Alexandra Estrella

Alexandra Estrella, Superintendent of District 4

Former Founding Principal of Esperanza Secondary School



  1. Alexandra Estrella is the superintendent of district 4, she bullies teachers, parents, and appoints corrupt and ineffective principals. She is behind the principal Monika Garg of CPE1, the high staff and principal turnover at Esperanza Preparatory Academy, the school she founded and then was found guilty of cheating on state exams at, and subsequently promoted? She implemented an abusive new principal, Luisa Morales at EPA that targets veteran and new teachers, bullies/intimidates staff. Basically Morales is a puppet for Estrella who has been behind the destruction of EPA ever since she left.

  2. California Man

    Oh, and by the way? She allowed a man dressed as a drag queen to ‘perform’ a sexually explicit and lewd show in front of a group of Elementary School Students as what was supposed to be THEIR talent show.

    Not her fault, you say. She was the EMCEE of the event!

  3. Concerned citizen

    Alexandra Estrella is the reason why a well liked principal at Global Technology Prep was denied tenure and eventually replaced. All the teachers respected and liked David Baiz, when suddenly he was denied tenure and replaced in March of this year. Strange.. how the replacement is one of Estrella’s buddies, Ellen Torres, and now she has replaced the principal again with an assistant principal from another school in district 4. This new principal now is giving teachers poor ratings. There is a pattern to the schools that Estrella runs, she is running district 4 into the ground!

  4. Mr.baiz and other teacher left because of her

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