Carmen Amador

I.S. 303 Herbert S. Eisenberg

School Number:




School Hours
Student Enrollment:
Grades Served:

06, 07, 08, SE


Parent Coordinator:

Marletta Barrow

PTA President:

Aisuluu Sartbaeva

PTA President:

Natalie Ali

Police Precinct:
Geographic District:
Community School Office






Family Leadership Coordinator:
Georgette Pezzolanti
Family Support Coordinator:
Mary Montemarano
Education Council President:
Heather Ann Fiorica

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Brave Teacher
I’d like to start off by stating how since she has been principal, over 30 staff members have left. Her motto is children first but they suffer from her lack of leadership skills and inability to show appreciation for majority of her staff members. In addition, she avoids parents and forces assistant principals and teachers to deal with any situation at hand while she hides in her office playing solitaire. Additionally, she criticizes and writes up staff for taking off on Fridays and Monday’s but she takes off several Friday’s a year for reasons unknown. This principal also leaves the building for hours upon end and returns with different hairstyles. She favors certain staff members. She bends the rules for her friends who are not even certified teachers and gives them teaching jobs under false aliases. She excuses a male staff member from work to rebuild her house and covers for him by not marking him absent. If there is an after school or weekend event, you better be present, regardless of the short notice or you will be “observed” the following school day given developing or ineffective ratings with outlandish rationale such as “your lesson plan wasn’t 5 pages… Read more »
Former Staffer

Over 40 teachers, paras, and staff have left in the past 3 years. No one has done anything! She has bullied staff, been nasty to students and has been investigated many times to no avail. She has had a teacher work on her house during school time. He brought the blue prints to school and showed other teachers!!! She gets her hair and nails done on school time. The school used to be a wonderful place to work and attend school. Now, everyone is running!!! I am one of 40 staff members to have left!!

Malky Stern
Great schools have great leaders. This principal is clueless. She never taught in a classroom. She came from a district office. She reads a Danileson Rubrics book in front of you when she rates you. She is rude, disrespectful and nasty to staff. RUN and stay far away form this school and principal. If you do coverage’s you will never get paid. No staff got paid for coverage’s for over two years. She has over five teachers teaching out of license. She over works them. They have to plan for three sometimes four different subjects. No staff development. Staff hate Mondays staff development. No one does staff development. She berates staff in front of other staff. She tries to demean staff and make them feel like they are worthless garbage. She doesn’t appreciate staff. OVER 45 staff members have left due to her demeaning tactics. She allows students to disrupt and run the building. One part time Dean who get coverage’s everyday but never gets paid !!The school lacks order , rigor and A PRINCIPAL who leads. The moral of this building is extremely LOW. Its a depressing place to work. She breaks everything UFT contract. She hates the UFT.… Read more »

I have been assigned to I.S. 303 twice and have heard all the stories about this principal. Yes, I think she is somewhat in denial about how dysfunctional and rough the student population is, but on the positive side she is very helpful and supportive of teachers when they need her help. When I’ve been there, she’s been available to me when I need her and has gone the extra mile for. She has delegated responsibilities to appropriate people and they do well. While she could be realistic and aware of the rough and very difficult children, she has excellent people who are desns and AP’s. Ms. Amador is much better than her predecessor. Gary Ingrassia, who was an ignoramous and made awful irresponsible decisions. He was a muscle builder and was helped all the way through school, because he was a moron