Administrators in Need of Improvement (ANOI)



Collaboration is key to a healthy and safe school community that fosters education for our 1.1 million students. Unfortunately, too many of our 1,800 schools communities have leaders that may not be the educational leaders that are greatly needed to foster this environment.

We asked the community to nominate not just principals, but any administrators that may be in need of improvement. This includes superintendents, assistant principals, Children’s First Support Network and cluster leaders.

Our hope is that by having this list out there positive change can occur to benefit the students, staff and entire school communities affected.

For nominations, please fill out this Administrator in Need of Improvement (ANOI) form


  • Does the school have incidents that go unreported?
  • Is there a lack of discipline and support?
  • Do routine requests for help or repairs get ignored?
  • Is there a high turnover of staff? Is staff targeted? 
  • Are parents targeted? 
  • Does the administrator violate the contract on such a regular basis?

In Addition to nominating an administrator, a parent or staff member can also use this form to send a complaint of moral character to the New York State Department of Education administrator-complaint-form-for-nysed

*Note: If an administrator feels they have been nominated in error, please email us at


  1. Abadia, G
  2. Acosta, Niefi
  3. Albetta, Daniel
  4. Almonte, Lottie
  5. Amador, Carmen
  6. Amon, Rasheda
  7. Aragona, Steven
  8. Atiles, Kathryn
  9. Azores, Sheila
  10. Baez, Awilda
  11. Bailey, Karen
  12. Barakat, Michael
  13. Baker, Lori
  14. Barnett, June
  15. Bastien, Dorald
  16. Belton, Renee
  17. Bernard, Anne
  18. Blige, Iris
  19. Bornkamp, Kathleen
  20. Boyle, John
  21. Bradley, Brian
  22. Bradley, Jeanne
  23. Brown, Marion
  24. Bye, Bridget
  25. Cadotte, Bayan
  26. Caeser, Lisette
  27. Cameron, Darlene
  28. Campbell, Georgia
  29. Cannon, Paul
  30. Caputo, Judy
  31. Catania, Patricia
  32. Centola, Alfredo
  33. Cameron, Maxine
  34. Capolongo, Elsi 
  35. Carrillo, Holger
  36. Casale, Joan
  37. Chin, Tyree
  38. Choi, Rosa
  39. Cohen, Jodie
  40. Colon, Jacqueline
  41. Cook, Jaleelah
  42. Crespo, Miriam
  43. Cruz, Jose
  44. Cuba, Kattia
  45. D’Angelo, Dominick
  46. Darden, Gloria
  47. Davis, Serge Marshall
  48. DesForges, Marie
  49. DiGregorio, Alex
  50. Dickerson, Jeanna
  51. Drake, Julia
  52. Drummond, Tanya
  53. Donahue, Jean
  54. Dwarka, Namita
  55. Maec Einsohn
  56. Elvin, Kathleen
  57. Espinal, Rafaela
  58. Estrella, Alexandra
  59. Fagan, Jeanne
  60. Fanning, David
  61. Febus, Lisette
  62. Feijoo, Marisol
  63. Fredericksen, Sandra
  64. Foti, Christina
  65. Gallardo, Janet
  66. Ganesh, Neil
  67. Garcia, Natalia
  68. Garg, Monika
  69. Giordano, Annemarie 
  70. Green, Susan
  71. Goldman, Amy
  72. Hamm, Katherine
  73. Hanin Hasweh
  74. Harper, Chavonne
  75. Hartnett, Catherine
  76. Hawkins, Greta
  77. Henry, Judy
  78. Hernandez, Frank
  79. Hill, Linda
  80. Houlihan, Kaye
  81. Hoogenboom, Ari
  82. Hooks, Anthony
  83. Ierardi, Eric
  84. Isern, Diana
  85. Jacobo, Astrid
  86. Jahoda, Rosemary
  87. Jarrett, Elizabeth
  88. Jimenez, David
  89. Jones, Kuvana
  90. Juman, Jillian
  91. Jusino, William
  92. Kim, Eujin Jaela
  93. King, Patricia
  94. Koza, Christina
  95. Kwait, Howard
  96. Kwateng, Kinsey
  97. Landeau, Reginald
  98. Lansner, Noah
  99. Levinsky, Denise
  100. Lieberman, Bennett
  101. Ling, Carla
  102. Losquadro, Jennifer
  103. Lopes, Clemente
  104. Lubeck, Beth
  105. Luft, Lisa
  106. Ludwig, Arlene
  107. Lyons, Brendan
  108. Mahabir, Sharon
  109. Mangar, Shawn
  110. Maniolios, Vasilios “Bill”
  111. Marks, Barry
  112. Marrero, Yvonne
  113. Martin, Anthony
  114. Martinez, Maria
  115. Martinez, Ralph
  116. McElroy, Sam
  117. McFarland, Adonna
  118. McGregor, Dahlia
  119. Memola, James
  120. Mercedes, Robert
  121. Michaux, Debra
  122. Mills, Rose-Marie
  123. Minaya, Patricia
  124. Moise, Stanley
  125. Monheit, Neil
  126. Montalvo, Eugenia
  127. Monroe, Joan
  128. Mota, Indira
  129. Mule, Annamaria
  130. Munro, Linda
  131. Namnun, Ramon
  132. Nelson, Fred
  133. Newell, Bridgette
  134. Giuseppina Napolitano
  135. Newman, Adam
  136. Ogundimu, Charles (“Dr. O.”)
  137. Orban, Jessica
  138. Orbe, Pierre
  139. Ortiz, Liza
  140. Outerbridge, Kim
  141. Palmeri, Nicole
  142. Parache, Carmen
  143. Pate, Tammy
  144. Pavlou, Miranda
  145. Pavone, Louis
  146. Paz, Magaly
  147. Perdomo, Jorge
  148. Philemy, James
  149. Pichardo, Daniel
  150. Price Haynes, Pamela
  151. Polanco, Emmanuel
  152. Pulphus, Joyce
  153. Quail, James
  154. Ratra, Shweta
  155. Reilly, Anissa Chambers
  156. Resto, Vincent
  157. Polanco-Rivera, Jazmin
  158. Resto, Vincent
  159. Romero, Jessica
  160. Rupnarain, Rudolph
  161. Rosado, Rosie
  162. Rosado, Maria
  163. Rosato-Lopes, Theresa
  164. Rotondo, Paul
  165. Salcedo, Yira
  166. Salzberg, Danielle
  167. Santiago, Jeffrey
  168. Scarmato, Joseph
  169. Schwartz, Steven
  170. Schult, Kevin
  171. Shakespeare, Pauline
  172. Shelley, Kimberly
  173. Sherman, Ben
  174. Sim, Franklin
  175. Smith, Darwin
  176. Sochet, Sam
  177. Solomon, Joshua
  178. Soto, Indiana
  179. Sperrazza, Charles
  180. Staton, Lynn
  181. Swinton, Oneatha
  182. Tait, Samona Joe
  183. Tannenbaum, Sherry
  184. Taveras, Santiago
  185. Thomas, Suzanne
  186. Thompson, Paul
  187. Toran, Monique
  189. Tucci, Sara
  190. Urena, Manuel
  191. Valcin, Geralda
  192. Vaughan, Melissa
  193. Van Brussel, Michelle
  194. Villegas, Maria
  195. Velazquez, Hector
  196. Wagner, Jason
  197. Waslawski, James
  198. Walsh, Stacy
  199. Weinstein, Michael
  200. White, Rushell
  201. Williams, Dionne
  202. Williams, Edele
  203. Winnicki, Alicja
  204. Yallowitz, Meri
  205. Zirin, Ronald


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Peter P. Nunez
Peter P. Nunez

I’m grateful for the opportunity that I’ve been given to tell my story.

Lori Evanko
Lori Evanko

First I want to say how grateful I am for all of the people who stand up for what is right even though it may mean professional ruin for them. You all make me very proud to be an educator. I too have a story to tell, but I would just like to begin by saying that my teachers, assistant principals and staff at JHS 125 Henry Hudson were amazing, dedicated, professional people who worked 7 days a week for the sake of the school community and students. I am so proud to have been able to serve them and sad that I was taken away from them. I am an administrator who has been wrongfully terminated. Principal says she was fired for reporting teacher’s ‘fake’ internship By Susan EdelmanDecember 20, 2014 | 11:33pm New York Post A scandal over a teacher who allegedly falsified documents to get a master’s degree has ensnared a state Board of Regents member and a principal who claims she was fired for blowing the whistle. Lori Evanko, ex-principal of JHS 125 in The Bronx, accuses teacher Kandis Rivera — the daughter of a retired city principal — of faking paperwork for a Fordham University… Read more »


Thank you for providing such a valuable service to all of us, teachers, parents, New Yorkers, and others!Thank you for exposing the corruption and the corrupted. Thank you for educating the public. I look forward to more of your posts.

I always spent my half an hour to read this website’s
articles all the time along with a mug of coffee.


Iris Blige, Fordham Arts. Most hostile environment I’ve ever worked in. Has several teachers spying on the staff.
Put the Chapter leader in a closet (seriously).


Niefi Juan Acosta threatened to blow up the staff and placed war themed and religious bible verse posters outside of teachers rooms if they help in the investigation refuses to pay for covers of classes during prep saying they are In lieu of your prep for 5 years U-rates females base on “appearance” and gives letter to file base on how they are dressed made new hires to change their vote on extended time – gives parking spots to anyone of teachers who helps defend him in investigations like various allegations of sexual misconduct by staff and allegations of racial discrimination by parents under investigation by OEO, OSI and probably others…

Stella Szpunt
Stella Szpunt

Please add Holger Carrillo to this list ASAP!. Principal of EBT at Grand Street Campus.,He is unprofessional, racist,and a pig.

Martin Haber
Martin Haber

Francisco- You continue to do the important work, ingeniously. Even after all you’ve been through, my hat is off to you!
Please add Kathleen Elvin, Principal of John Dewey High School, Brooklyn. There are 12 teachers (I am one of them) who are in the midst of a lengthy appeals process due to her harrassment. I am since retired, largely due to her non-stop campaign to destroy my career. She has “3020a’d” many of us, and came in to the school on a “mission” to harrass/destroy/ruin rank and file educators- and even her own adminsitrators!- if they did not fall into line, which meant lick her jackboots! A true monster, whose karma is very, very bad!!!


Good article. I certainly love this site.
Stick with it!


P.S. 329 is desperately in need of supervision, scrutiny, and reorganization, especially on the administrative level. It is a school totally out of control, due to poor leadership by Salema Marbury and Lisa Lafontant. There are several behavioral problems and dangerous situations. Ms. Marbury has been written about negatively by the media many times, yet seems to evade any consequences for her actions.


Please Add the Following Principals To the List.
Donna Geller, PS 70 Queens. She makes teachers go down 10 minutes early to pick up the kids and waits until 3:00 to have children pack up. Sometimes kids go up to 3:30 to be dismissed and parents are outraged. Also Nancy Berson from PS 148Q in East Elmhurst who disrespects teachers making several faculty conferences a sham. If a teacher speaks up and adds her insights, she interrupts them rudely and ridicules them. Also add Carmen Parache from PS 150,Q in Sunnyside Queens and Rafael Campos from PS 112,Q in Long Island City.


Add June Barnett of IS 218 in district 6. A corrupt, rude and unprofessional principal. If you dare to express an opinion in a meeting that is different than hers or you fail to kiss her behind, you are done! She destroyed many educators’lives for reasons that are purely personal and she is still a Principal although there are many allegations against her
. Uses teachers to spy on other teachers and to write statements against them just as she uses students in the same manner.


Casper Cacioppo from PS 89,Q. He mentored Sara Tucci from P.S.7 in Elmhurst. Nuff said!!!


Hi! I’ve been following your site for a while
now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out
from Dallas Texas! Just wanted to tell you keep
up the great job!


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Polo Colon
Polo Colon

A few observations and suggestions. The ATR Supervisor’s list did not have names that I expected to see there. Could it be that once some of them are disgusted by their marching orders on how to harass and destroy ATRs they decide to desert that sinking ship? If the name, Principal Liza Caraballo (now Suarez) doesn’t appear on the list, it gives me pause to wonder: are there so many that even obvious candidates are not counted (for it is a widespread sentiment at PS 120K, D. 14, that she is a witch that is thoroughly despised by all except her sycophants)? I have called for ATRs and all reassigned staff to be represented at the UFT with a Chapter status since 2006. Members of the Union should make that happen, even if they are not ATRs! (The same should be done about members’ confidence in the UFT and NYSUT!) I have also called for a report card to be prepared for all administrators by all staff, both openly and anonymously and issued to them the last week of June. I once prepared a two page Report Card for Chancellor Joel Klein, which was hand delivered to him and the… Read more »


Please add Principal Amy Andino-Flor and her Assistant Principal Barry Marks of APR MS298 in the South Bronx to this list. Thank You!


Christopher Reda of P10X needs to go on the list. He’s known as the “oppressor”.

Torii Bottomley
Torii Bottomley

My principal did not get on the list_ Shelia Azores. I know she is in Boston Public Schools. Is there a way you can start a page for Massachusetts? Please.

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[…] are similar and show a pattern of harassment that exist in the NYC Department of Education. The ANOI list gives teachers who are being bullied the power to hit administrators where it hurts. ON SOCIAL […]


[…] are similar and show a pattern of harassment that exist in the NYC Department of Education. The ANOI list gives teachers who are being bullied the power to hit administrators where it hurts. ON SOCIAL […]


Bronx Theater HS, Bronx at the Kennedy campus. They treat the ATRs like slave labor. All ATRs must punch in and out because the payroll secretary Xena says we aren’t real teachers. She then sics a female named Marika on you saying she’s the AP. This person runs the school for the principal and is not an AP. She will berate you and attempt to intimate you into whatever she wants you to do. A really horrible place.


It’s Bronx Theatre. Principal is not a bad guy but has Marika, his pal, do all his dirty work. The teachers hate that place.


Just nominated some people from the CEI-PEA Network 532.
More to come from my school.
Time to let the Dogs out!

New Teacher
New Teacher

I just want to say to all the DOE educators that are going through any harassment/discontinuement drama at their school…your voice are not unheard! I am a young teacher looking for work, and this will be my first school year employed by the DOE. Since doing my research here and on other websites, I have a completely different approach to my job search this hiring season. Last year, I would have taken any DOE being offered to me…this year, I am being way more selective (which I can afford to do…I have a job in a school waiting for me in the fall outside of the DOE) I am very upfront with the principals I interview with, making it explicitly clear that I am looking to work in a supportive/positive work environment, NOT a “gotcha school”. I have held a variety of positions in schools that isn’t teacher, and while I might lack experience, I make they know that I KNOW what realistic working environment looks like. I have had a few experiences this hiring season where I will be invited to an interview, just to find out through research that the school environment is very negative. It’s not worth… Read more »


I would like to see you make a facebook page (separate from your group) so we can follow your process without being in the group. And with sights on growth. I’d be happy to help you set something up if you need assistance. Thanks!


Yolanda Ramirez, PS 38, The Pacific School in Brooklyn. Please improve this Principal’s conduct! She is completely divisive, lacks transparency, prevents parents from organizing, does not want to truth to be known. She is very controlling and teachers are afraid to speak up. PTA and parent coordinator is under her tight control too! Assistant Principal left. Now Principal is on her own to do whatever she wants.


The sad part is at PS/MS 194, Rosie Sifuentes Rosado,has done so much more to hurt people who had more invested in the school than me. She only cares about herself and is drunk with power. She and other NYC DOE administrators will continue to bully others until they are exposed. I wish I never volunteered any extra time in 194 because I got a nice kick from
the administrators, when they make 6 figures to stay after hours. At least the kids and their parents got their tax-payers money worth but the damage to my reputation by SCI and the NYC DOE haunts me. With the NYC DOE, it’s all too easy to get into trouble and have your reputation ruined because there are too many tools aggressive administrators use against staff and parents. I didn’t deserve what happened and reasonably prudent administration would have prevented my situation from being blown sky-high. I hope they bought some good materials with the money that would have paid my salary. I wish they’d be fired and more materials bought with their own.


Perhaps you should not have broken policy. Is unfair to expect principal to put their own careels at risk.


Ralph Martinez P.S. 89 principal has totally broken the spirit of the school. He has gotten away with so much corruption. It seems as though he has someone higher up that is protecting him. He has misused school funds, bullied staff, changed student attendance , the list goes on and on. The UFT has recieved countless complaints and grievences over the years and nothing has been done to remove this tyrant.


Principals are untouchable. Doesn’t matter what we do. Look at the principal at Bryant. Scandal after scandal and she’s still there

A Bronx Parent
A Bronx Parent

No, they are not untouchable. Patience and persistence.


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[…] up for their downtrodden colleagues, students, and families. We have seen the growth of our Administrator in Need of Improvement initiative, thanks to our members sharing names and anecdotes. A probationary teacher slated to be […]


[…] nomination.  Should you decide to pursue another teaching position within the DOE, just tell the DOE Principal the truth about your situation…it sucks, we know, but you won’t be the first nor the […]