How to look up an email address?

It’s job hunting season! While you may not see many vacancies posted on Open Market (it opens on Friday at 9am, FYI) right away, it’s good to email principals your resumes, fax materials to schools, or drop off resumes directly at schools. You might be strapped for time or money. Email is the most cost-effective route to sending materials to principals. But you might not know how to find emails of people you don’t know…. How do I find emails of principals, anyway? Well, there are a few ways.

METHOD #1 OUTLOOK EMAIL: This method works if you have access to a DOE email account. 

Step 1: Log into your DOE Email.

Step 2: When you are in your Outlook DOE Email server, open a new Email message. In the “To” line, type in (LAST NAME First) the name of the principal. Make sure it’s spelled correctly! Be careful when typing principals with hyphenated surnames. Some principals may go by a married or maiden name. If you spell the surname correctly, you should see a list of names pop up. Click on each name.

Step 3: When the principal’s email is listed in the “To” section of the email, you can verify the person’s title/job position. Click on the person’s name and you should see a page pop-up. It looks like this.

Check to see if this individual is indeed the correct individual you need to send your materials to.


METHOD #2 SCHOOL COMPREHENSIVE EDUCATIONAL PLAN (CEP): This method works if you have a working DOE email or not!

Step 1: In Google, type in the name of the school you wish to apply to. Click on the school’s DOE official website.

For this school, it’s the second item on the list. For other schools, it may be #1, #3, or #5. Look for green text that reads “,” the school’s borough code (Q, K, S, X, M), and the school’s number.

Step 2: On the school’s DOE webpage, look on the left side of the page. Look for the heading that says About Us –> Statistics and Budget. Click on Statistics and Budget.

Step 3: On the Statistics and Budget page, you will need to find a link that says “Comprehensive Education Plan 2017-2018.” When you find it, click on it and wait for the document to load.

Step 4: The CEP is a large document. Go to page 3 of the document. Look for the section on page three that says Principal. Compare the name of the principal with the email address in the section that says “Email Address.” Sometimes if the SLT Chairperson is different from the principal, a non-principal’s email will be listed. But if the principal’s name appears to match the email address, it looks like you can use this email to forward your resume to.


Step 1: Type in the Principal’s name into a Google search. Make sure you type in the word “email”

Step 2: With some luck you will see the principal’s email listed on the search results page. Or, you may need to search for the principal’s on a school’s Edwire/Edline/Weebly/Wordpress webpage.



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