Agron Velija

Agron Velija, AP

Ralph R. Mckee Career and Technical Education High School

Phone: (718) 420-2600
Website: Click here
Admissions: Selective/ed opt
Principal: Sharon Henry
Neighborhood: St. George
District: 31
Grade range: 9-12

One Comment

  1. Known history of inappropriate behavior toward female staff members. Has made several female staff members cry while on the job.

    Failure / Neglicent actions to maintain CTE programs and allowed the shut down of the Cosmetology program at McKee that was in place since the schools inception.

    Has allowed current students that are still in Cosmetology to go without regular instruction for months and now has finally implemented a solution that does not seem feasible to the remaining students of the shut down cosmetology CTE program.

    Known micromanager.

    Generates unnecessary amount of paperwork that conflicts with DOE protocol and can be considered excessive.

    Fails to treat staff members with professional courtesy and respect.

    Uses inappropriate language excessively.

    Uses observations as threats. Uses bullying tactics.

    Dissmissive and has a known record at the UFT SI office.

    Has decided to become the assistant chair on SI for the CSA

    Rumored to be taking anger management courses.

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