Anthony Martin, PS 385X

Anthony Martin of PS 385X

750 Concourse Village West, Bronx, 10451



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Teach stronger

Mr. Martin was just as bad as the present interim acting principal K. Shelley. He would do her bidding no matter how unfair. If K. Shelley did not like a teacher, Mr. Martin would go after the teacher as well. He always came to school late but was quick to write up any teacher that according to he and K. Shelley were late or absent too often. He was no help at all with the discipline and would burden teachers with unnecessary paperwork to report incidents and he would do nothing to help with incidents. He would also raise his voice at teachers if they questioned anything he preached at them and then would write up teachers saying they yelled at him. He would make false claims accusing ‘targeted’ teachers of a myriad of things which were all false but he and K. Shelley would back each other up. So yes, he often lied.


I will say this for Mr. Martin – he was extremely by the book which does not create an atmosphere of collaboration. In my years at the board, never have I heard of anyone needing to be written up for a violation of time when they’ve been hospitalized. Compassion? And if leading by example is to be the tone, since when is it acceptable to make up your own hours as an administrator? I am trusting his lateness was documented just as mine and my colleagues were. And since when are evaluations meetings held after school hours??? And then to be told I’m not being flexible?

Edu Kate

Mr. Martin is an ATR AP at PS 385X. He is Ms. Shelley’s “hatchet man” and “yes man.” He is frequently late and fails to lead by example. He likes writing up teachers for “excessive absences” or tardiness. He frequently likes to scold and reprehend teachers who stand up for their rights.


It’s so true. Anyone can mindlessly litesn to a lesson but when you get the questions, that is where the learning takes place.A lot of the text of the Babylonian Talmud is in the context of asking questions and then providing answers just terse enough that the reader can then probe further. It’s best, of course, when done with a partner or group for that reason. Each person can bring up other questions and the learning continues.

Andy S

Bully to staff, excessive paper work. Decorating school is more important.