Adam Newman, Assistant Principal

Adam Newman, Assistant Principal


2 Staten Island Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10301




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  1. The history of Adam Newman:
    His dad would get teachers at IS 2 to do his college work, take his online course and DOE requirements and of course got him his job. At IS24 he was Dean and investigated for Sexual Harrassment and incidents with students. He spent 3 years at 24 before becoming AP at IS2 with that stellar record. At IS2 he has been investigated for Sexual Harassment, Incidents with students and stealing time. I witnessed the sexual harrassment first hand and nothing was done to stop it. I have been told by numerous people that they have seen him put his hands on numerous students and throw them against the wall. And again nothing was done. It is in court records that he had an affair with an insubordinate (young probabtionary teacher) and she was removed from IS2 in the middle of the day and asked not to return and still nothing was done. Adam Newman is a bully. Every year he finds a teacher he can harass, make fun of and simply make miserable. This to cover up what an incompotent he is, if you gave him any of the tests the kids take he’d fail! He didnt even know the difference between westernization and westward expansion.

    • Andrea, you neglected to mention that he also promised the young female teachers satisfactory ratings in return for their support of his wife’s cosmetic/skincare business.

      • What I can post about the wrong doing of Adam Newman can go on for days. How about telling a group of Social Studies teachers that the work they do is “fucking crap” and that they should be ashamed of themselves as teachers. Or saying at a staff meeting “Go tell your Union they wont do anything anyway, this is my school”

  2. Current Teacher

    “-sexual harassment on MANY occasions
    -violated Union contract by hiring subordinates for his private tutoring
    -inappropriate physically and mentally toward staff AND students
    -promised teachers satisfactory ratings for favors “

  3. I was a student at IS2 and was sexually assaulted by a fellow student I reported the incident to MR Callous who informed Mr Newman they told me boys will be boys and what did I do to cause it to happen I feel sorry for Ms Savvis she was a great teacher .

  4. So rude and disrespectful and always want to see students punished

  5. Had tutoring business in Marlboro, NJ recently which he skipped out on in the middle of the night. Never told his employees or parents of student clients that he was being evicted. Employee showed up for work the Mon. morning the sheriff was there with locksmith to change locks. She was hysterically crying. Absolutely despicable. He even accepted money from new clients the Saturday prior to eviction, which has to be a felony. I can’t imagine how he is allowed to be involved with children and gets paid with tax dollars.

  6. My opinion: Adam Newman reminds me of Harvey Weinstein, except without the money, creativity or power… only the proclivity to harass young women who wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole.

  7. Worked with the creep at IS 24. Went around telling female teachers that his wife was giving him a “hall pass”

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