interim Acting. That means there is an opportunity to prevent further damage from being done. What newspaper does not love reporting on bad educators.
    Please contact the press, chancellors office, and remember she is still Interim acting, aka NOT PERMANENT. We have a chance

  110. Swinton is biased with other teachers. She takes students out of teachers classes and puts them in classes with teachers she favors. She gives no feedback and lacks enthusiasm when speaking to her students.

  111. What is the C-30 process?
    It would be helpful if it were explained.

    Thank you.

    • Chancellors reg c-30 describes the process for appointing principals and assistant principals in NYC public schools. Candidates are interviewed by the School Leadership Team, which consists of parents, representatives of the UFT and other employee unions. The SLT votes on the candidates and forwards the names of the two with the most votes to the superintendent. The superintendent then forwards his/her choice to the Chancellor who makes the final decision.
      The parents and staff at Port need to identify two candidates they can vote on.
      Of course there is a lot of “politics” to this but that is how the process is supposed to work.

  112. Let me say this. My name’s Cavani Diggs and I currently attend the prestigious Howard University and am a freshman political science major and that wouldn’t have been possible if not for the complex but effective establishment that is John Jay Schoo for Law. Get the name right and get your facts right. When you walk into this establishment that took me from being in the second rounds of the high school acceptance process and produced the healthiest, brightest, smart, passionate and self aware BLACK individual you’ve ever seen and many of my class and school mates can agree. John Jay under Mrs. Swinton was the best experience of my life and many other students. You learn to be involved and be an intellectual in the real world. Swinton is called crazy, irrational, and a whole bunch of other things by people who didn’t decide to see her views in the light they tried to produce. If it wasn’t for Mrs. Swinton And the many athletic and academic programs she helped establish and get grants for, I would’ve never had the chance to intern at Paul Hastings Law firm over the summer and act as a judge to train students that were in law school. I wouldn’t have discovered my passion to fight against injustices and to truly be a Supreme Court justice. The environment that this strong BLACK woman created was essential to provide a loving community that kids from many different environments needed. You all as teachers and students talk about how late the school was with everything, how poor of a leader she was mind you every time she tried to establish something new she got nothing but negativity because instead of trying to be innovative and provide kids with the education they deserved many of you were too lazy to dedicate time to learn and teach. That’s what our job as students, mentors and teachers is to dedicate that time to learning and teaching yet all I see is excuses and excuses. You point the finger but mind you, you left the school. No one has stayed but yet you still have time to sit here and complain. Majority of you individuals don’t joking programs, don’t invest time into the school, and stay with giving out complaints. If there’s one thing the school can’t deny is the individuals we accept and that they all have different personalities. You didn’t ask to go to a private school or a catholic school. You decided to come to John Jay School for Law and that comes with the good and the bad whether you like it or not. But anyway you look at it, this school changes the individuals that truly sit down and take in all it has to offer. I’m a product of John Jay School for Law and if you think this is a 1 in a million possibility at this school, the recent acceptance rate to not only Community school or PWI’s, but HBCU’s and on scholarships at that should prove to you what this school provides. Any parents need to talk to someone talk to the students or individuals that actually lived and breathed and vibes with the previous principle, Mrs. Oneatha Swinton and let us tell you what this principle can provide for this school. There’s nothing but success. Any parents that need to hear from the student perspective please reply and get my email I have no problem discussing this. I know I’m focusing on what she did at her previous school but that’s just to show you what she established and created prior to coming to Port. Yes teachers opinions do matter but if students are going out of their way to tell you how productive their lives are because of this principle and her efforts for success, just know she’s amazing. Not everything she does is perfect but it’s created some pretty near perfect success students and hard workers.

    • That’s wonderful that she made an impact on your life and that you are doing productive things. I’m not being funny when I say that. That is what educators are supposed to do and I won’t take that experience away from you. I wish you the best.
      That said, you were a student and may not have seen all sides of Ms. Swinton. And please put the race card back in your pocket, because this isn’t about race. It is about her inability to lead our school and her inability to learn from her mistakes. Trust that Port has never had a racial divide and she may be the only one who sees color. Does that mean she’s never influenced the life of a child? No. But is she unstable and unethical? Absolutely.
      I hope you take the positive lessons and use them and that you can also see the bigger picture

    • Ouch, Cavani. If you are going to yell at people for “not getting the name right,” don’t call your school ” John Jay Schoo for Law.”

    • Hmmm…”prior to coming to Port”? Freudian slip? Are you, the writer of this, already at Port?

    • Cavani you forgot to mention that you were one of two student representatives for Law’s School Leadership Team (SLT) so obviously you would have a biased perspective.

    • Stop putting caps to the world BLACK. Port Richmond has no problem with a black principal. Half the school is black.

  113. As a parent who has had a child in the care of Ms.Swinton I must say these posts are funny. Only because 3 years again I thought the same thing. I did not understand why someone would hire her based on the stories my child told me. Then I came to an open house, met Ms.Swinton and judged her for myself. As parent the education and livelyhood for your child is at best interest. As a parent who gave her a chance based on after I met her and the stories from my daughter I realized that my child’s education was also at her best interest. She provided resources including new AP classes. My daughter was also a TAS meaning she had another chance at getting a higher Living Enviorment score while learning to be a leader and help facilitate the classroom. She also ran track which became an official PSAL team just last year. I can’t tell the parents not to feel how they feel because I was once in there shoes. However I understand why the students advocating for Swinton are doing so because she did open a lot of doors for them. My daughter is now a senior at John Jay School for Law and has yet to even meet her new principal and half of the new staff. Just yesterday she told me “mommy I feel so uncomfortable I don’t even know what my principal looks like.” Swinton was constantly in the halls telling kids to go to class as well as sitting in the classrooms and holding assemblies. My child actually wanted to come here and advocate for her but I wouldn’t allow her to. Just because as a parent I understand how hard it is to go through change. Especially a change that can affect your child’s life. A change where you don’t know or understand how someone is changing there lives. However as a parent we have to roll with the punches, take some risk and allow change to happen. I’m not saying things will get better but I hope in due time you guys will see the Ms.Swinton I saw once I got to know her. Wishing Port all the best!

    • Former Law Teacher

      Know why Law has so many “new staff?” They left because Of Swinton. So the good teachers who taught your daughter’s AP class, coached her in track, helped her get a better Living Environment grade… gone. So much teacher turnover is not good for a school.

      • I’m sorry, but if you left because of your relationship to a principal (or lack thereof) then what does that really say about your dedication to students? An overwhelming amount of the teachers that leave no longer teach in New York anymore. Why do I mention this? Because this shows that many of our teachers leave due to better opportunities, they left graciously with no malice towards Swinton. Honestly I could make a list of teachers that have left and why and we could assume that those I didn’t mention left due to Swinton, and they would be considered only a small portion of teachers that left. A lot of what is being discussed is speculation and rumors stirred and instigated by bitter teachers that don’t reflect the beliefs of even half the teachers that have left.

        • WRONG!!! I don’t remember a shazil working here. This man has absolutely no idea why teachers left. And he doesnt sound like he has ever worked in a school. Guess what? Teachers who are leaving because of a principal (literally 90% of the staff that left at Law) do NOT tell the students the real reason. Unlike Swinton who would badmouth and bash teachers to students probably to you cvani, teachers would say they were leaving for other reasons. They say they got a job closer to home or something. They tell other teachers and teachers who are think ing of working at that school the real reasons. Think about that sir. Did she ever say things to her fav students about students or teachers? The reasons the former fav students think she is so great are the reasons she is terrible. Its good she helped some students who she really took an interest in but she was awful to staff and to the kids she didnt favor. All…again…ALL of the teachers who left have TERRIBLE things to say about her. Again….ALL


          And even the ones who went with her know what she is. They see the warts but left for other reasons Im sure.

  114. I think after all of this we can now all agree that Ms. Swinton is a great Principal.

  115. Ms. Swinton was my principal for several years, so here is my two cents:

    I disagree with some of the fears/accusations that Ms. Swinton is racist, favors African American children, and doesn’t care about the schools she leads. I have seen her personally teach after school as well as during the school day. Not many principals do that. I have seen her work with difficult students one-on-one, which is what is to be expected of a school leader.

    On the other hand, she makes the people who work for her feel unappreciated. Yes, she has her “pets” who love her and benefit from being on the inside. But she has turned on so many good teachers at Law that the school has suffered from high-turnover. Good teachers – highly effective teachers with high Regents scores – have left.

    Teachers, parents, students and staff at Port Richmond will have to decide for themselves what they think. I hope they give her a fair chance. She has several fine qualities. She is an adult who is aware of how people feel about her so maybe she will see PRHS as a new opportunity to be different.

    Give her a chance, but be ready to stand up for what is right. From reading the above, it sounds like the Gateway program was on the chopping-block until parents complained. That will be key – be vocal as parents. Teachers need to realize that yes, it stinks to work for a boss with her personality, but you have contractual rights that she cannot violate. There are state laws she cannot violate. Use the grievance and complaint process.

    Good luck. I hope to see an organized PRHS soon!

    • She has already violated contractual rights at Port Richmond.

      • And she will get more and more bold the more she gets away with it. This is her on her best behavior. Imagine what it will be like when the honeymoon ends?!?! Fight for our school, expose corruption and refuse to accept a deceitful principal for our students.

        • Exactly. As the saying goes “it’s time to do or die.” Since no one plans to die then something must be done to not allow a vicious/ immoral administrator to be appointed.

    • Who will stop her from violating people’s rights? Someone needs to. It is clear that she is overly confident and will disregard the laws no matter what.

      • She hasn’t violated any rights.

        • You are delirious.

          • You absolutely have, Oneatha. You have violated contracts, violated teacher right, parent rights and students rights. The truth shall be exposed. Clearly you keep coming on the site to try to deflect and defend, but your long standing pattern of behavior can’t be denied.

          • The person who claimed Swinton did not violate any rights is delirious.

          • Just because you fail to agree me doesn’t mean I’m delirious. If anything it means your blissfully ignorant

          • It’s not a matter of agreeing or not rather looking at her record and seeing that’s where the problem lies. What is ignorant is for Swinton to ask and possibly offer incentives for alleged students to comment on this site.

    • where did you see that Gateway was on the chopping block?

      Gateway Appears in the 2018-2019 High School Admissions book that students are to use to chose their programs We do not just go to our zoned High schools any more as Ms Swinton did when she attended Port Richmond. Gateway was a program to help minorities receive proper college prep classes. It has grown since then to be far more inclusive of all. Ms Swinton probably considers it a racist program since this is the way she believes Staten Island is on a whole. At the PTA meeting she alluded to the fact that she was getting to know “our culture” the “Staten Island culture. If she grew up in SI, then why would she not know it already?
      And if Gateway was indeed a program in question that still does not explain cutting Collegiate, taking away a trip that hard working students fundraised for, taking away the small learning communities as well.

      I also heard from a student in the school, that Ms Swinton and her posse went into a classroom filled with students and recorded a teacher. Did she have permission to do this? From the staff members? If not this is illegal. Children saw her For many it was their first glimpse of her. Did she have all of the children’s signed permission slips for recording to be done in their presence?
      Why did she need four staff members to go into the classroom with her? And why would she be observing on the second day of class?

      Nah…nothing to see here….no laws broken….

  116. It’s so painfully obvious that all of the sudden we have Ms. Swinton fans that are coming forward preaching the good news about her. No one buys it and nor does anyone really care at this point. I can tell you for a fact that as a community we are moving forward to have Ms. Swinton removed. There is evidence of fraud ( which is public knowledge) illegal hiring of “employees”and direct and purposeful violations to the contractual agreement. Evidence has been produced and WILL BE used for her removal.

    • I second that. She was obviously rattled by these posts and by the truth, so she sought out the handful of people she got along with and had them write posts to counteract what we know to be true. No disrespect to a bunch of teens or young adults, but you should not have to defend the ethics and behavior of a grown woman. The Port Richmond community of students, parents and staff WILL NOT allow the permanent assignment of a CORRUPT woman and her cronies. We will fight and the truth will be exposed.

      • Amen. Oneatha used those kids! I believe the general purpose of this site was to expose corrupt administrators and not to have naive students defend them!

      • Amen The Port Richmond Community is a family.

        We will fight to save our school. We will fight to keep our kids on a good track for college and careers.

        Gateway was a CUNY funded College prep program. Who turns away FREE money from CUNY?? Who would do that? Ms Swinton? Why? Why take away this money from the kids. Why take away opportunities?
        Why cut Collegiate? Two programs that guaranteed graduates.

        Then the small learning communities? Some students learn best in these situations.
        So is she really thinking of the students?
        I think not. She is trying to create vacancies to bring in friends and family and give them jobs. Simple as that. The children do not matter in the least.

        She does not belong around children. Perhaps her methods work on a few, that is always possible. But when you are the principal you do what is best for all.

        And anyone who comes in and publicly talks down the former administrator is UNPROFESSIONAL in my book. Mr Gannon is an amazing man who truly loved the students. Is he perfect, no one is of course. But even if he was horrible, it is completely unprofessional to speak ill of someone. Shows right there how unfit she is to be an educational leader.

        Let’s go folks Mobilize. Take back our school. NO one asked for a “restructure” nor do we need one.

        • This has got to be the perfect rebuttal to all of those Law students claiming Ms. Swinton was such a great Principal!

        • It’s not just about the money Gateway brought in. She will probably find some fraudulent way to get her hands on the budget to misappropriate funds so she can tell everyone that no money was lost. What’s worse than losing money is that she didn’t even take the time to see for herself what worked and what didn’t. She made a decision based on her own terrible experience in the program and then did not communicate that decision to parents, students or staff.

          She unilaterally makes all decisions because she has no respect for anyone else’s opinions. And she is only willing to surround herself with those who will agree with her because she can’t tolerate any other point of view. She feels threatened by anyone with a brain and some experience. First it was Gateway she cut on her own and next it will be the program someone else’s son or daughter loves. She does what she wants with no plan or rationale. This is the sign of an unprepared, ignorant person.

          It is also strange that someone who had such a traumatizing experience at Port Richmond would want to come back.

        • You praise gateway and collegiate as these great programs but your graduation rate doesn’t reflect that PRHS benefitted from them at all. Your in great need of a restructure. Thank Swinton in June after you’ve wasted your time.

          • No one can say with certainty what will happen in June. Therefore, we cannot predict where Swinton will be in June.

          • Gateway had a 100% graduation rate in June. The class of 2018 would have been the first graduating Collegiate class, they are on track to have a 100% graduation rate.There were approximately 130 students in these programs. Med Tech had a 100% graduation rate in June, between 20-30 students.So, what’s the solution? Get rid of three of the best performing programs at Port. Parents and students have not been notified. There are still plenty who have no idea the programs are gone.




  118. An explanation of the C-30 process

    NYCDOE – C30: Why bother?
    JANUARY 14, 2007 PM31 10:34 PM
    C-30 is the process by which principals and assistant principals are permanently appointed to schools. The process involves parent, teacher, school staff, administrator union, and Department of Education (through Region, District etc) personnel. (Before a principal or assistant principal is permanently appointed, the DoE often appoints an Interim Acting (IA) principal or assistant principal.)

    I don’t know how long C-30 has been around (15 years?) or when it changed (3 years ago) but the change was dramatic.

    The part of the C-30 that most of us hear about is the Level I Committee. The Level I includes representatives of all the different groups mentioned above, including two UFTers. It interviews the candidates. I have served on 5 (or is it 6) Level I’s. And with the changed regulations, they have become a waste of teachers’ time.

    (more below the fold) —->

    Under the old C-30 regulation, the level I committee would look through resumes and choose which to interview. Then the committee would interview several candidates, and forward recommendations to the appropriate Superintendant, who had the final decision.

    Under the new C-30, the Superintendant chooses the candidates to be interviewed, the Level I Committee interviews, and then it is up to the Superintendant whether or not to pay attention to the results of the interview.

    In practical terms, the Level I Committee never could actually choose the principal, but it could eliminate unacceptable candidates. And sometimes, it did. Now the ability to eliminate candidates is gone. The Level I Committee has been reduced to window-dressing. I know of one Level that unanimously, except the superintendant’s designee, recommended one candidate and rejected the Interim Acting. The Superintendant ignored the committee and appointed the IA.

    Even when the process was open, the jobs usually just went to the Interim Acting. In all the Level I’s I’ve been on, only one was for a genuinely open position, and even then we knew who the successful candidate would be in advance; the principal’s choice for APO was widely known. In another case, what should have been a hotly contested process turned to a joke when one of the candidates had charges preferred against him, and left the system in a rush. I have always wondered about those circumstances.

    So, in the past the C-30 had limited power, sort of a veto. And now it has no power at all. What should we do? I like the idea that teachers have some control over administrative hiring. I would hate to give up on the concept. But now we do not have that control. If anything, by participating in C-30’s we give collaborative window-dressing to an autocratic process.

    As individuals, we would be fools to say we won’t play ball. A C-30 comes up in your school tomorrow, you have to put people on there. But as a union should we say, “We want to be involved in the hiring process, but we won’t waste our members’ time unless we have some real input”? or “We don’t think it is a productive use of our members’ time to serve on C-30’s under the current regulations. We would like to ask our members to serve, but the regulation will need to be revised for that to resume”?

    • so then, they did not have a C-30. WHO hired her?

      Was it Lodico? Or was it straight from the Mayor’s office?

      How would we find out?

      Oneatha has said she was sent to Port because it is a Focus school and she is PROVEN…That’s the facts” to quote her. She is proven to push kids out so that only a select few are actually in the building. Then they are all awarded passing grades whether they are present or not….btw Attendance is a legal document that can and has been used in COURT cases to see just where a child was a certain time. Hmmm more laws broken….at any rate, she was brought there according to her to bring the graduation rates up. Since ours were low 59%. She plans to get them to 89% in just one year….

      And when Castelucci and Lodico were questioned regarding the cutting of Gateway and Collegiate, the response was that the parents were confused and that Ms Swinton was speaking about the 59% graduation rate.

      Did Lodico just pawn her off on us for some reason?

      I thought he was a Port Richmond supporter?
      Is it illegal to not have a C-30? I was told by someone that it is illegal.

    • This is why everyone needs to get to the media! Contact Anna Lise at the SI Advance! The superintendent is going to appoint her unless the media gets involved! She came in on the attack and it is time to strike back!

  119. Chyna (SENIOR AT LAW CO'2018)

    I’ll be first to say that tears fell down my face multiple times when Swinton announced her departure from John Jay School for Law. When I was a freshman, the school was Secondary School for Law. I felt out of place and wanted to transfer immediately. After giving it some time to settle in I fell in love with the school, the staff, and nonetheless Ms. Swinton. Earlier this year my sister had to transfer from Clara Barton High School because the school failed to get her into regents classes. Automatically I told my sister to put my school on her list for the transfer because there was no doubt Law’s staff would do what it had to in order for my sister to recieve her requirements to graduate. My sister is my heart, my soul, and my other half. There’s no way I’d let her come to a place where she wouldn’t be treated like family. Yes LAW IS A FAMILY, ALWAYS WILL BE because of Swinton. I don’t care what anyone has to say, a good educational environment is one you feel comfortable in. But as I was saying I was looking forward to having my sister meet Swinton and getting to know how inspirational she was to all students of all colors and sizes. When I asked her in June 2017 at graduation practice (I was a Junior Marshall) why she was leaving she told me it was to give another school with children with similar backgrounds like mine and her own, what she brought to Law. The water built up in her eyes at this point and she began to cry and that’s when I teared up, as well as my three friends. I watched as Swinton awarded the graduating class of 2017 at law with scholarships and it was one of the most touching moments I’ve ever witnessed. I have no regrets of my high school career thanks to Swinton, my only wish is that she couldv’e stayed at law my last year here. The vibe of the school isn’t the same. Although this isn’t about race… Law’s atmosphere doesn’t have that BLACK GIRL MAGIC anymore. Moral of the story is if you have something negative to say about Swinton let that be your opinion but don’t spoil the guaranteed benefits for students that come with such an exceptional principal.

  120. Where does it state that she is hiring teachers illegally? It isn’t a new practice for principals to hire a staff to aid them in the transition of leading a new school. But for the sake of getting past this I hope that the method your taking at least provides you answers. I highly doubt that she will be fired for hiring a staff to aid her. Nor will she be fired for removing a program (Whether she did or did not) that was an executive decision which is what she was hired to do.

  121. Wait so your you graduation rate is below 65%, Swinton removes a program that obviously isn’t doing enough to repair your graduation rate and brings staff from a school with a great graduation rate above 90%. I’m honestly laughing right now. Good luck with your endeavors you think you have a solid case but the DOE will laugh too.

    • @Shazil…as a former student at John Jay School of Law , you seem to possess a wealth of information about former teachers at your school, where they went, why they left AND the inner workings of the merger of your schools and more…That seems mighty telling to us about who you really are. You are so transparent we can see what you ate for breakfast. Give it up. Go prepare a defense. We are not ignorant and the storm IS coming!

    • Shazil, do you work for the DOE?

      • Lol no, I’m actually a political science major, minoring in psychology. But now that you mention it I’m intrigued by the possibility of becoming an educator. Hmmmm.

        • I am not so sure about that. There is no need for future educators who support corrupt administrators. That harms the students and eventually our society.

  122. Publicize the matter and bombard the office of special investigations with complaints preferably written.

    There was an old case from 1993 about improprieties with the C-30

  123. If you look at the beginning of this thread dating back to when she was in her old school, not one single vote of confidence. Now look towards the end, (when she is I.A.), we have a “few” voices coming out in support. Conincidence? Granted every teacher/principal has his/her own pets.
    She has created a community liason position in her school. Look at the job description, surely matches the job of a parent coordinators role (which is already established). The rumor is that this new individual is her baby’s daddy.
    Funny how she lied to the superintendent about gateway, but her own AP of guidance, was told gateway is no longer. Hmmmm, back peddling?
    For the individual in here who stated he/she has evidence of what this principal is doing is wrong, please contact the press and bring it to light. Tottenville was able to remove their principal they didnt like and Port Richmond has a stronger community!

    • He is also the parent coordinator from her former school. Funny how he starts on Monday when the job posting just came down yesterday! And she claims there is no funny business with her hiring practices.

      • She’s finally met her match here. This community doesn’t like liars.
        She is going down.
        There is a paper trail on her.
        She should just save herself and the superintendent the humiliation and step down
        But she won’t. This is the type of person who believes she is never wrong.
        I hope her superiors have more common sense.
        I have an idea. Let her work directly with Ms Farina. Standing with her at all appearances. I’m sure Ms Farina would get tired of that attitude real fast.

  124. Im going to post Performance from John Jay

    Performace of Port RIchmond

    Yes graduation rate is higher, but this is what is suspect to me…. Port Richmond has 89% of students feel this school offers varies of programs, classes, activites while John Jay had 75%.
    (something funny there on on John Jay’s graduation rates)

    78% at John Jay 84% feel safer at Port Richmond
    (something funny there as well).

    So Mr. Gannon has obviously built something that is working.

    For the record being in the community, Port Richmond is not a Focus school. That is something Ms. Swinton made up.

    This is even better…

    for the record this is exactly what a parent coordinator does and simply no need for a position like this. as the prinicipal is a community liason.

    Minimimum requirements for this position as was posted above….
    high school degree (Wouldn’t she want someone with a college degree for this position, you put the bar that low, its gotta be for a reason). I guess someone doesnt have a college education getting this position

  125. This was written by one of her former students last year….

    if a student can see that……

  126. Here is the Chancellor’s Regulation C-30

    Highlight violations. Look who is on the C-30 committee…

    If you really think there are any violations committed at Port, then write them down in a bullet form list.

  127. The DOE is not going to be transparent on what happened here. On how the hiring process works, but it’s our tax money. We can email for files, emails, etc or my friend told me ask the material anonymously through a site called

    The community needs information.

  128. Heard she is going after performing arts next.
    Jazz band. She feels it’s unnecessary.
    It’s a band you make by trying out and working hard.
    Anything that is not all inclusive must go in her eyes. Why can’t our talented students be highlighted?
    Strengths and weaknesses are everywhere.

  129. Parent of graduate of school of law

    In this era of “Fake News” and the so called Facebook generation paradigms like these are created and utilized to harm, scare and wrongfully discredit hard working individuals who have dedicated their lives to other by nameless shameful individuals with so obvious alternative motives. When I became aware of this paradigm and read the awful things that are being said about an individual such as Ms.Swinton it hurts me to the core. I remember when I was in the fifth grade and my two teachers absolutely derailed my development as a student and as a person by telling me that I wouldn’t amount to anything in life. Yes I was what can be described as a bad student who was wey too talkative. But a true educator chooses the educational field to transform lives and make a difference in a person development. Not all students are there to make you have a great day so you can sit back and enjoy your latte. Some student maybe experiencing difficulties at home and or just have a difficult life and need that educator to help transform them to realize what is possible. My live and all my success can be solely attributed to my sixth grade English teacher Mrs. Karp I know she must have pass on by now (god bless her soul) but that little old lady took me under her wings and wouldn’t let me fail and as I write this and tears come to my eyes I am so grateful and thankful to her a true educator. I remember when my daughter was a Junior at secondary school of law and there was an awards event being kept by the school. There was a very brilliant young lady I think of Spanish heritage who due to what ever reason was unable to afford to go to some program that she was accepted in and would miss out on a great opportunity. I remember sitting there and hearing Ms.Swinton’s voice crack and then she started crying then she told everyone there that there is no way under her watch that this young lady would miss out on said opportunity and that the school or her I don’t remember would make sure that this young lady got the money to go to the program and that is when I realized how important these students were to her. And how much she wanted them to succeed. There weren’t any news cameras there. There weren’t any big executives there from DOE it was just the staff the students and their parents. This wasn’t a show for people this was an educator trying to transform a life. This is what education is about. Allowing those to see what is possible beyond what they can visualize. At that moment she reminded me of Mrs Karp my English teacher and I was sold from that day about her character and leadership abilities. All parents of Port GIVE THIS PERSON A CHANCE and you will not regret it. Period. The people who are using this forum for personal attacks to discredit and discourage Ms.Swinton for permanent appointment are just like my two fifth grade latte drinking lazy teachers. Don’t listen to them. I don’t post comments anywhere. But I felt it important to reach out to the parents of Port Richmond students and let them know that their children will be in great hands under this persons leadership.

    • A lot of teachers donated money so that girl could go on her trip. A lot of those teachers have left law because of the principal you are praising. I wonder- if Ms. Karp taught at Law, would she have left too?

  130. Her defenders are saying give her a chance… why hasn’t she given one person at PRHS a chance? She has been down right rude and belittling to the staff there. She gives dirty looks instead of a good morning. She makes the staff feel as if we are not good enough for the students and believe me the students are feeling how unhappy the staff is. The kids love us and we love them. Her first staff meeting and every meeting since she talks down to us. And to set the record straight the school received a focus rating in only one area of the quality review everything else was well developed! She needs to stop putting us down and work with us and not against us. The saying goes you get more bees with honey!

    • Biggest mistake ever was putting down the hard work of Mr Gannon and the staff.
      The school was moving in the right direction
      Slow and steady win the races. These are children. Not experiments in numbers.
      That’s what wrong with the Leadership academy principals. All statistics. No humans involved. Not a good fit for port richmond HS.
      Not sure why the Chancellor backed this selection after SHE herself said. It’s on YouTube. That PRHS was doing very good work.
      Perhaps it’s time to head bsck to Florida

    • The most horrifying statement within this comment is “students are feeling how unhappy the staff is”. How mature is this staff? Why do you need constant gratification from someone whom who haven’t made an effort yourself to know yet? Once you step into that classroom in front of a class of students your personal feelings should be left at the door. If not hearing a good morning results in your inability to teach your students without them noticing your unease maybe your not that great of a teacher. Maybe you being in that classroom is hinderance. Maybe teachers like that is why the graduation rate is a disgrace. Don’t take it personally I’m speaking in general. Do better.

      • Wow!!!
        Unreal. She comes in. Destroys our programs.
        Wants to toss our staff.
        Treats highly educated people who have far more classroom experience and probably more education than her like imbeciles
        And they’re supposed to feel fine???

        What arrogance.
        You know what my child thinks?
        My child thinks the new principal is unbalanced and perhaps needs a good psychiatrist based on her ” performance” during one of her ” look how great I am” assemblies. What a waste of learning time.

        I was looking through NYC HS directory.
        She comes from a school with ONE program. Only one.
        The other Boros don’t have systems set up like ours. They’re all like Petrides. 500 or less. One program. Small schools. No one applying for programs because there is only one.
        She obviously doesn’t understand how large SI schools work.
        We do not have as many HS as Brooklyn or the other Boros. It’s different here
        You can’t compare. She isn’t prepared. She does not have experience with a big school Gannon was AP at Curtis. A large school. Prior to his appointment. AP security. Which we currently don’t have….needed the money for her friends….
        Anyway. My child also brought up a good point.
        Some students who don’t speak English. High numbers at port… take classes to help them learn the language. This makes graduating in four years harder. It doesn’t mean they never graduate. That statistic isn’t fair. It’s bias against non English speakers.
        The John jay population is far less Hispanic than ours.
        Perhaps someone should look at those. Numbers. And our kids say they feel safer. So I’m guessing our staff is doing ok there.

        • Your child is a great judge of character. Ms Swinton is definitely unbalanced and everything she does is a “look at me” performance. Let’s make sure OS is not appointed so your child and all the rest can enjoy the school we love.

      • It is called common courtesy and has a lot to do with the maturity of this principal. She is not only there for the students. As a principal or shall I say a real principal it is about students and staff, it encompasses both. Not one of you Swinton supporters are in our building dealing with her nonsense so please take a step back. This is not about Law, this is about our school, a school you know nothing about!

  131. They are paid commenters.
    Period. College kids do not have the time nor do they care to go on a chat board filled with adults.
    We are on to you.
    You’re incriminating yourself.
    Don’t get too comfortable

  132. All of your accusations are false. Get your facts straight before you start spreading lies and rumors !

  133. Here’s something to sit on for a bit…. all of the sudden we have a new “dean” teaching 1 karate class. Karate ?? I’ve never heard of that class being offered in all of my years of service at Port Richmond. This “dean” that is teaching this karate class holds a teaching license in mathematics. I’m curious as to what makes him qualified to teach karate as opposed to algebra or geometry.. oh, and that 1 karate class he teaches is his only class for the entire day while all of the other dean’s are teaching 3 classes a day… and he is making over $100,000 in salary. Someone brought in by Oneatha. Think about that for a minute.

    • What is that Dean’s name?

    • Only 1 class? Interesting. This might sound crazy but maybe, just maybe, because his title is dean he focuses primarily on being a dean. I don’t know, just a theory.

      • Deans are obligated by contract to teach no less than two classes.

        • Deans are also required to have a certificate just as teachers but in the Swinton world she can bypass regulations. There is a person who was with her at Law but she hired him/ her to work at Journalism as a Dean even though that person was not qualified. All of the Swinton’s supporters if they really exist are saying Swinton is privileged and they are encouraging the rest of us to co-sign on that.

    • Does this physical ed teacher hold a physical education certificate? Different license. Legality issues here….
      deans must teach no less than 2 classes and $100,000 is a nice salary for a Dean teaching one class.
      Just saying…
      So the staff that put their time in at port do not matter anymore.

      • Please call SCI and OSI and 311 to report her. She must be investigated. Keep your info details close to chest on this site. Just report her.

    • There was a dean at John Jay that Swinton hired who has no certificate and had students constantly hanging out of his/ her office. One day they were playing around and broke the glass window to the door.

  134. As far as I can see no one is complaining about Swinton’s race and gender but her history of bullying. By claiming that she is being targeted for her race and gender is only an attempt to distract away from the truth.

  135. So. If anyone is looking for a parent coordinator position you may apply at John Jay. Accepting applications until 9/30/17.

    Pretty coincidental huh??

  136. Port staff.. Don’t put all of our info on here. Don’t give Oneatha time to do damage control. Keep some details close to your chest. People are revealing too many details.

    • Parents can and will find information.

      These positions are posted.
      Numbers are posted. All on the internet.

      Sadly what isn’t public knowledge is why this decision to place her was made and with what reasoning. Our DOE officials made the decision to take apart our kids school on their own.

      • I was not saying to withhold info from parents. I was advising staff who also would like to see Oneatha removed, not to publicly reveal details of potential grievances so that Oneatha does not have time to prepare a response (likely full of lies). Parents are the people we are depending on and we want you “in the know.”

  137. No one cares about Oneatha’s race or gender. They care about her dishonest and abusive leadership style and unfair hiring practices. Port would have welcomed any qualified candidate who showed respect for the Port Family. Shove the race and gender cards up your ass.

    • Applause. Applause.
      Sick and tired of the race card.
      No one cares about that at Port.

      Clearly a John jay issue or perhaps a Swinton issue….

      She is playing the gender race card because the Chancellor is scared of being called a racist. That’s the only valid reason I can believe that she let this ridiculous placement happen.
      In fact she and the superintendent need to answer our questions. They are the last stop. They allowed this placement.
      And if it was the mayor. Let him know when you get to the polls how you feel about his disregard for our kids.

  138. Makes sense. Agreed

    • Yes. If you want to say she violates the contract, or is dividing staff, or lying to parents or has unfair hiring practices and tries to intimidate, great. But please leave specifics such as which positions, names, dates, all of the stuff we will eventually use to oust her once and for all.

      • The supporters of Port Richmond– the legitimate decent folks– should meet independently and in confidence to discuss next steps to immediately remedy this situation with this toxic Principal. Let the so-called student supporters of Swinton run and tell that!

        • Yes. Independently and in confidence. How can we do this? And we must all go to Town Hall on Oct 3.

          • Private email & the old fashioned way.

          • Watch out for the Swinton spies at the Town Hall.

          • There are good people. Talking. And working legally, quietly and positively.

            They are all in disbelief.
            Everyone was willing to give her a fair shake. Truth.
            Good people. Kind parents. Good kids.
            But there’s too many issues. And honestly. Most did not take this board to heart at first.
            But she’s just shown herself. Very quickly.
            Staten Island. Port Richmond. All of us. We just don’t take well to too much being shoved down our throats at once.
            She didn’t even take time to know our kids. Our staff. Our programs. Our climate. Not a chance at all. We were all dismissed. Looked down on. Staten Island. Either you’re mafia. Racist. Red neck. You keep going. At any rate we were immediately put on the pay no mind list.
            Not one single new principal here has done even 1/4 of the changes she has put into place. They are showing staff. Parents and students dole respect.
            This is the truth.
            And I agree. Do not post anything that could cause you more grief.
            There are people who care about you. We are trying. Praying and hoping that we are able to come to a decent conclusion here.
            Stay strong.

  139. Parent should feel free to speak and express outrage. The Chancellor doesn’t care what staff has to say anyway. Parents must go and speak up. Your children and your children’s teachers are begging you. You have the power. Staff should be wary about speaking publicly but parents can and must.

    • We intend to fight. And fight hard.

      But if indeed she is appointed we will not leave our child in a place that is not providing the education we applied for.

  140. Y’all are so ignorant Swinton is definitely not hiring the father of her child to be work in the school. Y’all don’t even know what the position is yet but you have so much to say. Go and prepare for you little “Town Hall” meeting and give the lady a break. You adults on here care about your children so much but yet y’all bashing a GROWN WOMAN who got hired to enhance their education instead of doing what you have to do for your kid. It’s sad that social media has not only corrupted teenagers but grown miserable adults as well. Give it a break unlike the other student on here I can get disrespectful and real fast. BTW an English that got hired in Port under Ms.Swinton is not even related to her so please stop your false allegations until you have facts. Goodnight.

    • You should have had the “English” you mentioned proofread your comment before you submitted it. How dare these people who support Swinton call others ignorant when they can’t even write properly! If Swinton supports illiterate, unlettered people then how can she then help someone else’s child? This proves she advocates for illiteracy The boat is on fire and it is sinking, yet you choose to remain on it, what a shame! Something is not right. Goodnight.

      • “This proves she advocates for illiteracy” your illiterate seeing that making a mistake such as forgetting a period is sufficient enough to be illiterate.

        • You people forgot much more than a period. The Swinton supporters missed words, used improper syntax etc. things these Swinton supporters probably do not understand. Like Truth said earlier you definitely have a file number. You might even have a criminal record too, one can never be too sure. You need to explain to us why some of your colleagues previously made vulgar remarks in response to the complaints about Swinton. Better yet don’t even bother!

        • It’s “you’re.”

        • You wrote: “your illiterate seeing that…”

          You meant *you’re*.

    • No one is afraid nor does anyone care about a disrespectful teenager if you really are a teenager. If you boast about being disrespectful yet you support Swinton that proves she is disrespectful too! There are places in this society for such disrespectful youth and one of them is called “juvie.” If you really are a teenager why get on a chat board with so-called grown miserable adults? If you were on a chat board with other teenagers, these same adults would probably not bother to get involved so what is your point?


  142. I’ll see y’all at town hall. Hopefully there you’ll have a cadre. Take care of your kids

  143. *case

  144. Swinton is not even on here feeding into your disrespect but yet you bring up the father of her child, say she’s “unfit” to be a principal and so forth. If she’s so disrespectful then what does that make you ?

  145. Remember everyone P.S. 48 at 6:30. Be on time. We have a lot to discuss.

  146. Save Port Richmond

    In regards to the new community coordinator position that she has recently fillied. One has suggested that the rumor is based solely on race. However all of us Port Richmond supporters have never one mentioned race as an issue. In addition please do some research, even in this very forum even BEFORE she came to Port Richmond in September 2016 this was posted….

    September 12, 2016 at 8:14 pm
    Oneatha maintained a relationship with an employee and she had other staff during school hours babysit her child that was a product of her relationship with that employee.”

    Now John Jay has an open parent coordinator position. Funny a parent coordinator of a brookly school coming to staten island.

    Race is not and will never be an issue at Port Richmond. Stop trying to make that an issue to hide what the beloved school she is tearing apart. Swinton must go

    • She was accused recently to be hiring the father of her child as of next Monday. That rumor is both racially charged and sexist. It doesn’t matter whether it was your intent to come off racist, sexist or neither, the comment was made only due to her race and gender. Once again if it were the same circumstances with a white man I highly doubt their child and partner would’ve been mentioned in this discussion. Assume anything you wish but try to redeem yourselves from that offensive way of thinking. Refrain from the personal insinuations. Her family and personal affairs has nothing to do with PRHS and truth be told won’t help the already thinly vailed case you all are batching up.

      • The real rumor is the one being spread by Swinton supporters which claims the Port Richmond community “targeted” Swinton. The truth is that Port Richmond was fair to her but in return she was unfair. Just because someone is of a certain ethnicity it does not give him or her the right to harass others, hire family and friends, bring his or her child to the school building and allow staff/ students to baby sit the child etc. If people believe Swinton is hiring her child’s father they may very well have evidence to prove so. However it should not be hard for any reasonable person to conclude that Swinton could indeed hire her child’s father due to her documented history of unfair labor practices. Keep in mind that as soon as the so called Swinton supporters participated in this forum, the comments became more and more vulgar and outrageous.

  147. Just a reminder that this whole Administrators in Need of improvement (ANOI) page was created to raise awareness and bring real improvement to a school. In the past, we have seen some administrators have 20 comments and some over 3,000. However, the times we see real improvement come about is when people stick to real “facts.”

    Please keep comments factual. We all want Port Richmond, and every school, to be a great school where all students and staff are happy entering and leaving at the end of the day.

    In Solidarity,

    Francesco Portelos

  148. Thank you.
    You are on the money.
    Facts only. No gossip. No fighting. No racist comments. It isn’t helpful to our children.
    We are ALL working for our children.

  149. I think if nothing else comes from this, an important point has been raised by all.
    Numbers do not tell the entire.
    No matter what the outcome is here, perhaps moving forward, we parents, students, staff, educators, former students of the DOE need to question the methods of grading the success or failure of a school.
    Does the 59% graduation rate in 4 years give an accurate account of the type of students, do they speak English fluently? Are they from homes where there are serious problems. I know many public schools, PRHS included have homeless students that are forced to travel from other Boros where the shelters are to finish study. Perhaps they take a semester longer.
    When the rates are higher… what neighborhood is it in? Is there good transportation to the school? I know in SI that’s an issue while in Brooklyn and Manhattan it isn’t.
    There are many factors to take into consideration.
    Not sure if just looking at numbers is a proper or correct way to evaluate any educational institution any longer.
    Colleges do not even rely solely on grades and SAT scores any more. They look at the student on a whole.
    Were they in involved in sports. In clubs. Music. Art. Drama. Were they invested in their school. In their community.
    If the goal is to prepare them for college/ career and the future, then we need some work on how we rate our schools, our administrators and our staff. And of course our children’s true progress.

    As we’ve read above. There’s always more to the story than what is on paper.

  150. Facts about Principal Swinton at Port Richmond high school
    1) Told parents that Gateway and Collegiate are no longer
    1a) Asst Principal of guidance confirms gateway is no longer
    2) Told superintendent different story stating parents were confused
    3) Bringing in her own people
    a) already qualified people in Port Richmond that can do the job just
    as well being pushed aside for her friends
    4) Using term Mathard – highly insulting to the special education population
    5) Teachers are unhappy – If the morale is low – has to be a reason
    6) Told teachers that they have to meet with every student that fails the week before grades are due

    (in theory this sounds great, but why mandate a week before – so that way teachers can find ways to pass them = higher graduation rates)
    7) created a position to hire her former parent coordinator

    8) forgot about 9/11 and had to be told by a teacher

    IF you know of any more facts please list them and send them to 311 the news, chancellors office.

    • I’m rooting for Swinton but I do respect that you are all now committing to stick to the facts. I hope that this issue gets resolved quickly so PRHS can move forward.

      • @Shazil, It’s your right to root for Swinton if you so choose. But please keep in mind that the tone of the comments started to become nasty and distasteful when people who appeared to be Swinton supporters started posting. The following two vulgar comments from this summer make no sense yet they were clearly in opposition to unflattering yet factual remarks about Swinton.

        August 8, 2017 at 9:52 pm
        Fuvk outta here y’all not gonna gang up on my principal yah fart smellin redneck cousin kissing crickets

        August 8, 2017 at 9:49 pm
        Suxk my dick

  151. According to C 30 rules the Chancellor has left the final decision of chose of High School Principals to our Superintendent.

    Has he replied to any emails? Has he shed light on to his reasons?
    No choice this important is made without a list of pros and cons.

    I do recall that during the search, at least one PRHS staff member applied, and an AP from IS 51, the local school where many PRHS students graduated from. A school with Administration familiar with the neighborhood. From a school with basically the same break down in percentage of ethnicity.
    Seems as though that would have been an easier transition. IS 51 also has almost 1300 students. PRHS has almost 1600. Where as John Jay has about 400. It seems that there is definitely a good reason for this choice. She has only 5 years of experience in administration, as her certification is that old. 51 is also a Community School and if I am not mistaken, 51 has some sort of partnership with Wagner as well. I would have thought that transition would have been a very smooth One.

    Is it possible that if you are an alumni from a school, you have more rights to that job, than others. I know that is the case in some situations and often it is a good reason.

    Truth is if they wanted to work within the realms of the true Port Richmond diverse community, they should have looked towards an Hispanic candidate.
    Curious as to why they did not. Perhaps no Hispanic AP applied. Then I would think someone used to the language issues and neighborhood would be next in line.

    I always like to have things explained to me. I think most people do. I am sure it was an interesting journey and he did have several positions to fill. Including the all important Susan Wagner with it’s beautiful new Performing Arts Wing. I notice no issues there…..good news for them.

    • Mr. Lodico will only respond to emails that have a verifiable name/identity attached.

      He will not respond to anonymous emails.

      Please see his own words transcribed from a recent SLT meeting from November 4, 2017 further down on this thread.

  152. As a concerned parent I was told by a friend that was on the SLT at her school to contact Mark Cannizzaro. Mr. Cannizzaro was the former principal of IS 75 a school my daughter attended when he was the principal. He is now in the President of the CSA. CSA is the Council of Superfvisors and Administration it is a charter granted by the AFL-CIO. I wrote to him explain the situation and asking him for guidance since neither Lodico’s office has responded to my letters and calling 311 feels like I am pestering them everyday. I explained about the disbandment of all the SLC’s as well as Gateway and Collegiate. I explained that now Jazz band is on the chopping block and how racism is being brought into our school. I received his response this morning he told me to speak with Ms. Swinton and explain my concerns. I am so very disappointed I am hoping for a resolution otherwise I will be the next parent to pull their child out of this school in her Senior year.

    • One little candle.

      Susan Edelman.

      Please contact NY 1. They want parents to speak out.

      SI Advance is also speaking to parents but they traditionally cover DOE’s butt. Hoping they’re different this time.
      Anna Lise.

    • And let the press know that the superintendent does not respond to your emails and that by ignoring all of our complaints, they are basically supporting her corrupt behavior. They should be reported and exposed also. Don’t forget how she used words like mathtarded at a PTA meeting and how she LIES about everything. Even if you met with her, she would tell you what you want to hear and do what she wants anyway. She can’t be trusted. I heard she told the teachers that she does not follow rules. She also keeps hiring her friends and they get special favors. She needs to be removed. We want our children to finish school at Port so we need to remove her, not them.

      • Mr. Lodico will only respond to emails that have a verifiable name/identity attached.

        He will not respond to anonymous emails.

        Please see his own words transcribed from a recent SLT meeting from November 4, 2017 further down on this thread.

  153. My advise is to contact the press at this point. Also contact office if special investigations. They are mandated to investigate. But the press nypost si advance ny 1 news way to go

  154. Keep in mind…

    311 complaints are directed to Petrides and then to the school with names.

    Oneatha Swinton pays dues to CSA and therefore Mark Cannizzaro.

    Special Commissioner gets funded from the DOE. They are corrupt and call the administration with complaints made against them.

    • Special commissioner or Office of Special investigations? I was told SCI 212 510 1500 is external and OSI is internal DOE. Who is best to contact for investigations?

  155. I would honestly file with both. OSI is internal SCI is external i believe.

    File with both and also write to the post, advance, etc….

    eventually someone has to answer

  156. I’m truly sickened by all of this.

    How terrible that DOE has gone so far off if it’s mission of caring for our children that the people that are supposed to help us only care about saving their own jobs.

    Please remember all of this come November when voting. Our chancellor is appointed by our mayor. And everything goes from top to bottom from there. Maybe we need a shake up. Could help. Maybe not but it may be better to take a chance. This is going anywhere positive.

  157. @Standwithswinton: How do you know Swinton is not on here? Telling. Transparent. And why is no one is talking about Felicia Otto? She went with Swinton to fill the vacancy of the AP Guidance, now she is acting as the the current (or has he been pushed aside?) APO—sending correspondence and agendas to staff…Is she “working” the budget as well? Seems that she should be investigated along with Swinton. However, this blog seems a time-waster now. I will take my concerns to Special Investigations.

    • Please do. I believe Otto Holtzman took over some APO duties to control the information shared with staff. They have a plan to isolate and divide. The APO is honest so they must ostracize him. You’re right. They are both up to no good. One lies and the other swears by it. Scary. Report them both.

  158. Beware of anyone she brought. They are loyal, will rat you out, and will work more closely with her than any others. Your APO will toe the line or be marganilized. Swinton will write up APs she butts heads with and both OS and FH will write you up for the smallest things.

  159. I am so disgusted by all of this! I may sound stupid in what I am going to say, but I have to get this off my chest!

    “They” came into OUR school. We cannot let them feel they are in control! The way they came in and think they are running the school, the same way we cannot let that happen! Principal “Smincipal” – let her (them) feel like the outsiders. If they give us respect we give it back. If they ignore us we ignore them. We should not sit by and take what they are trying to do. If anyone feels their position feels is being pushed out to allow for one of her people to come in and take – don’t allow it to happen. Fight back!

    . She hired a little girl and gave her a title of Assistant. Why! To ensure that if she lays off a secretary little girl can’t go.

    . Rumor has it she is going to let go of School Aides. They are the lowest of the low. Working only 4 hours a day, just making above minimum wage. Why? When they are placed in other schools, she will eventually bring in some family members or friends on her block to fill those positions.

    . She is bringing in her old Parent Coordinator under a different title, but with the same responsibilities. Why? We have the best PC who goes above and beyond! Race card being played. She wants a person of color to deal with parents of color. Staff, parent, students never considered race a problem at Port Since she has been here she makes it about that!

    . Getting to the AP’s. Don’t let her win! Each department has their own AP. Also, there is no other AP as honest and caring as our APO. She is allowing this new AP to feel like she is over all of them. AP’s DON’T LET IT HAPPEN!!! This is OUR school. Make them feel uncomfortable. If they don’t like it let them leave. Please don’t leave and let them win!

    “Ms. Big Stuff – who do you think you are”? You’re nothing Miss Thang (using her urban dictionary). You had to bring in your posse to make you feel supported and stronger. No other Principal we had did this. They came in and took control but trusted all of us to do what was right and what we do best. You come in with your flock and are still trying to replace positions.

    PRHS staff – DON’T LET HER WIN.

  160. Port Richmond Matters

    School aides are the backbone, hardest working people in the school who get paid literally peanuts. From copies, to metro, to cafeteria, these people truly work hard and care about the school and are dynamite! This is truly a shame.
    Everything the above poster said has been confirmed by various sources. Unfortunately making them feel uncomfortable is not going to work, as that can be seen as being insubordinate. However, what they can do is file grievances with their respective unions. They can also anonymously write to the press.
    May I remind you all we are still in september, she has only been here for a hiccup and see the turmoil she is causing? May i remind you she is I.A., meaning this is when principals are on the best behavior before they appointed. Can’t imagine what it will be like if she gets appointed.
    The principal of Mckee High School is african american and truly an awesome principal, so no its not about race its about getting a quality person for the job.
    May i remind you in her previous school she pushed students out to graduate by having teachers “fluff” the grades which explains her high graduation rate, which we all see right through.
    I sure hope I see someting in the advance/post. Tottenville through press and hard work got rid of their principal, so can the community of Port Richmond.
    Im sure she is reading this and if you are shame on you. PR is a family and always has been, you wouldnt want someone coming into your home and destroying everything you built. Stop doing that to us. In your old school you apologized to the teachers saying you will be better, cough cough. Reason for that no?
    A principals job is a difficult one, no doubt about it. Decisions may not be well liked, no doubt about it, but at the end of the day its the students and families whose concerns should be taken into play here.
    Why bring in all of your “friends” on day one? no principal in any school has done that, maybe one or two. but not a new ap, new community/parent coordinator, dean, etc…. There are quality people in PR that you can use, trust me. your not even giving them a chance. Shame on you! Swinton must go

  161. Ms. Swinton has claimed in many meetings that we are not a large school so why the need for another Parent Coordinator? Other schools on the Island with a far larger enrollment survive with their one Parent Coordinator. Has the current Parent Cooridnator even been given a chance to prove she has her job under control or is she being pushed out already?

    • The PreK-12 Petrides school currently has no parent coordinator. Perhaps this new one should go there.
      Right next to the district office.

  162. @Disgusted: Remember—teachers have little to no power in this scenario. We are not even trusted to grade our own students’ Regents exams. The parents have the power here. Please do your best to get them to mobilize and fight…not by getting nasty on a blog but by going through the proper channels. Parents, these people work for you! Your taxes pay their very large salaries! You have ALL the power here!

  163. Please give every individual student the grade that they have earned.. and if that grade is a 55 , then please issue them a 55. We cannot reward students for not doing work. That’s not what PR is about. All of our students earn their way the best way that they can. DO NOT be hesitant to fail a student if that’s what they have earned. If you pass students that did not earn it, you are contributing to making her look as of she’s ” raising” graduation rates. Let her write every staff member up for insubordination. One will eventually question that and she’ll have to explain her reasons. Let students work and earn their passing grades. When one actually earns their way, they feel accomplished and proud..and that’s what being an educator is all about. Setting examples for our future !

    • We need to get that message out to all staff and each one of us must stick to our principles. Just because our principal is willing to put statistics ahead of student lives, doesn’t mean we need to co-sign. She is corrupt and we want no part of that. Fight corruption and stay true to yourself.

  164. Parents. Students. Please contact

    Melissa Rabinowitz NY 1.

    Susan Edelman.

    Anna Lise. Staten Island Island Advance.

    Don’t waste a minute.

  165. NY 1.
    melissarabinovich@ gmail. com.

    NY Post.

    Don’t delay. Contact them with your concerns.

  166. Take action give out results

    Has the press told anyone about running a potential story? Has anyone filed complaints w special investigations ? As was said please post facts that we can run with. If you reached out to anyone what was the result ? A principal can’t give you a u or letter in file if you can back up your grades. Hopefully she won’t be there that long .

    • NY 1 is ready to go they will meet you and interview you. Just contact them.
      They have a lot of details already. They need numbers. Many people. Not just one or two
      They’ve been very cooperative
      Contact them.
      They care about Port. The staff and the students.
      They are ready to help

  167. I am truly curious as to why she believes she was SENT to PRHS to FIX it. As an interim acting principal, why would one think they have the RIGHT to completely RESTRUCTURE a school? Wouldn’t that be an appointed principal’s job?
    Why does she feel it is a DONE deal? who told her that?

    I have contacted the press. NY 1 is working on speaking directly to me after reading my emails. COntact them They want MORE parents please.
    Just contacted the Post waiting for reply. The Advance has spoken with a few friends of mine and said they would speak to others However I have no faith in them because they tend to back down to the DOE>
    Sadly Staten Island houses the “Boy’s Club” so to speak. those within it will protect each other NO MATTER WHAT… if you want the Advance to cover it you have to completely BOMBARD them with complaints and info even then….

  168. Extra Extra Read all about it!

    We need everyone to please take 5 minutes of your time and email the following people….

    NY 1.
    melissarabinovich@ gmail. com.

    NY Post.

    Don’t delay. Contact them with your concerns.

    Our voices must be heard!

    To quote the movie independence day…..
    “We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive!
    and hopefully to finish with the last part of that quote….
    “Today we celebrate our Independence Day!”

  169. What about the letter we parents received in the Mail today?

    A lot of changes made. Are we sure she is not appointed already?

    • All lies. LYIN’ ONEATHA. She is doing damage control because she is nervous. Her words mean nothing. She responds to letters and comments to protect her image but will do whatever she wants. DON’T BELIEVE HER LIES AND KEEP FIGHTING! She is still Interim Acting.

      And GO TO TOWN HALL OCTOBER 3 at 630 pm
      At PS 48!

  170. Still Interim Acting

    Yes she is not appointed yet. The C-30 did not happen yet as usually that takes later on (oct/nov ish). Don’t quote me on that, but yes she is still interim acting.

  171. Time to take action

    Then we have work to do. All hands on court, alert press. File special investigations (forget 311). We really need to bring attention now to this issue before the I.A. gets erased

    • All lies. LYIN’ ONEATHA. She is doing damage control because she is nervous. Her words mean nothing. She responds to letters and comments to protect her image but will do whatever she wants. DON’T BELIEVE HER LIES AND KEEP FIGHTING! She is still Interim Acting.

      And GO TO TOWN HALL OCTOBER 3 at 630 pm
      At PS 48!

  172. CYA time? Not here. Port Richmond matters!

    You are correct, that is her M.O. “At the beginning of the year, she admitted she made past mistakes – focusing on the negative, basically being mean – and promised things would be different this year. It didn’t last long.” This was copied from a post from her previous school. Tring to cover her end as she knows her butt is on the line.

    Mr. Lodico, if you are reading this. Please help. I understand her graduation rates went up, but the way she went about it and was investigated something to consider.
    Look at how much discontent is coming out of Port Richmond that has never come out of that school in YEARS.
    Please reach out to the parents

    Please contine the full court press on her.

  173. United Port Richmond

    At her previous school yes. At Port Richmond, we need people to speak up in here that they filed complaints and what the results are

    • Victim of being pushed through

      I’m speaking up for these kids. While my child has no academic issues, I am a victim of a school pushing me through
      Although I never passed a math test, I somehow passed. I was pushed through. Sat in class lost. My other grades were fine. English off the charts. So I was pushed through.
      I couldn’t get into a college other than CSI ( it is better now than in was many years ago) my SAT grades were low because my math score bottomed out. But thank goodness for CSI because they put me in TWO semesters of remedial math and at AGE EIGHTEEN. I learned what I should’ve learned many years prior.
      I still struggle as an adult. I had learning issues with math. No one helped me. I was simply pushed though. Not a good option.
      This is what she’s proposing.
      Our kids deserve better.
      Pushing them through limits their opportunities.
      I could’ve very easily just dropped out. Or skipped college.
      many kids will.
      Please don’t allow this.
      Putting many students in classes they don’t have the credits for will destroy their chances. Just to improve HER stats. To further HER career. It’s not to help the kids. It’s not about them at all.

      Stand up got ALL kids. This isn’t just about the Honors Programs. All of our kids are at risk.

  174. Walk, talk, looks like a duck = ITS A DUCK

    Ever see something/someone that walks like a duck, qucks like duck, looks like a duck, but yet claims its not a duck! Do not believe for one second combing gateway and scholars into one had anything to do with money. Sorry, the new community coordinator makes $50,000. 1 + 1 = DUCK. Now she wants to communicate with parents? Sure sounds like someone that is scrambling. Now she wants to give parents information?
    Do not fall for it. Just imagine when/if Interim Acting goes away, so does this smoke and mirrors.
    9/11 she tried to give off a lame excuse. Let’s face it every school/institution did a moment of silence at the time the plane hit first building, but this one?
    Sure sounds like the Superintendent got in her ear, but lets hope we scream loud enough

    • Omg! A superintendent did not get in her ear. A concerned, open minded, and vocal parent did and guess what? She was professional and responsive. That’s why the communication! But you all have her pegged. There are better, more effective ways to get results and going on a witch hunt is not one of them.

    • ^ Laurie Hale post … I promised to mark anything I posted with my name on it. I may make some enemies, but I speak that of which I have experienced. If anyone wants to condemn me for it, so be it. Just know … I am a true advocator (not officially) of all children. If anyone needs proof of that, call IS72 and ask for Mr. Macellari or Mr. Rocco and they will tell you how I make things happen. They may also initially scream. Lol … That’s how persistent I am. Probably the most in your face parent they have ever encountered. So, when I speak positively of Ms. Swinton, I am not lying about my experiences.

  175. Let’s look at the letter that was sent home.
    1. The break up of small learning Communities because Port is not a large school but as a parent I prefer my child have a SLC why be 1 of 1600 when they were 1 of 400 even someone who is mathtarded sees the benefit of creating SLCs where the student have a guidance counselor dedicated to them and teachers dedicated to them. The SLCs would meet and discuss their students, they knew their students, cared for and looked out for their students our children.
    2. Is just another way for a student to be pushed through, there is no mention of the new grading policy and the fact that teachers must supply students that are continually absent with make up work 1 week prior to grades going in so that student can get their 65.
    3. Gateway was always a funded program I’m not sure what amount of funding they do receive each year but that is irrelevant for this letter. Collegiate was funded by the YMCA through their YScholars program which offered separate funding each collegiate student was enrolled in extra classes 9th period in order to be in the program, these classes are now only offered to Freshman. Collegiate was a humanities and English driven program and Gateway focused more on science and math. That is how it was put together when Collegiate returned 4 years ago. So the letter states she is dedicating $50,000 to the new honors program this is not new money it is money taken from Gateway and Collegiate she isn’t giving them anything they didn’t already have.
    4. Let’s discuss September 11th 15 DAYS after someone accidentally forgot to remind her of a day she says she was at the World Trade working and watched the devastation unfold. Not only do we have staff that were affected by this tragic day we have students that lost family members. On top of all this there is a plaque in the lobby of Port dedicated to Nicholas Rossomundo “Nicky Love” as he is fondly remembered by his family and friends. He died a hero that day along with 343 other fireman. His mother gives not 1 but 2 scholarships in her sons name to 2 deserving seniors. Each year she and her surviving son stand on the stage at Senior Awards night and tell Nicky’s story in the sweltering heat. They give these scholarships to Port students because Nicky loved Port. It is a shame that he and so many others was forgotten on that day. A letter, or a Raiders blast should have went out immediately after Ms. Swinton remembered that she forgot.
    “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”
    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    • Gateway is a program funded through CUNY. Port Richmond has been onboard with CUNY as a gateway program since it began 30 years ago.

      According to the HS directory there are 5 applicants per seat for Gateway. It is a screened program. Not every can get it… I’ll get back to that.

      In the beginning Gateway was a college prep program for minorities. To give them a college bound push.
      Ms Swinton was in Gateway. Our superintendent was working at port. He would’ve been there with her
      Anyway she was limited on taking AP
      Classes for some reason probably the CUNY funding didn’t cover it. Nowadays Gateway students take AP classes and it has not been a minority program in many years.
      She didn’t like the gateway program based on her experience. However she didn’t take time to know it.
      If she refused the funding from CUNY then she doesn’t have the Gateway funding anymore which still leaves the question… where did the $50,000 come from?

      • Anyway back to the other pointi
        It seems she doesn’t like things that are inclusive
        She’s wanting to include all.

        Sounds good but takes away all incentives. . For all students

        Read the letter.
        If she was working at Deusche Bank in 2001 and earned her
        Teaching license in 2002. When was she teaching?

        Anyway. It’s neither here nor there.
        Just surprised the position wasn’t given to the IS 51
        Principal. He knows the community. The families. How to run a community school. It’s ports feeder school after all.
        He applied. Would’ve made transition very smooth.
        Things that make you go hmmmm

  176. Print out the C-30 regulation.
    Grab a highlighter and highlight important aspects.

    The director of the Office of Leadership is Deborah Burnett

    Section Xc: Transfers of Principals by Superintendents or the Chancellor Pursuant to State Education Law, in certain circumstances the Chancellor and the Community Superintendent may transfer Principals without a C-30 process.

    B7 The Hiring Manager should form the Level I Committee within 30 days of the date the Hiring Manager receives the list of eligible applicants, and sets the date for interviews. The constituent groups on the School Leadership Team shall select their representatives for the Level I Committee. However, if parents from the School Leadership Team are not available to serve on the Level I Committee, the Chairperson of the Level I Committee shall offer the officers of the school’s Parent Association the opportunity to serve. If parents from the School Leadership Team and Parent Association officers are not available to serve, then the Hiring Manager will authorize the President of the Parent Association to identify alternative methods to designate parents to serve on the Committee, subject to the approval of the Hiring Manager. The Hiring Manager may waive the minimum number requirement at any time. Upon receipt of applications, the Hiring Manager shall conduct a preliminary review of all applicants from the pool of eligible candidates. The Hiring Manager shall review the applications submitted, and may consult with other DOE employees.

    Level I Selection committee
    Level I Committee for High School, District 75, and District 79 Positions 1. Principal Positions – – – – – – – 2. One supervisor from the school or another school in the same borough; Two UFT members; One school support staff member represented by D.C. 37, Local 372; Four to seven parents; One to two students (for high schools only); One designee of the Superintendent (chairperson); One designee of intermediary organization, as appropriate (see footnote 4, p. 5).

    D2 Prior to the appointment of a Principal, the Superintendent must consult with members of the School Leadership Team.

    XII INTERIM-ACTING ASSIGNMENTS of 12 Hiring Managers should anticipate, post, and complete the selection process by the time a vacancy actually occurs. If this is not possible, an interim-acting supervisor may be assigned temporarily by the Hiring Manager, in accordance with procedures promulgated by the Chief Executive Officer of the Division of Human Resources. The process used to place a supervisor in an interim-acting assignment is not to be used as a substitute for the interview and selection process outlined in the Regulation. Interim-acting supervisors must possess the appropriate state certification and meet any experience requirements for the position, including the prior pedagogic experience requirements set forth in Section VII (D) above. In addition, interim-acting Principals must be in the Principal Candidate Pool, except in exigent circumstances, when the Senior Deputy Chancellor or his/her designee may authorize assignment of an interim-acting Principal prior to completion of an evaluation for the Principal Candidate Pool. Parent Associations should be notified concerning the person assigned on an interim-acting basis.

  177. C-30
    COMPLAINT PROCEDURES These procedures are not intended to modify or waive any grievance procedures that are part of collective bargaining agreements. A. B. Any complaint concerning the selection process shall be referred to the Chancellor. Time-Frame for Filing Complaints 1. Any complaint concerning the selection process must be filed within 15 days of the date of the alleged violation or within 15 days of the date that the complainant became aware of the violation. If the complaint is not filed on time, the complainant must show good cause as to why it was not filed in accordance with the established time-frame. 2. 3. Complaints should be filed in writing with supporting evidence/documentation of the alleged violation. Upon receipt of a complaint, the Chancellor or designee will initiate an appropriate investigation into the matter and issue a ruling in writing within 20 days of the completion of the investigation.

  178. How do these so called student alumni know any information about who Ms. Swinton brought over with her to Port Richmond. I know plenty of students who would stand up and defend Mr. Gannon if these posts were discussing him BUT I don’t think any student would write long paragraphs and go into great detail to defend him. They have lives and friends and even though kids spend most of their time on their phones, it would not be spent arguing in defense of a principal. When I read these comments defending her it sounds like someone defending their lover and that is just weird. People may have felt she made a difference in their lives but don’t speak on other people’s behalf. She does walk around the school strutting her stuff. My main concern is that she’s on a power trip & with Mr. Gannon gone she has authority and all we can do is hope she doesn’t abuse that. She should recognize and appreciate the intelligence and drive these teachers at port have. And she should value them as a positive asset to the school working along side them. Invoking fear is not the way to gain respect!

    • She’s not appointed.
      The issues need to be public now.
      Because once she’s appointed it’s going to be too late.
      Her placement is very questionable.
      It’s quite obvious that it was done to pay back favors or that she is close to someone high up.
      Quite sad that someone so controversial could just bust through the system. Doing anything.
      How corrupt. And disgraceful.

      Contact the Post. They need to investigate and make this public.
      NY 1 is ready to go. Contact them as well.

  179. This principal is a complete racist. Students have complained about her racist comments towards them. She is a BLM and antifa supporter who is creating racial tension in a school that has never had a race problem. Students of Port Richmond HS grew up in mixed communities, they all get along well together. Miss Swinton is creating racial tension in students as well as with teachers who are afraid to comment on her. She has even been caught saying there are too many blondes in this school, it’s not the color she likes seeing. Throw this racist out.

    • Who are they complaining to?

      The staff are very limited in what they can do.
      This has to documented. Time. Place. Exactly what was said.
      Recordings are important. If a student feels threatened it must be reported IN WRITING to the appropriate people.

      I did indeed hear that she has worn her Black Lives Matter shirt in the building. While as Americans we are permitted our right to protest or speak out… a school principal isn’t permitted to force their political opinions on to the students that have been entrusted in her care.

      This is the saddest part. Our Chancellor. Who is a mother and a grandmother is allowing this? Would she want this for her children??
      We know the Mayor wouldn’t care. But I do believe she would.
      Mr Lodico … you ultimately placed her. PRHS is your school.
      Is this what you truly want?
      I don’t care who has you by the throat.
      You’ve been entrusted with the lives and well being of these children.
      How do you sleep at night? You have to know this isn’t a good fit.

      And I’ve told my child. The minute you feel threatened we are done there.
      And I’m calling the police. Over and over to report the abuse there. No one has the right to make our children feel unsafe.

      Dr Martin Luther King Jr asked us to judge others by the content of our character. Not by the color of their skin.
      Oneatha Swinton.
      YOU are guilty of judging by skin color. YOU.
      No one cared about skin color at Port until YOU showed up. Maybe it was an issue in the 1990s when you had your BAD experience there.
      But when we grow up. We give up on revenge.
      You’re hurting 1600 students.
      Please have the good character to pack up your rap music and ask to be assigned to the district office. Do the right thing. You obviously hate PRHS and it’s staff and students to want to tear it apart so much.
      Please move on.

      If anyone feels threatened at port. Please please please report it to someone other than a staff member. Call the chancellors office if necessary. Call the Post.

    • I seriously doubt she supports BLM or ANTIFA. At Law she discouraged protest, and only supported a controlled BLM march around the school. The only Racist comments I’ve heard come from her mouth were towards black people when she didn’t like the way female students dressed. She seems to be anti-LGBT as well and was very moralizing about sex issues, until she…. whoops had a baby out of wedlock!

      • Ummmm Then why wear a Black Lives Matters Shirt the first week you are at work with your staff? True there are many people support it for what it means, that live matter…however, when you are a leader in a school community you are not supposed to show your politics to influence others. The best teachers are those who represent all sides so well that the students have no idea what or who they would vote for at an election. You are supposed to encourage your students to think, not indoctrinate them into what you believe in.Being openly anti LGBT as a school leader is also not alright. No discrimination against anyone should be permitted by any school leader.
        I heard today she is not a of the Hispanic students which is very odd since they make up a large percentage of the school population. Hoping this is all speculation but it is coming from the students.


    Article discussing the rally at John Jay.
    Read about what parents felt about the new AP who is also not appointed FYI.
    Very telling.

  181. Port RIchmond High School Matters! PRHSM

    I just love how the one’s who say that is not true about Principal Swinton supporting BLM or supporting her, sound awfully like adults. I have never once wrote on a blog about a former boss of mine, never once wrote on a blog bout a former principal and I had some good ones and some bad ones.
    Support BLM? Um by wearing a BLM tshirt on the first instance you meet your new staff? I dont wear tshirts that state something and then say oh I dont support that.
    Regardless, principals need to be color blind. Principals should not take a stance on LGBT issues. Principals only position is to provide the best education, promoting students to be involved in extra curricular activies, and produce a safe learning environment.
    The fact that this is even being discussed is outrageous and that is Huge Problem.
    The fact that she will do whatever it takes to pass a student to improve her numbers regardless if they actually learn anything is a shame.
    Fact that she is taking away SLC’s, scholars programs, is a shame
    Fact that she is hiring a community coordinator that has the same responsiblities of a parent coordinator who they already have (and is excellent by the way) is a shame
    Fact that in 2 1/2 short weeks this blog has 461 reports on Principal swinton and 99% of it all negative, is a shame
    Think about it 461 reports on Swinton = more students that attended her previous school.
    Where there is smoke, there is fire. We can put this fire out now before it turns into an uncontrollable blaze.
    There are many qualified and awesome principals, asst principal, that would like to sit in her chair, that know the community. Sorry but lets do whats best for PRHS

  182. Stick to fact not race

    Umm every principal in America should be pro BLM and LGBT causes. If this will be your argument, then you will only be seen as the racists you now sound like. That is how the school is already seen. Y’all will just be confirming suspicions and,in the minds of DOE officials, reaffirming the reasoning for placement. Bark up a different tree. She will give you a forest.

    • Educators in general. Whatever ethnic backgrounds. Whatever level of education are not supposed to show what political cause they support no matter how passionate they are about it.
      It is considered wrong.
      I suppose if she supported something you didn’t you’d say she was racist?
      No one on here is saying that THEY don’t support either group. They’re saying it’s inappropriate for an educator to try to influence the students towards their opinion. They’re supposed to present all parties and students make informed decisions based on the open minds they have due to proper educators.
      Put your race card away.
      Proper education and good work ethic are race free.

    The District 31 Community Education Council Presents:
    A TOWN HALL EVENT With Chancellor Carmen Farina

    All District 31 parents are urged to attend!

    Tuesday, October 3
    P.S.048: 1050 Targee Street, Staten Island NY 10304
    Don’t miss this excellent opportunity. Issues and concerns for District 31 will be addressed
    On site interpretation services will be available.

    Major topic discussion:
    How to Lose a School Community in 20 Days

    Interim Acting Swinton’s CORRUPTION and LIES are quickly destroying the Raider community spirit

    • Cut all Small Learning Communities (SLCs) including Gateway, Collegiate, Med-Tech, & TV Media Academy with NO NOTICE HOME or SLT MEETINGS!!!
    • LIES to Parents, Superintendent, and Teachers about many issues, including why Gateway was cut!!!!
    • Referred to herself as MATH-TARDED and SPECIAL at first PTA meeting, refers to students with IEPs as SPEDs and calls students HOODRATS!!!!
    • Told PRHS staff that PRHS OPERATES UNDER A DELUSION OF GREATNESS and that she is comfortable BREAKING THE RULES!!
    • Hired UNQUALIFIED and UNLICENSED teachers!!!
    • Cut Food Pantry hours – NO LONGER OPEN to families in need before 12 pm and after 3 pm!!!
    • Changed grading policy without working with PARENTS on SLT!!!
    • LIED to teachers – saying NOT ONE JUNIOR got over a 75% on MATH REGENTS by using wrong data!!!

    IA Swinton is WRONG for Port Richmond High School!!
    Let Chancellor Farina know Port Richmond High School deserves better!

    Let our voices be heard!!

  184. Please do not be fooled. Any apologies or changes that she is offering are out of fear. She is doing damage control. She brags about being a highly effective principal but she has made huge mistakes and we are only 3 weeks into the school year. These mistakes are a result of her lack of respect for the Port Richmond HS community and her arrogance. Don’t believe for a minute that there will be any real change. She is incapable of change. She is only repeating what she has done at her Brooklyn school because she got away with it there. Ms Swinton is not the right principal for our school or any school for that matter. Continue to let your concerns be heard by all. We must have a show of force at the Town Hall meeting.

  185. Save port Richmond

    She will say she whatever it takes to keep her job, but she will not DO what it takes to keep her job. She stated she cuts the honors programs for budget reasons but yet hires a community coordinator (same role as parent coordinator who is already there)
    How dare she say th school operates under illusion of greatness when she has only been here for a cup of old coffee. What does she know .
    Look on PRHS website and right smack in the middle is huge picture of herself . Seriously ?
    Calling a student a sped? Seriously I hope she was reported for that to osi.
    And now she wants to cut school aides? Seriously ?

    We need to protest have rallies NOW. Call to action is NOW.

  186. This principal needs to go. Go to the save Port Richmond page on Facebook to show your support. Mr Gannon respected all students, calling special ed students sped is beneath a principal. She must be removed. Did anyone think to reach out to the AFT and Randi Weingarten. She is really helpful, rach out to her.

  187. If oneatha wants to support black lives matter then she should go to a school where the majority is black. I’d like to see her work at 51 and see how all those kids run amuck.

    Don’t bring your political beliefs into the school. The election wasn’t to be spoken about therefore BLM shouldn’t be spoken about either. School is for education and education only.

    • We must not focus on BLM or race. This isn’t about Oneatha’s support of BLM or about her race. She is a proud black woman and that is important to her. I am white and don’t have a problem with her desire to support the movement. Should she wear those shirts at school and participate in marches? No. But is this the biggest problem with Oneatha Swinton? Not even close.

      I would bet that if Oneatha came to Port Richmond and was the respectable, strong principal Port Richmond needed, no one would be bothering to complain and blog about a BLM shirt. Some would like it, some wouldn’t, but people would not be thinking much about it. The problem is, she is a person who is unfit to work with children and families and there is no place for her in the role of principal at PR or anywhere.

      Oneatha is an unethical, immoral, LIAR. She shows no respect for others, is completely power hungry, does not know how to collaborate, rewards bad behavior, and inappropriately behaves. She is CORRUPT and showed the same behaviors during her time in Brooklyn. Oneatha acts one way to your face and stabs you in the back. She uses people and tries to manipulate parents and situations. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!

      This woman is dangerous and destructive. Parent, teachers and students must not be fooled. Do not give up the fight for PRHS! If she gets appointed, her bad behavior will increase 100 times over.


      • Thank you.

        I just checked out the Facebook page.

        One parent is all over it saying how wonderful she is.
        One meeting with her and all your concerns are met by what she said?
        Really? It’s that easy?
        Sir. I have a bridge to sell you.
        It’s a lovely suspension bridge…….

        Also overheard a few parents saying this is the staff and PTA spreading rumors because “their guy” didn’t get the job. They think the job was taken from a current AP. Not true.
        What guy? The staff didn’t back anyone from in their building.
        In fact there were many parents and staff members that were encouraged by an alumni coming. Myself included

        Don’t buy the act. This is simply to get past the C 30 and get appointed.

        • PS. No one cares about skin color but her

          Love how this is the bullies defense these days.

          Doing a bad job? Oh no. It’s about race.
          Stop already.

          If you wanted to diversity PR by the way.
          Send someone Hispanic. Would’ve made far more sense.

  188. Certainly hope the students of disabled students are speaking out.
    No paras any longer to help children off the buses and to be escorted or assisted into the school. Even students in wheel chairs.
    Cut those extra staff hours immediately.

    Many years ago my disabled child went to PORT. A para greeted my child and my child didn’t have to go into the crowded and confusing cafeteria prior to class time.
    Much better outcome With that system.

    • What are you talking about? I drive my son to school every morning and have been stopped several times behind a bus on Innis Street and have watched students in wheelchairs being taken off the bus. Two women are waiting out there, as the bus driver lowers them down from the lift.

      • She just started allowing that a day or two ago. For the first several weeks she refused to pay the paras for their time and showed how little she cares for students with disabilities. She didn’t care if the students were stuck in the bus or outside. She only gave in, for now, because of the pressure. She didn’t do it because it is the right thing to do. She’s a fraud and a fake

        • So she resolved the issue or corrected a mistake is what you are saying?

          • What I am saying is that for weeks she allowed disabled children to sit outside because she was too pig headed to listen when parents and staff tried to communicate a clear need. She only “corrected” this once she was forced to. A mistake results from inexperience or a lack of awareness. She is not inexperienced and she was made aware multiple times. What it comes down to is that her only displays of humanity are not innate. They only are seen when she is backed into a corner.

        • Funny. But there is no option to reply to your latest response. Hmm?

          • I know this is probably going to post out of order, but for some reason there is no reply button on your comments. Technology! Ugh! Hopefully you will see this. I’m actually replying to my own comment. And, yes, it’s me Laurie Hale … lol

            First off, thank you for treating me kindly and being thorough in your responses (Lord knows I’m overly thorough … lol). I can see you really care about PRHS and I respect people with passion. Shoot, where were all you people when my son was in 72? Lol. I could have used more people like you. I always wanted a group of parents and teachers who truly cared and put themselves out there for the sake of the students.

            I DO BELIEVE YOU when you say that the teachers at PRHS would be helping my son, regardless of an IEP or 504 and this is coming from a parent who bumped heads with 75% of her son’s teachers in the past. If you were a Facebook friend of mine, you’d see my posts about every incident and they are not fun to read. You would think I was a teacher basher. However, I never put my previous experiences on anyone. They are not that same person and it wouldn’t be fair. I’m not always right, but I can say with certainty that I GET A WONDERFUL POSITIVE FEELING with everyone (1 person excluded) at PRHS.

            I DO get what you are saying about why I may be getting positive results with Ms. Swinton. I’ve read everyone’s comments and the consensus isn’t favorable for Ms. Swinton. This whole situation has been really miserable and time consuming for me, but being that I care about my son’s education, I keep reading.

            I’m sorry that I can’t be more help to anyone on this page. I can only act according to that which I personally experience. I have no business persecuting a woman who has only shown me and my son good things, regardless if her true intent is good or bad. It wouldn’t be fair coming from me. All I can do is post or respond to the things I am seeing. I know that’s probably not a help to you or anyone else on here, but I am a truly fair person.

            Whoever you are “Mystery Person,” I truly appreciate the communication between us and I mean it with full sincerity that I do hope for the best and fairest outcome for the student’s sake. If the teachers and staff (principal included) are happy and feel fulfilled, our children/the students will follow suit and want to please and work hard, thus producing those numbers (graduation percentage) everyone keeps referring to.

            All my best

        • As far as your comment about doing things because she is forced to. Consider yourself privileged and I’m not trying to be mean or sarcastic. My son attended IS72 before coming to PRHS and the only way I could get anything to be “done” for my dyslexic son, who was denied an IEP, was to fight for it. Maybe that’s why I’m not as “affected” as most of the people on here. I have 2 years experience fighting for him. The lines on my forehead prove it. And, no. It isn’t a fun way to gain accommodations, but I do whatever I have to for the sake of my son.

          Listen, I have replied to several comments on here and I can only speak honestly about my current experiences. I know Mr. Gannon was the shining star of all principals. Heck, he was one of the reasons we chose PRHS. But, I have nothing to compare this year’s experiences to. I can only state what we (meaning my son and I) are experiencing. I hope you understand.

          I just want EVERYONE to be happy. Truly! I’m not taking sides. I love all of my son’s teachers. I now refer to them as the Dream Team. But, I also took a liking to Ms. Swinton, too. She has physically resolved every concern I have spoken with her about. I know some people are going to respond with, “She’s fooling you,” etc. etc. etc. I would like to think that is not the case, but if it happens, I can live with that and I will never stop advocating for my son.

          PS: I’m Laurie Hale and I’m sure I’ve made a lot of enemies just by my responses on Facebook. I’m honest and sincere and my methods are very unorthodox. I’m not perfect and I don’t know everything. But I promise you that whatever I post are my real experiences.

          • Laurie,
            I do not know why there was not way for you to reply to my comment.
            I am happy that you have had positive experiences with Ms Swinton and I genuinely respect the way you advocate for your son. I would do the same.

            What I can tell you is this….. The staff at PRHS has always adhered to IEPs and 504. Even without a documented disability, if we see a need, we provide support. Ask other parents of older children who have any special need. I would bet you would hear how we bend over backwards to make sure your children are protected and provided for.

            As a whole, we are a caring and dedicated staff. It does not matter who our principal is. We always have and always will go above and beyond for children. None of us would let your child suffer no matter how much we cannot respect this principal. I can also tell you that our feelings are not based on any comparison to Mr Gannon. Our feelings are based on how Ms Swinton is bad for our school and for children.

            Ms. Swinton has been kind to you and your son because she’s learned very quickly how vocal you are. She is a manipulator and knows that if she meets your requirements, you will do exactly what you are doing… Speaking on her behalf, defending her and asking people to give her a chance. She is a bully who has no ethics and if you were a weaker or less informed parent, she would not give you or your child the time of day.

            There is a reason so many people are taking time to write on this board. It is because we see her everyday. You see her when she is putting on a show. There is a reason why so many people are warning you. We see her true colors.

            The dream team of teachers would have given your son what he needed whether you met with Ms Swinton or not. The only difference is, that if Ms Swinton is removed, all kids will get attention from the principal, not just the ones who speak up. If you don’t believe me, ask some other teachers and parents you trust.

            I respect your desire to see the good in her, but I promise you it is an act and she sees you as a pawn in her game. Work with the devoted teachers, work with all of our wonderful support people. But please keep your guard up when dealing with Oneatha Swinton.

          • Laurie.

            Also, please read the post from “found success at port” from Sept. 19. It is verifiable.

            Also, I do not know why my comments do not allow a reply. It’s not a conspiracy.

            Also, Port is not IS 72 and you won’t have to scream and fight. We always have and always will. We just prefer to work for a competent and rational leader.

  189. Racist against who? My son is lily white and he has made quite the connection with Ms. Swinton. Honestly, he is inspired by her. I know he isn’t the only non-black student who has connected with her. I roamed the hallways yesterday and visited several rooms. I witnessed the beaming faces of students, as they spoke with her. I spoke with various students of all races who expressed with such vibrancy how much they adored her. Ms. Swinton wasn’t in those rooms when they expressed their joy. She was actually one floor above us. I know this because I went searching for her and the security officer at the front desk pointed out on his computer screen exactly where I could find her.

    • Are you a new parent to PRHS?

    • Interesting that you knew exactly where she was. I was in a meeting with her and her bouncers for several hours that day so who’s security camera were you looking at?

      • I said in my comment that when I left one of the rooms, I walked over to the security guard at the front desk at the main entrance and asked him if Ms. Swinton was in the building and she happened to show up on his security monitor and he told me where to find her. If you don’t believe me, find out who the gentleman was sitting at the desk and he will confirm what I just said. I’m not easy to forget. He’ll remember.

        • Me again .. don’t know why the word funny was in quotes. I meant to write interesting. It’s 4:09am and I mistyped. Sorry.

      • Oh … I forgot to put my name down … Laurie Hale. I’m the one who was called Lyin’ Oneatha on some other post. It’s late and I’m going to bed, but I will make sure to mark all my comments on here with my name as soon as possible. I speak truthfully about my experiences. That’s all I can do. If that makes anyone angry or suspicious, so be it. I DO NOT LIE! That’s a horrible thing to do to anyone. And I really do want a happy outcome for all. Three years of fighting for my dyslexic son (at his previous school) has taken its toll on me, but I will never stop advocating.

      • Again marking who I am ^ Laurie Hale and I’m still trying to figure out what I said that was so “funny.” I have marked my replies throughout the thread. I speak that of my sole experiences and that which my son tells me. I DO NOT LIE. I have no tolerance for lies. This is the first year both my son and I have been really happy with a school. I carry an extremely high standard for how education should be. I’m old school. I’m also trying to adapt to the current ways of education and I’m having great difficulty. For 3 years I had to put up daily fights (not the physical kind) with my son’s middle school. I don’t think IS 72 has seen a parent more involved and persistent as me. I don’t give up when it comes to my child’s and every other child’s well being. When I fight for one, I fight for all. With that said, I can’t stop you or anyone else from being sarcastic or snarky, but I don’t like people giving credit to someone else for the comments that I make. Also, if you need to know whether my advocacy claims are true, just call IS72 and say my name. Put earplugs in your ears first.

  190. Oneatha Swinton is transparent. She tries to be sophisticated and slick but we see right through her. As a black parent I was disgusted to know that Ms. Swinton invited the NAACP and Debi Rose’s office to a parent engagement night. Not the time. Not the place for it. What about providing support for ALL CHILDREN?

    She must be running scared, bringing in back up. DOES SHE REALLY THINK THIS IS ABOUT RACE? OR IS SHE MAKING IT ABOUT RACE??

    WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. This is about her inappropriate, unprofessional behavior and total incompetence. She should not be running any school.

    • I don’t have a problem with an elected official such as Debi Rose being involved in public schools. Mr. Mele at IS51 has involved elected officials there too, and they have been some of the most effective advocates for the school, and have helped programs get funded. A good relationship between school leadership and elected officials can be a very good thing. Better to have elected officials on your side, and engaged.

      The NAACP? That’s another issue altogether. Inappropriate is putting it nicely.

  191. Is that you LYIN Oneatha…?? Get back to work. That post doesn’t even make sense.

  192. The answer is simple. When you are a bad educator , the only card you can play is the race card. Nobody here cares about race. Invite the naacp? Wouldn’t that make any other nationality uncomfortable? It would.
    Cutting s para’s, school aides, the free meals hours for the community, gateway honors program ….
    I have an idea let’s cut this principal from our budget. I’m sure she is reading this and saying things to smoke the issues . Nobody is falling for this Swinton.
    Please continue to contact the press and file osi investigations against her. 311 isn’t that effective osi special investigations contacting chancellor directly , the press.

  193. I find it very sad that parents are arguing amongst themselves.
    You just met the woman and you’re defending her?


    Go online and study chancellors regulations.
    And read other articles about her
    Other than this page.
    So many. It’s crazy

  194. 488 comments on this page alone. 95% of them are negative. Doesnt that prove this is something seriously wrong with this principal? Other website all negative as well.
    The few that defent are either her friends/herself, since this site is anonymous.
    Still cant hid all the facts and i hope that everyone is reporting this to the press, reporting her to special investigatoins, emailing/calling the chancellor.
    This truly is ashame on what is going on here!

    and lets get to more recent numbers from 2014-2015 – 53% – disagree to strongly disagree – so many different programs in the school
    49% of the staff would rather work in a different school.

    and last year
    2.95 out of 5 effective leadership, strong family commuinty ties 2.37 out of 5 (yet this parent coordinator was recently hired as PRHS community coordinator) Sure looks like this gentlemen didnt succeed
    Trust only 2.28 out of 5
    click on expand to survey questions multi year survey, each year this school has went Down on the framework.

    Sure the graduation numbers are higher due to her inflating the grades, but here is some concrete facts.

    and lets also remember the size

    The other concrete facts are listed in this forum and in other web pages.

  196. Numbers can be twisted

    Don’t rely on numbers as teachers might just agree on them out of fear and some don’t even take them seriously . We should only go by what she is doing at PRHS which is enough for PRHS to have a real principal

  197. I taught for a few years under Swinton at the John Jay school of Law and agree with many of the negative comments about her. My two biggest complaints are that she had poor people skills and wanted to do things her way without collaboration.

    Some comments about her here are off the mark, however, and yes I know I am stereotyping, but typical Staten Island conservatism. She is not a racist and there is nothing wrong with supporting BLM and the NAACP.

    • Reread the comments here in their entirety and you will see that 98 percent have nothing to do with Staten Island conservatism or race (on either side). 0i can tell you firsthand that the bulk of the comments about her actions at Port richmond are absolutely true. She has probably behaved worse at Port because of her deep rooted disdain for our school and because she feels empowered by whomever placed her at Port. And correct me if I am wrong but I believe that poor people skills and an arrogance that prevents collaboration are two qualities that interfere with the ability to effectively lead a school.
      Lastly it looks like the parent who complained about the naacp was African American and upset by Oneatha’s agenda to turn our dissatisfaction into a racial issue. Port Richmond HS is diverse and all inclusive.

      • Breakdown at PRHS

        White 21.6% 349
        Black 28.1% 455
        Hispanic 42.9% 695
        Asian Pacific 6.7% 109
        Native American/Indian 0.2% 3
        Two or more races 0.5% 8

        Port Richmond is listed as having a very high level of racial diversity.

        I have heard rumors that she was placed by the committee on Diversity. Why?
        This school is quite diversified.

        This school was quite harmonious having no more problems than any other school.

        The internet is a marvelous thing. If you look and research you will find that the ONLY are PRHS was listed as focus for is graduation in four years.
        New Dorp HS and Mc Kee among other schools are also listed as FOCUS does it mean they are totally failing schools in need of full restructure? I doubt that. these schools have issues but also wonderful programs and staff.

        There is far more behind this placement and we need to not be complacent. If she is already causing uproar now, imagine if she is appointed and there is NO ONE holding her accountable for ANYTHING. She has broken many of the Chancellor’s regulations already.

        This is NOT the staff being paranoid This is NOT a witch hunt

        Stop buying into that. This is CONCERN. Ms Swinton told us personally to go by the facts. This is the FACTS.

  198. Here are a few thing to chew on:

    She is 38 years old. She is NOT an experienced educator. This is her SECOND principal position. Just how many years did she actually spent in the classroom?
    In 2001 she says she was working in a bank, although her Permanent state certification was earned in 2002. It would be pertinent to see her resume so that speculation in many areas would be put to rest. This is permitted and not invasive and may calm a few people down (maybe not)

    I for one came into this with an open mind. I was not going to go by what the Law staff or parents said.
    I heard about a woman, an alumnus and was told by some that she seemed like a nice lady.

    That being said, I was not impressed by the PTA meeting performance. Not pleased with changing the of the programs so quickly without assessing them for a year or so and getting to know the students. I felt that expressed total disregard for them and that she was only interested in numbers which is a big red flag for me.

    I have checked out the numbers for John Jay and they did indeed rise under her in the graduate in four years area.

    However they went down in other areas Students feeling safe and students feeling motivated. Important as well

    The push today is all about numbers, not about our kids.

    The former principal may have not pushed with the numbers, I liked the way he communicated and the way he was really all about the kids.

    I don’t think it was professional of her to put him down publicly He was not a bad principal but even if he was, a person in her position should not do that.

    Again, it seems to show lack of experience and maturity.
    A school such as Port Richmond has honors students yes…but they also have many AT RISK students.

    Maturity is important here. Outreach is important here. Getting students into the seats is a big factor. Placing them age appropriate instead of credit appropriate is worrisome. Who wants to sit in a class room where you feel lost?

    And that is a very clear sign that it is all about graduating on time instead of understanding the WHOLE child which is supposed to be the true mission of educators.
    Making sure they achieve the utmost success,

    Not just making OUR numbers for WE look good.

    I am leery of any educational institution and administrator who speaks numbers before getting to really know the students and staff.

    Her decisions were made long before those people were in the building post summer break.

    Please think about that I do not want my child to simply be a number.

  199. write to the Chancellor

    Flood her with information and your worries and concerns. She HAS to address this.

  200. A Very Concerned Raider

    I would like to add another illustration to the long list of negative actions taken by our new leader. I too am a staff member at PRHS. It was brought to my attention by a very reliable source that the following occurred. At the last SLT (School Leadership Team) meeting a long standing, although non-voting member posed a question about the membership composition of the SLT. The question was quite appropriate. Several days later that non-voting member was ordered by Ms. Swinton to personally apologize to the SLT members. The non-voting member was told that since they were not an official member of the SLT that they did not have the right to speak or pose questions during the meeting. The question resulted in the clarification of the SLT composition and has lead to the addition of another UFT member being added to the SLT.
    Let me point something out to Ms. Swinton. The SLT is open to the public. Any concerned parent, student or staff member may attend regularly scheduled meeting, although they may not vote and should not disrupt the meeting, but if recognized by the meeting’s Chairperson, they may express their opinion. Further, the chastised non-member was recognized by the Chairperson of the meeting, therefore it was VERY proper for them to speak. Is Ms. Swinton now trying to control the workings of the SLT too??
    Just saying!!

    • Was there an SLT meeting held this summer to give her permission to change the School Comprehensive Education Plan?

      Probably not since she doesn’t seem to understand how it works.

  201. Protest and fire swinton.

    Ok, this is a snapshot taken from her previous school LAST Year. 2016-2017
    except for instruction (which those numbers were inflated by her), you can see in ever other domain how she got worse over a 3 year period. trust 2.28, community ties 2.37

    Lets focus in on this one for a second
    Community Ties 1.91 – yet she hires her former parent coordinator to be the community coordinator at PRSH (while we also have a parent coordintaor too). Sure seems like that individaul did a bad job there

    Effective school leadership 2.91.

    granted surveys some teachers take them out of fear and go higher, but even that these numbers are low.

    Making a person publicly apologize like a child at a meeting. If the person at the SLT was recognized by the chair, then he/she can have a question. However, they can not vote. If it was me, I would not.

    My time and patience with her is done.
    but more importantly the childrens future is at hand.

    Call the chancellor directly
    report to the press
    staten island, everyone know someone. So if anyone has any political connections, please use them as well.

    getting to the point where the community needs to publicly protest outside of PRHS

    • Isn’t Matteo a Port Richmond alumni?

      Cusick is heard in the Press Conference from Sept 2016 stating that Port Richmond is a jewel of Staten Island.

      Does our BP know this? He had Gannon in his office a few times over the past few years and was impressed with Port

  202. Just heard from my child’s friend. She is African American. She is afraid for her friends who are white and hispanic.

    Her mother also was called and asked to speak out because Ms Swinton is saying that all of the white parents hate her and want her out. That this is purely racist against her.

    How disgusting. I was proud to send my child to a school that was so diverse. So color blind.
    My child’s best friends have different color skin than she does and SHE IS FINE WITH THAT! why isn’t Ms Swinton fine with that??
    How do you come to such a diverse school and point out skin color??

    what is wrong with this woman??

    Better yet…What is wrong with the Superintendent for putting her there??

    • Please write to him and ask him. And please have your daughter’s friend and her mother do the same.

    • That is infuriating, heartbreaking and inappropriate. Who called this mother and asked her to speak out? If you have that information please call our union rep or someone you trust at Port so we can address this. Perhaps have that parent or yourself call the guidance counselor or a trusted teacher. If you can post on here, I will report it. Thank you.

      • The children are posting online that they are unhappy.
        It isn’t just staff and parents.
        Most people who don’t see it are freshman parents.
        They hear the chatter and go to her. Ask. She lies and they believe her

        Don’t. I believe the children. It’s not about race. It’s about how she has made them feel. The environment is not what it was.
        If you think for one minute kids don’t sense it you’re wrong
        They’re far more intuitive than adults.
        Is I true that the superintendent is unable to stop this because this comes from above him? Another rumor floating around.

        • Can you please cite the URL(s) where children are posting online
          that they are unhappy? I’m interested in reading the context, thanks.

          Also, can you please cite one or more lies that Ms. Swinton has told?
          I keep reading about “lies”, but no specifics are ever given.
          Thanks for you help.

    • If you write to the superintendent, you better sign a name to it,
      or he will ignore it. He doesn’t respond to, or put any credence
      into anonymous emails, as well he shouldn’t.

      Nevertheless, it would be far better for the original parent and
      child (your child’s friend) involved to report this as first-hand
      information, rather than you reporting it as hear-say, which
      also is given very little credence. This would also allow the
      parent and child involved to follow up with first-hand information,
      and respond to possible inquiries, rather than you acting as a
      2nd-hand hear-say go-between, which will be given very little

  203. For any teachers that are NOT going to succumb to the new grading policy: make sure if you are giving failing grades other than her allowed “55”, you TAKE PICTURES and print out records of the grades YOU are giving or are intending on giving. I have a sneaky suspicion that Skedula will “not recognize” failing grades other than “55” (“0” for no shows, “40” for absences greater than 6 in a marking period, “60” for almost there) and they will not show up on the students’ report cards.

  204. Please help port Richmond

    If principal Swinton actual said all the white parents want her out. Again she’s playing the race card. African American children are afraid for their Caucasian friends. Plus as was stated above this school I heavily African American and Hispanic. But she is right if you take out he color of that sentence. Parents want her out. Principal at McKee is African American and us awesome. Former principal at Curtis also aa and did a great job. And never ever heard of them playing the race card
    Don’t call the guidance counselor cause their new so who knows nothing of guidance is her flunky . Call parent advocate file osi and contact chancellor.
    This woman must go immediately . Nobody cares about race Swinton. Not the parents not the kids. The issue of race is yours.
    She is trying to sway the jury before her c 30.
    I’m truly disgusted now. Time again to contact the press w facts not race. Let’s stand above her and state facts not race.

    • 21% white.
      28% black
      42% Hispanic
      Remaining are Asian and mixed.

      Not heavily white nor black.
      Mostly Hispanic.
      Diverse. Should not be racial issues here. And haven’t in a long time.
      Until one adult decided it was time.

  205. The minority in this school
    Is Caucasian. Regardless race is not an issue. People are colorblind when it comes to school leadership. We need to take action and this can’t go on anymore. She has destroyed staff morale, lied, took away programs, took away staff, and it’s proven she is not a good principal .

    Has anyone taken any action If so what is the response. Turn up the heat as the c-30 is probably going to happen this or next month

  206. Things that make you go hmmm

    Why did Tottenville get a different principal?

    It seems this man wasn’t guilty anything except trying to enforce rules.

    However minority based Port Richmond gets zero attention when the IA is breaking rules? Rules laid out by DOE?


  207. October 1st quick list of grievances against Swinton

    That’s why we need every single person in port Richmond to complain and file OSI email and call chancellor contact ny1 news ny post. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. We need to start squeaking as loud as we can.

    1) hired a community person who was her former parent coordinator (leaving rumor out of this)
    A). Had a 1.9 school survey review on community outreach. So she hired someone who isn’t good.
    2) took away gateway and scholars under disguise of money. But this community person makes 50,000 and does same thing as parent coordinator
    3). Has told a black parent that the white parents are trying to push her out. Why ? A leader shouldn’t publicly say I’m being pushed out by anyone . Race card being played
    4) wants to take away paras and school aides
    5) publicly bashed former principal. Who cares what the person did or did not do before you. Never mind the fact that Gannon was and still is respected.
    6) forced someone to apologize on the school leadership team for speaking after being recognized by chairperson. Sorry but what adult forces another one to apologize? That is simply childish
    7) teachers are unhappy . If the troops aren’t happy that comes from the top.
    8) forgot about 9/11 and had to be reminded and forced to have a moment of silence at the end of the day
    9) blm supporter – only reason this made he list, what if the principal wore a make America great again hat in support of trump? Politics leave Home race leave Home

    Oh yeah it’s only October 1st.

    • how about used words from the Urban dictionary inappropriate for any educator let alone the Principal Ex Math tard, Turnt…both are offensive at any rate.

      Decided to change School Comprehensive Education Plan without SLT meeting and consent.

      Invited the NAACP to a regular parent engagement night which should have been her moment to mingle and chit chat with families, not become political

      Canceled annual trips for both Gateway and Collegiate Children. Had she not refused the CUNY money, the Gateway trip is of not cost to the school. So if she has not refused CUNY money (which is not likely) why cancel the trip? Collegiate trip was being funded by money the families raised on their own. Why cancel this long awaited trip?

      Sent a letter to families stating that students would no longer be placed according to the credits earned but rather by their age. In other words, push them through to raise the “graduation in four years” statistic.

      Told the families at the PTA meeting that she was SENT to Port….wait, isn’t there a legal hiring process here? anyway sent there because it is a FOCUS school. PRHS has a low focus rating in ONE area, the areas that Ms Swinton has changed were areas listed as CELEBRATION. then why change them?

      And Finally….9/2016 Chancellor and Mayor praise PRHS and Mr Gannon and staff PUBLICLY on the energy and focus on education that they have brought to the students. The Mayor ” I am very struck by the Raider Spirit and how the students are so proud of their school” Chancellor Farina “this is a principal who did not accept the status quo and we honor him and this staff for all they have done.” and Mike Cusick ” This is a school on the rise.” It goes on and on. Does this sound like a school where DOE was unhappy with the principal and staff and needed to SEND her in to save the day and change everything??? I think not… quote Werner Wolf “let’s go to the video tape.”

  208. Port Richmond Pride

    But does anyone know about all of this? OSI?
    School Comprehensive Education Plan without SLT meeting and consent. – thats against chancellors regs

    no longer be placed according to the credits earned but rather by their age – No child left behind. So your having more advanced kids next to less advanced. No other High School on staten island places kids in this fashion

    Chancellor Farina “this is a principal who did not accept the status quo and we honor him and this staff for all they have done.” and Mike Cusick ” This is a school on the rise.
    Yet Principal Swinton Bashes Principal Gannon, the same man who Chancellor Farina praised herself.

    On Port Richmond own site, is her picture right in the middle of their webpage. No other High School has the principal’s picture right smack in the mildde – all about Me.

    I believe this enough proof/evidence to get rid of Swinton

    • > School Comprehensive Education Plan without SLT meeting and
      > consent. – thats against chancellors regs

      FYI, I attended the October SLT meeting, and one of the topics
      was the CEP. It seemed to me — and I confirmed this with
      the PTA president Ms. Gerber — that the CEP is still being
      worked on with the entire SLT and has yet to be approved.

      I could be mistaken, but this is my understanding.

  209. Concerned PRHS Student

    I would like to speak on behalf of being an actual student in the school- Im a senior so i know the ropes already. Just like every student, i was part of an SLC- the only reason why i went to PR. The SLCs being the only reason why i have made the friends i have made and become the person i am today.
    The teachers there- have helped me on a personal level and academic- If it weren’t for the overwhelming positive and joyful environment and atmosphere of that school, I don’t know where I’d be. Because of Port Richmond’s wonderful staff and the work of the previous principal, I have never been more ready for college and the adult world.
    The first actual encounter of meeting the principal was at a senior assembly where were were addressed as yo and were told shes paid to speak so we listen for free but went on her phone for the ENTIRE rest of the assembly. i dont even answer or address my friends with that word. she made it clear that she knows of her reviews but evidently, has made no effort to prove them wrong. all throughout classes teachers were told they were permitted to speak against their political views and learned about court cases where students would get in trouble for such splurs, but she can walk around wearing “black power” shirts and enforcing civil rights clubs??
    if she wants to play those cards- we also can. we were granted freedom of speech through the first amendment.
    so, please parents and teachers, on behalf of our school and students, please speak and speak loudly.
    justice for the students. we would like to make a stance as well.

  210. I am an alumni of Port Richmond High School.

    I was and am considered a student with a disability. I went through school as a Gateway student.
    My parents took me to open houses and I chose Port Richmond because I felt like I was welcome. I felt like I was at home. In my four years, I was part of many school activities including being part of the Music program. In fact, I sang at graduation and received the medal for chorus. I was never picked on at Port Richmond. Never made to feel like I was different. I had friends. I loved my teachers and Mr Gannon very much. I was so sad to see my days at Port Richmond end. I visited after graduation and was welcome like a family member. I am a Raider always. I am a college student and doing very well. Many people never thought I could handle college but at Port Richmond they worked with me and made sure that I was not only passing my classes but that I understood everything and that I excelled. I earned an Advanced Regents Diploma. I have a 3.6 GPA in college. I owe so much of who I am to Port Richmond High School.
    I am very sad to hear that it is changing so much. there was no reason to change it. Nothing but good goes on there. Please re think the placement of the new Principal. I am proof that everyone has a fit somewhere and this is probably not the fit for her. There is probably somewhere else she needs to go and some one else that will fit better in Port Richmond. Thank you Port Richmond I am here because of the teachers, staff and principal I had there.

    • That was beautiful. I think I know who this is and I am so glad you’re doing well. I knew you would. Thanks for sharing your story.


    Port Richmond Jazz Band Do these look like unhappy under performing students?


    Grease Spring show 2017 SOLD OUT COMPLETELY Mostly attended by other Port Richmond students supporting each other. Staff cheering the kids as well as their families. NOT a school in turmoil so why the drastic changes??


    Please remind yourselves of where this group came from


    grades and reviews from the former school different ones this time same outcome

  215. same site PRHS 2015

    so what makes her so qualified for this job? confusing

  216. If the person who has been speaking with me, Laurie Hale, on that “wheelchair thread” (sorry; best way to identify who I’m referring to) sees this comment, please note that I responded in our thread, but it’s not in chronological order because there isn’t a reply button. I figured you may see this comment here, being that the bottom of the page are the more recent posts. I didn’t want you to think I was being impolite. You’ll see my reply somewhere in the middle of it. Thank you and … “ugh!” to glitchy technology.

    • yes it is glitchy when I read on my ipad the posts suddenly jump back about 5 days. It’s better on a desktop.

      • The problem is, I read and respond during my “down time” … lol … some down time. If I wasn’t so exhausted over this entire matter, I’d definitely take your advice and unhook my laptop and bring it up to my bedroom (the room I am typing from).

        Kathleen .. this has been such a horrible experience for my household. My son has been stressed over this whole matter. He really likes the principal. I know people don’t want to hear it, but it’s true. I also am aware that our experiences may not be the same as anyone else’s and I wish people understood that just because I post the positive, doesn’t mean other people’s experiences aren’t valid. It hurts me to see all this hurt on these pages.

        Whoever was running the Save Port Richmond Page, took it down after I confronted him/her on seeing my comments, as well as a gentleman’s comments removed. To me it was like … you are condemning Ms. Swinton for manipulating data and yet here you are, this administrator of the page, manipulating data because it doesn’t validate your own. Mind you, I was neutral and stated that I do not have experience working in the DOE or school system and there are things I may not understand that those with experience do.

        I took pictures of the dialogue and whoever created that Facebook page is a very poor representation of what PRHS claims to be, which is a family; although I guess that statement could be interpreted differently, knowing that family can be quite cruel. I hope the people who really do care about PRHS see this and make note of it. Not everyone is as fair as I and that could really turn a parent away from listening.

        Anyway, I’ve already “texted your eyes off” … lol .. and thank you for that good advice. Hope you have a wonderful “everything.”

        Laurie Hale 🙂

  217. Laurie Hale here. I’m using this as an outlet to get a message out.

    IF THE TEACHERS AND STAFF (the foundation of our school) feel good, happy, appreciated, and valued and the VICE PRINCIPAL and PRINCIPAL are also feeling that same way because they are TRULY in an environment they want to be and HONESTLY care about helping the students of PRHS … I promise you will get the results (ie. an increase in the percentage of students graduating) you are looking for. THIS IS KEY!

    These posts are driving me nuts (okay, I’ve already had a head start on that), but I believe in both sides and know that every one of you are capable of really impacting these students’ lives in a strong and positive way.

    I’m rooting for fairness, sincerity, and the willingness to compromise. I’m rooting for that “GOOD” to shine that I see in EVERYONE. Let’s show Staten Island that PRHS is THE BEST. And, let’s do it the right way!

    Peace out 🙂

    • Long time Raider.

      You are not an educator.
      And I think you’re a freshman parent.
      While you have the right to an opinion,
      You do not understand the inner workings of both the education system.
      Please learn about simply upping the graduation rate. First off. It’s graduate in four years. Not graduate in total. We have 42% Hispanic in our school. Therefore many are dual language speakers. This is an issue with graduating in four years. Also we have students who gave birth. We have a nursery on campus. Did you know that? No because you are NEW to the school. I’m an alumni parent. Plus a current parent as well as an educator elsewhere.
      Pushing children through is very dangerous. It sets them up for failure. Be grateful that your child does not need extra time to pass classes. We also have homeless students in the shelter system. Did you know that? Did Ms Swinton even share the challenges our kids have with you? No I’m sure she didn’t. Because she doesn’t care.
      This is not a page of slander.
      While many may exaggerate. Much of this is true.
      I’ve researched what has been posted. I also don’t take things at face value.
      You also weren’t in port under Gannon.
      The contrast is amazing. Why bring in someone so opposite?
      In 12 years he and his staff brought every number up. Except this one. But it would follow because finally. Finally a health center. Dual language learning. Community school. So much happened under Gannon.
      All any principal had to do was follow the foot prints and build on it for success.
      But when you’re young. Arrogant. Placed instead of hired. Pushed through by politics as she was you feel empowered to spit on everything laid forth and toss it aside.
      This is what she is doing.
      Your child is going to graduate in four years.
      Why are you even in this conversation?
      You’re a freshman parent. You know port for less than a month. You’ve stated your opinion.
      Now have a good day and move on.

      • Okay. That was very rude, but I understand that passion can do that to people. I am on this page because someone included me in a mass mailing, which automatically gives me the right. Don’t mail things to me with websites to look up and expect me to not respond. And this isn’t a dictatorship. You can’t censor the positive because it doesn’t express the responses you are hoping for.

        Yes, I know your school has a nursery and, no, I did not know about students coming from a homeless shelter. And, I will move on when I’m ready to move on.

        You know, for someone who sounds extremely educated and knows a lot about the education system (yes, I just gave you a compliment, despite your rudeness), one would think you’d be smart enough to recognize that a freshman parent may need to be taught how the system works and do you really think your approach was the most effective way to get me or any other freshman parent to see your side?

        I come on here because I care about my child’s education and the environment he is in. I didn’t have any opinions about the current predicament at PRHS. All I’ve done is state what my and my son’s experiences have been thus far.

        If you work in the school system and feel so deeply about the issue at hand, may I suggest you put yourself on the line and fight for what you truly believe in. Not so easy when there is a lot to lose. Personally, I prefer people with more integrity and guts, like Martin Luther King, Jr. and ex-President John F. Kennedy, who risked it all in order to truly make a change.

        Peace out!
        Laurie Hale

  218. yes it is glitchy when I read on my ipad the posts suddenly jump back about 5 days. It’s better on a desktop.

  219. Long Time Raider – Well Said
    Spot on regarding the dual language students
    Also correct – this page never slandered and will never slander Swinton Personally – its all about academics and the good of the students.

    As the student stated above, she knows what is being said. If so, why bring it up to the students at all? If so, why not improve/change?

    Never had a principal who talked about his/her reputation, former principal, because its not relevant.

    Smoke and mirrors is what she is doing

    For those who believe her… this comment from her previous school
    “At the beginning of the year she admitted she made past mistakes – focusing on the negative basically being mean – and promised things would be different this year. It didn’t last long.”

    With that yes, point giving owning up to the staff. 10 points taken for not following through.

    We all have examined the numbers, the facts and the verdict is simple. Swin