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09, 10, 11, 12, SE


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Glynis Cook

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Mark Moses
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Melissa Thomas
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Naila Rosario


  1. In the last year, over twenty teachers have left because of the exasperation and unhealthy environment that Ms. Mule has created. She has created an environment of intimidation and fear, where teachers are constantly looking to get caught. She rarely offers support to teachers but puts in dozens of letters in files for minor things, berates teachers in front of students, speaks about teachers behind their back – including confidential information, fires non tenured teachers, fires tenured teachers, pursues numerous OSI investigations, brings in a lot of hardships to anyone who pursues the UFT to help in a situation or report things that are not happening. Asks teachers specifically to not call 311. Insults teachers for not being able to fill out the end of year surveys properly because we cannot read. She says if we just fill out the survey better, we would get better students. Demeans students, faculty, staff. Impossible to work in this enviornment. Warn everyone. We have put together a formal letter of no confidence that we are happy to share.

    • Also, is the principal supposed to put her job on the line and not report misconduct, verbal abuse, corporal punishment etc. She’s there to provide a safe learning environment for students not to protect staff who are engaging in wrongdoing

      Cobble Hill has certainly turned around, but for the better. Students are in internships, STEM instruction is cutting edge and overall incidents are down. The number of students who want to come to Cobble is growing and we have added teaching positions this year.

      It’s a nice place to work in and teach!

      • Why is Anna Maria Mule Principal at Cobble Hill?

        Like Trump, the Mule drinks 10 to 12 diet cokes a day. There are other similarities

  2. Former cobble teacher

    The principal fabricated reports, documented meetings that never happened, and conveyed a false sense of school culture during quality review.

  3. The principal is a bad person, her soul is tainted.

  4. she flat out threatened me and is completely unprofessional.

  5. Committee to Fire AnnaMaria Mule

    Anna Maria Mule has an ugly soul. She is the most pitiful human being. She does not care about her students or her teachers, she just cares about what she looks like on paper – even if the numbers are a lie. She picks a select handful of teachers to torture each year arbitrarily. She goes after licenses and nobody is safe in the building. Everyone treads on eggshells and pretends to like her but she brings a negative energy to what used to be a wonderful school. She is the worst boss you would ever have. Educator or Leader are not even words that befit such a detestable being.

  6. Worst boss ever. Be careful. Be warned. She lies.

  7. I was a teacher there last year. I received an observation for a field trip that no administration was on with me. I did not question it out of fear that’s I would wind up on her shit list.

  8. I feel sorry for anyone working at Cobble Hill. This year the “little Nazi” is targeting the support staff. Such a vile human being. The administrators are afraid of her so they are useless too.

  9. She’s a tyrant. A bully and a disgusting human being. On top of that she has no home training. She picks her feet and digs in her pants and scratches her behind in front of people after which she wants to put her filthy hands in you food without asking.

  10. It all starts at the top and Mule is not the answer. Her faculty teaches in fear, her students have no confidence in their leaders; vicious cycle.

    Our school and community deserve better.

  11. Back when Cobble was Great...

    Cobble Hill used to be such an amazing school filled with the best teachers, lots of spirit, warmth and personality. It was truly a special place. Anna Maria Mule has destroyed everything good about Cobble Hill. Everybody is scared of suffering her wrath and abusive tirades. She holds grudges – so once she is upset with you good luck, get out or get fired. She has fired a number of teachers in the past years. If something is unfortunately difficult in your personal life, she will use it against you. This school has no chance of getting back to its glory days if the DOE keeps her in charge. She is the most awful principal – but an equally awful human being.

    • It’s unreasonable to expect the principal not to deal with poor classroom management, poor teaching practices, or misconduct.

  12. What can I say about the Mule?

    What a filthy disgusting human. She has allowed her 7-year old to lead team meetings, thinks its funny when students don’t comply with school rules (and she can’t get them to either), blames everyone but herself for shortcomings of the school she is supposed to be leading, she gives orders but never handles business herself. She has been witnessed to be unsanitary when she reaches her hands into her pants and itches herself and then touches door knobs, walkie-talkies, etc without washing her hands. She is never prepared for the classes she teaches, walks in without lesson plans, sits around and has had students learn absolutely nothing in three years yet demands perfection from her staff.

    To all the new staff at Cobble Hill — watch out. The devil cannot hide for long. She’ll be out and vicious in no time. Don’t be surprised when the villain is back. The Mule is the worst principal and damages the careers of our best teachers and the educational lives of our children.

  13. Suspension Rate High with AMMule

    This woman seriously once commented that she suspends children when she doesn’t want to see or deal with them. She literally said “Sometimes I suspend him so I can get a break from seeing him”

  14. A Former Teacher

    The single most unqualified, incompetent, unpleasant individual I have ever had the displeasure to work for. What everyone here is saying is very true, and then some. She is genuinely awful. The best description and/or explanation I csn come up with is that she was unpopular in high school and is now using her position to get back at “the cool kids” (I.e., the teachers) and settle the score. A terrible administrator and terrible person. She is capricious and arbitrary, mendacious and calculating, cruel and vindictive. She makes the Grinch look kind, empathetic, and pleasant. She is a profound anti-intellectual who honestly seems to hate both teachers and teenagers. She is a “Dolores Umbridge” type through and through.

  15. Don't Go to Cobble!

    The principal at Cobble Hill High School seems like she spends her days playing the game of principal in a way to get revenge on her own high school experience. Working for her is like living in a tense little bubble hoping she will not arbitrarily choose to ruin your life by bullying you or vilifying you or undermining your teaching, communication, collaboration skills at any moment. This school has a high turnover rate for educators for a reason. Nearly 3/4 of the staff left last summer. She chastises teachers for everything and anything in front of students. She aims to find everyones weak point and exploit it instead of mentoring and helping her teachers. She doesn’t care about the students but about the numbers and how she looks to others. That’s why everytime a review happens, she cleans up the school and hangs motivational posters, and suspends at least 1/4 of the student body. Her leadership is a lie.

    The Mule we know is rarely dressed presentably, often in pigtails walking into school nearly an hour (or more) after the first bell has rung and never staying to support students in after-school roles. She is often chugging Diet Pepsi while chomping on a Kit-Kat as she asks where the Common Core standards are posted but you won’t understand what she’s saying because she is still chewing. While she chastises teacher’s in a high school for not completing bulletin boards to pristine standards – she posts advertisements for alcoholic beverages on her bulletin board for the Italian class she unsuccessfully taught for three years. Walking past her classroom is always comical – because half the kids are sleeping, the others are braiding each others hair or applying make-up, she walks in empty-handed and attempts to read in Italian. A teacher with this kind of classroom in her school would be crucified (quite literally) but this is the example she sets for stellar teaching.

    She wants order and respect yet thinks its cute that her own child got reprimanded for running around the classroom like a hooligan with the teacher needing to chase him down. Same child is allowed to lead PD sessions in our school and interrupt meetings.

    She will show up in school for graduation but not attend the ceremony because after years of getting “booed” by parents and students alike, she just doesn’t seem to get the message that nobody actually thinks she does a good job. Teachers beware – you can’t share that sentiment – because she has a noose around your head and will choke your career to death if she can.

    The light at the end of the tunnel is that there are good schools out there with fantastic principals (most of whom will smile when you say you work for the Mule because they have no respect for her either). So ladies and gents, if you’re looking for a career at Cobble Hill – STOP and look elsewhere. And be happy that we just added another ten years to your life.

  16. Anna Maria is not a leader but a racist bully, who is lazy and incompetent. She is the product of a dysfunctional system where such a principal can keep her job by fabricating data and forcing her staff to give false statement and make things up.

  17. A Current Teacher

    I’m getting out this year.
    She is like no one I have ever worked for.
    She is a disgrace to NYC board of education.
    She doesn’t support her staff, nor does she respect anyone in the building.

    • Really, how can this be true since no teacher transferred last year. Please identify yourself. This school has become a home for all of us. The comments on this page are false and border on cyberbullying and harassment.

      • Why is Anna Maria Mule Principal at Cobble Hill?

        Stay off the page Ms Mindfulness. Let’s start with Ali, Jarara, Moccia, Blaise, Linden, Strom, Janvier, and many others. These professionals are top teachers and people. Why are they not at Cobble? Their departures hurt the school and students. I am happy you are a “family” now. Congrats. Identify yourself. Definitely cyberbulling.

  18. A Current Teacher

    This woman is driving me crazy.
    I cannot take it anymore.
    This situation continues to be out of control; it is now a mental health concern.

  19. Cobble is not a safe environment

    Now the loser Principal get booed at a talent show last week. The students truly despise her. So what does the loser Principal Mule do, she writes a letter to the entire school community complaining about the behavior at the talent show. Teachers are disrespected all the time but when we complain she asked to see our lesson plans.

    Muke has this Italian class. She told students to write a letter and they would be able to drop the class. Of course it was a mass exodus. Can teachers do that?

    How is she still Principal. I think her sugar daddy came to observe our school last week. A deputy chancellor at that.
    So many great staff members have left Cobble because of her.

    Mule also wrote an apology letter to herself. Muke had Ms Frye go around and get students to sign apologizing for booing her at the talent show. Sounds very Trumpian.

    Mule also announced that the reason all the teachers left is because the students are so disrespectful. Muke is a delusional liar too.

    Mule, you are going to get booed at graduation by students, parents and staff. Bank on it

  20. Former graduate

    Terrible terrible principle. Been waiting to graduate since freshman year. She really suspended a student for not saying hello to her, cried when the student were more than honest about all the things she has done wrong as an educator. Only thing she did right was not show up to graduation. Idk how cobble can have a principle that thinks she’s losing weight by drinking only diet soda.

  21. Why is Anna Maria Mule Principal at Cobble Hill?

    Why is she still a Principal? Mule is probably supplying Diet Pepsi to the administrators at Tweed. She is a beast. Mule is a vengeful pit bull with no morals. Her assistant principals suck on her toes everyday. The APs follow and justify every stupid thing she does. Mule needs a permanent vacation from Cobble. Two months of summer off is not enough.
    Mule is a miserable human being with no friends and two assistant principals and a couple of teachers that suck her toes and sniff her stinking butt. Just look at her. Mule is fat and gross with an ugly personality. Mule needs to leave Cobble. Hopefully for the staff and students there, she will leave.

    • I can’t believe that the commenters on this page would engage in fat shaming and such poor sentiments and language. No one deserves this, especially this principal. I’ve worked with bad administrators and she’s not one of them.

      • Why is Anna Maria Mule Principal at Cobble Hill?

        Now Anna Maria or Rocco, stay off this page. Think about why people feel this way.

  22. She dead didnt come to graduation

  23. Former staff member

    Wow I wish I had seen this before I started at cobble . I agree with everything written so far , but I’m gonna refrain from any coke , donut comments cuz I think that delegitimizes what we are saying . There are some older teachers who are against her for legitimate reasons, and she attacks them . But what’s worse is that she attacks new teachers, who have never done anything to get on her bad side . I did everything she asked , never said a bad word about her to anyone at work, and I showed her that I was listening to whatever input she gave me. She was horrible to me in return . Constantly looking to catch me doing something wrong , constantly criticizing , had completely unrealistic expectations etc. the teachers are terrified . I left after a few years because my mental Health had been damaged by her and I was scared I would have a breakdown. I would include more details but I’m still scared of her and I’m worried she will read this and find a way to hurt me professionally. I don’t know why she is this way, she just is. She’s manipulative , and a bully, but u will at first think that she is nice . I loved the students but I couldn’t stay . I hope she gets fired so that no one else has to suffer

    • Current teacher who knows you all

      Why was she horrible to you…. and fair to so many others. Some people made things so horrible because they were selfish and unprofessional and emotionally unstable. What an improvement over the negativity!

    • I’m sorry that you felt attacked. But the vast majority of new teachers do really well at Cobble, especially when they are willing to learn from their mistakes and try new strategies. Almost all new teachers earn tenure at Cobble Hill since she has been there.

      • Why is Anna Maria Mule Principal at Cobble Hill?

        Watch the exodus in June. Pedagogues now know they do not need tenure in order to leave Cobble. The school is a mess. Some good things are happening but there is much improvement needed.

        • Yeah, right. Keep telling yourself that! There won’t be any exodus because, for the most part, teachers, students, and admin are happy. And the school is very organized and orderly. What a great, collegial, community!

          • Why is Anna Maria Mule Principal at Cobble Hill?

            Wait until you hear from the community regarding what took place on Wednesday and today. Yeah very orderly.

  24. Anna Maria Mule is a racist, unprofessional, unqualified principal. She has said things like, “I don’t benefit from white privilege because my ancestors didn’t immigrate her early enough to benefit from the free labor of slavery” and when a mother came into the school afraid her son was getting caught up between two gangs Mule replied, “What do I know about gangs? I have pumpkins in my backyard in Queens!” She had very little time both in the classroom and in the DoE writ large when she was placed in at Cobble to “save” it during yet another unsuccessful reform effort called transformation. She certainly transformed the school as all the good teachers left. I’m sure they will be more (I don’t think there’s a finite number of good teachers), and I hope that she does not ruin their careers like she did for many of my colleagues. Thankfully I got out before any permanent damage was done to my professional reputation. But, out of all the people I have ever worked for, she is–hands down–the worst human being I have ever met both in and out of the workplace.

    • Now this comment is just silly and untrue. The principal takes all incidents seriously and works with the AP and Dean to address them. The students also seem much happier now that teacher expectations and treatment of them is fair and consistent. Now teachers do not bribe their students with donuts in order to make them like them or not let them into their classes as punishment, all in violation of school rules and procedures. It is just a much better atmosphere overall. It’s true – the school has been transformed – in good ways!

  25. Everything You Do, Everything You Say, Every Choice You Make, Sooner Or Later Comes Back Around. Remember that Anon AKA Mule. I feel sorry for you and I pray for your soul!!!

  26. Very true. You should know

  27. I guess she made some good choices since things have made a 360 degree turn for the better at the school. It’s a beautiful thing to be in a place with such collaboration and collegiality

    • Why is Anna Maria Mule Principal at Cobble Hill?

      ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♂️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️ Run…

  28. Lmfao this shit is so funny and true

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